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Officially hit 1000 devinations in gallery today.
That shall be my milestone for the week. I am content. XD
- B

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Heya guys~
So obviously there's been a bit of an influx in new members in this group and I've noticed a bit of a problem with some of the things people have tried to submit, so I thought I'd write up a new journal breaking down the general gist of the group so everything is made easy to understand.

First of all;
Welcome to ComicCreatorsAndFans~!
Hopefully your time in the group will be a fun one and you come across new artists, characters and comics for you to enjoy~!
As a group, ComicCreatorsAndFans is here to collect and display to you members a fun array of interesting comic book art, original characters and brand new stories, both so that the artists may show off their work, and so that others may enjoy stories they've never read before.
Overall this group promotes original content from small artists as well as fan appreciations of published comic properties.
Original content is a property that you yourself own; you own the characters, you have come up with the world they exist in and the content therein.
Fan appreciations are pieces of artwork made for comic properties that you do not own.

Please check out the journal "Guide to the Folders [v2.0]" for a breakdown on which folders will accept what type of work:…
(The group has added a few more folders since this journal, but they follow the same guidelines so it shouldn't be difficult to understand what goes where.)

Since this group strives to promote and encourage original works and drawn properties, there are very specific things that we accept and many things that we do not accept.

The group DOES accept:

Artwork drawn by the submitting party.

Artwork coloured/inked by the submitting party and drawn by someone else, with credit given to the original artist.

Artwork commissioned from another artist by the submitting party and therein owned by them.

Original properties owned by the submitting artist.

Fan artwork of already published properties and characters (whether that be online or printed).

That's it.

The group does NOT accept:

Non-Drawn Pieces
This group promotes and collects artwork that has been drawn. it can be traditional or digital and there can be a variety of techniques used, from painting, to still-frame rotoscoping, to sketching, but it MUST be drawn.

Traced Art
This is artwork that has been draw over someone else's work, whether that be photography, animation, comics, artwork or 3D images. This comic promotes original works with the goal of seeing people through to publishing their own works. Work that passes off someone else's effort and skill as your own is not permitted.

Free-To-Use Assets
This group promotes people learning to draw and drawing things themselves. Free-to-use assets are assets that people do not have to pay to put into an art piece. Therein, they're not drawn by the submitting party. The only exception to this is textures, which can be used as a colouring method on drawn pieces.

3D Rendered Art
This group is for traditionally recognized comic works. Much in the same way you are unlikely to walk into a comic store and find a comic made entirely out of stolen/traced pixel sprites, you're unlikely to find a comic made entirely with 3D rendered images. (Yes, it can happen, but it's rare.) Additionally, I can't check the ownership of 3D rendered pieces the same way I can check drawn images as I'm not versed in that community. Unless explicitly told, or if I just happened to come across that particular model somewhere else, there's no way for me to be sure that the model was made by the person submitting images of it. This group is about promoting people to do their own work and so if I can't be sure that the work is your own, it's not going to be accepted.

Dollmaker Images
Straight up not drawn by you.

Dream Casting Images
Again, not drawn by you. In fact, there's often no drawing involved here.

Photo Manipulation
No drawing involved. Photo manipulation also frequently involves using free-to-use assets, which this group doesn't allow. Textures are fine if it's on a drawn piece, but that's it.

Pixel Dolls
Sometimes also referred to as "Micros," these are rejected because of the same reason that 3D art is rejected as well as the fact that most Micros are made using pixel bases, which means the base of the image is something the submitting party likely did not draw. With that in mind...

Pretty self explanatory. Bases are pre-made poses that people can draw features of different characters on. The bases are often free-to-use or pay-to-use assets, which this group doesn't allow.

Images Comprised of Free-to-Use Assets
I mean... if the whole image is made of things you didn't draw... you didn't draw it. Therein, not allowed.

Written Work
Nothing drawn. Not allowed. Sorry, but this is a group for visual art. I encourage you to find a writer's group.

Not art.

Commission Advertisements
This group promotes original comic arts and is not geared towards providing adequate advertisement for commissions. You can make note in the description of images you submit that you are open for commissions, but you cannot advertise commission sheets. You CAN however, submit commissioned pieces, provided they fit into what's allowed within the group.
(Ex. If someone commissioned you to draw Spawn or Spider-Man, that would be allowed.)

Fan Characters
Frankly speaking, your fan characters are not going to make it into the property they were made for. This group would rather people focus on original works that they can publish themselves, or fan appreciations of already published works, and not get too held up on fan characters that won't make it into a published comic.
(Fan characters that have been changed and turned INTO original characters are accepted, but ONLY after that change has been made and they are entirely of their own property.)

Same thing as fan characters, just leaning more to the "self insert" side of the spectrum.

Comics revolving around Fan Characters  
Same reason for fan characters being rejected.

Screenshots of works not owned/drawn by the submitting party  
Didn't draw/ink/colour it? Don't own the rights to the art? Can't submit.

Patreon Advertisements  
This is a new addition. if the piece being submitted is not an actual comic page and people need to be redirected to a Patreon website where they will need to pay to see the full content, the piece is not allowed. This is for two reasons:
1.) I can't check the work to see if it's allowed in the group to begin with
2.) It defeats the purpose of providing a place where people can find easy access to new stories to read.
If you submit cropped versions of pages that link off to a webcomic hosting site (one with ads, that you can make money from) that's perfectly fine. There, however, can not be a paywall for people to see the comic page if you're wanting to submit it to this group.

Characters being made for literally anything other than a comic
Yes, you can have characters that you want to put in a comic AND another property, but if they're being made for a game and NOT a comic, then you can't submit them.  

