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:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:THESE ARE UPDATED RULES. PLEASE READ:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange:

:new:UPDATE 28/Feb/2013::new:

We've added some new folders and sub-folders:

:bulletgreen: A subfolder called Heavy Shading was created on the Pencils folder.
This folder is for heavily shaded pencil work only. Please do not submit art that is only lightly shaded or sketchy. We accept into this folder quality pencil art that is well shaded with attention to clean shading and detail.

:bulletgreen: A subfolder called Grayscale and Ink Wash was created on the Inks folder.
This folder is for Grayscale and Ink Wash images only. Please only submit into this folder quality images that have clean grayscale and/or ink wash shading.

:bulletgreen: A Folder called References, was created. In this folder you will find stock pictures that could be used as drawing references (scroll down to read the full description bellow).

:bulletgreen: A Folder called CTU Related was created that will be for the admin staff to submit works related to the group.

:new: :new: :new:

Rules are simple and easy to follow:

This group is about helping comic artists to develop their skills by hosting high resolution comic art pieces that can be used to work over to practice inking or coloring, with that said you must understand that when you submit linearts to this group you're ok with others inking and coloring them.

:bulletorange:How to join:bulletorange:

1. By joining this club, you AGREE to the rules provided, and will abide by them as a member.

2. To join, press 'join' on the front page. The 'Join' button is at the top of the ComicTeamUp front page in the blue banner.

3. Members who frequently break these rules and prove themselves incapable of providing constructively to the ComicTeamUp community will be removed from the club roster and added to the club's blocked list.

:bulletorange:How to submit:bulletorange:

All submissions are subject to voting.

*Please remember that dA submission standards still apply. Please use tasteful judgment before submitting to this group. If you are unsure of dA standards please go to FAQ and type in  "submission".

We've updated all the folders, now you will find several subfolders for Sequential works and Non-sequential works. For now you will be able to submit to the main folders or directly to the subfolders, we'll appreciate more the second option so we don't have to move the deviations later.

Note: Subfolders are found in the left column once you are inside on one of the main folders

Here is the list of the folders with their subfolders:

:bulletorange:<- for Main folders :bulletyellow:<- for subfolders :bulletred:<- Only Admis can add works on this folders


:bulletred:Inspirational Art

:bulletyellow:Pencils Sequential
:bulletyellow:Pencils No-sequential
:bulletyellow:Heavy Shading

:bulletyellow:Inks Sequential
:bulletyellow:Inks Non-sequential
:bulletyellow:Grayscale and Ink Wash

:bulletyellow:Flats Sequential
:bulletyellow:Flats Non-sequential

:bulletyellow:Colors Sequential
:bulletyellow:Colors Non-sequentials

:bulletyellow:Comic scripts

:bulletyellow:Drawing tutorials
:bulletyellow:Inking tutorials
:bulletyellow:Coloring tutorials
:bulletyellow:Lettering tutorials


:bulletorange:CTU Related

*Please choose carefully before submitting.

And also there are two other folders, but no one is able to submit into them except for the admins, the Feature folder (you already know how it works) and the new folder called "Inspirational Art" is the folder that has taken the place of the deleted "Non-group coloring" folder. This one will work as something like a Favorite folder, we (the admins) are going to add to that folder from time to time works that we consider Really Good and that could work for you as inspiration or to study them and learn. Please do not use images from the “Inspirational Art” folder for your coloring or inking without first getting permission from the image’s owner.


The ComicTeamUp group does have a minimum size requirement:

:bulletorange: All penciled and inked submissions must be at least 2000px in either direction.

:bulletorange:If you obtain pencils to ink, please be sure to credit the original artist with a link, to either the artist directly or to the lines that you inked.

:bulletorange: Line Submissions MUST be in High Resolution with the download option enabled or at least provide a download link for the High Res version and no watermark. Keep in mind that this is about sharing those High Res works for others to practice on, so if you submit to this group you're okay with that.

:bulletorange:Make sure that the contrast for inks is as close to black and white as possible, so the colorist has an easier time with it.

:bulletorange:Submitted pencil and inked art needs to be clean and free of pre-existing colored elements, as not to hinder the inker or colorist.

