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Skitzo Gets a Job Pt 2 - Janitor

A collab comic! Part two of the comic...Skitzo becomes a janitor. Art by me (Comick, Comickpro) and storyboards/idea by G-3-n-o This is a non-canon Skitzo comic that started with a random doodle I made with the setup: "What if Skitzo had a LinkedIn?" The original doodle is can be seen here:

Skitzo the 1920's Killer Bear (c) Crystal Gonzalez (Aka Comickpro)

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If Skitzo was my janitor at school I would just do anything if my life to let him not kill me over litter. (PS. You're a great drawer, better than what I draw Skitzo as. Plus I'm a new follower to you!)
Comickpro's avatar

Hey thanks! Glad you like Skitzo and thanks for following haha and yeah I wouldn't drop even a gum wrapper when he is on cleaning shift! XD

Prxngles's avatar
I probably bet whenever he sees just a small paper in a ball from a kid who didnt put it in the trash hes gonna be like: "Omaeu nu sinderu" (I dunno if I said that meme right)
Comickpro's avatar

LMAO! Yeah he is already dead :lmao:

KageChu2005's avatar


Never litter.

Comickpro's avatar

This kid got the message pretty hard!

KaijuGirl8000's avatar

I can never get enough of that bear! He’s so cool! I even have a plushy! 😁

Comickpro's avatar

Thanks a bunch, I appreciate it! :dummy:

DaniellaDel's avatar

Why Skitzo has a job as a Janitor?

Comickpro's avatar

Skitzo has had many jobs in his cartoons actually. fireman, hot dog salesman, fisher, circus actor, etc etc

SKMiles's avatar
Good ol skitzo saving the planet.
Comickpro's avatar

saving body at a time! :)

Artikyuu's avatar

And this is why you don’t litter, children

Comickpro's avatar

clean up or skitzo will clean YOU up

CemeteryInTheSky's avatar
Comickpro's avatar

I know! Fibble has had to a lot of near misses with those creatures!

Karga98's avatar

The sixth panel could be a meme format:

"When some ppl talkin shit about u"

Comickpro's avatar

HAHA! :D I could totally see that!

dragonjule's avatar
Welp That kid is dead.
Comickpro's avatar

Yes he issssss

dragonjule's avatar
Wait are those kids or adult?
Lord-Kiyo's avatar

I think his pubes are getting longer. And this should be a film showed to children about how to not litter.

Comickpro's avatar

Lmao! I think they come out more often when hungry XD

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