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Mary Jane? by Sephirosu-nechan

Deep in beneath the surface of deviantART lies the heart of comics creation. At the Comic Underground, we strive to bring quality comics to the attention of deviants everywhere. We accept whatever path you choose to follow, whether you create Death Note manga, make detailed drawings of Marvel superheroes, or simply doodle incriminating four panel slides of your boss as an angry badger in your spare time. We are not elitist, and we gladly welcome new comic artists. If you like contests, challenges, features, and surprises, join the Underground today! I guarantee you will not have to take a British subway.

The types of art that we accept are:
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This Month's Character
[July 2020]

[Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore]

Comic Underground hosts a special contest called The Comic Character of the Month contest. Every month, the head admin chooses a comic book character from Disney's Marvel films, and people submit artwork based on that character. All Comic Underground sponsored artwork in the Comic Underground Gallery based on that character is automatically included in contest, but please put all submissions be put in the Comic Underground Comic Character of the Month gallery folder. One winner is chosen from each group and receives 10 deviantART points as well as a permanent place for their winning work in the Featured section of Comic Underground's gallery. Everyone who submitted work for the contest will have their work in a group feature that appears in in Comic Underground's blog.

May 2020

Dr Doom by stuartmcghee


Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight



barbara gordon se quita la mascara by kaskajo

barbara gordon se quita la mascara
[English Translation: barbara gordon takes off the mask]

kaskajo is a pencil-and-paper artist who hails from Spain. He has been a deviantART member for two years and has quite an expansive gallery. His main subject is the female form, specifically those of Marvel and DC comics. You can really see his talent develop and grow through each drawing. If you have a soft spot for the heroines and villainesses of the comic book world, make sure you take a peek at his gallery! here.

... [about Artist Spotlight]

From time to time, we select one member to feature in this section. We include a selection of their work and a short description of them and their artistic style. They will also receive 10 deviant points and one work permanently displayed in the Featured section of our gallery!

DO NOT ASK TO BE FEATURED. If you do, we will not feature you. We choose an artist from the group based mostly on talent. Group activity is also a secondary factor.

A new artist will be chosen at random times.

