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The shoulders are slightly too squared, and the toes are too triangular. I suggest rounding them more at the ends just so they look sli...



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I've decided to actually properly fill in the interests part for the first time since I made the account over 2 years ago so it's going to include series you'll probably find me doing fanart of often.



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Shuffle REBOOT #5: mr. blue sky
hey you with the pretty face
welcome to the human race
a celebration
mr blue sky's up there waiting


alt title: i'm already tracer

technically a cheat since i didn't draw this for a song but whatever. i like this song for her. she been through some things but she's still a happy lil lesbo and we appreciate her.
anyway. i haven't done overwatch fan art before now so here's my first attempt. their designs are so complicated it scares me i'm not good at robotics and clothes and armour and... anything

so i could have chosen anyone since all of them are way too hard for me to draw, but the "i'm already tracer" meme comes out of my mouth once every day. also i'm a tracer main which means i'm a confirmed cunt. I'm a reformed mercy main, the nerfs hit us hard lads. ironically, the only hero who can revive is the one hero who's was killed. good 1 blizz
ok so for today i was going to do a rememberance day thing but it sort of feels disrespectful to draw my characters wearing poppies, considering that a) the astronomical characters don't have a concept of it because they aren't humans and b) my only actual human characters are american, and americans don't tend to wear poppies as often as the british do (and other countries, obviously, but i'm british so). I was going to pass it off with an excuse like "oh well lana, lola and lei have an army dad" but he didn't die in combat so. I was going to draw a poppy field or something else instead but i can't draw landscapes :/

Inspired by LavenderTowne's latest video, I drew a soft drink as a human girl because ???
I was originally going to give her some 40s german clothes because, fun fact, fanta is a german drink that was created in the 40s because in nazi germany there was no coca cola. Every day is a school day. but 40s womens fashion doesn't really fit the fun and lively modern day advertisements for fanta.
the red soul gang
alt. title: asriel's numerous gender neutral adoptive siblings
alt alt. title: weirdo freak kids

quick little doodles of Them
I finally finished Deltarune today and uh. it was.... yeah.
I actually always have and still do love undertale (i have over 50 hours on it on steam for fucks sake) but the fandom kind of warned me away from ever getting involved. i've done a few pieces of fan art of frisk in the past and i used to doodle the monsters in my school books, but the whole vibe of the fandom is very toxic and sexual and i don't like it. guess i could say the same thing about my other fandoms but hey. undertale is a wholesome experience and i'm sick of seeing it ruined by porn. like, draw whatever you want, i just don't want to see it so i won't get involved with it.
so. spoilers for chapter 1 of deltarune, all of undertale and some uninformed discussion below.

i have a theory about the game. it's sort of a parallel universe, if not, alternate timeline, from that of undertale, but i don't believe toby for a single goddam second when he says that they're two different worlds. timelines, maybe. worlds, no. there is STILL a "history of humans and monsters" book in the library and in toriel's home, AND the deltarune is the symbol toriel wears on her chestplate in undertale and there's a rug with the deltarune on it in kris and asriel's room. for example, good guy goat boys asriel and ralsei: their names are anagrams. almost the same for unspeaking yellow protagonists, frisk and kris: anagrams. nearly. we know from sans in undertale that there are multiple timelines and he travels through them freely, so i find it hard to believe sans doesn't know that this suspiciously frisk/chara lookin ass loos like. examples of things i caught on to while playing:
-the monsters are on the surface, but there are no photos of frisk or chara on either asgore or toriel's fridges despite there being evidence of one of chara at least existing in undertale
-undyne doesn't know who alphys is
-alphys likes mew mew 2 instead of hating it (assuming anonymous yellow lizard is her)
-mettaton, despite having been given a pep talk by frisk in undertale, still thinks he's a nobody in deltarune and won't even come out of his house to talk to kris.
-catty and bratty are not friends
-asriel isn't flowey, he's just at college
-asgore has 7 coloured flowers in glass cases instead of human souls and he still keeps a golden flower on the counter of his shop
-there are no humans in the town except for kris
-sans and papyrus, like they did in snowdin in undertale, just sort of show up and do their own thing, considering everyone in town except sans knows kris
-sans from undertale fucked my mom : (

i'm sure it'll all be explained in the next chapters but i'm curious NOW god dammit. i'm about to absorb some theories into my brains now and then never be able to sleep because i'll be too busy screaming.
gorillaz headcanons: cyborg noodle
i wanted to come up with a funny or witty title but i'm drawing a blank here
anyway. i love her. i made this icon for my quotev account but i'll put it on here as well because dang man. i like the colours.
and also i wanted to talk about her and how much i love her oops
this is a bit more about what she means to the band rather than how she is as a person because. well. she isn't one.
ok off we go: (wew lad we go on for a long while, grab a drink before you sit down and read)

note: a lot of - if not all of - my headcanons exaggerate/rewrite/ignore/invent/etc pieces of canon just because I want to. I respect Jamie Hewlett's and Damon Albarn's characters and story and it's completely up to them how they want to write and portray their characters. I'm just having my own fun here.

