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O shit an OC by ComicCreatorgamer123 O shit an OC by ComicCreatorgamer123
[Ayeeeee, have some lazy ass art I did yesterday. Basically, I did a lot of detail on that one drawing but as you can tell I got lazier with the other ones. So uh this is my really old OC I made back in like sixth or fifth grade. (At the time he was just basically a recolor of a different character I made but just with red eyes and black tips at the end of his hair. I know the cringe lmao.) He used to be a recolor, but somewhere around like two years ago I decided to give him his own design instead of being a copy. And bam, he's born. Of course, I redesigned him around two years ago and he had a few changes here and there. His name is Lemas Barnett and he's around like 18-19 years old. He's a very aggressive kind of guy who's always angry 24/7. Mainly because his job is crap, he doesn't have any friends and he basically lives in a shack (this also used to be sort of a Fnaf AU I made but I just decided to scrap the whole idea mainly because of the fandom's kinda dying right now.). Lemas tends to spend most of his money on cigars, and the only person who does tolerate him is his "friend" Dave. So have my porcupine, hedgehog looking, pointy ass nose, three-fingered son (the main reason why he has three fingers is because I'm a lazy ass and had no hecking idea how to draw fingers, and well, I don't hecking want circles as hands, so I just rolled with the best I could.) Anyways, I'll put more info about him later when I draw more characters and shit like that.
See y'all later.
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October 9, 2017
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