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Tau/English Dictionary
How to use this Dictionary:  The first column is the English spelling and pronunciation, the second is the tau spelling, the third is the meaning.  Sections in quotation marks are literal translations.  N means noun, V means verb, Adj means adjective, PN means proper noun, numbers following these abbreviations mean multiple meanings
Al Al N; structure, organization, Adj; small
Aloh Aloh Adj; cold
An An Adj; location (as in 'the place of union' 'An'lissera')
Anuk Anuk N; bird
Ar Ar Adj; high, both in altitude and respect/morals/etc.
Ar'Cea Ar'Cea PN; "High Ones," Eldar
Au Au N; age, era, period of time
Aun Aun Adj; ethereal, celestial, N; an Ethereal
Au'taal Au'taal PN; "time of salvation" a tau sept world
B B N; a shepherd, V; to shepherd
Bap Bap Adj; lost
Be'Gel Be'Gel PN; Orks, including all subspecies, as a race
Bentu'sin Bentu'sin PN; "Wise-gifted Ones," Demiurg
B'kak B'kak N; "Sand Herder," shepherd of sand creatures?
B'nim B'nim N; tau pastry
Bork'an Bork'an PN: a tau sept world
Cal Cal Adj; hard
Cal'rotaa Cal'rotaa N; "Rotating Object," wheel
Caor Caor Adj; many-legged
Cea Cea Adj; civilized, N; ones, as in a group of people, usually a civilization
Cha cha N; purpose, cause
Che che N; electricity, plasma, energy (as in 'energy weapon')
Che'lel Che'lal N; "Energy Beam," lightning
Co co Adj; not
Co'T Co't N; but
Cyr cyr N; cycle, Adj; cyclic
D D Adj; twin, as in a pair of
Da Da Adj; dark, in appearance or intent
Dak dak N; point, as in the end of
Dak'e Dak'e N; "Sharp Point," a blade of some sort
Dak'e'shi Dak'e'shi N; "Long Sharp Point," a long blade
Dal Dal Adj; different, varying
Dal'yth Dal'yth PN; "Different Faces," a tau sept world
Dao dao V; to accept, receive
Da'ya Da'ya N; dark sphere
Dec Dec N; tau equivalent to a hour, one tau dec is 1.5 Terran hours, see time conversion table*
Demlok demlok N; canyon
Dol dol N; rifle, or any ranged weapon
Doran doran Adj; calm
Doran'ro Doran'ro Adj; "Calm Mind," logical, rational
Dras Dras Adj; unworthy, undeserving
Du du N; direction
Du'a Du'a N; down
Dua'vr Dua'vr Adj; beside, next to
Du'oc Du'oc N; up
D'verl D'verl N; slayer
D'yanoi D'yanoi PN; "Twin Moons," Tau sept world
D'yi D'yi Adj; behind
E e Adj; sharp, either in intellect or as in a blade
Ea' Ea' Adj; the, it, used as a prefix
Eio'kio Eio'kio N; tree
Eir Eir Adj; divine
El El N; nobility, knight, Adj; noble, N2; 5th rank, see rank table**
Elan elan N; bone
Elan'gu'cha Elan'gu'cha N; "Bone With Purpose," skeleton, structural framework
Elan'Ro Elan'ro N; "Head Bone," skull, Adj; "Bonehead," stubborn
Eld eld N; wings
Eldi Eldi Adj; winged
Elro elro N; voice, V; to speak
Elro'che Elro'che N; a song, V; to sing
Elsy Elsy N; art
Elsy'eir Elsy'eir PN; "Divine Art," tau sept world
Eoro eoro V; lead, guide
'Era 'era Adj; plural suffix
Erija erija N; a species of bird
Es Es Adj; -full, full of
Es'Tau Es'Tau PN; "Full of Tau," tau sept world
Eth eth N; all, much
Eur'ii Eur'ii N; a type of moisture, either sweat or tears, possibly one and the same
Fal'shia Fal'shia PN; tau sept world
Fannor Fannor N; automated defenses
Fa'ta'kn Fa'ta'kn N; "Life Creators," reproductive organs
Fian fian N; body part, usually a limb or organ
Fio Fio Adj; of the Earth Caste, N; earth, dirt, ground
Gal'leath Gal'leath N; explorer, pioneer, adventurer
Ge ge Adj; and, or
Geka geka V; to bring
Gharial Gharial N; emissary, messenger, PN; class of starship
Gue'la Gue'la N; human(s), N2; human soldier(s), it means both as the gue'la are prone to warring with the tau, Adj; of humanity,
Gue'la'sia Gue'la'sia N; "Human Language," Imperial Gothic, Low Gothic
Gue'la Kauyon Gue'la Kauyon N; "Human Hunter," sniper, scout, assassin?
Gue'senshi Gue'senshi N; tau-allied humans, mostly from Kleist system, possibly "Friendly Humans?"
