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Many thanks to ThexW-I-T-C-HxMaster for hosting this amazing opportunity. Here is our entry for ProjectComment

We are entering :iconprojectcomment: as , on behalf of the Group Founder 3wyl

Why should ProjectComment be a Super Group?

Super Group status would increase engagement in ProjectComment with its additional features. Additional features such as weekly polls would promote our comment events, in addition to the events posted in our journals. This increased awareness, aided by Super Group features, would further encourage the community to support one another, as well as participate in more activities in ProjectComment. This means that DeviantArt activity will also improve, as ProjectComment aids DeviantArt and deviants in their art, exposure, and (more importantly) comments.

ProjectComment has a CSS skin that only a few admins are using. For all ProjectComment admins to be able to use the skin that is made for the group, for ProjectComment to utilize custom boxes on the front page to showcase more art to bring more exposure to users, and more, would help ProjectComment help its members and the members of DeviantArt.

Honestly, though, getting Super Group status would not be as important as supporting the community. ProjectComment continues to help members give and get comments, continues to support members in their artistic endeavors, continues to inspire interaction, reciprocity, and more, even though ProjectComment is not a Super Group. If it comes down to ProjectComment being a Super Group versus our members being supported (by comments, :points: or otherwise), we will always side with our members being supported. That is why we are not currently a Super Group. We cannot afford it, as all of our :points: goes to our members in the form of prizes, encouragement, and simply thanks - for spending the time, effort, and more to help their fellow artist.

How do we plan to use ProjectComment to gain more members and most importantly help others?

As my name Nobody says, we reach out to the community in the Nobody, Nobody, artwork, and more to gain more members. I'm not alone in doing this - all of our admins and members come together to support the group to gain more members, because more members means more people helping one another, more people being aware of our mission - that every single person on DeviantArt, no matter the art, no matter how skilled the artist is in creating art or commenting, gets at least one constructive comment.

ProjectComment provides the platform for people to be able to help others. If it was just the group helping members, we wouldn't get to where we are today. It is because we motivate all members to help all other members that we manage to help them help themselves to feedback of all kinds - whether that's :+fav:, :+devwatch:, comments, critiques, etc.

That's why we want to give back to the community. Any support in the form of :points: would greatly help our cause, especially as we give 100 :points: every two weeks to amazing commenters.

These comments are featured in our Comment Hall of Fame. Feel free to click on any of those links and read the countless testimonials of how members have been helped.

How will we keep ProjectComment active on DA?

ProjectComment started over 8 years ago, back in 2009, and it has become the most active, biggest comment/critique/feedback group on DeviantArt. We have over 21,000 members and still going strong while all other comment/critique/feedback groups have long since died.

This is because we keep ProjectComment active through our many projects. We utilize our journals to the greatest ability, allowing people to sign up to projects and comment when they have the time. An example of all of our projects are recapped at the beginning of every month in our monthly newsletter. Here is our latest one for September:

If you look at our Blogs, we post blogs almost every day/every other day. That has been the case for the past year and more. We do this to motivate our members to help others in any way they can.

Overall, you won't meet a more dedicated bunch of artists, members, admins, in ProjectComment. We are the group we are today because of the community - it is only right that we continue to support the community.
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