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This is one of the better pixel art full round cakes I could find here... many of the others have the problem that they don't look very good when zoomed in.

Anyway, do you think you can make an altered version of this? I'm thinking of reducing the height, a thinner candle, and maybe an animated flame... I will try to do that myself if you don't have the time or aren't interested, but I figure you'd do a much better job.

I would like to use that modified version on my website as an illustration on the 404 / file not found error page :). It's a non-commercial website (no paid services / goods AND I don't run any ads), and I would give credit, of course.
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yeah, i actually make most of my things really detailed, its just kinda my standard.

i do actually already have a smaller version that i tried to make for icons, it fits within 50x50 without the flame, i never really made an actual flame, cause i was using pictures like this, [link] as examples, in the game it was just a small glowing light...

one thing you might've noticed is that i haven't uploaded anything in a few months, ... i go to an online high school, and I'm kinda trying to get a job, so I've been pretty busy to work on anything, ... though really I've just been unimaginative, I've got things to upload and I've got the time, i just haven't been doing anything cause nobody comments, ... anyway...

I'll upload my smaller version, and you can edit it however you like, if you use it, I'd like a link to see it, just like i ask for when people use any other icon i have, i just like to see the things being used, credit or non credits fine for me, i just tell people to give me credit so they don't get into a situation where someone wants something good from them that they can't make, though if you do give credit just put a link to the picture, it doesn't need to be to my home page, that way they'll know what the link should be going to.

... and uhhh... other then that stuff, ... if you do make another version of it you should upload it to your gallery, and leave a link to the original in the artist comment, and tell me if you do upload it, ... so i can see it too.

and feel free and have fun with stuff.

also it has a transparent background, that should appear as purple in paint, or maybe black, ... i use gimp and paint, cause my copy of Photoshop's to advanced for me.
comment on the picture after you've downloaded it.
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Thanks for the nice and verbose answer and for the smaller version :)

And I didn't realize that the glowing light IS actually animated... saw it just now as I opened it in GIMP.

I will do as told. You can delete the smaller version now.

(I guess you could have posted the other on your if you wanted it to be sort of private, but whatever)