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Skitzo - Trick or Treat Comic

Kinda late for Halloween but I finished coloring this comic and I wasn't going to wait for next year! Skitzo learns how to Trick or Treat! :D 
Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!! Pumpkin 

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Skitzo (C) Crystal Gonzalez
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Classic Skitzo! :D *Seinfeld music*

SKMiles's avatar
Why is skitzo the bear so hilarious?! My god lol I love it
Comickpro's avatar
haha thanks! XD I'm glad i'm not the only one with a twisted humor
StefanTheHedgehog's avatar
Awesome comic strip with Dog and Skitzo the Bear! Poor Dog doesn't seem to get a break!
I really love this and so perfect for something related to Halloween! :pumpkin: =D
Comickpro's avatar
Thanks for reading my comic! :)
StefanTheHedgehog's avatar
You’re very welcome! :thumbsup: =D
Ada-recker's avatar
Yyyyyeah. Coming up to Skitzo's house while trick-or-treating is pretty much the last stop on the journey...forever. .-." XD

Also, I gotta say that the knife he pulled out sure looks cool! And of course, lethal. ; D
Comickpro's avatar
Very true...the dog has the worst of luck it seems! haha
Ada-recker's avatar
Heh heh. It sure is a reoccuring theme in the Skitzo comics! ; D
Ud-the-Imp's avatar
If those are different individuals every time, Skitzo's essentially a walking extinction event at this point.
Comickpro's avatar
This made me laugh in a very twisted way heheh, but no its the same unlucky dog!
Pioxys's avatar
Skitzo doesn't trick or treat.
His tricks ARE the treat.
Well... more like murder is his treat.
Comickpro's avatar
Murder...the sweetest treat of them all! XD
DaniellaDel's avatar
Lmao! Skitzo thought that the candy was the dog. Poor Dog. :D (Big Grin)  

Did you remember the cartoon that i send you a link and you haven't heard of it?  

If you already watch it, let me know that if is the show was good or not.

The show actually called: Hazbin Hotel. If you dont know what is it called.

stay tuned folks - hazbin hotel [ icon ver ] / f2u 
Comickpro's avatar
Yeah haha he didn't get the concept very well!! XD Run dog!! Run!

Oh and yes I did watch it! I though the animation was great and the coloring was top notch. But the main character was too soft imo and kinda boring, and the musical songs were just not in my taste lmao...(too much "frozen"-vibe on those parts.) I thought the side characters were far more interesting and had room to grow, but I was kinda put off by the fact that EVERYONE is saying F-bombs and curses every sentence lmao. No one really talks like that!! XD I mean sure maybe in my comics you have a curse or two but when you make them say it on every word and sentence...It makes them feel kinda dumb. My last gripe is when cartoons with "mature" content thinks that means put sex jokes and bad words and that's it. Like movies for adults would be like...The Joker or Black Swan (those movies will mess you up!). But when Cartoons get made for adults it has to be... South Park and Sausage Party levels and I sigh. Again I hope they make more eps and continue the cartoon because I see the designs and animation and colors were like a HUGE effort from a lot of animators and that's cool!! But I hope it just gets a tiny bit less kiddy (like the singing) and tries less to be dumb humor (with the excessive sex and curse words for no reason).
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Skitzo, the candy bag is right there, don't tell me you can't see it!

Comickpro's avatar
He wants the ones inside the dog!
CemeteryInTheSky's avatar
Handleman87's avatar
Talk about getting the wrong idea XD😂🖤😱🔪👍
Comickpro's avatar
haha yeah I think he really misunderstood the concept XD
MaximArrtist's avatar
We.. uhhh... let's just say we never saw that boy again =D

Stay tuned, folks..
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