Comment on Silver lined by Pathogens

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I'll pose for you if you pose for me... come to Adelaide >.<
I find your self-portraits to always be interesting. Somehow the fact that you don't tend to use other models doesn't really seem to matter.
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lol. thanks!

i've never been to Adelaide before. I hear it's wonderful.
Thanks for the support. ;)
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strange that you heard good things about Adelaide, most of Australia just pays us out >.<

no problem!
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...for having rampant crazy serial killers?

I think poor old tassie cops it more, anyway for their "NOW WITH EFTPOS!" signs and their.. you know. interbreeding.
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Hahaha, more like for having lots & lots of bogans (apparently).
Maybe I just watch too much Good News Week - they always have a go at us on there.

Aw, poor Tassie >.<