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Submission Guidelines

:bulletblue::bulletyellow:THE RULES:bulletyellow::bulletblue:


:bulletred: Please keep all submissions comics related! That would be any comic/manga character, including original comic characters.

:bulletred: We ask that only your best works be submitted. We strive to maintain quality standards even in the "Beginner" and "Critique Requested" folders. Accepted submissions must have a showing of effort in lighting and shading and at least a basic/foundational knowledge of comic coloring. The admins reserve the right to decline images that do not reach our minimum quality control standards.

:bulletred: Due to the purpose of Comics-Colorist-Club, illustrations are not really right for the group - as the Comics-Colorist-Club we accept examples of coloring and line art for others to color only. If your submission is something you've drawn AND colored, that would be more of an illustration, and so not right for the group.

:bulletred: We do accept black and white art as long as you're interested in letting others color it. Black and white art should be submitted to the Practice Linework folder.

:bulletred: Do consider working on sequential pages. If you are serious about working as a colorist, you must be able to color sequential work. Sequential work, regardless of subject, (no nudity!) will be quicker to be approved than pinups pages.

1. For each colored submission always note the artist (or artists) that did the pencils and inks. If unsure, please state so and where the lineart was obtained. Please do not include the lineart in your piece, submit the colors only.

2. No offensive submissions (nothing discriminatory, nothing obscene, etc). If you have to question it, then don't submit it.

3. NO PLAGIARISM! If ANY part of a submission appears to be a blatant copy and paste from another artist's work you will be banned from the group. If suspected, there will be a discussion amongst the administrators and you may be notified to give proof of your own work.

4. Using coloring book pages as lineart is acceptable as long as proper credit is given (example: "this is from a disney coloring book")

5. No nasty behavior. Any decision made by the admins is final. Backlash to a decision made by the admins can result in being removed.

:bulletblue:THE GALLERY CATEGORIES:bulletblue:

This section is reserved for Admin use only. Any submission to Featured will be denied without notice.
If you have a piece that you are absolutely proud of (or know of a piece by someone piece that just rocks), feel free to suggest that piece to the admins for consideration via a note. You may never know, one of the admins may feel the same and you may get featured!

Stuck on a project and need a fresh set of eyes for suggestions/guidance? Really want to know if that color you picked makes a difference? Submit your piece here so others will know you are looking for direction.
Advance and Pro users--we highly ask of you to occassionally peruse this area and stop to give advice. A simple suggestion or nudge in a general direction is a sure-fire way to help beginning/intermediate users to expand on their work.

Rather obvious--submit to here if you are someone just starting. Also be willing to accept critiques and advice--that is what the club is for, after all!

You are no longer a beginner, but you just haven't quite gotten to that level of "advanced". You are showing that you have a grasp on various coloring aspects, but you know you still have some learning to do. As with BEGINNER, be willing to accept critiques and advice.

You have some top-notch work there! Also reserved for pros who want to post work that isn't published work. Critiques and advice are allowed.

Reserved for published work through smaller or lesser known publishers. Not for commissioned work.

Reserved for published work through the larger companies, i.e. work most easily seen by the masses. Critiques and advice are discouraged--after all, the work is done! Oohs and ahhhs are allowed. ;)
As with Small Press, this is not meant for commissioned work.

Reserved for completed tutorials on comics, inking, or coloring. Please include at least some explination in the tutorial - no side by side images with no explination included.

Lineart made available for practice use by colorists in training. Lineart can only be donated by the original artist(s). Lineart submitted by someone else will be denied or removed.

Remember, this is a place where we as colorists can share our work and learn from one another.

And please remember....
Credit the artists who drew and inked what you colored.
No plagiarism.
And be nice.

