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Well it would hardly do for 'Tia to allow her personal student to be outranked by said student's brother. She's got to keep the proper image, you know? If becoming a student of Celestia doesn't guarantee that you will be the highest-ranked pony in your family, what's even the point?
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And the thing is, he's not even addressed as a King or prince. Doesn't even have a crown.
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As Prince Consort, he's basically a royal stud horse, and more literally than metaphorically in pony world.

Look at Prince Philip of England. Even when he's sat astride the throne that's held centuries of royal backsides in clothing so official and covered in medals it has to be called "rayment" he still has no crown.

But Twlight's a crown princess, with royal duties and part of the line of succession. Hence she has a crown and he has a gym teacher's whistle.
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Those are some good questions there. Celestia is so busted now.
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Princess Celestia Angry Plz :They know too much we must exterminate them.
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Celestia, you are so totally busted. And we're not talking about the cake eating either... :XD:
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Not really a question, as that is not how royalty works.

For example, Kate Middleton, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (i.e. Princess Kate) became a princess by way of marriage to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, did not become Prince or Princesses. Nor did Phillipa or James William Middleton become Prince or Princess by being the siblings of Kate.

So yeah. Princess by bestowing of title/alicornhood by Celestia. Her brother has nothing to do with it.

Don't get me wrong, you're not the first person to make this mistake, it is a very common misconception. Just completely wrong.
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I apologize for the misunderstanding, but the suggestion that Apple Bloom did make, is not of my own thoughts, it was only a silly suggestion made by Apple Bloom because she didn't believe Twilight could have become a Princess of Friendship only by making friends.
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Or maybe she became princess of friendship because she used friends to become an alicorn.
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It's just going to get deeper 
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Twilight questioning Celestia's reason for making her an alicorn princess
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One thing I love about Twilight..plant a little thought in that head of hers that she doesn't immediately know the answer to and sit back and watch the show. :)
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That's a legitimate question.
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twilight sparkle (smile evil) plz "I became a Princess because I was good at magic. That and I had to upstage my brother girls."
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Princess of Blackmail?
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:iconeeyupplz: ^^
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Sad. XD
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