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Cassie pinup by AphexAngel
[MAX] [WIP: Flat Color] Light Bubbles by beccastareyes
[MAX] Lurking by beccastareyes
Ayniwa [WIP -- May 5] by beccastareyes
MAX: Necromantic Light by Hyaroo
MAX: Battle Maid by Hyaroo
MAX: Why, hello there... by Hyaroo
MAX - What do I know by jmercedesd
MAX - Cuteness Over Tea by jmercedesd
:MAX: Costumes by beccastareyes
:MAX: Candy Striper by beccastareyes
MAX Dec A 2008 - Adoption by chalbys
MAX: Twig The Druid by beccastareyes
Summer Nakaruru by beccastareyes
MAX: Spoon Djin by beccastareyes
MAX -Irene ul Copt by jmercedesd
MAX - Philandre Murcha by jmercedesd
MAX - Lucius by jmercedesd
:MAX: Dramatic Entrance by beccastareyes
:MAX:Shiro's Kenichi + Keiichi by beccastareyes
:MAX: Eliza's Rose by beccastareyes
:MAX: Pheionx2's Mia by beccastareyes
:MAX: Modesty's Ferrium by beccastareyes
MAX November B, 2005 by beccastareyes
MAX 10-B-05 by beccastareyes
MAX 10-A-05: Amaris and Nyx by beccastareyes
MAX 9-B-05: Mangus by beccastareyes
MAX March A, 2004 by beccastareyes
MAX December B, 2004 by beccastareyes
MAX December A, 2004 by beccastareyes
MAX November B, 2004 by beccastareyes
MAX Alec for Hawk by modesty
MAX - Summer and Fall by jmercedesd
MAX Dec A 2008 - Adoption by chalbys
MAX April B 2010 Adoption by chalbys
Adoption for Uncreativity by modesty


Welcome to the official MAX group! Feel free to browse around past entries, adoptions and other artwork. If you wish to participate, head on down to and sign up for the next round!

:bulletred:Click here to take a look at some of the comics that inspired this artwork at the official Comicdish group!






Howdy, y'all! :dummy:

It's a bright, shiny new year and a good year to get some art of your characters, and perhaps challenge yourself a bit as an artist.

MAX has changed a wee bit since this group was started. Rounds now work on a monthly basis rather than a biweekly basis. You have a whole month to work on your submission! Each round also now comes with an optional theme challenge, such as expressions, era of time, fashion, and other things.

Artists of any and all skill levels are welcome to come participate in MAX:
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I... think this page needs a bit of an update. Did anyone grab the MAX files off CD before it went down? I forgot to do so and I've lost some great art made for me. :(

I'm getting a new wiki together with all my characters and I am really keen to see MAX continue here if possible.
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