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Justice League and Young Justice
RecruitBatman frowned as he sat perched on top of a nearby rooftop overlooking the Gotham harbor. It was an unseasonable cold fall night and and he was more than ready to go home to a nice warm bed after the night he had. "Bruce, tell me again why I'm sitting up here like a statue? This part of the harbor isn't even used anymore," his frown deepened."Someone or something tripped one of the old security sensors in one of the buildings. It's just to be safe that no one is there. With the recent uptick we've seen with illegal splicer trading it could be a dealer that tripped the sensor," Bruce replied."It could also have been a stray cat again," Terry stated in an unamused tone. "It better not be the same damn one.""Either way just keep your eyes open McGinnis. If nothing happens in the next twenty minutes then you can leave and call it a night."Terry sighed, "Thank god, finally can catch up on some z's. After the crazy night I've had I can't wait to get home. Hopefully Dana won't be too annoyed."Just as Terry was about to turn on the thermal imaging in his cowl, a bright red light in the sky caught his attention."You seeing this Bruce?" Terry asked."I am," Bruce said, obviously using the Batcomputer to see through the lenses of the Batsuit."Looks like maybe an asteroid or something.""Doubtful, the speed and the way it's descending isn't typical of an asteroid or meteor.""That's what I thought," Terry agreed before his eyes widened. "Shit it just turned on it's own and is headed straight towards the harbor."Before Terry could even react the red light streaked into a building which was followed by an explosion a few seconds later. Terry shielded his eyes as Bruce did the same in the Batcave from the blinding glare coming from the computer screen."Terry what's going on?" Bruce asked."Whatever that red light was blew one of the buildings to dust. I'm going for a better look," Terry touched the side of his cowl in order to take a closer look. "Thermal readings are having a hard time picking up anything. Everything is showing up red down there. It looks like...there's no way. I think someone's down there.""You'll have to go down there to get a better look. Be careful Terry. We don't know what's down there," Bruce reminded him."Yeah I know. I got this," Terry glided to the ground. "What if it's an alien? Should I maybe just give a heads up to the League?""Don't get ahead of your McGinnis. You don't even know what caused that red light or the explosion. It could be a meta. You can easily handle that without getting the League involved in Gotham's affairs.""Easy for you to say. You're nice and safe in that cave," Terry muttered as he cautiously moved towards the crater where the building once was. "Please don't be an alien and if you are an alien please don't be a freaky one." He then crouched as he examined some of the debris that was covered by a red substance. "You see this Bruce? It's almost like lava. The concrete is even burned." He took the scanner from his belt and held it next to the substance. "Getting any readings?"Bruce was silent for a moment before responding, "It's showing traces of blood and napalm.""How the hell can it be blood and napalm? You think it could be a meta with a weird ability? They can make their blood corrosive or something?""With everything I've ever seen it's possible. Be on guard Terry.""Great now I have to worry about a freaky meta instead of a freaky alien. I don't know which would be worse," Terry sarcastically muttered. "Why does this always happen at the end of the night?" He sighed, "Alright here goes nothing."He jumped into the crater and began to walk towards the prone body that was in the center. Upon getting closer Terry could see it was an unconscious, redhead woman. "She doesn't even have a scratch on her. You see this Bruce? At least it's not an alien...I think." Terry knelt next to her. She looked to be around his age. What intrigued Terry was the outfit she was in. "Her outfit is similar to GL's but has a different symbol." He then lifted her right hand. "Power ring too but it's red, not green, and has the same symbol as the one of her outfit. Your thoughts on this old man? Ever see a symbol like this before?" After a complete minute of silence, Terry frowned, "Bruce? You still there?""Get her in the Batmobile and bring her back to the Batcave. Now!" Bruce snapped."Whoa bring her to the Batcave? Have you finally lost it?""I said bring her to the Batcave McGinnis," Bruce snarled. "Get her out of there before the police get there.""Alright fine," Terry pressed the homing beacon on his belt. "I take it you know her? Seems a bit too young to be an ex-girlfriend." He then paused as he murmured, "Oh right Talia and Wonder Woman." He saw the Batmobile flying towards them. "You sure I shouldn't get the League involved in this? Maybe GL at least? Kai-Ro knows a lot and probably seen something like this.""No, don't get any of them involved. I'll contact the League myself once we get her here."Underneath the cowl, Terry raised an eyebrow, "You contact the League? Now I really think you are losing it." Terry placed her in the rear passenger seat before climbing in the front seat and flying off.The screen turned on and Bruce's face appeared. "How