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Thank you so much for the feedback! Consider these painterly "pay what you want" portrait commissions officially open!

The idea is that you pay whatever you want, and I will paint a portrait of the subject of your choosing in a size and detail level dependent on what you choose to pay.
Animals and creatures are my preferred subject matter, but I am willing to paint anything! Humans, anthro, pokemon/digimon, robots, dragons, pets, original characters, game characters, favorite characters, etc.!
Once I have finished your commission and given it to you, you can do whatever you like with it except claim you made it. Please always credit me for it, and a link back to my page would be greatly appreciated.

As per suggestion, I have upped the minimum price to $20 USD.
You pay once I have shown you the completed image. Once you have paid, I will send you a large version without a watermark.

So, as for the art style, it would range from about this:
Limited Palette Challenge 1 by comixqueen Limited Palette Challenge part 2 by comixqueen (More examples: 1 2 3 4) ($20-$30)

Through this:
Pokeddexy 7: Fire by comixqueen Corb Shepherd Doodle by comixqueen ($35-$45)

Up to this:
Portrait Commission - Cooper by comixqueen Virtuous by comixqueen Ho-oh Portrait WIP by comixqueen Oriental Bay Owl Speedpaint Portrait by comixqueen ($50+)

I'm going to start with five slots for now. If this takes off, I will definitely add more. :)

1. ElementalJess

Finished commissions

If you can't commission me at the moment, or aren't looking to buy art, it would be greatly appreciated if you could spread the word.
Thanks for helping a new freelancer out! :D
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Thanks! :D
Interested in a commission? ^^
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Not sure, how should i use them?
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However you like. :)
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Thanks for faving well, let me think about it first.

Meanwhile, care to comment on my current commission board?…
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I sent you a note!  I am a dummy! 
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