Gue'vesa Gue'vesa N; "Human Helper," humans part of the Tau Empire, distinguished from those merely allied with it
H' H' N; he, she, it, N2; about or to him, her, it
He He N; people, person, self, exact meaning unknown
He'ra He'ra V; to mislead
Hesa Hesa N; numbers, many of, usually in reference to beings, not objects
Hesa'shi Hesa'shi N; "Victory through Numbers," war of attrition
H'esav'Geka H'esav'geka V; "Bring It," 'bring it on'
Ho'or-ata-t'chel Ho'or'ata't'chel N; "Sympathetic Ghost-Pains" phantom limb symptom in reverse, a battlesuit pilot condition where, after exiting the battlesuit, the pilot cannot control any limbs that the battlesuit had damaged, due to neural feedback, the brain no longer believes he has that limb
Hui hui Adj; unclear, difficult to understand or comprehend
Husa husa Adj; numb, V; to numb
I I N; beast, monster, creature, N2; super-heavy vehicle, specifically Gorgon Assault Transports
Il Il Adj; short, either in stature or in length of time
Il'emaar Il'emaar N; courier?
Il'fannor Il'fannor N; merchant?
Il'porrui Il'porrui N; emissary?, possibly misspelling of "Il'por'ui," which would be "Water Caste Messenger"
Io io N; surface, of an object
Io'ra Io'ra N; "Weathered Surface," the surrounding terrain, due to erosion, the surface of a planet
Is is Adj; cold, in an evil, bone-chilling way
Iur'tae'mont Iur'tae'mont N; "Death of the Soul?" shellshock, PTSD, burnout, war madness, literal translation is approximated
J J Adj; reverse, V; to turn around
Jikita jikita PN; "Eaters of (those with?) Souls" Kroot, in reference to their cannibalism, N; any cannibal, or eater of other sentient species
J'Kaara J'Kaara N; "Image Reverser," mirror
Juntas Juntas N; starboard
Ka Ka V; to strike, hit, N; a strike, blow, Adj; massive, immense, strong
Kaara Kaara N; image, picture,
Kai Kai Adj; great, large, big
Kai'aun Kai'aun PN; "Great Ethereal," probably Aun'va
Kai'rotaa Kai'rotaa N; "Large Rotation," tau equivalent of a month and/or season, roughly 1 and 2/3 terran months, see time conversion table*
Kais Kais Adj; skillful
Kak Kak N; sand, as opposed to dirt
Kal kal N; weapon
Ka'mesa Ka'mesa N; "Strike-Mark," scar
Kan Kan Adj; long
Kar Kar Adj; Equal
Kara kara N; the warp, possible literal translation is "place of exile?"
Ka'ra Ka'ra N; exile
Ka'rashi Ka'rashi V; "to be exiled"? or "to exile"?
Ka'rashi Lissera Karashi Lissera N; "Exiled Union," probably a breeding between two separate tau castes, forbidden or extremely discouraged in most septs, Farsight Enclaves are an exception
Kar'tyr Kar'tyr N; "Equal Gaze," justice
Kass Kass N; any aircraft or any spaceborne fighter
Kass'l Kass'l PN; Orca transport craft
Kau- Kau V; to bite, eat, rest, or wait, root of 'Kauyon', which means both 'patient' and 'hunter'
Kau'ui Kau'ui N; "Hunting Group" cadre, a fighting organization roughly the size of a company, a combined arms force, see formations chart***
Kavaal Kavaal N; battle, a fighting organization roughly equivalent to a division or army group, see formations chart***
Kauyon Kayon Adj; patient, N; hunter, N2; patient hunter, the two words are linked in the minds of the tau, for one who is not patient cannot hunt, also a military mindset focusing on deception and lures
Ke ke Adj; grim
Ken ken N; the head, of a person or the commander of an army
Ke'lshan Ke'lshan PN; "Grim People," tau sept world, literal translation is of 'people' as a culture, not a plural of person
Ken'rai Ken'rai N; "Cut off the head, the body will die," taken in the literal form means decapitation, more probably means strikes at the command center of an enemy force
Kesh Kesh N; the color blue, Adj; blue, in reference to an object
Kir Kir V; to guard, watch, keep
Kir'la Kir'la N; warden, guardian, watcher, keeper, picket
Kir'qath Kir'kwath N; "Armed Defender," militia,
