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I wanted to show you guys my party in my Moon.

Ninox - female Decidueye
Named after the owl genus.

Lux - female Raichu (shiny!)
I was watching "Lucifer" at the time, so... she's named after a bar.

Tula - female Mudsdale
I was watching Star Trek: TNG at the time; she's named after a background character...

Jaspe- female Lycanroc
Her name means "jasper" in Spanish.

Vibria - female Shelgon
She's named after a dragoness in a Ciruelo book.

Taliesin - male Talonflame
Caught as a Fletchinder, he looked like a waxwing. Ciameth's waxwing stryx came to mind and he landed a Celtic name.

Natalus - male Crobat
Named after a bat genus.

Sonja - female Lumineon
I was watching Underworld at the time.

Aura - Vullaby
She's named after the Turkey Vulture.

Chaco - Rufflet
My sister named him. Named after the Chaco Eagle.

Azufre - female Gengar
Her name means "sulfur" in Spanish.

Combustio - male Magmar
This one was low-hanging fruit :C

Marfil - male Toucannon
His name means "ivory" in Spanish, but he spent some time named "rama" ("branch.")

Frida - female Krookodile
No real reason behind this one.

Zygarde - 10% Zygarde
No name.

Tell me, what are your pokemon named? :)
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You're so welcome  :merry christmas: 
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Great party!  I love the horse and dogs.  I don't have this game yet, but I usually give them Bleach/anime names.  You can bet with 100% certainty that if I can name my Zygarde, he'll be As Nodt.
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Sorry for the late reply!

YOu can totally name your zygarde! I didn't because a good name did not occur to me at the time haha!
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That's okay.  Actually, I have an As Nodt right now and love him!  He hasn't learned a lot of good moves yet, but he's adorable.  I also have a Nnoitra Lycanroc, Starrk Alakazam, and Bambietta Inceneroar.  Yes, I got a female and she's pretty funny looking.
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Aaa so many pokemanz. Really enjoy the names and origins of them as much as the artwork.
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Thank you so much! :D
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Nice team! *^* Loving Ninox and Taliesin *w*
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Thank you Simba! :D

What is your party and what are their names? ^u^
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My starter is Kagami the Incineroar >w< first I planned to make him stay as Torracat, but all the arts about Incineroar made me evolve him and oh my Arceus am I happy for it

And the rest of the team was rotating a lot:
- Ichiro the Arcanine named after my only Ginga OC
- Sakamichi the Decidueye influence of Clannad, supposedly it means "hill road" though I was pretty sure it only means "hill" oops C:
- Sajin the Lycanroc
- Noya the Raichu
- Salamee the Mudsdale let's say I was a liittle bit hungry when I was naming him and I didn't really plan to use him as much as I actually did
- Heyer the Braviary It was the very first name of the very first Braviary I got and I don't remember if it even had a meaning, but I keep giving this name to all Bravs out of nostalgia
- Takao the Talonflame
- Soul the Absol you know the reason ;D
- SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE WHO DIDN'T BEAT THE GAME Nebby the Solgaleo because I'm a little pile of feels and after countless hours thinking if I should name mine Mohatu, Ahadi or Musafa after what happened it game I couldn't name him anyhow else

In the postgame Magnar the Silvally joined the party :D I also plan to finally get a good Lucario, too bad they're only after beating E4 the usual name is Chris. I also had Rashi from japanese Hinoarashi the Typhlosion in my box almost all the game, I was soo tempted to use him my most favourite Poke of them all, but I wanted to give a chance for both Incineroar and some new members :'D I was also using Dog Zygarde for a bit.

I'm a big anime trash :'D
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That's one creepy Gengar, sis

Luv the birbs <3
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Gengar should be creepy. ;)

Ty sis! <3
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The Vullaby is my fav.  Looks much better that way than the round official design.
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Thanks! :D

I would love to see your takes on some pokebirds' designs!
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