:bulletorange: We don't accept WIPs or Sketches no matter if the works are penciled, inked or colored they must be finished in their own stage.  


:bulletorange:Same credit rules apply for colored works; be sure to credit all the people involved (penciler, inker, flatter, etc) on the work you just colored. Also you must include direct links to the original pencils, inks and/or flats always that the artists has submited their works here on Da.

:bulletorange: Before you are able to submit a colored piece to the 'Colors' folder the lineart must be already part of the Pencils, Inks or Flats folders at least one of them..

:bulletorange:  Then you must add on coloring description a direct link (at least one) to the lineart it's already part of the group's gallery (pencils, inks or flats). So we can follow that link and check if it's on our gallery or not.

*There is no minimum size requirement for colored works.

*If you submit an Inked and/or Colored piece, DO NOT submit that deviation as a print unless the original is your own.


:bulletorange:Same credit rules apply for colored works; be sure to include credits to both the penciler and the inker.

:bulletorange: Lineart with the flats are still subject to our resolution limits so they must be high resolution (see rules for lines).

:bulletorange: You must provide a workable file (psd and/or png/tiff) free to download.

:bulletorange: Flats must be sharp with no anti-aliasing.

:bulletorange: The preview image should be a side by side with one side the flats with the lineart over it and next only the flats. Example:


:bulletorange:All submissions must be in script format, including dialogue, actions, etc.

:bulletorange:There's no limit about the script extension but due to the time it takes to read try to keep it not too long and for the same reason the weekly submission is limited to 4.*  

:bulletorange:Tasteful works only. If there is any crude behavior or excessive rude language, anything pornographic in nature, and does not adhere to dA regulations, the script will be declined immediately.

:bulletorange:Both fan-fictions and original scripts are allowed, however if you use an original script, please leave details in the deviation description section, not in the actual submission.

:bulletorange:Using any artists' render of your scripts for anywhere other than dA is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances should you take another artist's work without expressed consent from that artist. It is called "theft" if you do.  

*You must understand that by submitting your scripts to this group, there are no copyright laws.  We strongly suggest adding the option to your deviation in the edit menu.
These rules are not meant to restrict, but to protect and to make the submission process a little easier.

Artist rules still apply to the pencils, inks and colors for these scripts. Make sure that they are within the correct pixel height and width and that they are submitted to the appropriate folder.


Tutorials must be just that, tutorials, that means they must have some explanations about the process shown and not be only pictures of the process with no explanation. They must be comic related in some way. There are many subfolders for different kinds of tutorials.


:bulletorange:We will be adding reference photos periodically to help out those of our members and watchers who wish to better understand anatomy and more natural poses.

:bulletorange:This folder is closed to public submissions, as we do not want to flood our watchers with reference photos. However, if you see a reference image that you believe should be included into the gallery, please feel free to send us a note to request that we add it. If we believe it to be high quality and beneficial to out members we will likely add it.

:bulletorange:Always check before using a stock image to see if the image's owner has any special rules or guidelines. All guidelines set up by the stock provider must be respected and followed.

:bulletorange:Occasionally we will include nude images into this folder, so watchers of the group will, on occasion, get nude images in their inbox. If you do not wish to see nude images please be sure to have your "mature content filter" on. This can be set under "Settings" > "Browsing" > "Show" > Uncheck "Deviations with Mature Content".


Please at all times, be respectful of your fellow artists, and give credit where credit is due. This group is here to support all of the comic artists here on dA.

Only submit art that is comic or comic-inspired in genre, traditional or digital. We will not accept photography, 3d art, film/animation, or stock.  

Now that you've read all the rules carefully there's one more thing you may like to know. We've a new privileged member’s category called 'Superheros (VIP)' the privilege in this category is have your submissions automatically approved.

* The only way to be part of this category is by unanimous decision of the admin staff.

If you follow these requirements you could be part of that category:

:bulletgreen: Follow ALL the rules ALWAYS (check the rules for the different folders).

:bulletgreen: Submit high quality works (not necessarily professional).

:bulletgreen: Contribute often to the group's galleries.

