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Spindrift - FANTASY
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Spindrift is a weekly updated comic featuring a modern fantasy story about intrigue, warfare, family, love and betrayal. The story follows the conflict between the close-minded, conservative Alar race and their mortal enemies, the power-hungry Ildrei. And one young woman who gets caught in between...
As half-Alar, half-Ildrei, Morwenna's existence offends both races. She and her companions must find a way to navigate the conflict - and attempt to bring peace between the two sides.
Creator(s): ElsaKroese
Spindrift :: PROLOGUE cover by ElsaKroese Preview Spindrift: page one by ElsaKroese Spindrift, page2 by ElsaKroese

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Comicslist is a listing of webcomics and on-going strips created by deviants.

Members can submit artwork and sample comic pages for potential readers to browse through.

This group is for creator owned webcomics only.
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Lets Love by Elixia-Dragmire
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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 9, 2011, 11:22 AM
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Due to the fact that our OFF DA Comics listing was too large to save, it is now split into two sections

:new: Indicates most recently added

This list is for comics created by deviants that are not available (fully) on Deviantart and are posted on other sites, such as drunk duck, paper demon or the creators personal websites. Because of this no images are available.
Sorted Alphabetically.


Antares Complex - Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Join the crew of the Dagger, a mercenary ship captained by Neige. Follow her and her crew on dangerous missions as they try to make a living out in the chaotic galaxy. Enjoy the adventure like a real comic/graphic novel with a unique comic viewer on the website.
Creator(s) Gx3RComics


Al Grito! - Comedy, humour, social critique. Al Grito is a weekly comic written in Spanish. It deals with a wide rande of topics, from history and science to tradictional culture, news topics and religion.
Creator(s):  : devlyonlamb: JcSoto


Art: Institutionalized - Comedy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Art: Institutionalized is a webcomic about art students trying to get through college in one piece, and the only thing crazier than your finals are your classmates! This comic is based on real-life situations and people, and the hilarious struggles they had to endure in the pursuit of higher education.

Acting Out - Anthro Comedy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
When a bunch of kids with very different personalities come together in their school's drama club, a lot more goes on in the auditorium than you may think!


Alien Shores
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Alien Shores is a drama about four guys in a band set in near-future Denver. The lead singer and main character, Max, must come to terms with his new, uncertain future.
Creator(s): AlienShores aka Wildeye


Angel and Pals - Comedy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Angel and Pals is about a rich and famous cat named Angel J. Copperfield that lives in a mansion in Los Angeles, California with her brother Rico. With the help of her kooky feline friends, F.W. (Feisty Woman), Katelyn, Dominic, Thomas, Ryan, James and Malachi, these guys do crazy things, get into a world of trouble, and have fun!
Creator(s): AngelCopperfield

Anatta - Science Fiction
In the near future, a technology that allows people to exchange minds between their bodies has emerged. Through the life of Alex Lee, ANATTA explores the identity revolution brought about by the global exchange of minds.
Creator(s): AniseShaw ThreeEyesWorm

ALIENZ - A Sci-Fi Action Adventure staring 5 alien friends, determined to take over Earth! Rated M (18+)
Review Friendly by Comicslist


The Boy with Nails for Eyes - dark urban fantasy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
The Boy with Nails for Eyes is a part-animated urban fantasy webcomic with an original soundtrack. The story is set in a grim little town trapped by a half-ring of factories next to a stagnant sea; beyond it, enormous war machine sway across the horizon; pillars of smoke serrate the sky.
A young boy, Bobby, is drawn into a dream-quest that leads him to his town's knotted heart. There, he faces a shadowy presence, an embodied hunger that stalks the fog-bound streets. Their conflict will decide the town's fate.
Creator(s): shaungardiner


eccentricity - Science Fiction, Fantasy, LGBT, Weird
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Comic in its current form follows the lives of Lee and Alex (gay boys), Lee's fenines (half-cat/half-dog) aliens, Anubis (their creator) and semi-evil Rarnar Industries. Story arcs are weird, some are coherent, mostly it's just about the puppies.
Creator(s): : RoboCoonie

Review Friendly by Comicslist
Jesse Williams thought his life was normal until he is saved by a Carasonian (a race of people descended from dragons) named T.J. who has traveled across the United States in order to reveal that they are brothers. Joined by a motley crew, the brothers must now fight their way to reveal a secret past that could determine the future of their world.
Creator(s): sxilverdragonclaws


BakaPatrol - A webcomic revolving around the lives and minds of the wonderfully retarded BakaPatrol. Every week they get into some new random adventure (if you can even call it that).
Creator: Hawkstar123


The Blufin Killies - Sci-Fi/Rock Band
Review Friendly by Comicslist
In this story Hoshi finds himself having grown up a werewolf in a predominately human part of town. This takes place after "The Great War", the battle between the mighty Vampyres and the fierce Wulves, of which his parents were supposedly major contributers, though they never really explained that part too much.