Kir'shash'vre Kir'shash'vre N; "Lieutenant of Defenders" probably in reference to a 'Vre of a Fire Caste garrison cadre, as opposed to one in a cadre selected for actions in other systems
Kles'eldi Kles'eldi N; "Winged Explosion" Missile
Kles'tak Kles'Tak N; high explosives, N2; possibly psychic attacks 'kles' meaning explosion, and the 'ta' in 'tak' meaning soul/mind
Kna kna Adj; foolish
Ko Ko Adj; worthy
Ko'io Ko'io N; "Worthy Object," grain, wheat
Ko'io'nai Ko'io'nai N; "Prepared Worthy Object," cereal
Kor Kor N; air, oxygen, atmosphere, N2; the Air Caste, Adj; in reference to the Air Caste
korst'la Korst'la N; reaper, scythe, possibly 'that which cuts through air'
Kor'vattra Kor'vattra PN; "Air Caste Fleet," the Tau's space navy
Kor'Vesa Kor'Vesa N; "Flying Helper," a drone of any type
Ko'vash Ko'vash N; "Worthy Cause," as in 'to strive for a worthy cause'
Kre Kre N; traitor
Ksi'm'yen Ksi'm'yen PN: "Place of the Subtle Victory," tau sept world, 'ksi' having roots in 'shi', meaning victory
Kunas Kunas Adj; agile
Ky ky N; me, I, Adj; my
Ky'husa Ky'husa N; an alcoholic beverage
Kysa kysa N; belt
Kysa'T'saum Shas Kysa't'saum shas PN; "Belt of Fire," equatorial desert on Vior'la
La La N; warrior, N2; 2nd rank, see rank table**
Lar Lar N; owner of, V; to own
Lar'shi Lar'shi N; "Owner of Victory" Hero, Champion, Victor
La'rua La'rua N; "Group of Lower Ranks," squad, working party, mostly made up of those with the rank of 'La
Lasa Lasa N; fire, flame
Law Law Adj; cool, chilly, cold
Lek Lek Adj; medium, Adj2; boring
Lel lel N; projectile, beam
Len len Adj; cautious
Li Li N; light
Lissera Lissera N; bonding, union
Lisseri Lisseri V; to accept
Lynu Lynu Adj; steadfast, determined, adamant
M M N; place, location, Prefix; -un, as in unhappy
Mal Mal N; arthropod
Mal'caor Mal'caor N; "Many-Legged Arthropod," spider
Mal'kor Mal'kor N; "Flying Arthropod," Vespid stingwing
Mek Mek Adj; safe
Me'lek Me'lek PN; "Boring Place?" human planet named Kobold
Mesa mesa N; a mark, V; to mark, designate
Mesme Mesme N; combination
Mon Mon N; the color black, Adj; black, in reference to an object
Mon'wern'a Mon'wern'a N; "Black Charge," a deceptive assault
Monat Monat N; "Freedom of One," to be alone in a good way, also refers to a lone warrior
Mont Mont N; death, anarchy, chaos, terror, PN; Chaos, as in the presence of chaos marines and/or daemons
Mont'au Mont'au PN; "The Terror," tau civil war
Mont'da Mont'da N; "Dark Death," a shadow
Mont'ka Mont'ka N; "Killing Blow," to strike and kill, also a tactic involving decisive action at the time of your own choosing
Mont're Mont're Adj; "Strong at Death," warlike
Mont'yan Mont'yan N; "Death-Feeling" anger, alternately suicidal thoughts (rare)
Mont'yr Mont'yr Adj; "Seen Battle," blooded in combat, has seen action
Muort Muort V; to die, Adj; dead
M'yan M'yan Adj; "Unhappy Feeling," sad, depressed
M'yen M'Yen Adj; "Unforseen" unforeseen, unexpected, startling
Myr myr N; knife
N n Adj; new
Na Na N; trust
Naga Naga N; serpent, adj; serpentlike
Nai nai Adj; prepared
Nan Nan N; sword
Nan'Sha'is Nan'sha'is N; "Sword Wind," eldar attack
Nars Nars N; stone
N'dras N'dras PN; "New Unworthy World" abandoned tau sept, many other possible meanings
Nem Nem Adj; piercing
Ny ny N; fur
Ny'oni Ny'oni Adj; "Fur-Covered," furry
'O 'O N; a position of command, N2; 6th rank, see rank table**
Oi oi Adj; bright, in reference to intelligence
Ol Ol Adj; bright, in reference to appearance
Olku Olku N; decision
Oni oni Adj; covered
Or Or N; power, N2; minimal
O'ran O'ran N; courage
Or'es Or'es Adj; "Full of Power," powerful
Or'es'la Or'es'la N; Ork, or more specifically; Ork Boy
Or'mon'kor Or'mon'kor N; "Power of Black Air," sniper weaponry, and it's pinning qualities
Po P N; food, Adj; in, at
Pel pel N; explosion, N2; explosives
Pel'tor Pel'tor N; "Distance Explosion," remote-detonated explosives
Por Por N; water, PN; the Water Caste, Adj; relating to the Water Caste