If these rules are not clear, please feel free to send a note to the group or post a comment. Notes are the best form of communication and will ensure that you get a speedy reply. Remember, there are no silly questions.

© 2011 - 2021 ComicTeamUp
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Laurenel's avatar
I'm sorry. I just posted an image to Pencils when it should have gone to non-sequential ink. I submitted the other images correctly but the first one is wrong. Is there any way I could either resubmit or the destination folder can be changed? Thanks.
jotazombie's avatar
Don't worry it will go to the voting process and if everything is ok (despite that issue) it will be accepted and moved to the proper folder, thanks for let us know. 

And about the question, no you can't change the folder once you have submitted the images, the only thing that can be done is withdraw the submission and re-submit but as I said don't worry we will handling it. 
Laurenel's avatar
Thank you! I'll be more careful in the future!
jwvanderbeck's avatar
If we take say Pencils from this group and ink them, should we/can we post our Inks back to the group for others to continue the process?
jotazombie's avatar
No matter where you take the pencils from (always that the penciler is ok and you credit them for their work) you can post the inks here if the inks are submitted according to rules such as resolution at least at 2000px on either direction, no watermark, download option enabled and as I said giving the proper credit to penciler. 
Dadapan's avatar
I've got a question. Can I upload a fully colored work done entirely by me? Or do I have to submit the linework first?
jotazombie's avatar
no matter if one person or more do all the stages of the work, one of the lineart's stages (pencils or inks) must be already part of the group's galleries before submit a colored piece. 
Dadapan's avatar
great. Thanks!
JackLavy's avatar
Quick question guys,
So basically, for coloring, I have to pick lineworks from this group only?
Can't bring stuff I did on the past for pencils/inks that are not posted on this group?
jotazombie's avatar
basically yes, but if the pencils/inks you got outside the group meets our rules for lines then you can send us a link and we could request to the author to submit those works to our gallery and if he/she accept then we will accept your colors too.

Sorry but this is a kind of team oriented group.
JackLavy's avatar
Np :)
Just wanted to get the rules clear.
jotazombie's avatar
cool :) and anyway if you saw outhere some nice pencils/inks with at least 2000px in one side and download option enable send us the link to add it here we would really appreciate that and you will be able to submit your colors too.
JackLavy's avatar
Sure thing man
jasonmg1's avatar
Do you have any suggestions on how to get a high res scan of my 11 X 17 work? I can't do it at home and I don't know any place that has the capability.
JTDixon's avatar

Look for a Copy shop or maybe even an Engineering firm in the area. They may be able to help.

jasonmg1's avatar
elfkin's avatar
If you have a Kinko's printing nearby, they have scanners you can use for a fee.
AshDayArt's avatar
Before I had my scanner, I used to use my camera. If you have a high mpx cam, take a shot in very good light and tweak it with a program like Photoshop or Painter to get the contrast you want. Other than that, I am not really sure. Send a comment on the front page. The other members may have some tips 'n tricks.
GHathaway's avatar
Also might want to try a Kinkos or even a UPS store if they have those in your area! Another option might be a Sign Shop.
Drift-II-Nova's avatar
What does it mean when it says cover folders, page folders, and pinup folders?
AshDayArt's avatar
What it is saying is just a summary of the folders. Each set has 3 different subfolders, pencil, ink, and colored. Depending on whether your piece is one of them, it is a guideline to help you place it in the correct folder. So for example, you have a single page from your/a comic, and you are the original artist, and have used pencils; permitting it meets the minimum resolution requirement of 2000x3000px, you would submit it to "Pages Penciled". Hope this helps. If you are still unsure of which folder to submit to, send a note to the club with the link to your art, and we will help.
Drift-II-Nova's avatar
ok, thank you so much! My type of art is usually just paper, pen, and pencil, so I will be submitting most of my stuff in the "Pages Penciled" folder.
Thank you!
SeanE's avatar
I think you need to make your folder groups a little less complicated

How the heck is anyone supposed to keep track of whether a picture is in the group inked or not? Especially since I watch a lot of the people here separately from this group anyway. I'll be danged if I'm gonna search an entire folder to see if a picture is there or not before choosing category
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