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(18+) Mature RP wanted! (Closed, again) :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 6 11
Male human by RachelNeko! by Commanderhurtz Male human by RachelNeko! :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 3 8 Tiger Shark by PrirnRose! by Commanderhurtz Tiger Shark by PrirnRose! :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 2 11 Adoptable by xNeonshadow21! by Commanderhurtz Adoptable by xNeonshadow21! :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 0 2 The peaceful prisoner! by Commanderhurtz The peaceful prisoner! :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 4 2 Old adopt! by Commanderhurtz Old adopt! :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 2 14 Space dragon adopt! by Commanderhurtz Space dragon adopt! :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 4 6 Because I have nothing else better to do. by Commanderhurtz Because I have nothing else better to do. :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 1 30
ABYS series- Part five- Keeping the RP going!
Hello everyone! Good day! Within this part, I will be discussing how to keep a RP/Role play going. Ever since part four, I have been thinking hard on this, how to word it, examples, etc. So without further hesitation, let's get into it!
Okay, so you have gotten your role play partner, got your characters, plot, theme, story, etc down, you've been playing for a bit...But have you lost momentum or 'steam' to play further? I myself have seen this many times in other role players, including myself. Get a strong start, the characters are IDEAL for each other in a story sense, the problem/villain is well fleshed out, everything is good! Or is it? For people it's often starting a role play they at first have problems with, then keeping it going. 
Keeping a role play going after starting is sometimes a difficult task, either for the writers or actually indeed for the characters in the play. The best example to say or show is the 'Meet on the street' or 'Meet in the forest' start ups. Whil
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Succubus egg adopt by Commanderhurtz Succubus egg adopt :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 3 2
ABYS series- Part four - Meeting of the characters
Hello, hola, Gutan tag! Welcome to ABYS, 'Advice because you suck' part four! In this part, we'll be talking meeting of the characters, be it roleplay or novel like. This will be more geared toward roleplaying, but it should work none the less. In the last part, we talked about starting our roleplay/story, after we (And by we I actually mean you) talked over the story and the idea, got it started with the starting message/details. Well, you've started, but have the characters met? Or rather have they met in a fashion you find 'cool' or exciting? 
If you answered yes, rock on! If not...Well fear not! Alright, so the introduction to the story has been made, either about a small town atop a snowy mountain, a grotto of rich gold to be discovered under the desert sand, but you're confused on how the characters meet? Based upon many introductions I have done personally, the most common is meeting in a forest road or meeting with the street of a certain city, which is pretty mediocre. Me
:iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 1 2
ABYS series- Part three - Effective RP starters.
Guten tag! German for 'Good day', free language advice! Jokes aside, welcome to part three of ABYS, 'advice because you suck'. In this part of this lovely and entertaining piece, we'll be discussing effective RP starters, or perhaps 'Starting tactics'.
So you found your partner, maybe it was a friend, a random acquaintance, etc. Now that you found your partner, perhaps discussed an idea and story plot, what do you do now? This varies from player to player, though in my personal experience, it is good to first ask whom is going to drive the role play like I said in part two.
Some people don't bother with deciding whom drives, they get creative, write up a starter, and then the play begins! Not always is that the case for all players, if it was, this would be a mighty short part.
Because I see this as the most common, yet there is nothing wrong with this, I'm going to use a romance role play mixed with fantasy and perhaps...Adventure as an example while I talk. Alright, so let's pretend
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Creature Chick Adopt by Commanderhurtz Creature Chick Adopt :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 1 5
ABYS series- Part two - Finding a role play.
Hello everyone! Welcome to part two of ABYS, 'Advice because you suck'. In this part, we will be discussing, reviewing, reading, etc about how to find a Role play. Player Conduct almost won being written instead of this topic, though you must find a Role play to even have conduct in one, yes? So let's begin!
Finding a Role play can be difficult or easy depending on what you are searching for, it depends on what you are trying to find. Briefly I will explain what a role play is, as that is just as important to know.
A role play in it's most simplest form is usually two or more people playing a 'Character', using the character's skills, personality, background, etc to play through a designed plot and theme. Now to begin with finding a role play, you may already have a character and want to use them in a certain plot, or you intend to make one depending on the vibe it's going with.
Some people actually seek to use characters from famous books, films, or games. Like Captain America from Th
:iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 2 2
ABYS series- Part one - Introduction.
Hello everyone! Welcome to ABYS, 'Advice because you suck'. After years and years of role playing here on DA or other places, I have decided to try and help people who maybe confused on how to RP or are frankly tired of the same thing over and over.
Please be aware that the title is not mean't to offend or suggest that I am a better writer then you (The reader), it is mean't to be funny. I'm a self proclaimed hobby writer whom often keeps his work private but am willing to share honest data and advice for whomever may need it.
While I would LOVE to get right into the advice, some people like to know more about the writer they're reading from. So here is a brief introduction of myself. I'm a young man within my twenties as of the time I post this. I have had a 'series' idea for a novel ever since I was about four years old, working on and off it for a VERY long time.
When I was born, I had very horrible breathing and hearing problems, I had a difficult time communicating, understanding,
:iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 1 0
Kilkina! (Mew mew adopts) by Commanderhurtz Kilkina! (Mew mew adopts) :iconcommanderhurtz:Commanderhurtz 3 0
Stories, art, and other things. Most 'art' that isn't traditional made was made by other people for me via request or commission. Thank you for checking out my gallery!

