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United Kingdom
Hi! I'm Katelyn!

I'm never really sure what to put in these, but here we go I guess.

I'm from Scotland aka the place where people do the funny tweets

I don't watch too many TV shows or movies but I do love Steven Universe so there's that, and my favourite band is Gorillaz, see my gallery for a loooot of art related to both.

I also have plenty of original works if you want to peep those out, but. You don't want to do that really you're here for fan art. Honestly, fair enough.



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Oh h*ck, it me
This was gonna be my pokemon trainersona since i'm back into pokemon again and wanted a character to draw
Am I that thin? Is my skin that clear? Is my hair that voluminous? The answers to these questions is no. But my fashion sense is pretty on point which is to say, it doesn't exist. and my hair colour.
It's EXACTLY the type of brown I hate, which is yellow-green undertones and I hate it :^) I dyed it red like, over a year ago and never re-did it but also never got it stripped, so my hair has been perpetually shit brown with an undertone of a DIY at-home dye job for about 8 months. deeeelicious.

That's really my only outfit other than my school uniform. My gorillaz hoodie, black leggings, and my old boots. Those ones actually have holes in the bottom but I forgot about that 'til now... so.
O yeah and my glasses. They are rectangular but they're also kinda cat-eyed which is just. the worst, when i'm trying to clean them but it's fine.

I get my glasses for free from the NHS bc universal healthcare is cool. But like... not for long. The Brexit party is a thing we have now (even tho every single constituency of my country voted no but ://), I guess, so... I probably should get these replaced soon just to be safe. Do we trust the tories with healthcare? aren't they the ones who wanted to get rid of the NHS in the first place? NOW ISN'T THE TIME FOR POLITICAL DISCOURSE, LET US TALK ABOUT ANIMALS

My cats! Their names are, obviously, Smudge and Shadow. Smudge is a Thicc Bihh, I have no clue why. Her mum was really small and we don't know who her dad is, some vagrant feline, so we don't know what breed she is. A tortoiseshell and... something. A tabby probably. She looks kinda like a tiger, kinda like a raccoon, and kinda like a lazy piece of shit. She's about 8 years old and yet she looks like a 70 year old human man.
    Just like her mother, she hates me unless I have a) food or b) warmth. Sometimes she attacks me for making eye contact and sometimes she wants to sit on my lap while I'm at my desk idk. She's literally sitting right next to my tablet on my desk while I write this but with her face turned into the wall away from me >:T

Shadow is a Thin Bihh. She's actually very small and weighs almost nothing, but she has such long and fluffy hair that it makes her look about 500x bigger. She's a sewer rat, is what I'm saying. I also have no clue what breed she is, she looks like she could be a chantilly tiffany (all cats look the same to me). Idk how old Shadow is, like 4 or something. She likes to be pet so much so that if you raise your hand above her when she's awake she will JUMP WITH HER CLAWS OUT to grab your arm and force you to pet her. It's funny and painful, but mostly funny

i gots some photos of them. Are they accurate? no. But they don't deserve my time and effort.
This is an old one of Smudge sitting like a human and I hate it, and yet it's my lock screen background.
This is one of shadow i took literally like 5 minutes ago for this description. I turned off the light so the flash would work better. Yes that's a switch, no it's not mine, it belongs to her, she's a gamer. She's a cat with no thumbs or higher brain function and yet she's still better at ace attorney than the game grumps. that's the tea.
Ok what in the world is happening with this youtube beauty drama shit.
I'm gonna retract my statement that James Charles is a predator bc I no longer believe this is the case, but I'm gonna not reupload the drawing of James and Jeffree bc no matter what the truth is, one of them is lying, so neither of them deserve my support.
The Pidgeys
Look at me, getting back into my old fandoms again!
Might do more of these, might not. Idk! Just for fun. I had the design for a human pidgeot kicking around in my sketchbook and found a photo i saved on my phone and decided to do it digitally.

