Comment on JadeD by JayKanyas

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Feed back... Try working in black and white entirely, as one layer, then colorizing the image on a different layer with color as the blending option. You have to pick a very desaturated colors for them to look right, but it'll give images that don't have outlines a more natural look, instead of the disjointed look that comes from multiple layers of colors next to each other :)

It's also like working with a pencil at first that way, so more natural for me at least.
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I had seriously put a lot of thought into doing it that way. Usually I'll just put different colors on different layers, then find the tones in my palette that work lol. Well I'm in the middle of another piece, but once I finish this one, I'm going to give the B&W thing a try. I used that for my Scorpion art that I uploaded, I liked the way his head turned out, not so much the rest. But it's practice, practice, practice!

Btw, when can we expect the Jade & Reptile piece? Saw it on MKO, looking good. :)