Random Favourites

Up and Over by scorch289 Up and Over :iconscorch289:scorch289 5 11 Repairing the Station by scorch289 Repairing the Station :iconscorch289:scorch289 5 11 Look Out Angry Scorch by scorch289 Look Out Angry Scorch :iconscorch289:scorch289 6 13 Awakening by scorch289 Awakening :iconscorch289:scorch289 4 14 Scorch Expressions by scorch289 Scorch Expressions :iconscorch289:scorch289 7 27 Razzy by scorch289 Razzy :iconscorch289:scorch289 5 14 Breaking in by scorch289 Breaking in :iconscorch289:scorch289 5 9 Letonu Bort'e Armorless by scorch289 Letonu Bort'e Armorless :iconscorch289:scorch289 9 9 Brattashk Kerenaku by scorch289 Brattashk Kerenaku :iconscorch289:scorch289 7 7 Another day at Work by scorch289 Another day at Work :iconscorch289:scorch289 7 17 Into The Fray by scorch289 Into The Fray :iconscorch289:scorch289 8 34 Evolution After and before by scorch289 Evolution After and before :iconscorch289:scorch289 10 10 Veska - Swift Tail by scorch289 Veska - Swift Tail :iconscorch289:scorch289 16 33 Drei'jonan anatomy practice by scorch289 Drei'jonan anatomy practice :iconscorch289:scorch289 4 12 Female Drei'jonan by scorch289 Female Drei'jonan :iconscorch289:scorch289 3 6 Dragon with Wings by mestophales Dragon with Wings :iconmestophales:mestophales 6 5
My faves. Enjoy.


Where to start? Oh let me start by saying, since this is my commission, I'm going to be VERY biased in my ratings (5/5 FTW!!!). I'm goi...


This my friends, this is the best nude drawing I have EVER seen. My friend Crazyabby2012 has put even leonardo Da vinci out of his pace...

Quick summery, I love it and it looks awesome. The long answer is, whoa! If it's not the shading, coloration, facial expressions or cla...


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What I will not do -> Porn, gore, things with alot of inappropriate words or content.

Also the time of payment is negotiable, and I work for your specifications, the final product I write for you is at your request. I also prefer alot to write the commission on Piratepad or Titanpad, so that you are satisfied with what you get before it is finished.

Current commissions->

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Hello everyone! It has been too long since I have made a journal entry. Things have been rapidly changing for me, for those of you close, you may know what these changes are. But for those of you whom wish to know, I'm currently in school and I'm close to being finished with my studies. I've learned a lot of things, from finances, business, vehicles, and so much more. I've never really revealed it, but I as well got a girlfriend, whom soon I look forward very much to marrying in the near future. And in traditional fashion, I'm going to say yet again to my RP'ers, I'm so sorry for the delays! 

Thank you guys very much for reading and I hope you all have a great day!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Very quick summery of stats->

First name : Benjamin (Can call me Ben, Benja, etc)
Age : Would rather not tell unless I know you.
Relationship status : Taken
I have been on DA for about six years and appreciate clean artist and respectable people. I write and occasionally color line art, and I usually love to play a lot of video games and role play my characters. I usually don't reveal my full real name or my age unless I know or trust the person I am speaking to.

Many people misunderstand how I speak, or don't understand my morality. I prefer to speak on a professional and 'intelligent' level, using correct punctuation and not using internet language. I do not like heated words, name calling, or arguments. If you have a question or opinion, say it logically and clear. I will not tolerate trolls and foul mouths.

Also, I do not like religious discussions unless both parties are opened minded individuals. I don't care what side you're on, I don't like people bull dozing their ways onto me, as I do not do it to them. I do not appreciate sexism at all, I have equality for males and females both, I do not consider a person's genitalia a tall tale sign of how they're going to be or treat me, nor will I be prejudiced against anyone is of the same or opposite gender to me. I also request this respect in return. (Had to add due to previous experiences)

Thank you for reading.

Likes : Chocolate, Rootbeer, Video games, History, Philosophy, Nice people, open mindedness, God, Firearms.

Dislikes : Close minded people, Onions, people whom use the phrase "I'm not interested" or "I'm not a fan of" constantly (Ask me about this one), Arrogance, trolling, rudeness.

Favorite quotes -> "It is not sufficient that I succeed, all others must fail"-Genghis Khan.

"If you know your enemy, and you know yourself, you need not fear the result of one hundred battles".- Sun tzu.

"It is easy to conquer a nation on Horseback, difficult to dismount that horse and Govern it"-Genghis Khan.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag, and to the United states of America. One nation, under god, indivisible, liberty and justice for all"-The United states Pledge of allegiance.




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