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heye. i'm just weirdo who absolutely adores their ocs and just likes chillin man. nothing personal lmao.


cursed image
lmao, i decided to draw sonic bc why not Shrugs  anyways have a medicore redesign of sonichu and yes, since i can't draw sonic i had to use a pic of him and now it's just meh. 
First meeting
0kay but i feel like when they first meet it wasn't really pleasant since they were doing a siege and everyone was just kinda dying. David was trying his best to heal everyone but the others weren't cooperating at all, they were just attacking blindly. Lemas was also attacking everyone on sight even though he was no match for the enemy team and got all pissy whenever David didn't heal them even though he was, it was just his teammates being a bunch of idiots. sOOO uHH yea, some context for this pic owo.
Paladins OC ref sheet 2
aaa i didn't have much room to write his moveset so I'll just do it in the description. Also, I play Paladins on the switch but it's basically the same as the PC version but with different controls so yeet.
His primary fire (ZR) is a ball like form of water that deals 350 damage.
His secondary fire (ZL) is basically like the first one except it traps an enemy in a huge ball of water, suffocating them for 4 seconds dealing 500 damage. 
First ablity is of course, healing. He splashes a good amount of water onto at least three teammates, healing them for 500 health for 2 seconds. 
David's second ablitiy is teleporting through puddles he places to get away from danger. 
His ultimate causes a huge wave and pushes away enemies for 3 seconds and heals any teammates nearby. 
KJsakjksa idk if his moveset is balanced but I lowkey feel like it's broken. but uhhh his backstory is that he came from a mermaid kingdom from underwater of course and he was living peacefully until the Magistrate started attacking from above and not to mention that Dredge was back and the royal family of the kingdom had enough of this. They sent their best representive of the kingdom which was David and decided to send him above to fight for their kingdom and team up with the resistence and they also gave him a necklace that would allow him to walk on land. 
Sooo uh yea, that's basically his backstory in a nutshell. I feel like it's rushed but idk man. 


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hmm intrestin funny humor and not bad on drawings keep up the good work
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Thank you so much for your support!Hatsune Miku-07 (Cries) 
I appreciate that so much..:*Emoticon*:. Happy Rin 
I hope you have a wonderful day!Triple Baka - Miku Pumped IA GIF 
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Thank you for the fav ! :aww:
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