is she?"Terry momentarily looked behind him before turning forward, "Fine I think. I mean she's alive and seems uninjured. You mind filling me in on how you know her and who she is? She obviously must be important if you're contacting the League yourself."Bruce paused, "I'm not going to contact the League per se. More like I'm going to contact specific members. Remember you said you wanted to contact GL at first. The Justice League has more than one Green Lantern. I want to contact the other GL.""You mean John? You were in the League with him back in the day so I'd get it if you trusted him more than Kai-Ro. But why contact just him? Two GLs are better than one.""Not just him but also Shayera.""Hawkgi-" Terry stopped himself and grimaced, remembering the right hook he received when he teasingly called her that a month ago. "Why just GL and Shayera?""The person you just found is Emma Stewart, their daughter," Bruce explained. "I want to make sure she's in one piece before I get those two involved. John is also more experienced than Kai-Ro. He's probably seen a power ring like hers before.""Wait Warhawk's got a sister? Why haven't I ever seen her around before?""Older sister and estranged more or less. Emma has always been the black sheep of her family.""Black sheep in a family of superheroes?""Do you see her in the Justice League?" Bruce rhetorically countered."Point taken, so what's her deal then?"She used to work for Derek Powers long before he became Blight and then Paxton once he took control. She was a mercenary for hire. Whatever she was hired to do, she did. She's a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter and had a particular proficiency for assassination when she was an active mercenary," Bruce then added on as an after thought. "She also has anger issues."Terry frowned, "You let me put this psycho in here with me? I think the anger issue thing is the least of my worries right now. What if she wakes up and shoots me in the back of the head or strangles me? Did you think this through Bruce?""I doubt she'll wake up. Whatever happened most likely knocked her out cold.""Most likely?" Terry hardly sounded assured. "I'm not liking these odds so far Bruce.""Quit your complaining McGinnis, you're less than three minutes away. I'll see you when you arrive."At that Bruce cut the transmission to the Batmobile and Terry sighed. He looked behind him again at the former mercenary. "You better not wake up and try to off me."___________________________________________________________ "So she's ok?" Terry asked Bruce as they had Emma laid out on a medical table. "And not going to kill us?"Bruce raised an eyebrow and gave him an unamused look, "From what I can tell she's completely unharmed, besides a slight concussion. My guess is that power ring shielded her from any major damage like a Green Lantern ring would protect its own user.""Any idea where she came from? I mean if she was that red light then she crash landed in Gotham of all places. You think she did so on purpose?"Bruce paused to think. "I don't know. I would have to see if I can pull any security footage from the nearby buildings to see if she was there before that light appeared. As it is I'm going to have to cycle through the footage from the Batsuit.""Most of those buildings have been abandoned for decades. I doubt they have functioning cameras at this point. Only shot we'd have is the footage of that red streak and the explosion.""Which could be an issue if we can't find out why she was there in the first place. What doesn't make sense is that she has traces of Scarecrow's fear toxin in her. That's what's making me doubt she was initially that red streak.""That stuff goes for a lot of money on the black market. Think she came out of retirement and got hired for a job that went south? Ended up getting injected with some of it somehow?""A possibility," Bruce lightly nodded. "That brings into question this power ring. It would have come out of nowhere then. Also were there others in that building with her?""If there were then they're nothing but dust now. There was nothing left besides some charred concrete.""I think it's safe to say she's physically ok," Bruce turned away and began to walk over to the Batcomputer. "That was the easy part. This is the hard part.""When was the last time you even talked to them?" Terry asked as he followed Bruce over.Bruce sat in his chair, "When Emma dropped out of college and disappeared. I was paying her college tuition and any other expenses she had while at Gotham University. To say the least John and Shayera didn't take it well.""So you were all pretty tight with each other?"Bruce shrugged, "You could say that. I am still technically Emma and Rex's godfather, like the other founders. The founders were like a family, albeit a dysfunctional one most of the time.""Here I thought you were only close to Wonder Woman and Superman," Terry smirked at him. "Especially Wonder Woman."Bruce narrowed his eyes, "I respect Shayera for her intelligence and her loyalty. She's one of the few people to ever regularly outsmart me.""And John?""He personally helped Bruce Wayne with some...personal issues," Bruce vaguely stated as he recalled him seeking John's help multiple times during his romance with Diana. "That and he's just as loyal as Shayera is to his friends