Comment on X-BLACK 2 BLUE by JJ-Ying

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Oky i know this is old blog but for those of you who want to know how to use it this is what you do..

Windows 7.

1.Download load it "Top right of this page" if you can't find it.

2.Extract the folder you downloaded (WinRar or 7zip, plz don't ask where to get it i won't be coming back this page).

3.Right click->personlize-> change mouse pointer->Browse

You then go to the place you extracted the files and you will find the cursors there.
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first if you installed it and you see a file called "install' right click it and below the "Open" option you should see "install" click it then wait 5 seconds after that go to your home screen/desktop then right click the home screen and click "Personalize" then on the top left corner you should see "change mouse pointers" click that then on the top click pointers the you should see "Scheme" below that click that then scroll down or click the name of mouse type and after that go to the bottom right corner just click apply after that a popup should say something like "The Cursor Scheme name you selected is already in use.  Do you want to replace the original scheme?" click yes and your welcome!