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It's something that makes the image so particular. I can totally say that I really like it! Photos need structure and emotions, and on this photo everything is fantastic. I like what you have done to the image. Now I have someone to absolutely look up to. Hope you never stop with what you are doing. You could be famous one day, or at least your pictures can. If you ever have some good advices to me, you have to tell me. Can not stop to tell you how impressed I am. Really. I have yet a long way to go, but it looks like you've got you far! Remember that you must never give up, no matter what obstacles you might see. Not that I think you will get any problems. I really like your photos.
Again I must say I am impressed. Very nice.

Big hug from deNice : 3 <3
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Thank you for all these kind words :)
did u check my personal website ?