-cyborg noodle is the android built by murdoc made to replace noodle until her return. her construction begins before kong is burnt to the ground by murdoc (for insurance, he told the band. only partially a lie; he also wanted to erase all the remaining pieces of the band after the press had found russel's suicide note. if he was going to get on with this new album, he would have to do it alone, and he didn't need the shadows of his former bandmates looming over him). she isn't properly put into action until well later. her existence is kept under wraps for as long as possible, just in case noodle changed her mind and came back early. so much so, in fact, that not even 2D knew she existed until all the pieces of plastic beach were in place for production and murdoc needed a guitarist.

-originally, cyborg only looks and plays like noodle. she may as well have been a cardboard cut out with mechanical arms. all she did was stand in the studio and play whatever murdoc had programmed her play. he could have very well just played all the guitar pieces he needed on his own, it's not like he doesn't know how, but being himself he thought about touring very early on. the drum machine was fine as it was, and he didn't exactly have the time or the money to build russel his own cyborg replacement, so the percussion was covered. sure, maybe he could have (or should have) just settled for pre-recorded guitar, but what fun was that? it looked better on the posters if something that looked like noodle was there; even if he never really hid she was a robot.

-eventually murdoc is left with no other option but to weaponise the cyborg; the pirates have tracked him down, and the boogieman has come to collect his debts, and murdoc can't handle a gun for shit. hell, 2D can barely get the child proof caps off his medicine, he's not going to be much help in armed combat. and what could possibly be more perfect than an unfeeling killing literal machine that already possesses the DNA of a child super soldier? a little bit of reprogramming later, and cyborg has an entire encyclopedia of firearms and combat knowledge installed within her metaphorical brain; she's ready for deployment.

-Murdoc and Noodle's opinions on cyborg are kind of neutral. they neither hate not love her. she's just there. what really makes her presence a bit of an uncomfortable one is that her existence reminds both of them of the permanent ireperable rift in their relationship. Noodle was more pissed off at Murdoc rather than cyborg for making her into a weapon. Noodle struggles with her past because she always felt like she was made to be dangerous and it hangs over her all the damn time. she trusted the band with her feelings always; none of them ever made her feel like she was unwelcome to sharing. Murdoc wasn't exactly the most supportive or willing about advice but he would listen to her and that was good enough - sometimes it was better than russel and 2D's encouragement. they always meant well but sometimes it wasn't what she needed to hear. it really made her really angry and feel really betrayed when Murdoc took that trust and made it into a living embodiment of her worst fears. replacing her in itself was an asshole thing to do but she could have forgiven that. It was a metal skeleton wearing her face and holding her guitar, nothing more. Murdoc never treated it like it was her or let anyone operate under the misapprehention that it was really her because it wasn't and she was so, so close to being proud of him for not being a complete shitbag for once. and then he went and ruined that by weaponising it. This, combined with his treatment of 2D on the island, his seeming lack of care for Russel's wellbeing, and that fact that when they were all together again he had blamed HIS mistakes, HIS decisions, HIS own hubris, on them, sent Noodle off the rails and she went off in a big, bright explosion that caused a permanent stain in the way she and Murdoc (and to an extent, 2D and Russel, because it was a small house and hell hath no fury like a Noodle scorned. the whole city of london had heard her that day.) looked at each other from then on. ("I hate you!") 3 short words can say a lot, and though she would never say them nowadays because it was never true, she defends her feelings thoroughly. She was very hurt and a lot younger and she was vengeful, and she regrets it because it put her on his level, according to her. Ouch, but fair enough, he responded. The other two will tell her she was ok to feel that way, but she'll say it was immature of her and then Russel will go on to tell her how proud of her he is and 2D will say something to the effect of "You're mad responsible 'nd shit now, like, Noods. Don' feel bad, Muds is a wanker, nothin' you could say to him tha' he wouldn' deserve." and she'll feel a bit better about herself. Murdoc will feel a bit worse.