Left to right, their names are Aurum, Buttercup, and Angel. All three of them are shinies I have in let's go, and all three of them were accidents :^)

Aurum was a pidgeotto that randomly appeared as a shiny on route 11 while I was looking for a mr mime to catch to fill the pokedex. I hadn't finished the game and I didn't know anything about the shiny chaining yet so I have no clue why she appeared, just luck I guess. She has a hardy nature, and since she was the only shiny I had I always figured she was more of a mentor to the rest of the pokemon. She's a Bitch(tm) but she caught feelins for the other team members and will protecc, even if she's hard on them. She just wants to see the youth succeed uwu. As a human, she's the oldest. Her name is the Latin word for gold.
    By the way I have a gripe. Why the FUCK can you not ride pidgeot. It doesn't even have to be a flying pokemon like charizard or anything it can just like, float a little bit off the ground and the trainer can sit on its back or something. Characters ride pidgeot in the anime it's not like it's unheard of!!! it makes me irrationally upset!!!

Buttercup and Angel are Aurum's two little shit minions. They're sisters, but they're not related to Aurum, they just think she's cool and she has a need to protecc them, so they're always around her. They have gentle innocent names but they are certainly neither gentle nor innocent. Their natures are both jolly. Angel showed up in Viridian forest while I was chaining for a shiny oddish, and Buttercup showed up through a pikachu chain in Viridian forest as well. I could have easily just let them both despawn but... this pokemon follower feature fucked me up. I hate them both for being inconvenient and ruining my chains but they're so ~smol~ and I love having tiny pokemon follow me around.
    They have the mother of the team in their corner so even though they're both little shits who like to annoy and prank the other pokemon, they have unlimited protection. Buttercup is slightly older than Angel by about a year or so.
Sapph and Calcey

I actually adopted the sapphire, and all credit for her design goes to @.ponpon-adopts!
Even tho Sapph is in the image too, I really only talk about Calcey here bc Sapph isn't all that relevant to the storyline until later and I'm still working out some things about her :p

Calcite Lapis Lazuli (goes by "Calcey", which is pronounced as "Kelsey")

Weapons and abilities:

She can't use her powers, so she's pretty useless as far as homeworld is concerned. She can't terraform, she can't even fly. However, that being said, Calcey is actually very quick witted, even for a lapis. Lapis lazuli's aren't particularly weak, either. Sure, their powers are more impressive than their raw strength, but that doesn't mean they don't have any. Quite the opposite. I mean; CG Lapis can lift a gem as big and heavy as Bismuth with almost no effort! The calcite may impede Calcey's powers, but not her ripped bod.

Calcey is a defective lapis. Her defects pretty much the fault of the kindergarteners. She was one of the last gems to be made on her home planet before the entire colony was abandoned (there wasn't much life on the planet so only a few gems could be made at the time), so her production was rushed. Miscalculations and errors occurred due to the very small time frame the peridots had, and she came out with her gem trapped in a matrix of calcite. Her gem is actually a really deep, rich blue, which is a very valuable colour of lapis; but, obviously, half of it is stuck inside an inanimate piece of stone so she came out more lilac than royal blue. She has some white markings on her face and shoulders, but the worst of it is on her limbs - both of her legs from about mid thigh down are completely white, and the same with her arms, so that's why she doesn't wear a skirt anymore and she covers up with gloves. But also because she wants matching bell bottoms with her bestie, Sapph.

She hadn't really done anything wrong, per se, and I'm gonna give the diamonds the benefit of the doubt and say they didn't just run around shattering whoever they wanted and since Blue Diamond's most recent colony was a bust, she wasn't exactly rolling in resources. Plus, lazulis, even defective ones, are rare and expensive, and after some 'testing' was run on Calcey - and by testing I mean Blue ordered some quartzes to beat the shit out of her and see what happened - Blue determined that Calcey was pretty capable. She's assigned as an overseer, almost, but she's basically a glorified messenger. She's less strong than a quartz, but she's certainly way smarter than one, so she's sent around the galaxy to make sure morons are doing their job. She can't fly on her own, so she gets a ship.

She gets a material weapon made for her by a homeworld blacksmith (not a bismuth tho, since we know they're supposed to be architects) suited to her, and it turns out to be a sabre (not the star wars sabres, and not the fencing sabres, it's a different sabre ok? ok). There's some joke to be made about a scottish person picking a sabre over a claymore or something like a true wuss (read: english cavalryman) but... am i really qualified enough in 18th century history to make it? who knows. Calcey already looks like she came out of brave heart with her markings and colour scheme, ok, let's not talk about the act of union in my steven universe post.