All Hosh knows is that he's tired with his current life, and that as his defining moment in the High School he's about to join is that he wants to be in a rock band. He joins a band called The Blufin Killies, and he starts to get in the swing of things. His life is going good, and he's starting to make a name for himself in the industry.

Too bad not everyone wants to think the war's over.
Creator(s): Zorrin


Counter-Agents - Sci-Fi Action/Adventure about two ex-military agents that, now dishonorably discharged, hunt down a collective of sentient virus in the year 4038
Creator(s): NDGO


Colour - Anthro/Drama
Synopsis: When a second Armageddon wipes out 90% of the world's population, a new species, the Tierewesen, rises from the ashes. But the thing about humans; they've never quite settled for the ways of defeat, and the new race is doomed to suffer for their obstinance...
Creator: BlushBunnyC3

Crystal Dream -Fantasy
a girl with great powers is hunted by a monster
Creator(s): TMcLeod


The Cutting Room
Review Friendly by Comicslist
A twice a week webcomic about recently released and upcoming movies.
Creator(s): CuttingRoom


CONFORM- A punk-rock soap-opera
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Creator(s): zackagardner

Review Friendly by Comicslist
Currhue is about Albert and what happens after he falls for Patty, wins the lottery, dies and then meets Mr Currhue.
Kloob: Kloob
Chirault - Fantasy, Adventure
Review Friendly by Comicslist
When a wayward spell shrinks a young girl to barely the size of a tin of beans, it is only the start of her adventures. From the shoulder of a wandering demon hunter who is himself a demon, she attempts to find a way back to her previous size, but the path may proves to be neither clear nor easy.
Creator(s): Varethane

Clou-Less - Cats
Review Friendly by Comicslist
There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. - Albert Schweitzer Comic focusing cats and their rather funny way to deal with life, the universe and, well, everything.
Creator: JakobaHavinga

Curious Travels - Comedy, Sci-fi, Historical
Review Friendly by Comicslist
A hapless Victorian inventor and a robot sent from the future are stuck together in the year 1985. Now, the unlikely duo must travel through time to save the universe. Let's hope they don't make things any worse.
Creator(s): TheJellyBean


Drawality - Experimental / Adventure
Two authors, one comic, no script.
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Drawality is an experimental webcomic, without a script. The two authors, Left and Right, make the pages in turns: Left does all the even numbered pages while Right does all the odd ones. As there is no script or communication about the story between the authors, each page is a reaction on the previous page. The story as well as the characters just appear and grow page by page. Nothing is planned. Also, the authors didn’t force themselves to use a single medium for the whole comic, as they like to experiment with different styles and techniques. Everything, from the story to the medium to the techniques and to the characters is constantly evolving and changing. This way every page is new and always surprising, as even the authors don’t know what is going to happen.
The goals of this webcomic are to offer an original kind of webcomic, to see if people like it and to see where the experiment takes us.

Drawality is updated on Tuesday and Friday every week.
Creator(s): Dreamlinker & SirSteampoet


Daqueran - Fantasy Adventure
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Daqueran is a Fantasy Adventure comic series.  The story is about a slave hero forced to complete a mission to stop a war between dragons and the known world. Daquerans origin and life are a mystery to everyone, and what Daqueran knows he's reluctant to tell.
Daqueran's only goal is to get the mission done to get back where "he belongs". Iada is determined to come with him as she has her own reasons for wanting to get to Shalynd, but can’t go it alone.
Creator(s): jeriweaver

