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Celestia's Tiny Student
Twilight stood nervously before the four ponies judging her. She had studied and reviewed and practiced for months, all leading up to this moment. This was the final test needed to secure her a place in Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns.
"Well, Miss Sparkle?" a stern looking mare asked impatiently, her grey hair shifting only slightly as she made notes on the purple filly’s progress, or rather, the lack of thereof. The passive expression on her face was mirrored by those of the other teachers, who were all waiting for her to hatch the mottled dragon egg that had just been wheeled into the testing room.
Twilight hesitated. Failing this test would mean she wouldn’t be accepted into the school, and she had no idea how to proceed. Despite her ever-present fear of failure, she began frantically to try to hatch the egg and after several fruitless attempts, she gave up, exhausted and certain that she had failed her exam. With her head hung low, she apologized to
:iconcommanderex:CommanderEX 33 14
Twilight is going to kick flanks by CommanderEX Twilight is going to kick flanks :iconcommanderex:CommanderEX 22 7 Shadow Naoto Special Mission by CommanderEX Shadow Naoto Special Mission :iconcommanderex:CommanderEX 3 7 Fox Emili Story by CommanderEX Fox Emili Story :iconcommanderex:CommanderEX 11 27
KID vs KAT - family reunion
                                         KID vs KAT  fan fiction
                                       Part3 -  FAMILY REUNION
In preview episode Coop was showing Elenore way to his house with plan to show spaceship to his family to prove that Mr.Kat and Elenore are Aliens, however he fall into Mr.Kat double trap, but Elenore saved him, in the end Mr.Kat found out that his wife is in front of him.
Mr.Kat: [I missed you so much, Elenore!]
Elenore: [I missed you too, I was afraid you were infected with what the humans call "the common cold"!]
Coop: (teasing) Kat has a girlfr
:iconcommanderex:CommanderEX 6 8
KID vs KAT - Ms.Kat, Mr.Kat
                                            KID vs KAT  fan fiction                                        
                                    Part2 -  Ms.KAT MEET MR. KAT
In last part Elenore decided to pay her husband a visit, Coop wanted to capture her but in the end he saved her from bear.
Coop is walking to his home, but he chooses the longer way. Elenore was walking foll
:iconcommanderex:CommanderEX 4 3
KID vs KAT - Elenore visit
                                           KID vs KAT fanfiction
                            ( Mr. Kat -  Karlson Alexander Terrors III )
:iconcommanderex:CommanderEX 10 4


Fluttershy by janineuy09 Fluttershy :iconjanineuy09:janineuy09 68 4 Cheerilee by quvr Cheerilee :iconquvr:quvr 103 5 Finished YCH\110\ Summer by AiriniBlock Finished YCH\110\ Summer :iconairiniblock:AiriniBlock 105 21 Find You There by Blackligerth Find You There :iconblackligerth:Blackligerth 179 8 My Cadence by Blackligerth My Cadence :iconblackligerth:Blackligerth 47 2 Shall we swimming? by Yakovlev-vad Shall we swimming? :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 2,795 113 Kimono by RoseFluffDraws Kimono :iconrosefluffdraws:RoseFluffDraws 54 5 shyjack by Usvakero shyjack :iconusvakero:Usvakero 26 9 Twisted Confectionaries by AssasinMonkey Twisted Confectionaries :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 546 15 Into The Limelight by LolliponyBrony Into The Limelight :iconlolliponybrony:LolliponyBrony 118 19 Wha-a-at? by Vird-Gi Wha-a-at? :iconvird-gi:Vird-Gi 111 14 MLP Vector - Pear Butter #2 by jhayarr23 MLP Vector - Pear Butter #2 :iconjhayarr23:jhayarr23 116 3 MLP Vector - Pear Butter by jhayarr23 MLP Vector - Pear Butter :iconjhayarr23:jhayarr23 178 13 MLP Vector - Pear Butter #8 by jhayarr23 MLP Vector - Pear Butter #8 :iconjhayarr23:jhayarr23 170 12 Attack of the Chu's! by Clawshawt Attack of the Chu's! :iconclawshawt:Clawshawt 199 20 6th Fav PKMN-Raichu by PachirisuLuva 6th Fav PKMN-Raichu :iconpachirisuluva:PachirisuLuva 117 58


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