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note? do you mean telling the group that she's coming or do you mean submiting the bio and the comic to the group?
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Let me direct your attention to the section of the rules labeled "Phase 1 (How to enter)" and the number 5: Send links to the bio and to the comic in a note to the respective team you which to join. Note #Evo-Obsessed-Club for X-Men OCs and #TheBrotherhoodclub for Brotherhood OCs.

What this means is that when you finish your bio and comic, note the respective team with LINKS to your pieces so that Blaze or myself can find them, favorite them, and update the journal to include the entry in the contest. We don't watch all our members like they watch up and might not know when you've finished your entry. Noting us with links to the bio and comic lets us know we have an entry and makes it easier for us not to have to weed through your gallery to locate it. Make sense?

For more rules, go here: [link]
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ok, thx for explaining^^