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shitty pic of my new art :/ by ComicCreatorgamer123 shitty pic of my new art :/ :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Eye see you by ComicCreatorgamer123 Eye see you :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 fucking uhhhh angel i guess by ComicCreatorgamer123 fucking uhhhh angel i guess :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Artist ref sheet updated by ComicCreatorgamer123 Artist ref sheet updated :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 Oofing intensifies by ComicCreatorgamer123 Oofing intensifies :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Oof by ComicCreatorgamer123 Oof :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Clearly inspired by grrls lmao by ComicCreatorgamer123 Clearly inspired by grrls lmao :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 That's pretty fucking gay by ComicCreatorgamer123 That's pretty fucking gay :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 Updated Ref sheet- Dave Miller by ComicCreatorgamer123 Updated Ref sheet- Dave Miller :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Hn by ComicCreatorgamer123 Hn :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa by ComicCreatorgamer123 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Fool [Vent] by ComicCreatorgamer123 Fool [Vent] :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 Shitty mini comic by ComicCreatorgamer123 Shitty mini comic :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Aaaaa shading test i guess?? by ComicCreatorgamer123 Aaaaa shading test i guess?? :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Lineless art by ComicCreatorgamer123 Lineless art :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 Henry ref sheet by ComicCreatorgamer123 Henry ref sheet :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0


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heye. i'm just weirdo who absolutely adores their ocs and just likes chillin man. nothing personal lmao.


shitty pic of my new art :/
wowie, wow it's been forever since i've uploaded shit onto here. aaaa since i haven't been drawing on my drawing tablet i've been doing much more traditional art tbh but yikes i have a horrible camera and that sucks tbh.  
fucking uhhhh angel i guess
heyo, so fucking uhhh i tried doing some lighting testing but uhh this was done a few weeks ago before my pen broke. sorry if it's trash lmao, i didn't have time to fix some shit. 
fucking uhhh here's a update. kaskjasjk i might stop posting in a while due to my pen for my tablet not working and fucking uhhh i won't get a replacement until later idk when tho. so i'll probably be inactive for a bit. 
Artist ref sheet updated
So uhhh... i updated my ref sheet for my persona lmao. Here's a few facts about me, I guess. So at the moment I guess I go by like Non-binary for now?? Idk man, I'm just honestly hella confused right now. And like, I don't wanna seem like a special snowflake where I'm all like 'oh uwu i dont have a gender lol uwuwuuwuwu' I'm just trying to figure it out at the moment. Moving on, I just really adore my ocs and i've had most of them since i was pretty young lmao. Idk why but uhh i'm pretty passionate when it comes to my ocs and i would love to develop them more tbh. 


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errorsans349 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hmm intrestin funny humor and not bad on drawings keep up the good work
CrisisNoi Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for your support!Hatsune Miku-07 (Cries) 
I appreciate that so much..:*Emoticon*:. Happy Rin 
I hope you have a wonderful day!Triple Baka - Miku Pumped IA GIF 
ArtemisiaDark Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017
Thank you for the fav ! :aww:
Wyndagger Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Octogent by ArtbyRoBo