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Blanked Mind turned into a dragon

I just had this fun idea, and then BAM, SCRITCH, SCRATCH, ERASE, *insert other pencil drawing sounds* this happened, and I love it. this shall my entry into the blankedmind contest. enjoy it because I do.

I also think I got better with drawing claws/hands.

this counts as my Thursday practice picture too.
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the hands (or claws whatever you get it) look really good. they are in the correct position and length. but who is blanked mind?
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blanked mind is a host of the brony show, and I decided to dragonfy him. I just realized I forgot the shadow...
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who needs shadows, they're a waste of time anyway!
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unfortunately his shadow seems to be alive and does things... but this picture was about him, not his creepy grinning shadow.
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Thursday picture practice! :D
Those ponies faces... :iconheplz:

And yes! I would say you did well on more than just the hands! Great job Commander. You always do us proud. :iconshepardplz:
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