and family. We also went through some bizarre League mission together. One involving time travel.""Time travel? That already sounds weird.""It was," Bruce turned towards the computer screen and pressed a button on the keyboard. "John, Shayera it's me.""Well, well, well look who actually knows how to communicate with Justice League commlinks still," came the sarcastic greeting from Shayera. "And here I thought you forgot all about us. You do know it's like two in the morning. Right?""I see you're still a sarcastic smartass," Bruce dryly commented."You're one to talk Bruce," Shayera immediately retorted."How about we cut to the chase?" John interrupted. "You wouldn't just call us out of nowhere unless you needed us for something. So what happened in Gotham Bruce?""I see you're just as direct as ever," Bruce stated with a slight smirk, it was good that some things never changed. "Terry was on patrol and something peculiar happened. I need both of you at the Batcave as soon as possible.""It can't wait for a more humane hour of the day?" John asked."No," Bruce replied. "Trust me, it's best if we get this over with as soon as possible."Terry and Bruce heard both of them sigh. "Fine," they both replied.___________________________________________________________ It hadn't taken much time for John and Shayera to get to Gotham from the Metro Tower. Upon arriving onto the ground of Wayne Manor they were greeted by a not too welcoming reception.A large, brown German shepherd snarled and barked at them the second they stepped onto the property.Shayera raised an eyebrow, completing unfazed by the animal, "Bruce got a dog?""See? Proves my point that dogs are better. Even the cat person got a dog," John playfully nudged Shayera who rolled her eyes."Damien heel!" Bruce commanded. "They're friends." The dog stopped barking but continued to snarl at them."Nice dog," John sarcastically stated. "You always make it this welcoming here?"Bruce lightly smirked, "My last dog was worse.""Two dogs? Never would have guessed that Bruce," Shayera gave him an amused look. "Also Damien? Couldn't think of anything else that sounded more demonic?""Terry got the dog after Ace died and he named it," Bruce replied as he turned towards the manor. "Let's go, I don't like wasting time.""Well that hasn't changed," John stated as they followed him. "Mind telling us why we're here?""Your daughter interfered in Terry's patrol. I want her out of Gotham," Bruce bluntly responded.John and Shayera looked at each before looking back at Bruce."You do understand Emma doesn't listen to us right?" Shayera asked him. "She's not exactly the most reasonable person to deal with.""I don't care. She's been quiet the past two years she's been in Gotham. That apparently ended tonight. I don't need her here causing trouble."" knew she was here?" John asked with frown. "How long have you known?"Bruce gave them an incredulous look, "You thought I never knew where she was over the years? I started tracking her the second she dropped out of college.""You insufferable bastard!" John grabbed Shayera before she could get ahold of Bruce. "You knew that whole time!""I have the right frame of mind to let Shayera rip you apart Bruce," John glared at him. "We had no idea where she was or if she was even alive for all of those years. Do you even understand how worried we were back then? It's been another five years since we even last saw her.""I didn't think you would have wanted to know given what her occupation was at the time. I thought it would have been for the best," he replied. "Plus I continued keeping tabs on her over the years for a reason. I wanted to make sure she stayed in one piece during that time given the type of people she associated herself with. I had Clark ready on speed dial if anything went wrong."Shayera narrowed her eyes, "Clark knew too?""We agreed it was for the best. If any of you made contact with her back then you would have needed to turn her in. I'm sure you didn't want your daughter going into A.R.G.U.S. custody. I wasn't the only one tracking her.""But she came to the Metro Tower and Clark let her right in and back out," John pointed out."Clark, as a courtesy to you two, didn't turn her in. She's technically not wanted since none of the assassinations can be directly linked back to her but A.R.G.U.S. still wanted her if the police got their hands on her for any reason," Bruce glanced back at them as they entered the manor. "She was very detail oriented and thorough when it came to her work.""That's not something to be impressed by," John stated in an unamused tone. "We're still not exactly alright with what her line of work was. We figured she was into something bad but nothing like that."Shayera rolled her eyes, "I would have been more ok with her being a petty criminal. Hell even if she went back to underground fight clubs that would have been better.""She cause any trouble for Terry?" John asked.Bruce shook his head as they stopped in front of the clock leading to the Batcave, "No, Terry found her after...I'm guessing she blew up a building and knocked herself out. How is the part we didn't quite work out yet. That and she had traces of Scarecrow's fear toxin in her. I'm taking an educated guess she came out of retirement and was on a botched job."Shayera pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head, "Is