Por'hui Por'hui N; "Unclear Water," difficult to understand information, news
Qan kwan N; information
Quath Kwuath Adj; armed
R r Adj; long
Ra Ra V; to beat, bruise, pummel, Adj; bruised, tough, beaten, yet strong and unbroken
Rai rai V; to cut off, sever
Raik'an Raik'an N; tau second, not available in conversion table
Raik'ors Raik'ors N; tau minute, not available in conversion table
Ran Ran N; bravery
Ray ray N; battlewalker, ex: Dreadnought, Sentinel
Re Re N; strength
Ret ret V; teach, instruct, inform
Retha Retha N; school, university, N2; temple
R'myr R'myr N; "Longknife," or "Long Knife," a bladed weapon shorter or more curved than a normal sword, a cavalry saber
Ro Ro, 3 N; head, of a person or thing
Roi Roi N; smell
Rotaa Rotaa N; tau day, approximately 15 terran hours, see time conversion table*
Rra rra N; shadow
Ru ru V; to move, manipulate, handle
Rua Rua N; group, team
Ru'fio Ru'fio V; "Manipulate Earth," to build, create
Run Run V; to obscure, Adj; Obscured
Run'al Run'al N; "Hidden Place," camouflauged observation post
S S N: handiwork, crafts
Sa Sa Adj; disciplined, controlled
Saal Saal N; trainee, N2; 1st rank, see rank table**
Sa'cea Sa'cea PN; "Disciplined Ones," tau sept world
Sasa Sasa Adj; deadly
Sasa'co'mek Sasa'co'mek Adj; "Danger! Not Safe," in danger, also a warning, as in 'that's not safe!'
Saum saum V; to flicker, waver, burst, burn, N; flames
Saum'Ol Saum'Ol N; "Bright Burst of Flame," a Fuel-Air-Explosive-Bomb, think napalm
Sav' Sav' V; will, as in 'I will…', prefix
Sav'cyr Sav'cyr N; "Cycles Ahead," in the future
Sav'utt Sav'utt Adj; "I have…"
Sept sept N; major star system inhabited by the tau, is it's own political/cultural entity
Se'hen Se'hen V; to ride
Se'hen'Che'Lel Se'hen'che'lel N; "Riding the Lightning," boarding an enemy craft using one-person pods, propelled by railcannons at great speed
Sh sh N; pain, Adj; painful
Sha Sha N; wind
Sha'is Sha'is N; "Cold Wind," currents of evil, spreading cold/evil
Shan shan N; sky, space
Shan'al Shan'al N; "Sky-Led Group," a multi-caste organization, led by an Ethereal or council of, encompassing up to a star system
Shas Shas N; fire, N2; the fire caste, Adj; relating to the Fire Caste
Shas'ar'kor Shas'ar'kor PN; "Fire Dam," or "High Air-Fire," the protective shield over the academy on Vior'la to protect it from the Trial by Fire," N; any protective shield
Shas'ar'tol Shas'ar'tol N; "Fire Caste High Command
Shaserra shaserra N; "Shadowsun," troubled times, a troubled life
Shas'au Shas'au N; "Fire-time" war
Shas'ka Shas'ka N; "Massive Fire," a star
Shas'ka Demlok Shas'ka demlok PN; "The Canyon of the Sun," canyon in which Tau Fire Caste take their 'Trial by Fire'
Shas'len'ra Shas'len'ra N; "Cautious Tough Warrior," a soldier who focuses, or may even be paranoid about, caution, no positive or negative connotations
Shas'ru Shas'ru V; to march
Shas'shi Shas'shi N; "Greatest Warriors," title of honor, usually for academy instructors
Sh'elve Sh'elve Adj; "Nobly Pained Hand," badly injured, crippled, specifically 'hurt badly while being noble'
Sh've Sh've Adj; "Pained Hand," injured
Shi Shi N; victory, triumph, N2; long in length
Shi'cha Shi'cha N; "victory cause," mission or objective
Shi'yan Shi'yan N; glory, pride, V to feel prideful
Shi'eldi Shi'eldi N; "Winged Victory," along the lines of 'the cavalry to the rescue', pivotal airstrikes, air assault tactics, etc.
Sho Sho N; sight
Sho'aun'or'es Sho'aun'or'es N; "Visible Celestial Power," reactor of some sort, possibly matter-antimatter
Sho'ka Sho'ka Adj; "Strong Sight," vigilant
Sho'kara Sho'kara N; "Warp Sight," a 'jump-window,' one of the places tau vessels use to navigate through the warp, like a Lagrange Point, jumping from one to the next through tunnels in the warp
Shovah Shovah Adj; "Farsighted," prepared for the future, predicting the future, an oracle
Sia sia N; language
Sio sio N; aggression, Adj; aggressive
