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Skitzo- FAQ comic

So I noticed a lot of people ask what kind of bear species Skitzo I doodled up a mini pencil comic to help answer the minds of curious folks. Here you go!
Keep in mind its just rough pencil comic so its all kinda sloppy sorry haha.

Skitzo (c) Crystal Gonzalez
Drawn in Pencil
Shaded in Photoshop
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That’s pretty cool, Comick! I love Skitzo and your art style.

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I appreciate it :D Thanks for checking it out!

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I have two questions: Why is Skitzo so violent?

And are you still making more episodes today?

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Skitzo is evil and from Hell so he is violent and enjoys being violent...most creatures from Hell like to kill and torture people lol so thats a funny question to ask! And yes I still make new episodes and I post them on Youtube now because DA is broken and cannot upload the movie files unless I pay for Pro version...and i dont want to pay to post videos here pffht. The newest one came out this last Halloween this year, and more to come! :)
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You’re welcome! :D

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I remember you mentioning this fact on Newground and looked up "Sun Bear" on google...

I ended up finding pictures of diseased sun bears and I've had nightmares since.

(jk it inspired me to make my own demon bear and I highly suggest looking it up if your curious or just like macabre things which let face it, if you're here, you most likely do)

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Thats cool, I wonder where they found a diseased sun bear! They are very solitary creatures.

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Holy crap!!! Thats amazing!!!! :D Dang you actually did the cosplay, the white eyes are so coo haha damn, i love it

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OMG THANKS!!~ Emoticon - Pingy Thank You!

I always thought Skitzo was a Panda Bear at first XD
Comickpro's avatar
That makes sense since hes black and white :b But he's even MORE rare than a panda!
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Very cool fact! I never knew that.
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Thanks! Yeah Sun bears are awesome haha
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lessen learned DO NOT ask about skitzo's tongue

thedragonlover95's avatar
Atleast we know what this beast's suppose to be
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Thanks! Yeah I love Sun bears :) They are super strange and yet exist for reals.
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Cosmic-Retro-Head's avatar
I actually looked up a Sun Bear and I NEVER realized that they have white irises!
I love how you explained it in such a macabre way! :heart:
Comickpro's avatar
Yeah! Sun bears are the coolest creepiest bear :D I'm sad they are endangered though...only 600 left in the wild!
Cosmic-Retro-Head's avatar
Oh no! I hope something can be done about that!
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I wonder when the historians will find another cursed reel of Skito's cartoons ...
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Coming Soon! I'd say...maybe near Halloween ;] 
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