she at least in one piece?""She's unharmed if that's what you mean; worst she has is a concussion. There's something I wanted you to look into John. You may have seen this before out in space."John gave Bruce a confused look as they began to descend down the stairs, "What does that have to do with Emma?""She was-" Bruce was cutoff as they heard Terry shout in pain."Let go of me lady!" They heard him yell.Shayera and John took that as the invitation they needed to fly down to the cave. They found that Emma had Terry in a wristlock and armlock."Emma let him go!" Shayera called to her as she and John landed not far from them. Noticing she wasn't listening, Shayera began to walk towards them with the intention of prying her daughter off of Batman.John immediately grabbed her arm to stop her, "Shayera hold it." He held his ring up at Emma. "Don't make me do it Emma. Let him go."Shayera gave him a perturbed look, "John what do you think you're doing?""Shayera just trust me," John quietly said to her. "I'll explain later."Terry grunted in pain as Emma jerked his arm further up, "You're gonna snap my arm!""Let him go Emma," Shayera repeated. "I don't want you to get hurt."Emma scowled, "Not until boy wonder here tells me why he lugged me down to the Batcave.""I've had enough of this," Terry grunted as he used his free hand to turn on the electrical discharge on his suit from the utility belt. The shock wasn't enough to really hurt Emma but it was enough to make her loosen her hold on him, allowing Terry to slip free. "You're crazy.""Says the punk dressed like a flying rodent," Emma countered as she stood and placed her hands on her hips.Terry rubbed his shoulder as he stood, "Look lady if you want to blame someone just blame the old man. He wanted me to bring you here."Emma glared over at John and Shayera, "Why are they here then?""I told them to come," Bruce calmly said as he walked up. "I want you and that power ring of yours out of my city. You caused enough trouble tonight."Emma paused as she looked at the red power ring on her hand before looking back up, "I don't even know how I got this.""At least she's mentally lucid," John muttered to himself."What do you mean lucid?" Shayera quietly asked him.John lowered his mouth next to her ear, "That power ring is a Red Lantern Corps ring. Not something you want in this part of the galaxy let alone on this planet. Half the time the people in that corps become mindless killers the moment they're recruited."Shayera lightly nodded, "Now I get why you pointed your ring at her. In case she did attack. So we just take it off of her?"John shook his head, "Not that simple. Members of the Red Lantern Corps are dependent on their rings to keep them alive. You take it off of her and she'll die as soon as it comes off."Shayera paused as she looked over at Emma, "What are we supposed to do then?""First off, we take her back to the Metro Tower. Second, I'll need to talk to Kai-Ro. I don't need him alerting Oa we have a Red Lantern on our planet.""What happens if he does?""Guardians will send out the Honor Guard to get her. They're allowed to use lethal force and even if they did bring her in alive she'd be placed in a Sciencell awaiting execution."Shayera crossed her arms over her chest and frowned, "I don't like either option."Emma frowned, "I can tell you two are talking about me. I can somewhat make out what you're saying. I know I heard something about the Metro Tower. Remember I am half-Thanagarian. I have enhanced senses.""We'll take her from here Bruce," John said to him before walking over to Emma. "Alright it's not too hard to figure out how to fly with that ring. Either that or we can fly you ourselves."Emma's eyes widened as she took a step back, "Fly? Me?""Yes fly," John raised an eyebrow, "It's not hard. It'll probably take me a minute to show you how to do it.""No way! Not happening! I don't fly!"Shayera put a hand on John's shoulder before he could reply, "You're not going to get her to fly John. Trust me on that one." Shayera looked at Emma. "I'm taking it you're still not good with heights?"Emma glared at her, "What was the first indication Mom?""You're scared of heights?" Terry asked in an amused tone. "Yeah you're real tough. Now I know I can just fly up and you won't be chasing after me."Emma scowled at Terry, "I already don't like you. Don't push my patience with you any further.""There's more than one way to the Metro Tower," Bruce stated.Emma turned to look at him, "What's that Uncle Bruce?"Bruce smirked before pointing towards his old Batmobile.Emma immediately looked at Shayera, "Please grab me and start flying."