Sio't Sio't N; "Good Aggression," a focusing of aggression
Siral siral V; to return
Sket sket N; approach, V; to approach
Skether skether N: bringer, carrier
Skether'qan Skether'kwan N; messenger, bringer of news, literal translation unknwon
Soo Soo Adj; artful, tasteful, graceful
Su Su N; the color grey, Adj; grey, in reference to an object
Suas Suas V; to join in, become, convert to
T T Adj; good
Ta Ta N; mind, soul
Taal Taal N; preservation, salvation
Ta'cci'tua Ta'cci'tua N; to curse, chew out, yell at
Ta'lissera Ta'lissera N; communion, marriage, blood pact, bonding ritual, a combination of the above
Ta'ro'cha Ta'ro'cha N; "Three Minds One Purpose," a three-man battlesuit team, a trio
Tash Tash V; endures
Tash'var Tash'var PN; "Endures Raids," tau sept world, resilient, sturdy, well-protected
Tau Tau N; the Tau race, PN; the tau home planet, Adj; good, well-meant, honourable
Tau'cea Tau'cea N; Tau Empire
Tau'cyr Tau'cyr N; "Cycle of Tau," tau year, approximately 0.8 Terran years
Tau'n Tau'n PN; "New Tau," first tau colonized world
Tau'sia Tau'sia N; "Tau Language," the tau language
Tau'utt Tau'utt N; "Rear of Tau," butt, backside, rear end
Tau'va Tau'va PN; "Greater Good," the tau ideal
Thara'ha Thara'ha N; blasphemy
Thara'hashi Thara'hashi Adj; blasphemous
Tio tio N; crowd, a great many, town
Tio've Tio've N; "Warrior Crowd," tau regiment equivalent, see formations chart***
T'koreth T'koreth N; "All Good Air," a galaxy, specifically the Milky Way
Tol Tol N; authority
T'olku T'olku PN: "Agile Authority," tau sept world, knowledgable and diplomatic Ethereals
Tor Tor N; distance
Tor'ils Tor'ils N; distance; tau centimeters?
Tor'kans Tor'kans N; distance, tau kilometers
Tor'leks Tor'leks N; distance, tau meters
Toruq Toru' N; port, the direction
To'Tau'Va Tao'tau'va Exc; "By the Path!"
T'roi T'roi N; native tau flower
Tsua Tsua N; central, an idea
Tsua'm Tsua'm N; the physical middle
Tyr Tyr V; to gaze
U U Adj; unwanted
Uash uash Adj; major
Uash'o Uash'o N; "Major Command," the position of overall command of all forces of a given caste in a star system or on a world
Ufa Ufa Adj; breakable, not fragile, but merely capable of being broken
Ui Ui N, veteran, N2; 3rd rank, see rank table**
Ukos Ukos N; spoon or spork
Upt Upt N; mountain
Ur Ur Adj; strong, sturdy, resilience to change as opposed to ability to change surroundings
Ur'loh Ur'Ahol N; "Strong Cold," frozen water, ice
Ur'law Ur'law N; "Strong Chill," snow
Utt utt N; end, rear, tail
Va Va Adj; greater, larger
Vah vah Adj; far
Vah'm Vah'm N; a place, usually distant, Adj; out upon
Vah'rua Vah'rua Adj; spread out, V; to spread, expand
Var Var N; Raids, precision strikes, plundering, looting, sneak attacks
Vash Vash N; between, N2; cause
Vash'aun'an Vash'aun'an N; "Place Between Space," warp space, the warp
Vash'ya Vash'ya PN; "Between Spheres," tau sept world
Vattra vattra N; fleet
Va'yan Va'yan N; "Greater Feeling," happy
Ve ve N; warrior
Vesa Vesa N; hand, helper, that which assists
Vior'la Vior PN; "Hot-Blooded," tau sept world, aggressive, quick-tempered
Vral Vral V; undercut, sweep away support
Vre Vre N; hero, N2; 4th rank
Wern wern V; to assault, N; an assault, charge
Xar Xar Adj; armoured, N; armour, as in battle tanks
Xar'vesa Xar'vesa N; "Armoured Hand," or "Armoured Helper," battlesuit
Xar'Y'he Xar'y'he N; "Armoured Single Self," Tyranid Carnifex
Y Y, 1 N; the number one, N2; a single person, one
Ya Ya N; sphere, planet
Yan Yan N; feeling, emotion
Yandol yandol N; pulse weapon
Yanoi Yanoi N; moon
Y'eldi Y'eldi N; "Winged One," gifted pilot, lone being with wings
Yen yen Adj; forseen, expected
Y'he Y'he PN; "Single Self," Tyranids, by extension any hive mind species
Y'he'o Y'he'o N; "Single Self Commander," Hive Tyrant
Y'he'vre Y'he'vre N; "Single Self Hero," Tyranid Warrior
Yio yio V; to hear, listen
Yr yr V; to see, Adj; has seen

