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Yeah, I agree. The article really bothered me. I also hated the way it was sort of grouping all MCR fans into one stereotype. And kids who have issues. The article said, if I remember correctly, "All emo kids believe that when they die, they will join the black parade." For one thing, not all emo kids are MCR fans, and for another thing, not all MCR fans are emo kids. That article makes me want to throttle some people.
I mean, I think it is unfortunate that the girl killed herself, but some girl (or guy) could kill themselves over Justin Beiber for some reason, and I really don't think they can put the fact that she committed suicide on the style of music and lyrics MCR had, and the way that this girl and some of their fans look, dress, and act.
*rant over*
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Yeah I agree. I mean I'm an MCR fan but I definately don't dress like an emo. And yeah, the thing about emo's believing they'll go to the black parade when they die was really dumb, it just showed that they clearly had no idea what they were on about.
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I thought the whole thing was just stupid and if I ever meet the guy who wrote it, I will have something to say.
And it's not nice.