Comment on The Only One by amarand

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serealisProfessional Interface Designer
i dig the framing of the item and the choice in background (hard to go wrong with white....); lighting is nice, too. the yellow is great.
what is it?!??! i like that it has mystery for me... but really, do tell me what it is.

that said, what happened to your standard gorgeous focus? i'd like to see more of the detail in the plastic, i'd say macro that sucker hardcore.

you could get a little crazier with what the reflection is, too; you know you're going to have one... so you could play off of it and work something into it, or maybe use some diffused lighting and a cloak for your camera to help hide the reflection... thoughts on that??

also: was the noise on purpose?
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amarandHobbyist Photographer
Ooh! Well, see, this is some little teeny thing I got from a friend at work. It's exactly what it looks like, maybe a little smaller, and it rolls across smooth surfaces. I honestly have no idea what it really is. :)

Regarding focus, I was using my Canon PowerShot, which only does auto-focus, and I was really close to it with my GorillaPod. I just wanted to capture it, and wasn't thinking much about lighting, detail or reflections.

Having said all that, I'm actually reading a lighting book right now and getting some fantastic ideas for the future. :)