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Littlepip being adorable

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So, even though I haven't uploaded any of the vectors I've done, I do have a good few, and hopefully more to come. Here is one of the more recent vectors I made back in my Advanced Multimedia class at school. This was my first 100% original vector, as in I did not use a base to do a trace for the pose. Its not perfect or anything but I still love it to pieces. (And I did a damn good job on the pipbuck, I don't care what you say)

Littlepip, for those of you who don't know, is the main character of the fanfic Fallout Equestria by Kkat. While I don't feel like getting into her personality or the story much here I'd highly recommend you check out the book if you love an amazing read (it is, however, over 600,000 words). This character and the book she is from changed my life, so I figured it made sense that I'd actually make art of her at some point.

This vector was featured in episode 21 of the podcast I'm on, :iconyourocsucks: go check it out!
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the pip we don't have but deserve

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nice job i love it
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That is adorable. Oh my gosh. If post nuclear war was that cute, I might actually be okay with it, might not be so bad. Apart from the whole post nuclear war thing.
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That's why the fallout equestria story exists!
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Bawwww, she's always adorable! X3
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D'aawwww. So cute! :D
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100% totally adorable Clap 
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No problem, Its awesome :D
 Your a great drawer so keep It up!
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Haha I'll try, I still have a lot of art I need to upload :P
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It happens, art piles up sometimes XP
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especially when you wait like 8 or 9 months to upload stuff XD
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Yeah, I still have a bunch of pictures on my ds that I haven't uploaded XD

Its just a long process thats pretty annoying, especially when my Internet Is really slow Sweating a little... 
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Well for the longest time my excuse was that I didn't have a scanner, but then I fixed my scanner and got them all on my computer. Now I'm just lazy XD
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