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Trash and Clash-Good Deed in color

FAIR WARNING: Looooong comic ahead!! Reading 

So back in 2012 I made a full color comic of Trash and Clash and printed it as a mini comic book. I had only 100 copies made and they have been out of print for years. So considering I'm never gonna print it again I am officially releasing it online for your reading enjoyment. :) Some backstory about "Good Deed" this was colored years ago and I think it really shows. I would have done some things differently with the bad coloring/shading...but oh well its a product of its time now. Also, this color version was based on a pencil version from 2009 so its a MEGA old story in the Trash and Clash collection. In fact, long time readers MAY even recall that pencil version before I pulled it off DA so I could make the colored book version. Its still a fav story though and I hope you enjoy it! :ducky:   

Trash and Clash (c) Crystal Gonzalez
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Not to be dramatic but I would die for Trash

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He would be shocked to see a human do that for him!
hourgaththeputrid777's avatar
Welp....morally ambiguous
Comickpro's avatar
Yeah all of Trash and Clash's comic sit on a line between dark comedy and drama heh
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Reading your comics I can't help but wonder, does you think your characters are hopeless trapped in a world where they can't do anything good?
Comickpro's avatar
HA! Well in a way I think they find joys in the tiny pleasures of life. 
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*sight* And that's how often crazy murders series starts.Murders or another bad acts. I remember, sometimes I felt I was a good person and I wanted to believe that. But so many people told me the contrary, so many people judged me only with my physical appearance. They can't even imagine how much I wanted to turn to this bad person, how much I wanted to answer them : "Oh really? Am I so bad ? You said it so greatly "You're a bad person like the evil" but I never showed you how right you are" .
It's really hard to ignore and to believe in your good side.... Sometimes people like me or trash try to do their best to improve themselves....

(my bad for my poor English, I'm French, sorry)
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Ah thank you for the great comment! I'm glad you could understand and feel for Trash and his internal perils. :D Most people feel bad for the ducks instead...but the real one suffering is the chicken who is abused and called the monster. I'm glad you liked the comic and thank you for reading!
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Poor Trash. He just wants to be loved in a world who sees things as hateful. :'c
Only thing is I can't blame him so bad, I don't know who to feel bad for more.

Trash or the Mother & Ducklings he just ate.....
Comickpro's avatar
Yeah in a way they both got the sad end of the stick because they both learned a lesson too late! Poor trash! and poor ducks too heh....
BFDIFan1234's avatar
now thats just sad... and i see Trash as a good and kind bird (because i dont know what type of bird is)
Comickpro's avatar
Yeah poor Trash! Oh and hes a chicken :b (a 6ft mutant chicken with teeth heh)
AngelineWolfHedgehog's avatar
What happened to the ducklings? I still hope they didn't get killed, especially that one who mentioned that Trash was nice. Come on... I really hope they didn't get eaten.
Comickpro's avatar
I left that open to the reader to decide what happened to the ducklings. :) I guess we will never know for sure!
AngelineWolfHedgehog's avatar
Then I'd imagine Trash wanting the best for the ducklings, just the way he wanted to be treated. I think he'd make a nest out of leaves and some of his feathers to keep the ducklings in a warm medium, unlike the way he must have felt in the trash can. Maybe he'd leave them by some lake, half of the nest hidden in some bush for cover. Perhaps some old lady could get up of the bench and give them bread to eat or maybe some mother duck could adopt them. 
Comickpro's avatar
What a happy ending "sniff"...but you know in reality a bunch of baby ducks left alone are eaten by seagulls, storks, hawks and big fish! D;
AngelineWolfHedgehog's avatar
I'd imagine humans being able to hear any nearby noises of their horror and maybe get there in time to save them.And I'd hope that keeping them half-hidden in a bush could keep them hidden for a while from certain angles.
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This was my first comic I read when I found your DA Page.
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Time just flies huh? :D Thanks for being a long time reader!
Nookslider's avatar
Ya, I still remember it being it was in black and white too. :D You're welcome. :)
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wow, what a tale 
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Thanks for reading it! :)
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Hold on did Trash ate the little ducks?
Jesus h christ.
I really feel bad for trash he just want to be accepted but everyone sees him as a monster.
I really wish one day you make a comic where trash meet someone who treats him nice or a chick that sees some good inside of Trash and maybe he falls in love with her(if you really are planing to do that please dont kill that chacrater).

What a awesome comic full of feels.
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