Gallery Folders

Lost Kids Promo Artwork by FelipeCagno
Quest #3, cover B featuring the Dark Queen by jamietyndall
Zenescope - Oz #2 Cover by SeanE
Red Sonja by PauloSiqueira by artmunki
Previously Featured Pieces
'Serial Writer' Cover Colors by Danielleister
Brisk Summers by SquirrelShaver
Jess by Jennyeight
Blue Caterpillar by IanSchofield
Critique Requested
[coloring] Wonder Woman by Renue
Guardians of the Galaxy by emmshin
Snow Queen Color by williamzel
John Constantine by RobertoRibeiro
Beginner or Novice Level
Michael Turner's Aspen by Randy Green by CarlosMorenoD-Art
Superior Spiderman (MARCIOABREU7 and GlauberMatos) by Katarina-Kirishiki
Justice League 15 Variant Cover by JUANCAQUE
Hulk vs Rhino Cover by masuros
Intermediate or Mid Level
Black Panther (colors) by FantasticMystery
Purple Stare by joeyboylondon
Guardians of The Galaxy Nov. 03 2016 by Timothy-Brown
Helpless by joeyboylondon
Advanced or Professional Level
Elsa by Flowerxl
Nami by Flowerxl
Doctor Strange Colors by CrisstianoCruz
The Flash by comic-eeb
Small Press Published Works
The Wicked Righteous preview page by Fatboy73
John Cross Page 5 Coloured by stump100
John Cross page1 coloured by stump100

Mature Content

Golden Rain frontcover 700 by black-dog2008
Professional Published Works
Snowy Metropolis-Colors by DimMartin
Insexts #1 Page 03 by BryanValenza
Ghostbusters International #4 page 3 by luisdelgado
Removing Blue Lines 2 (YouTube Link) by CharlieKirchoff
Two Useful Adjustment Layers (YouTube Link) by CharlieKirchoff
The Learn 2 Color Method (YouTube Link) by CharlieKirchoff
Special Effects (YouTube Link) by CharlieKirchoff
Practice Linework
'Revenge of Skeletor' Ink by MagnumImago
Harley Quinn by gleidsonaraujo
Age of Apocalypse by SnakebitArtStudio
Harley Quinn Ink by gleidsonaraujo






Group Editors







Hello, Colorists and Comic Art Fans

I want to give you all a heads up so that you're not submitting art hoping to see it get approved - this group isn't being moderated anymore, and hasn't been for a while. I'd been the last remaining mod for a long time and the group owner has been MIA for years. After a disturbing and frankly pretty gross note from the group owner, I realize now that this group is sunk.

As much as I really liked this group the group owner doesn't deserve to have people taking care of that which she herself abandoned years ago - but refuses to actually hand it over to anyone who would take care of it. I've tried over the past 2 1/2 years to keep this group afloat but at this point it's like giving CPR to a corpse.

I'm sorry to anyone who cared about this group as much as I did - it's sad to see it die. But when you have a group with an owner that hasn't been involved in the group in years and refuses to hand it over to someone who will take care of it, there isn't much a mod can do.

This group was my favorite for a long time, it's heart breaking to see it go this way, but what can I do?

I hope you guys find a good group or groups to show off your great color work and to help you grow as artists! Keep coloring guys! :)
More Journal Entries

Colorists Looking to Color!

This is a listing of colorists available for commissions. You must contact the deviant to verify that he/she is available. Rates/quality/etc are subject to the deviant in question and are not the responsibility of Comic-Colorist-Club.

If you want to listed in this area, please send a note to the group. Also note if you are available for paid work, unpaid work, or both, AND include a max of 2 thumbnails of your BEST work (preferably at least one sequential page). Requests without thumbnails will be ignored!


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chatkills09 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2019
comic flatter available. please leave me a note if you are looking for a flatter? or message me…
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searching for work here as a flatter. hoping thanks  ^_^
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HI IM A COMIC FLATTER BEEN FLATTING FOR 5 YEARS. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO FLATS IM ALWAYS AVAILABLE. EMAIL ME AT thanks my rate is 8$ per page ican do 4-6 pages .. Untitled-1 by geoffrey31  
geoffrey31 Featured By Owner May 5, 2019
 HI IM A COMIC FLATTER BEEN FLATTING FOR 5 YEARS. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO FLATS IM ALWAYS AVAILABLE. EMAIL ME AT thanks my rate is 8$ per page ican do 4-6 pages..  Untitled-1 by geoffrey31  
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Hello, excuse me I want to ask to people in this group.
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I'm looking for a colorist for some long term partnership work.. mostly pin-ups for now, pages later.  I am losing my current colorist to health issues.  can anyone send me prices if interested.
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