___________________________________________________________ "I hate this," Emma complained as John had her in a bubble construct. "Can't you fly any faster?"John sighed in exasperation, "For the eleventh time I'm flying as fast as I can."Emma swallowed as she looked down. Shayera quietly observed her as she had elected to be in the construct with her than fly besides John. She had to admit it was rather unsettling to see the red tone her daughter's eyes were now thanks to this power ring. There was also the fact that Shayera could swear it felt like a wave of aggression was just radiating off of Emma."Emma don't look down. It'll make it worse," the Thanagarian quietly said to her as she gently placed a hand on her shoulder, causing the newly ordained Red Lantern to jump slightly."Looking forward or even up doesn't help either," she took a deep breath and closed her eyes."Keep your mind off of it. Distract yourself," Shayera instructed her. "The more you focus on it the worse the panic becomes.""Distract myself with what?" Emma rhetorically asked her. "If you haven't noticed we're thousands of feet in the air. There's not much I can do up here that will distract me."Shayera rolled her eyes, "We can talk."Emma likewise rolled her eyes and sarcastically replied, "Yeah cause that's exactly what I want to do.""Do you remember how you even got that ring?" Shayera asked her.Emma looked at the ring before looking at Shayera, "No clue. I woke up in the Batcave with it on.""What's the last thing you do remember?" John this time asked.Emma paused, " day is it?""Thursday," John replied. "Why?""Last thing I clearly remember is Monday. Tuesday is pretty fuzzy for the most part. I don't remember anything about yesterday. Look can you just get this ring off of me? I don't want it.""You don't really have a choice whether you want it or not. You're stuck with that ring," John looked back at her. "Look there's a lot I'm going to have to explain to you. For now just take it easy and just listen. When we get to the Metro Tower you need to stay in your room until we come get you. We need to talk to Clark and I need to have a very lengthy discussion with Kai-Ro. I don't need him seeing you before I have a chance to talk to him first."___________________________________________________________ "So you think it's a good idea to keep her here?" Clark asked the Thanagarian in front of him. John was with Kai-Ro explaining the situation to him."For now," Shayera replied with a nod. "John said it's safer for her to be here than out in the public in case she loses control of that ring. Plus John also said she needs to know how to use some of its functions. We don't need her out on the streets with that kind of a weapon Clark; especially when she has no clue how it works. She's not only a danger to herself but to civilians."Clark gave a curt nod, "That I agree with. Is she ok with having to stay here?"Shayera shrugged, "Begrudgingly. We had a ten minute, persuasive talk with her outside of the Metro Tower.""Superman this is ridiculous!" Kai-Ro suddenly barged into the conference room with John not far behind him. "We cannot in good conscience harbor a Red Lantern here. I vote to tell the Guardians. It needs to be disposed of.""It?" Shayera scowled at him. "You better watch your mouth Kai-Ro.""Kai-Ro just listen," John frowned. "She's not a threat. I'm going to show her how to use that ring and how to control it.""Good show her how to murder us," Kai-Ro narrowed his eyes. "This is why I was made the primary Lantern of this sector."Shayera snarled and began to stride towards the Asian Green Lantern," That's it!"John moved in front of his wife to impede her progress, "Shayera don't.""Give me five minute alone with him without that ring," Shayera quietly said to him."Shayera," John gave her a warning look.Shayera took a deep breath and held her hands up, "Alright fine, I'll back off."John then looked at Kai-Ro with a light glare," As for you. You were made the primary Green Lantern of the sector because I'm tasked to primarily deal with Justice League business and the crises that befall Earth. You're tasked with the rest of the sector while helping out with the Justice League when possible. The Guardians specifically stated I'm still in charge.""You won't be if I tell them you're harboring a Red Lantern," Kai-Ro pointed out."For once Kai-Ro you don't need to be by the book. Not all Red Lanterns are blood thirsty murderers.""Most are Stewart, that's a fact you can't change. What happens if she loses control while on Earth?" Kai-Ro asked him. "She can easily kill someone.""Kai-Ro I'm taking full responsibility for her and whatever she does going forward. She's not going to," John assured him. "If we show her how to use that ring then there's less of a chance for her to lose control.""Plus if we can possibly reason with her then we'd have a Red Lantern on our side. We could use her as a double agent," Kai-Ro suggested."We could," John commented which set Shayera off."Hell no! My daughter is not being used as some kind of spy! That's where I draw the line John!""Shay relax," John muttered to her before looking at Kai-Ro. "One step at a time Kai-Ro.""Agreed. I suppose I will allow this to play out for the time being then. Now would I be able to return to sleep or is there anything else that's a pressing matter?""You're dismissed Kai-Ro," Superman waved him off. Kai-Ro nodded and floated out of the room."John you can't be seriously considering what Kai-Ro suggested," Shayera looked at him warily. While yes this was his daughter, John was still a Green Lantern and had his duties.John sighed as he placed his hands on her shoulders, "Look Shayera it appeased Kai-Ro for the time being. I'm not particularly ok with the idea myself but we can't have Kai-Ro selling her out to the Guardians."Shayera sighed and glanced down before lightly chuckling, "Emma was always horrible at lying. She'd be the worst person for the job."