-Russel doesn't care for her, he thinks it's 100% wrong to replace a human being like an old battery, and he was already pissed off that Murdoc had replaced him with a drum machine of all things. So much for all that bragging that he was a better drummer than Russel. But similarly to Noodle, he's more mad that Murdoc made her than he is with her for existing. She never had much of a choice and she's hardly even a person. Murdoc never gave her her own voice. Though he does have a special place in his heart for everyone in the band, including Murdoc (albeit significantly smaller than it already had been, which is saying something), he is very happy that she eventually turned on murdoc and tried to kill him because he deserved it.

-as for 2D, he HATES her (but is also minorly conflicted). It was a fake thing walking around pretending it was Noodle and he was already having a tough time dealing with noodle's death (2D believes that Noodle is dead until the literal minute he walks into Wobble Street. Noodle was the first to find Murdoc after the attack, because... she was the only one who was looking for him. after her business with the demon mazuu was sorted out in japan, she mailed herself to wobble street via fedex for old time's sake. Russel and 2D would not have come back or stayed if Noodle wasn't there and they all know it. Murdoc was always very insistent that she was fine, but neither 2D nor Russel believed him), he didn't need a walking reminder of it. That's part of the reason he left Kong, other than Murdoc's unrepentant mad assurance that he knew noodle was alive and well and it was all a big misunderstanding (he did not know; she didn't contact him at all). 2D said that he was fine with her being powered up again if Noodle was, he couldn't give half of a shit what Murdoc thought, and Russel didn't seem to care - he can't fit in the house to see it anyway. But 2D was lying and they all knew it. He hates her and he never wanted to see her again, but it was something Noodle felt she needed to do for both hers and Murdoc's sake. 2D understands but he still doesn't like it. Even though Noodle is alive, the cyborg still opens lots of old wounds of times in the basement room of plastic beach. Murdoc eventually stopped coming down when 2D had made it clear that he wasn't giving him the time of day any more (rightly so), so the only face he saw on plastic beach most days was her coming down to bring him food and check on him. In an odd way, he does have a little bit of affection for her because she looks like Noodle and you can't really shake that off. But also because, she was as friendly to him as a robot without the blessing of speech could be. She managed to learn things on her own from observing the humans that lived on plastic beach when she had nothing better to do and would demonstrate her findings on him. Although the first time she tried to hug him was very disconcerting because he genuinely thought she was going to choke him out, he realised what she was doing and he appreciated the effort. it comforted him a bit because it was almost Noodle. Noodle is a hugger and always has been. it let him think about her and the band during the golden years before the majority of the shit had hit the fan.

-when she tried calming 2D down from a hysteric state with a hug and actually succeeded, she took a leap in logic went on to try it with murdoc when he was blackout drunk and having an episode. he was a lot less accepting of it than 2D was and had forced her to stop it. it seemed to make him feel even worse, but she couldn't figure out why. He didn't remember it happened the next morning, and she never did it again, so thankfully he never messed with her programming to take it out and/or notice that she was adding new protocols to her programming herself thanks to how shoddy his computing knowledge is. (this situation is one of the things that leads cyborg's programming to believe that murdoc is a threat to himself, and this is why she tries to kill him - computers aren't good with paradoxes)
So that new overwatch hero huh.
I might draw her. I have yet to do overwatch fan art because the costume design frightens me. But I might have to tackle it. I want her to crush my spinal column with her big ass boots
Gotta be honest guys I'm ,,,,,,,, fucked
Originally, with my graphics tablet i got two pens; a rechargeable and a battery pen. i broke my rechargeable pen by twisting it the wrong way and snapping the wires and apparently Huion don't offer the right model anymore? all the models on the website say they aren't compatible with my tablet. whether they are or not i don't know but i'm not going to gamble £20+ on a pen that might not work
and the trigger for my fuckin battery backup pen got stuck and it counted every movement as a brush stroke so i couldn't draw. i tried to fix it and it worked briefly but then the nib broke off and got stuck again so i have no pens!
and i just bought microsoft office like 2 weeks ago so i have no grounds to get spend more money!
so art will be mostly/only traditional for a bit until i can ask for a new pen and guess what i don't buy traditional art supplies unless they're cheap/necessary like rubbers and pencils and occasionally coloured pencils. so it will be a significant step down! nice
i was going to plan out and pre-sketch everything for inktober, or at least as much as i could, before october started (which i know defeats the point but whatever) but now i cant!! and the first day, which is arguably the day i think should be the best, is supposed to be a small gif. nothing like actual animation and i could probably do everything i needed to do with a mouse but i need the drawing to be done first and it ISNT DONE


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