A Dummy's Guide to Danger: Lost at Sea - Crime/Dark Humor/Murder Mystery
Combining elements of humor, mystery and horror, private investigator Alan Sirois and his partner Mr. Bloomberg, a paraplegic ventriloquist dummy who Alan believes was shot in the back by an assailant and became crippled when the bullet lodged in his spine, return in an all new adventure.
Heeding the advice of a therapist, the crime solving duo takes a vacation at sea where they trade in rest and relaxation for murder and intrigue.   Now depended upon to bring an end to the rising body count, Alan and Mr. Bloomberg must face a new madman while cruising around the Pacific Ocean.
Creator(s): Supajoe

The Dirty Dingo - Drama/Action
Review Friendly by Comicslist
pies stumble across a drug ring that seems to be connected a greater evil. The two must track down the few leads they have before this menace unfolds his scheme or they are defeated by it.
Creator(s): portheiusJ


The Deathlings: Anne's Story - Modern Fantasy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Anne's story begins on the day she dies.
Creators: IanStruckhoff, ManuelaSoriani, MichelaDaSacco, jurithedreamer, reubennegron, MischievousMartian

Down the Road - Fantasy/Adventure
Review Friendly by Comicslist
A sudden attack on an isolated, ancient people sends a young mage into the world seeking answers.
Creator(s): travistye

Earthbound - Scifi / Fantasy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Sometimes the farthest journey leads you home. A story about a boy, his friends, his past, and the worlds he must search to find the truth about himself.
Creator(s): Remescient

ENTRoPY - Apocalyptic sci-fi
Review Friendly by Comicslist
In a not-so-far-off, but pretty-far-fetched future; America and the rest of the world is falling into utter chaos. Mutant zombie-like humans, aliens, more mutants, and demons of all shapes and sizes are closing in on the society. Miko doesn't buy ANY of it. Even when he's killed by a meteor. Why should he, he's still alive somehow, right? Cuppa, a jerk from an anti-apocalypse brigade, takes Miko along with him on a trip across the country to SOS Headquarters, and many shenanigans are had.
It's not as cliche as it sounds.
Creator(s): Tessamack

The End - Sci-Fi/Comedy/Drama
Review Friendly by Comicslist
It's The End of the world as we know it, and two confused aliens drag some unsuspecting nerds along for the ride! Join humanity's only hope on their epic adventure through the universe!
Creator(s): endcomic TheFiend

Elven Lacryment - Fantasy
A fantasy webcomic wherein a group of elves band together to fight their own individual demons.
Creator(s): AnarchicQ, aeon-of-sorrow


Ever Tomorrow - Steampunk Romance
Review Friendly by Comicslist
On a world still ruled by the classes and guilds, Andrea Corsair dreams of a life more romantic than the one assigned to her. Her extraordinary ability with machines finds Andrea entangled in a conflict between the Empire of her birth and a country of anarchists seeking to uproot the norm.

If this is the adventure she asked for, where is her knight in shining armor?
Creator(s): CorsairOriginal and psionronin


Fontes' Rants - Comedy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
"A comic where I, Fábio Fontes, rant about pretty much anything that comes to my mind, while trying to be funny at the same time. It may be difficult, but BY GOD, am I trying!"
Creator(s): FontesMakua


Final Arcanum - Adventure
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Anyone can be a hero, even the unsuspecting, unwieldy sky pirate Acacitli. When he gets separated from his ship and crew, he quickly learns there's a little more to life than rum, thievery, and women. Updates every Thursday 12AM EST.
Creator(s): Skwinky


Review Friendly by Comicslist
In the late 21st century an ancient world of myth and legend collides with a post-apocalyptic Earth.
After a brutal attack on the Feran capital Arcanus- our would-be heroes must embark on an epic journey of love, loss and adventure across their world and beyond in order to save their people and discover the truth.
Creator(s): slicedguitars


For The Greater Good -
Review Friendly by Comicslist
4 young adults uncover a government conspiracy in a dystopian world, and must race against the clock to destroy it if they are to ever be free again.
Creator(s): VieraSketch, tsau-mia


5 Days a week -School Comedy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
This is a comic strip related to the everyday antics of school- (the things we remember when we look back on our school years).
All characters are based off of real life people from my days in Middle school, with the exception of Robert, who is a plethora of personality aspects. The teachers are real, and the jokes are real.
Creator(s): Quelfabulous


The goddamn panty brigade - slice-of-life/comedy
The Goddamn Panty Brigade: a comic about a group of punk girls who are pulled into the amazingly mystical world of aspiring pop idols.
Creator(s): andehpinkard