___________________________________________________________ John groaned in frustration as they walked out of Emma's room, "We told her to stay put."Shayera raised an eyebrow, "That really surprises you that she didn't listen to us?""No but still.""I doubt she left the Metro Tower," Shayera paused to think. "Rex."John nodded, "He'd be probably the only person she would want to voluntarily see."Upon reaching Rex's room they found their son was likewise nowhere to be. Though it didn't take them long to find the sibling together in the cafeteria.They watched as Emma punched Rex on the arm with a smirk. Rex feigned annoyance as he rubbed his arm."There you are," John said as he and Shayera sat across from them. "We told you to stay put."Emma looked annoyed as she rolled her eyes, "Yeah I didn't feel like it.""We could tell," Shayera sarcastically commented. "Good to know you still don't listen.""I'm not staying locked in a room like some kind of prisoner," she folded her arms over her chest."You're not a prisoner," John said to her. "We needed to explain things to Clark and Kai-Ro. That's all. We didn't want them to see you before we could explain what's going on.""If I'm not a prisoner than why can't I leave the Metro Tower at all?" Emma cuttingly asked. "That to me sounds like a prisoner.""That ring on your hand is a dangerous weapon. We don't need or want you to hurt yourself or others by accident," John explained. "Look I'll explain everything about that ring to you later today after we all get some sleep."Emma stayed silent for a moment before nodding, "Alright fine. I'll need at least four coffees first so I'm not too grouchy.""Just like your mother," John quipped with a smirk as Shayera lightly elbowed him.Rex chuckled, "Dad is right Mom.""Turncoat," she muttered."You know I just realized," Rex started with a grin. "When was the last time the four of us were together like this?"John and Shayera paused to look at each other. Emma on the other hand did not look amused in the slightest."Honestly I don't even remember," Shayera admitted. "I know it was before Emma left for college.""Yeah we're talking nineteen years," John added on.Emma sighed as she rolled her eyes and stood, "I'm not wasting my time anymore. I'm going to bed. You can have your reunion on your own." She began to walk towards the door."She's still a grouch," Rex said before he got smacked over the head with a red hand construct. "Ow! What was that for?""I heard that," Emma lightly glared at him over her shoulder before leaving the room."Good to know she can make constructs. That's not exactly typical of a Red Lantern," John commented. "Another lesson I'll have to teach her. How to be more elaborate when making them.""You just will it into existence right?" Rex asked."For a Green Lantern yes."Shayera tilted her head, "It's different for a Red Lantern?""Green Lantern rings are powered by our willpower. Red Lantern rings are fueled by the user's rage and hate. The angrier she gets the stronger she gets. She wants to make a really big construct then she needs to get really angry," John explained. "That's the issue. The angrier she gets the bigger the chance of her losing control gets.""So like a double-edged sword?" she asked."Exactly," John nodded. "Then there's how her ring was create versus how a Green Lantern ring was. The Oans used advanced technology when constructing our rings. Atrocitus used blood magic when he founded that corps.""So there's magical elements in that ring?" Rex looked at his mother. "So Mom's mace would work against her ring."John paused before he spoke, "It should which would make it our backup plan."Shayera raised an eyebrow, "Backup plan?""Green Lantern rings are completely ineffective against Red Lantern ones. If she loses control then Kai-Ro and I won't be of much help," he swallowed. "You would need to take her down. That's why you're going to need to stay around her as much as possible."Shayera frowned at this, "I'm her mother not her warden but a good hit over the head should be enough to knock her out. I won't do anymore than that.""I'm not asking you to Shay. But saying you'd do it and being able to are two different things. You know that. Would you really be able to hit Emma with your mace if it came down to it?"Shayera swallowed as she looked down. Shayera knew physically she was more than capable of going toe-to-toe with her daughter in a fight. Mentally was a whole different story. She looked over to John, "I don't know. Honestly I don't think I could.""What if I do it then?" Rex asked. "I mean I don't think I'd hesitate like Mom would.""How about we not even discuss this?" Shayera sighed. "This is worst case scenario right now. We just need to have faith that nothing happens.""Faith?" John chuckled. "Coming from the atheist."Shayera gave him an unamused look, "Very funny."