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Thank you as always for your unending patience. Now we have a traditional winner but I won't announce that until our digital winner has been decided.

So please vote on our last deciding poll to decide the digital winner.…
Thank you for bearing with me while real life swept me away. I can finally announce that voting for the Donna Troy contest is now open.

Please vote on all polls.

Poll 1…
Poll 2…


EDIT: Voting extension until Sunday 19th August.
Edit: Extending the Donna Troy contest til 15th July because I haven't had much time to keep on top of that side of things. Any questions, as usual,  let me know.

Well, the votes are in and it's been some pretty close competition, particularly in the final rounds. Thank you to everyone who took part however far you got and to everyone that voted!

So now it's time to announce the winners of the Power Girl contest!

For the Traditional category . . .

the winner is . . .

:star: LagoBeRnAdOrA! :star:

defender by LagoBeRnAdOrA

For the Digital category . . .

the winner is . . .

:star: kit-kit-kit! :star:

This is my game by kit-kit-kit

Congratulations to both winners! :D
Thanks again to everyone who took part - there would be no contest without you!

So you all know by now that I like nothing more than a contest after a contest so here's another contest :XD:

This time our theme is Donna Troy

Here are the rules:

:bulletwhite: You can draw any version of Donna Troy whether it's as Wonder Girl, Troia, Troy, Wonder Woman (although make it clear that this is Donna as Wonder Woman NOT Diana), AU, other alt costumes or just your own design. As long as we can tell it is Donna, you can be creative with it.

:bulletblack: There will be two categories: traditional and digital. Traditional art includes: traditional paintings and drawings, sculptures and dolls, various artisan crafts, cosplay and photography. Digital includes: digital painting or drawings (even if it was drawn traditionally, if you colour it using a computer colouring program, it counts as digital) and photomanipulation.

:bulletwhite: Collaborations are not allowed as it would mean splitting the prize which isn't an option. In cases of cosplay photography, whoever submitted the prize has a chance of winning. If you took a photo of an unknown cosplayer for example, you cannot submit this. If you took a picture of a cosplayer you know the username of, ask their permission to use their costume/cosplay as part of your entry.

:bulletblack: In cosplay cases, models and photographers and costume makers can submit a photo/collage as a submission.

:bulletwhite: All pieces must be brand new and not created before 28th April 2012.

:bulletblack: The deadline is 15th July 2012.

Any other questions, feel free to ask!
Now it's time to decide the winners of each category.

Vote in both polls to decide the Digital and Traditional winners respectively. Now there are one or two changes. In the traditional poll, there is one extra entry which was overlooked by myself accidentally. This entry has been added to the final traditional voting as it was called to my attention when voting had already been started and I didn't think it fair to edit a poll to include the entry when people had already voted. So now you get to see three choices.

In the digital poll, there are a few more entires than usual. Some leads on the polls have only been by two votes and I know that some entries have been closely fighting for the top spot of their respective polls. As I didn't turn off the polls last night because I wanted US participants, etc to get the full time, I have included those within two points of the winner of the poll which only means two more entries to choose from than there would have been.

SO . . . now to the polls. The deadline for voting is Friday 27th April.


Time to get your votes in.


1) there is more than one poll for each category. The two categories are traditional and digital.
2) vote on all polls for your favourite of each even if it's for the same category
3) whoever is in the lead in each poll by a certain date will be put against the other winners of that category so you can decide the final winners.

i.e. four polls for the digital category - you must vote on all four and pick your four favourites. The same for the traditional polls.

The deadline for this stage of voting will be Monday 23rd April.

The polls are as follows:


Poll 1:…

Poll 2:…

Poll 3:…

Poll 4:…


Poll 1:…

Poll 2:…

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