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Skitzo Gets a Job Pt 1 - Interview

A collab comic! Art by me (Comick, Comickpro) and storyboards/idea by G-3-n-o This is a non-canon Skitzo comic that started with a random doodle I made with the setup: "What if Skitzo had a LinkedIn?" The original doodle is can be seen here:

Skitzo the 1920's Killer Bear (c) Crystal Gonzalez (Aka Comickpro)

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Hey it's been a while since I've seen this dude. I remember this old boy. I know I said Fibble was my favorite but man I should have requested a Skitzo sketch card when I bought my copy of In the Dark. XD I have schizophrenia and I can totally relate. There are those violent impulses we want to act out but that smile on Skitzo's face is our attempt to keep the maddening urge within. It's hard for us to keep calm while you normies keep polluting our world with your toxins. XD All in all it's all in good taste though because not just people like me but everyone has creative outlets to express themselves and I say the tragedy behind Skitzo's smile is recognizable. We all try to put a smile on our face but in reality some of us are really villains behind that smile. Great job on this Crystal. Your works with in the dark is always a pleasure to read through. :)

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Technically I didn't offer Skitzo sketch cards since he appeared in Issue 2 of the comic and I only did drawings during the first prints runs of Issue 1 back then. So don't worry you didn't miss out. Glad that people ended up liking Skitzo though! Thanks man, also I am working on the 4th book and hope to have it done by the end of the year, so the story will continue on pretty soon.

runawayuchihasasuke's avatar

Ooh issue two. That's the one with Vanity. I remember looking at it on your website. I really wanted to read it back then. I'm going to have to visit your site and check your books out. I still have all the cards you sent me and you gave me such a great idea of what I can do once I get my book on the market. Sketch Cards and Postcards. They're so easy to make. I want to send you one too if you haven't moved since I bought your book. I know you like the horror stuff and great news my current book has a character that would sit down and throw back some beers with Skitzo. Shoot I'd join them for some brewskies. XD Seriously though I really want to get back into this series. I want to see Skitzo in action. I understand his tragedy since I have schizophrenia myself. (I'll explain in a note) But yeah good luck on book four. :) Man it was great running into you again. I pretty much love being in the dark. XD

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Well if it works, it works also hello i'm alive again

Karga98's avatar

Hmmm I wonder if I can use this method for university entrance?

Comickpro's avatar

LOL! It would show how dedicated you are to getting in and wanting education right? XD

Artikyuu's avatar

Who wouldn’t want to hire him? Just look at that smile!

Comickpro's avatar

Its a smile that kills! :D

InfoInternet13's avatar

Hired me or I skin your hide

Comickpro's avatar

Guess he got the hint! XD

dragonjule's avatar
So what job he has?
Comickpro's avatar

its in the 2nd was a janitor haha

dragonjule's avatar
2nd so what happened 1st job? Hold up wait what his job cooking?
What0Th30R3d0Fox's avatar

That is one way to pass an interview. I admire the added pencilling sketch you've produced.

Comickpro's avatar

Ah thanks! Yeah I do a lot of pencil stuff in my books that sometimes never see the light haha

BloomingDaemon's avatar

HIRED backwards eerily reads like


Comickpro's avatar

YES! When I was drawing the stamp and the hired backward letters I saw.."death" and went :U oh!! I have to use red ink for this part now haha

BloomingDaemon's avatar
Skitzo approves at the last panel!
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