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Until April 1st 2020

« I make mainly traditional art right now ! I make high quallity paintings and sketches of characters . My prices are relatively low! »

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Euthimius, headshot commission by Airena14 Valerie, traditional painting commission by Airena14 Victor sketch commission by Airena14 Aurelius, headshot commission by Airena14 Quinton traditional painting commission by Airena14

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[OPEN] Emergency cheap adopts by Wild-Pumpkin
Money comm. info
PATREON IS UP! by giums
- October Collab Commissions - [ CLOSED ] by SketchyRae
august hotcake commissions (closed) by paleasmilk
Chibi commissions [OPEN] by AcediaComprime
Point and money comm. info
Bases and YCH offers
{PWYW} YCH (other species ok too) [OPEN] by Aranert
YCH:hey there OPEN by Kunum
Gacha machine base by VenusRain
Adopt offers
Adoptable set price (open) by JubsXas
SET PRICE | OPEN 2/3 by Paryficama
OTA AESTHETIC ADOPTS (1/2 OPEN) by lizardpawz
[OPEN] Fox Adopts by HashimotoHatsuki
Digital works
commission for  Dongkie Realrealrealrealreal by aommemika
:PCOMM: Pastel Seas by Umbral-Calamity
|comm| custom for NyriaMistrivven by Onimimi
Commission - Lune by mio-m3
Traditional works
Ember weave by Cheoaive
Tiger couple yin yang charms [etsy sale] by Moonyzier
[CM] Watercolor art - Akesi by Inntary
[CM] Watercolor art - Water nimf by Inntary
Pixelart works
:YCH: Lillie by Naubody
:YCH: Maya by Naubody
:YCH: Phoenix by Naubody
:YCH: Xylina by Naubody
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hazumonster Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist

SPECIAL OFFER character sheet comm 74$ [4 slots]This offer contains:- one fullbody clothed- one fullbody in undies or naked- one bust- 2-3 detailes- you will get the fullbodies and the bust with and without background- you can add extra items, just send me a note and we can discuss itRULES:- 72$ / character - armors and complicated designs may charge more- please send a reference picture and some personality stuff about your character : 3- please send me a pose reference if you want, but i can figure out something too- paying with PAYPAL- if you are interested please send a comment or a note and we will discuss it : )- you will get several WIPs, including the clean lineart!- paying upfront with paypal- no commerical useEXAMPLES:,SLOTS1.)2.)3.)4.) SPECIAL OFFER OUTFIT DESIGN comm 34$ [3 slots]RULES:- 32$/fullbody outfit [for example 2 outfits should be 64$] [This price can go up if the outfit is super detailed. armor for example]- i can design an outfit, or you can send me references for an exact outfit that you wanna see- the price includes hairstyle and make up variations too! - armors and weapons may cost extra!- you will recieve the clean linearts and all the fullbodies with transparent background- i can do any type of clothing [fantasy, armor, goth, punk, 80's, loli etc.]- i can do male/female/Non-binary- paying with paypal upfront- you can come up with a pose or i can make up one- no commercial use- if you are interested please comment under this- send me a note or comment under this if you are interested : ),SLOTS:1.)2.)3.)  COMMISSION INFO 2021IMPORTANT:- i always have some special offers open, but i you willing to pay the full price (below) you will automatically jump to the first place, and your commission will be more detailed than the special offer onesRULES:- no commercial use (if you are interested in commercial use art, please send me a note and we can discuss the detailes) - paying upfront - paying with paypal - i accept written references and picture references too, just try to be clear and organized with your references - you will get several WIPs (work in progress), including the clean lineart - if you are interested please send me a note or comment under this journal - if you want to buy just a lineart/flat colors/sketch please note me and we can discuss the price - if you have any questions about the prices/commissions please feel free to note me, i am happy to answer any questions.OTHER INFOS- i can do furries- i can do fetishes, please contact me if you are interestedCOLORED BUST [20$]- with background is +10$,COLORED HALFBODY [30$]- additional character is +20$- background is +15$,COLORED FULLBODY [42$]- additional character is +30$- with simple background + 15$- with complicated background +35$,CHARACTER SHEET [90$](includes 2 fullbodies, 1 halfbody, 3 detailes)- additional fullbody +35$- additional halfbody +25$- additional bust +18$,OUTFIT DESIGN [42$/outfit],BONDAGE [45$]- can be male or female or anything in between,NSFW [note me with your exact wishes and i can give you a price offer],

[YCH] Summer forest picnic couple ych [4 slots] by hazumonster   [YCH] Spring fairy koi lake ych [4 slots] DISCOUNT by hazumonster  
Dochikun Featured By Owner 1 day ago
[OC] by Dochikun   [CM] FFXIV by Dochikun
Hello, I'm open commission, for more info:
DomedVortex Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Here's my commission info!

