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O look more art by ComicCreatorgamer123 O look more art by ComicCreatorgamer123
[Ayeee, look it who it. It's ya boi, Goose. Anyways, I have some art. So uh this thing right here. I basically found it in my old sketchbook full of old art and I was all like 'O Shoot I should try drawing it' Of course, in my sketchbook, it wasn't colored at all, so I decided to color it. Tbh, it took me a while to figure out what color their mask was going to be. But now I have some info about them. Basically, they're a made up species that lives in the deep depths of forests and they wear masks to conceal their faces of course. They are known as the Lerak tribe and barely interact with humans at all. Sometimes they are born with antlers, sometimes they are not. If they aren't born with any, they usually attach sticks to their masks. The color of their mask often changes based on their environments or just weather in general. If they live in a cold like an environment they usually tend to have darkish blue-green color. In a water-like area, their masks are a blue color of course. The purple is very uncommon mainly because the only time it is worn is when they come across unknown areas. Their most common one, of course, is the green color because you know they live in a forest area. The Lerak doesn't seem to have any feet and instead, they have sphere like feet to move along much faster. BUt yea, that's basically all the information I have right now. TBfh, this was my first time actually coloring shiz on mobile.] 
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September 30, 2017
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