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Your very welcome :)

Not at all it added to the charm. its actually what drew me to it...
I always emphasized multi-perspectivity ...

but I've never boldly pointed out what 1 perceived himself doing and what 2 perceived him doing. it really turn out nice in that form ..

although most ppl might not appreciate... then again ..
I've been accused of torturing my readers on several occasions.
while i see it as endearment, would i go through all the trouble of torturing them if i didn't care :P
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Pfft. Readers need to be tortured. They're getting too comfy, sitting on their couches with their laptops on their laps and their snacks and and and... their fancy drinks.



<< >>

I just want them to experience things...
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yes i know.. (the experience thing... and the suffer things too i guess)

its fun to use words to draw emotions both in the reader and the writer...
to make us think, to make us sad, to make us happy to make us mad...

cheers :D