Y'va'kna Y'va'kna N; someone who has done something foolish
Y'xauk Y'xauk V; to breed, mate, couple, N; wife, mate

Rank      Fire Caste    Water Caste Earth Caste    Air Caste
'Saal      Cadet            Apprentice Apprentice    Cadet
'La      Warrior    Junior Clerk Workman            Rating
'Ui      Veteran    Senior Clerk Engineer            Petty Officer
'Vre      Knight/Hero    Manager Scientist            Pilot/OOD
'El      Captain    Diplomat Researcher    Starship Commander
'O      Commander   Governor Master Engineer Fleet Commodore

Tau Time      Made up of      Terran Time
1 Tau'cyr      6 Kai'rotaa      297.74 Terran days
1 Kai'rotaa    80 Rotaa      49.62 Terran days
1 Rotaa      10 Decs      14.89 Terran hours
1 Dec      100 Centidecs  1.49 Terran hours
1 Centidec    0.01 Decs      53.4 Terran seconds

Terran Time      Made up of                Tau Time         Made up of
1 Terran year      365.24 Terran days   1.22 Tau'cyr 7.34 Kai'rotaa
1 Terran month     30.44 Terran days     0.61 Kai'rotaa 48.94 Rotaa
1 Terran week      7 Terran days        11.25 Rotaa 112.54 Decs
1 Terran day      23.934 Terran hours 1.61 Rotaa 16.08 Decs
1 Terran hour      60 Terran minutes 0.67 Decs          67.17 Centidecs
1 Terran minute    60 Terran seconds 1.12 Centidecs 0.01 Decs