DomedVortex Commission Info by DomedVortex

Examples of my style:

Splatoon Marina Swimsuit by DomedVortex   Gothitelle Girl Sitting by DomedVortex   Corrin Cipher Swimsuit by DomedVortex   Latias Girl Bikini by DomedVortex  
Kri-Sonne Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Digital Artist
[OPEN] SFW/NSFW HIGH QUALITY WRITING COMMISSIONSHi, I have my writing commissions open! I'll only write a summed up journal here, but you can read the whole thing with a much better and organized layout on my Carrd.I will write: fanfiction, original work with your OCs, character or RPG lore, OC X Canon, pairings of any sexuality, headcanon, furry, interspecies, NSFW*;I won't write: kinks I am not comfortable with (ask me before requesting), non-con, teratophilia, bestiality, NSFW with minors, incest, hate speech, humanized countries, real people**, fandoms I know little to nothing about***.Specialization: novels, erotica, metaphorical writing, angst.* You must be 18 or older in order to commission me NSFW. ** TV show characters, when inspired by a fictional work, are ok. For example: I would not write any fiction about Friends (TV show) characters, but I would write a Hannibal one using the appearance of the TV show actors. *** Unless you are willing to give me all the information I need.GENERALWhen requesting a commission, please, tell me every detail that I should include in my work for 100% customer satisfaction.I have the right to decline the commission, with or without explanation. Also, I will do it if your behavior is not professional. If you treat me badly, including being ableist, the commission will be canceled.I do not accept emergency orders on short notice; I work at my own pace and I hope you understand it.My writing style is very metaphorical and does not contain any dialogues, known as "silent writing". However, the client is more than welcome to request a work with dialogue lines.The client will receive frequent updates on the commission and can request editing the work when necess* I will not rewrite everything nor make major edits. If you are overly persistent, rude, or hostile about changes, I will cancel your commission and barrel you from commissioning me again.PAYMENT METHODSThe final price for my work includes the factors below:I'm mildly dyslexic;I have a life too! I am not a writer 24/7;I prioritize quality in my work, which takes intensive effort and time.I accept both USD ($) and Brazilian Real (R$) through PayPal (international) or PIX (Brazil only). Full payment must be made up front within 48 hours before I start working on your commission, and I will begin upon seeing payment posted to my account. No refunds nor chargebacks, even when a commission is canceled. If money has not yet been sent I have the right to cancel the commission. I am always open to negotiation and can work with in-betweens (1500, 2500, 3000...) if requested.PRICING,FEESChaptered works: $6 / R$8 for prologue or epilogue. $12 / R$16 for both;$6 / R$8 if NSFW;$12 / R$16 for a kink.USAGE POLICYI, Alírio Cyr, do not hold any rights for the commissioned fanfictions I write. Just like fanart commissions, the commissioner is paying for my time and skills. The finished work is delivered as a file stored on a cloud service and the text is properly formatted. The client can download it as a PDF at any time, the file is not temporary.The commissioner is allowed to:Use the work for personal use only;Print the work**, use in a RPG session, claim the right of their own original character(s);Use the work for self-promotion as long as credit is properly given and the commissioned work is preserved*;Request to anonymity in my "finished commissions" sheet;Translate the finished work to the language of choice as long as it is for personal use.The following is forbidden:Reproducing/using the copyrighted work commercially;Taking credit for the creation of the commissioned piece;Removing my own signature;Altering the written work in any way without the writer's consent.* Fanfiction doesn't apply. ** Personal use only. Commercial use is forbidden.SAMPLESAddiction — Kiryu x Majima (18+)The Spider's Bite — Ichiban x Seong-hui (18+)Master's Call — Tachibana x Kiryu (18+) (pet play)SLOTS AND WAITLIST CAN FOUND HERECONTACT ME BY NOTE...
DadDraw Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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