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In-depth personality/opinion meme-thingy by Theta-Xi, literature

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In-depth personality/opinion meme-thingy by Theta-Xi, literature


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To Adventure ! by Theta-Xi, visual art

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Rayna and Dini for ~givemeup by Theta-Xi, visual art

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Welcome to the Family! for ~GethEngineer by Theta-Xi, visual art

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Lords Of Time by Theta-Xi, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
My Bio
Name :
CJ/Proxy/Nerd/Idiot, but use whatever you like, except "Fred" - That one's taken!
Status :
21+, they/them, taken, self-taught wannabe doodler, helpless nerd.
Location :
That does not matter at all as long as there's company. ;)
Scatter brained, introverted, total dork; 100% honest, loves space, physics and neon-glow.
Enjoys making friends, and adores networking with kindred spirits, but requires long cooldown times when forced to use text. (Normal talking is 100% fine and always more than welcome though.)
Additionally: Always has an open ear for their friends and associates.

Antisocial Media:
The visuals:
(Personal) | (Fallout) | (Destroy all Humans!) |
The gamening:

Let's share nonsense!
Spamming thoughts and invasion plans:
Writing and (mostly) reading stuff:
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:bulletpink: Theta's Titty Lounge, aka the cool kids club of people I love but suck at keeping up contact.
(Be sure to check them out! ^^)
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:bulletpink: Some AWESOME artists I don't know personally, but you must not miss! ^^

(No, really, they're epic!)

I love sunsets by DarthTella Doctor Who: Gallifrey by Maleficent84 raspberry stamp 2 by gothicmermaid13 6 by WATERVOMIT Stamp #3 [Sailor Saturn] Sin texto by D-iara you decide by JustYoungHeroes<da:thumb id="689115500"/> uwu stamp by tamrieI Robot Stamp by Kezzi-Rose<da:thumb id="505120137"/> ::Sci-Fi Stamp:: by BlackCapuchin stamp by gunsweat<da:thumb id="668310184"/> Infinity Stamp by pixelworlds Sky Lover by A-Sent-Miracle Midnight Aqua Deviant Stamp 1 by taketo-take-to-stock Water Stamp by AomiArmster<da:thumb id="72785455"/> Bleeding Rainbow Stamp by AomiArmster

Karma by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Gender Stereotypes Stamp by PurpleBlueCoyote<da:thumb id="589034182"/> 654923 by arcadepxl Stamp: DW, BH by 8manderz8 Don't Be Afraid To Be Intelligent by ThePrettiestSalad Size Acceptance Stamp by slowdog294 64 by Sammi-Stamps<da:thumb id="592312823"/><da:thumb id="104060176"/> Whai. by Sinister-Starfeesh Some stamp by golden-jackal Panic by Knight1313<da:thumb id="290185564"/><da:thumb id="326214506"/>

-STAMP- Support Unknown Artist by the504kid Too Long, Didn't Read by World-Hero21 Replies are Hard by emilythesmelly A Mary Sue is.... by ZeroGravityCroquet Watchers Stamp by CurlyHairedDemon looking into favorites stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz Traditional art + Digital art by RoliStamps Random Deviant -Stamp by Createvi dA Thanks Stamp. by jugga-lizzle Stamp - Comics by AzraelleWormser Prolonged Absence Stamp by Flashlight237 Say No to Chain Letters by Mr-Stamp