GO FISH - Adventure, Drama
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Roger, the blatant atheist, has been enlisted by a god to find a new religion for said god to belong to. But the god is evil and now the Realm of the Divine, the home of all religious beings, not only seeks to destroy the god, but Roger as well. Updates randomly. And no, it isn't a religious comic.
Creator(s): tea-for-me

Gamers Inn - Comedy
DarkStar bought an old building and made an Inn out of it. Now he and his friends are hosting videogame characters looking for a place to hide from journalists.
Darks snipes journalists, Catman is the bookkeeper, Ganon takes care of the garden, Angel of Anger does the toil and Emuboy cares the intranet. Apart from that, Ganondorf wears a waistcoat, Solid Snake protects his cardboard box, Samus is suitless and Link speaks. Every idiocy you saw in Videogames is probably mentioned here.
Creator: IAmTheDarkStar

The Glass Urchin - Life, love, being lost in the modern world.
Review Friendly by Comicslist
My comic is a kind of autobiographical slice-of-life humor and drama comic...  It's about true to life things, so you won't see a lot of over the top humor as seen in other webcomics that are popular.  Inked and then colored in grey digitally, I'm always having fun with improving my style and technique.  
Creator(s): Auilix


Do Not review by Comicslist
The unusual escapades of a canine tomcat named Bob, whose interests include the female body and high-grade marijuana. New comics posted on weekdays.
Creator(s): mysticstudiosproduct


Handmade Flying - Modern Fantasy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Creator(s): Glimeron

High School Havoc - Comedy
Do Not review by Comicslist
A Real Life, Comedy Webcomic about Yukiko who has moved from out of state, gets used to new life at school but still has to deal with her weird curse of weird things happening around her. How can she cope with that as well as trying to understand the enigma known as Melanie.
Creator(s): LadyAniDraws

Half Death - Comedy/horror
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Ripping the ~magic~ out of vampires and playing around with whatever's leftover.
Creator(s): LegolianM


Review Friendly by Comicslist
Historias Puercas follows the adventures of Hamlett A. Pigletti, a former cop whose son was kidnapped and murdered and the pigs surrounding his fithy life
Creator(s): Bonillarama


:new: Creeping Me Out - Adventure/Horror/Humour
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Creator(s): MixelDraws


Inhuman - sci-fi
Review Friendly by Comicslist
About 1000 years in the future, a rebel fighting force kidnaps a former Rulerist soldier who has been classified as a "bioweapon." They suddenly find the Rulerist army on their tail, along with a string of bounty hunters. While the soldier is struggling to remember his past and self-identify, the others are racing against time to keep him alive and discover what exactly he is.
Creator(s): not-fun


Insta-Dinner! - Comedy, Fantasy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Margot is a lazy, 18-year-old girl that has to make dinner for her sister and herself for one night. This causes Margot to find herself in a tough situation that's hard to chew and swallow...
Creator(s): syas82301

Ichor and Blood - Mythological/Sci-Fi
Review Friendly by Comicslist
An original comic series based on a Grecian state occupied and ruled by Gods, and the man who plans to dismantle their fascist government.
Creator(s): StephanKrosecz

Intravenous Caffeine - Satire and ranting about politics and other social and cultural idiocies in the news
Creator(s): : GregoriusU


The Jupiter Palladium - Superhero Action/Fantasy
Review Friendly by Comicslist
In beautiful Port Jupiter, FL, trouble is afoot: people have been completely disappearing from the city. Angel believes a villain named Damien Voss is behind it in collaboartion with another, unknown villain, and is determined to stop him, but she knows she can't do it alone. She’ll need a team: five superhumans brought together by her search that seem to fit together almost perfectly. Together they formed the Jupiter Palladium.
The team would have to learn to fight together, as well as be able to put up with one another, in order to solve the case of the disappearing citizens. Investigations are about to unfold. This new team might be getting themselves into something bigger than they think.
Creator(s): : devtehkawesome: along with Allegra Clark, Kate Evans, and Nat Ober

Jaded Glade
Review Friendly by Comicslist
Cute, cuddly, emotionally disturbed woodland creatures star in this topical & satirical weekly comic, updated Thursdays.
Creator(s): ra3ndy

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