___________________________________________________________ Shayera sighed and shook her head as she watched from the control panel of the simulation room. This was only day two of Emma being in the Metro Tower and Shayera was already losing her patience with her. She didn't know how John was handling it so well considering he was the one trying to teach her how to use her power ring. Though she could tell John's patience was beginning to dwindle as well.John shook his head, "You need to actually concentrate when you use that ring."Emma scowled at John, "I don't need to concentrate and make constructs if I can just blast everything in my way."John gave Emma an unamused look, "Blasting things doesn't always work. Sometimes you need more finesse to get things done. Plus there's also defending yourself."Emma shrugged, "I can just create a bubble around myself. I don't need to make a wall or something."John let out a frustrated sigh as he shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Look just humor me alright?"Emma sighed, "Fine." She created a square construct. "Happy?""A little more detailed than that.""What like a robot?""No but now that you-""Dad I'm not making a robot," Emma frowned before making a miniature scaled tank. "How's that?"John smirked, "Not bad.""Not bad? It's a damn tank," she scowled as her ringed glowed and the construct exploded, knocking back the two Lanterns."Ok," John rubbed the back of his head as he stood. "Lesson two, how not to blow up your own constructs when you lose that temper of yours."Emma stood and rolled her eyes, "I thought you said lesson two was getting over my fear of heights and flying? Not that I'm complaining. I rather not do that.""That can be lesson three. Knowing how to not blow things up is more important.""True," Emma conceded. "But I sorta can't stick around much longer. Can we just continue this later today or tomorrow? We've already been at this all morning."John raised an eyebrow, "Why?"Emma sighed in defeat, "Rex is forcing me to spend time with Jaye by babysitting her. I don't think it's a good idea but he's twisting my arm pretty much."John paused. Honestly that was one of the worst ideas he had heard but Jaye had been ecstatic when he and Shayera had explained to her that her mother was back."Shayera's going with you," John said to her. "And we're not taking no for an answer.""I don't need or want Mom with me," Emma frowned."Tough shit," Shayera said as she had entered the room. "It'll be a cold day in hell if I leave Jaye alone with you unsupervised."Emma groaned as she rolled her eyes, "Fantastic."___________________________________________________________ Emma let out an aggravated sigh as she sat on the couch in the rec room of the Metro Tower. "For the fifth time kid I'm not playing," she frowned."Why not? Playing's fun. You're boring Mom," Jaye complained. Shayera noticed how Emma flinched each and every time Jaye had addressed her with that term."Jaye why don't you leave your mother alone?" Shayera suggested. "She's not like Rex.""Why can't I play with Uncle Rexy then?""Because Rexy," Emma started with a sarcastic tone as Shayera sat next to her. "Thought it would be a good idea to go on a date with Aquagirl and leave you with me.""But Nana Shay's here too," Jaye pointed out."Don't remind me," Emma muttered."Jaye look, we can play," Shayera said. "That's good enough right?""But we play all the time. I never got to play with Mom before.""Look kid, I'm not interested in kiddy video games.""But we usually play Grand Theft Auto. PopPop said it's not a kid's game.""She's seven Mom. Why is she playing that?" Emma glared at Shayera."I don't recall that stopping you or Rex from playing it when you were that age," Shayera then smirked. "Are you concerned?""What? N-No!" Emma looked flustered as she averted her eyes. "Just it doesn't seem age appropriate and I don't want Dad blaming me if he sees her playing it. That's all.""Right," Shayera looked highly amused. "Look John would already know it would be my fault if he catches her playing that again."Jaye giggled, "Nana Shay gets in trouble all the time with PopPop.""Hey not all the time just some of the time," Shayera pointed out. "There's a difference.""So are we going to play it?" Jaye asked."Of course we are," Shayera assured her."And Mom too?"Emma didn't answer until she saw her mother glaring at her. "Alright fine, I'll stick around and watch. Maybe, if I feel like it, I'll play too.""Damn straight you will," Shayera said to her.Jaye climbed onto Shayera's lap, "Nana Shay don't forget PopPop said to not teach me anymore sarcasm or curse words while we play video games.""Really now?" Shayera chuckled "He won't find out if you don't say anything to him.""Won't I get in trouble then if I don't tell the truth?"Shayera shook her head, "I'm not going to tell him and technically it's not lying. You're just not telling him.""You're the last person who should be teaching this lesson," Emma pointedly looked at her.Shayera responded with a light glare, "You're not one to talk either Emma.""Do you guys not like each other?" Jaye asked causing the two to pause and stare at each other. "Well?""It's um," Emma then thought for a second. "Complicated.""Why?" Jaye tilted her head.Emma for once swallowed her pride as she answered, "We're too similar and that means we piss each other off a lot."Shayera nodded, "Exactly, we're too much alike and we know how to annoy each other very easily.""So why don't you just not annoy each other?""Are you teaching her how to interrogate people?" Emma asked Shayera.Shayera laughed, "Not my fault she picked that up."Emma smirked, "Yeah right, you so taught her that.""Nana Shay how did you blow up the helicopter in this game?""Ok you need to get the rocket launcher and-""Mom don't teach her that!"
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