Vehicle                              Tau Name    Literal Translation
Hammerhead Gunship      Shas'au'xar    War-tank
Devilfish IFV                      La'vesa'xar    Warrior-helper-tank
Sky Ray Gunship              Vesa'xar    Helper-tank
Piranha FAV                      Sha'xar    Wind-tank
XV15/25 Stealthsuit              Run'xar'vesa  Stealth-armoured-helper
XV8 Crisis Battlesuit              Ka'xar'vesa    Striking-armoured-helper
XV88 Broadside Battlesuit    Kai'xar'vesa    Great-armoured-helper
Equipment                      Tau Name    Literal Translation
Pulse Rifle                      Yandol'shi    Long Pulse Weapon
Pulse Carbile                      Yandol'il    Short Pulse Weapon
Burst Cannon                      Yandol'cyr    Cyclic Pulse Weapon
© 2010 - 2020 CommanderFarsight
Finally found a compilation I made of all known (and many made-up) Tau words and their English meanings. Sources include the 3rd and 4th Edition Tau codicies for Warhammer 40k, and the novels Kill-Team and Fire Warrior, as well as several White Dwarf issues and the Tau Fleet rules for Battlefleet Gothic

Most of this isn't official GW fluff and a good part is totally made up, but feel free to use it in naming Tau characters and such.

Math for the time periods is based off what is given in the Codex, but the smaller and larger increments are my own math (which is very good, but technically isn't GW)

Sorry, I have a Tau font that the center column was typed in, but deviantart doesn't have it. You should be able to find it online, or I will ry to upload it. Remember some letters don't exist.
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TheXenoist Filmographer
Hello, I've been trying to find out what the name "T'suka" means for my Coldstar Commander because I rolled it using the Kill Team name generator.
T: good
Tsua: central, an idea

'T'su' is like 'Tsua' without the 'a' at the end and with emphasis on 'T'.