Calcey, somewhat recently, was on her way to her ship to go look over some project BD's peridots were working on, but ended up falling into the homeworld kindergartens instead because she wasn't attention. Luckily she isn't damaged, but she obviously can't fly out, and the kindergartens are really far below the ground level of homeworld, it's kind of hard to climb. So while she's walking around the tunnels, trying to find a way out, she runs into one of those robots from "the trial" and they try to shoot her. And then she's saved by some little shit with an afro- oh fuck that's a sapphire.
Originally Calcey is all "thank you your clarity" "i owe you my life your clarity" and then she realises that hey, this sapphire doesn't have any diamonds on her and also why would she be in the kindergartens in the first place? since when do sapphires know how to fight?
    So Sapph tells her "hey DUMBASS i'm a rebel and you do in fact owe me your life so pay up" she was joking to break the ice but... Calcey didn't really realise that. She 100% thought she was about to be made into one of those living objects to do favours for the rebels or something. But that's ridiculous, who would ever do that...?

Even though lazulis don't like to make friends that often, Sapph is just too... herself, and Calcey is sort of envious of her confidence and attitude. Sapph is the democratic leader of a small group of rebels, mostly defects but some of them are fusions and others are just gems who were sick of it up top, who all live below the surface of homeworld. Sapph asks an era 2 peridot, who kept her limb enhancers when she fled to hide out in the kindergartens, to fly Calcey back up. Sapph trusts her not to tattle because, I mean, she's defective too. She has to have some sympathy. And she does. In fact, she starts secretly flying her ship down there in between missions to meet up with Sapph, and they become close friends over time. Sapph is actually the one who gave Calcey her nickname!

One day, a peridot discovers a signal coming from an outpost on an abandoned colony, and reports to Yellow Diamond. Yellow gives her permission to go check it out to make sure it's not a crystal gem hideout or something, and Blue - having heard about this through the grapevine - offers Calcey to Yellow for the mission to help the Peridot around. The abandoned colony in question is, of course, Calcey's home planet, so she's bound to remember a bit around. Yellow accepts the offer because she's unwilling to spare any of her quartzes, but still doesn't trust a peridot to get the job done alone and Blue swears by Calcey's smarts. Calcey's ship is destroyed by Phoenix, but after Calcey uses her big smart gem brain to wrangle the peridot with into agreeing to just pretend it's a malfunction and no-one was there and gets Phoenix to agree to let them both go, there's a little awkward silence because, like. They have no ship, Calcey can't fly, peridot is era 1 and has no limb enhancers to fly with either, and Phoenix refuses to go anywhere near homeworld ever again.
oculus and audio
finally, some full bodies for these disasters
(no the story still doesn't have a name)

they're just doodles and Audio's lower half is liable to change (didn't have a clue what to do for their skates), but I kinda like them.

So, for Oculus's design I wanted to make her look shambled and poorly put together because, well, she is, but also because it's an interesting contrast between she and Audio. I kept things the same as to how she was in her first concept sketch because I like the way it looked, and because it fits with the type of person she is. She wears a hoodie and leggings and her roller skates are an amalgamation of random materials. It all, including her accessories, contributes to a round, soft looking, more approachable appearance. She looks like a regular person in a hat and some glasses (which are red mirror glasses, by the way, they're opaque on the front side so you can't see her eyes), which is pretty true even if she's a well off white girl. Her parents are rich but they're not in any corporate or political jobs with social influence, they're just scientists.

For Audio, I wanted to give them baggy clothes as well, but not because I wanted them to look more friendly or personable; it's practicality more than anything. Having a big bomber jacket and a thick scarf on their top half hides their body, so that covers up their age, build, ethnic heritage, even their gender. Audio is very deliberately androgynous because it helps the police fool the public and set a trap for Oculus. Yeah, Audio is employed by the police. But whomst could they be? hmmmm. (it feels kind of stupid trying to set up the mystery now, considering I've only shown two of the characters but. whatever i gues..)


No journal entries yet.


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