Disconnected Anime Art
I've run into a lot of these. They're just illustrations of random people. They are often not characters (most of them don't even have names) but they still get submitted into "Original Characters and Concepts for Stories." If it's not an original character that you are designing with the explicit purpose of putting them into a comic, then it does not belong in this group. I'm sure the artwork is pretty, but this is not an illustration group, please do not treat it as one.


Q: What can I submit?
A: Any and all traditionally or digitally drawn artwork pertaining to your own, original comics and the characters for those comics, or fan work of published comics is accepted. Even if you're only planning to make a comic and have yet to start working on it, you can submit concept art and character art for that comic.

Q: Why don't you accept Fan Characters?
A: The answer is simple, really. Fan Characters, while made out of a labor of love for a property you enjoy, are not going to be published by those properties. This group is meant to encourage small artists to work on their own properties to write, draw and publish. Even if you're not publishing your work in the traditional, printed sense, you can publish them online. Fan characters, since they exist as a part of a property you don't own, cannot be published or owned by those small artists to the same extent, so they're not accepted. While they are a stepping stone in your artistic journey, they are not accepted as Fan Characters. As you grow, you will likely either change or discard these characters and move onto other things. Fan Characters that have been CHANGED into original characters, now grounded in original stories, can be accepted, but they will not be accepted before that change. This group encourages that people work on their own properties, NOT solely rely on the properties and stories or characters of others.

Q: Why do you accept [insert publishing company] fan comics, but not fan characters?
A: Fan comics are created by using the company property as it exists within the necessary confines to create a new story. It is something of a practice endeavor for those who might want to write or draw comics for that company in the future, similar to how someone who wants to draw for a comic will practice drawing the characters from that property. Fan characters almost never end up in the properties they were made for, but people who started writing fan content CAN go on to work for those companies. That dream to work on the property you want to is promoted here, but NOT the reliance on characters who will likely not be seen through to fruition within that dream.
(You can think of it like... the group doesn't want to promote things that would hold an artist back from working on properties that they can own and do more with.)

Q: How do you know that my fan character won't be published?
A: The sheer number of them that exists versus the piddly amount that have seen the light.

Q: How can I indicate that my character is from a comic I'm planning/working on?
A: With the tags or the description. If I see a character that I don't recognize, the first thing I do to see if it's allowed in the group is check the tags. Presently, if I'm not sure about a character I will message the submitting party and ask, but as my time dwindles and the group grows, I have less time to do that. Eventually, I'll just be checking the tags and descriptions. If there's nothing in there to indicate that this is an original character made for a comic, I'll be rejecting it outright.
(As an example, one of my own comics is called "Mecha and Stem" and so I tag artwork from that comic with #mechaandstemwebcomic.)

Q: I know of [insert name] who works in comic and they trace art, so why can't I?
A: There are a few exceptions to the traced art rule. While yes, there are comic artists who trace work, the ones where there is not an issue with that practice are the ones who trace from their own images. Often times this involves an artist taking a picture themselves (often with models) and tracing it or painting over it to create a more life-life or interesting piece. (A webcomic that uses a similar technique is called "Romantically Apocalyptic. Check the comic out for examples of what I mean.) THAT is allowed. What's not allowed is tracing from someone else's work, period. Doesn't matter if it was someone else's photograph, someone else's cosplay, or someone else's art. If it's not yours then you can't submit traced work of it to this group. I don't care if some comic "professionals" trace from the works of others, they should know better.

I hope that this help people to understand what is and is not allowed in the group. I do this mostly because I lack the time to keep up with every member if they're submitting things they're not supposed to. Please refer to this or ask any questions you might still have with regards to what is and is not allowed within the group.

Any additional questions can be asked and I will add them to the journal.
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NoDayOfRest Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
i do have original characters i would love to share that are going to be in my comic! but i fear my work is just not good enough... maybe i will try anyway... trying to break out of my chronic depression and not let it win me over anymore...
Empty-Brooke Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Your original character/property work is always welcome in the group, regardless as to how good to may think it is. Improvement is important, and even if you feel like your work isn't good enough, it's only one step of your artistic journey and that makes it beautiful and important. 
NoDayOfRest Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you, plus watching you speed draw in your vids helped me get back into the vibe even if they are more for bringing on the facts and evidence, it still got me back in! i will join on in and share my cute little bun bun, the star of my comic
Giorgiathefox Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would like to join this group but unfortunately I have comics about Sonic ocs so they wouldn't be accepted :P 
I mean no official Sega characters are on them but still.I'm actually trying to make my characters stray away from the sonic universe.It's just the art style that's similar.My characters don't even know any of the official sonic characters tbh.
But I am working on something else that's original.I just haven't made it into a comic
Empty-Brooke Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
If it's based on the universe that Sonic characters are based in, then it wouldn't be accepted. 
Only original works can be accepted. Or else fan comics of canon works containing canon characters and assets, but not focusing on fan characters. 
Giorgiathefox Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alrighty,I'll come back,cause I have an original universe and characters just not a comic about them yet.It's gonna be  kind of creepy cause I want it to be like psychological thriller comic so Idk if u accept these types of comics.If you don't then it's fine.
Empty-Brooke Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
We do accept psychological thrillers, yes, as long as they're original properties. 
CarlyChannel Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I take it pieces that use assets from Clip Studio don't count to be in this group as well?
Empty-Brooke Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
What sort of assets are you referring to? Do you mean things like textures?
Textures would be fine since that's a part of the colouring process. 
CarlyChannel Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm talking about material brushes, where it lets you use pre made material (if that makes sense). 
Like brushes that use insta-frills for dresses, or chains, fire, grass, rubble, clouds, patterns, etc. 
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