NERV Stamp by HeruNoTenchi SOMA Stamp by Kana-The-Drifter Hal Stamp by soyu-k My Fandoms are Older Than I Am by StamPorMole Cancelled TV Shows Stamp by dgLari Gargolyes Stamp by katdrake The Phantom Of The Opera Stamp by MaydayKoigo Galaga Stamp by gaeamil Destroy All Humans Stamp by DAHTC-Club Sci-Fi Fandom Stamp by imacrazytrekkie Star Trek Elite Force Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid Stamp Battlestar Galactica by DwayneF GLaDOS by L3xil3in H.G.Wells Stamp by Odyssey3001 Dark City movie stamp by pantheon9000 Avatar Stamp by Krisi-Photography The Grid World Stamp by AttamaRyuuken Mass Effect-Paragon by Azhaq<da:thumb id="583800783"/> Doctor Who Classic Stamp 3 by laprasking Fringe Seahorse by Jadeit3 Film Score Stamp by rushpoint Fandom Overload Stamp by Bellavee Lister Stamp by RumiAji Zim stamp by Strange-little-cat Children of Time Forever by Count-Urbonov<da:thumb id="537640799"/> Eleanor Lamb Stamp 4 of 4 by Count-Urbonov Janeway Stamp by japanthewoman StampHeroes - The Mighty Boosh by lonesomeaesthetic Bowie Stamp by nmmi-nut Babylon 5 stamp by The-Fairywitch Space Odyssey Stamp by Odyssey3001 Star Wars: Mandalorian Pride 2 by RuluuPostage Open-Source Stamp by SuperGrouper Skype Stamp by SparkLum I Like Broccoli Stamp by SerpentineCougar<da:thumb id="607799891"/> Fallout Stamp by DarthSuki Farscape Stamp 4 by ArchetypeStamps Bioshock 2 by TheLoveTrain Science Fiction by i-stamp Xeno-hearted by RoseOfTheNight4444 Drama-free fandoms by Great-5<da:thumb id="108343741"/> Doctor Stamp by explodingmuffins Spock Stamp by almanah STAMP - Yes man by Emme-Gray Minesweeper Addict Stamp by QueenGalux Window of Opportunity by LeonaWindrider Earth 2 by phantom Torchwood Stamp by Oatzy<da:thumb id="205797815"/> My HL Stamp by LinkMasterXP Firefly by somethingunuasul Yellow Submarine Stamp by TheStampQueen Daft Punk Stamp by Koolaid-Girl<da:thumb id="167846097"/> Jules Verne stamp by Armandacyd Muse stamp by anime-girl13

Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness TOTALLY RAD | stamp by TheCandyCoating Call me God by HitoStargate technologic! by S-e-l-a That's original by MiZuKiIsMe Speak into my console here by i-stamp agent smith and ice cream by Bloody-Changeling You Will Be Assimilated Stamp by TaiStormsword Black Holes SUCK II by HaKurama Star Wars Insult I by darkdisciple-stamps ME3 Ending Stamp by MalakiaLaGatta<da:thumb id="489698644"/> DW Dancing Ood Stamp by TwilightProwler I Double Heart Gallifrey Stamp by PurpleAmharicCoffee Old Zealand Stamp by Stollrofl I'm a Bellarian by bluesoru Farscape - Zhaan Stamp by stamps-club f o o l i s h by JaM-FaiRY bubblewrap by pandoras-rose Janeway Stamp by Anglu Portal: Turret stamp by thatcoldmask Drink Coffee Stamp by urnightmare ... Lousy Stamp 001 by Special-K-001 flying toaster by sasukelover Star Trek - Head Pong Stamp by RogueVincent Mr. Flibble by Devilnumber2 Second Life by ImprintMechanic Rocket Scientist by Prowl71 Cool Beans Stamp by dA--bogeyman Life needs... by Ishdakitty

Favourite Visual Artist
=DalekMercy, ~mechanicalspirit, *usafSHADOWusaf, ~Euderion, ~damon1984
Favourite Movies
The Matrix, The Abyss, Forrest Gump
Favourite TV Shows
Doctor Who
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Miracle of Sound, Muse, like 16345 OSTs
Favourite Books
The S.C.E-series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Favourite Games
Fallout, Portal, Destroy all Humans!, Bioshock, Half-Life
Favourite Gaming Platform
Anything with buttons and a hard drive...
Tools of the Trade
Sonic Screwdriver!
Other Interests
The everlasting question why all alien meat tastes like chicken!
So... It's gotten awfully quiet on this account, and that was indeed for reasons. I've been considering leaving before, but after over a year or so, I finally came to the decision to not quite leave but instead make a fresh start. I'm not sure if I ever made an actual public explanation, as - frankly - much time has passed since I even logged into this account, and I don't really want to dig through years of text. One of the biggest issues to keep me away from this profile was certain people being incredibly demanding and pushy about me drawing gifts for them, to an extend where particular candidates would outright bombard my DMs and guilt
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So... We have a new Doctor... I am actually surprised and delighted.     Episode 1, as well as the 13th Doctor herself as well as her new companions certainly were something other than what I expected - But in a good way. I actually get some good old...
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So, I stumbled over this little browser extension that helps you to blacklist/hide certain tags here on dA, as well as particular artists and categories. I felt like sharing it, since I know that many of you guys struggle with the same problem of being exposed to unwanted and/or disturbing content as well, and since we'll probably rather get Half-Life 3 than a dA-staff that gives a Frell about it's non-creepy-fetishist userbase, I think this might be the closest thing possible to a nice and tidy search. The extension was done by rthaut (, and a good explanation, visual reference, usage guide as well as download-links for Firefox and Chro
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Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it! 
Alles gute zum B'Day!! Happy DeviantART Birthday 
Happy birthday my friend! :) :love: :cake: :party: