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ANother Jester by ComicCreatorgamer123 ANother Jester by ComicCreatorgamer123
[O shit another upload. So have another OC that I made a few months back. Basically, he was the very first Jester ever and he was alive back in the medieval days and he wasn't a very sane person mainly because a terrible accident that happened to him and his head was like messed up due to it. When Edward had recovered, he basically went insane and just grabbed random shit such as old clothes and just basically anything to make a weird Jester costume the reason why it's all stitched up and has different colors. Before the accident, he was just a normal guy who did normal things, but after the accident, he started to kill children, women and mainly anyone. He would often lure children most of the time though. This went on for a few months, years until the people finally decided to put him up for treason and he basically got his head cut off. But, even though his physical body was dead, his spirit lived for some unknown reason. His spirit continued to live on and searched for a new host that would take his place as the Jester. Probably thousands of years later, Edward had finally a suitable host for the new Jester and had passed down the Jester role to of course the current Jester I drew. That's basically I have all for now. So yeet.] 
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October 11, 2017
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