So I think the word "T'su" means something like, "Truth", "Correct", "Accurate"

Ka: Strike, Blow, Hit....

So my commander's name is:
Captain 'Truestrike'.

Sha'el, Tash'var, T'suka
Sir Truestrike of Tash'var

What do you think?
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Ambitious. Well done!
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¡¡¡AMAZINGOops! :o (Eek) Oops! !!!
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Crab-HermitHobbyist General Artist
The Aun are pleased.
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Shas'el Auk'bork  Ea'Or should then translate to "Noble" Broken Ice the Ambitious right?
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Can you tell me please how would it be said: "Force majeure" (superior force, chance occurrence, unavoidable accident - will do)?
And how close to fluff it will be? I mean, chosen words.
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jdtheepicHobbyist Photographer
hurr, durr, heresy.

Now that we have that out of the way, its' fairly cool.
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MechanicalEHobbyist Digital Artist
I doc-i-fied it into a spread sheet so I could read it better.

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I'm trying to find the names for colours e.g: Red, green, yellow and so on. But I haven't seen any words. Do you know if there even is words for colours in T'au?
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ManWithTheMetalArmStudent Writer
What would be "Freelancer" or "Mercenary"?
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ManWithTheMetalArmStudent Writer
Ro'ka seems like the accurate equivalent for "headshot".
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Shas'O Ke’lshan Shas’Vral is the name you helped me make, ty once again

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to say thank you is an understatement been working on naming my  tau army Commander and needed how to do some of the name right. This helps me much more than i expected seeing as the warhammer 40k wiki doesnt have a lot of tau words and what they mean outside the big names and ranks. You have made a new follower of the greater good's day thank you 
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Is there a way to do 'Azure Dragon'? 
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"Eldi'Shas'naga" would probably be dragon, literally "winged-fire-serpent" or just "Eldi'naga" for "winged serpent", if you're not particular on the fire-breathing.  For "azure" the only idea I have is "aloh'nars", literally "cold stone", which could refer to almost any type of gem.

Sorry for the late reply, I don't check this often.  It's nice to see plenty of people are using it.  It's also nice to have a new codex, now that I think of it...
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Any ideas for something like "cyclone", "hurricane", "tornado", or just "storm"
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Ka'sha - Strong wind.
Sasa'sha - Deadly wind.
Sha is wind, so search for different word to give you the desired adjective.
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sparky227Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is incredibly useful thankyou :)
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Any ideas for Tau wording for something similar to ronin?
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"Monat", or "Freedom of One", is often used to refer to lone warriors whose Bondmates have been slain, but such an individual is still part of the Fire Caste heirarchy.

"Vah" refers to distance, so you could use "Vah'monat" to refer to an individual who fights alone and has distanced himself from the Tau Empire, either literally or figuratively.

Alternately, "Dras" indicates unworthiness, so a "Dras'vre" would be an unworthy knight, which most closely approximates the concept of a ronin as an exiled or vanquished samurai (samurai having a similar position in their society as European knights).

I'd use "Vah'monat" to describe a Tau still loyal to the Empire but on a lone quest beyond its borders, sort of a knight-errant, while "Dras'vre" would be an actual renegade or mercenary. You could substitute rank as appropriate, a group of renegade Tau could be led by a "Dras'o" or "Dras'el", while the rank and file would be referred to as "Dras'la". A lone warrior would probably be a 'ui or 'vre, as the power and status of a battlesuit would probably be necessary to secure interstellar travel while alone.
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Fav'ing for Great Tau'va. ;P
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How would you say: "Filled with aggression/anger" in Tau? from your dictionary I could come up with Es'sio as in "full of aggression" but you might know something better?
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Maybe "Es'vior", as "vior" implies a temper or anger. Or "Vior'es", GW hasn't really elucidated on their grammatical structure, so anything goes really.
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