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Clearly inspired by grrls lmao by ComicCreatorgamer123 Clearly inspired by grrls lmao :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 That's pretty fucking gay by ComicCreatorgamer123 That's pretty fucking gay :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 Updated Ref sheet- Dave Miller by ComicCreatorgamer123 Updated Ref sheet- Dave Miller :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Hn by ComicCreatorgamer123 Hn :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa by ComicCreatorgamer123 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Fool [Vent] by ComicCreatorgamer123 Fool [Vent] :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 Shitty mini comic by ComicCreatorgamer123 Shitty mini comic :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Aaaaa shading test i guess?? by ComicCreatorgamer123 Aaaaa shading test i guess?? :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Lineless art by ComicCreatorgamer123 Lineless art :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 Henry ref sheet by ComicCreatorgamer123 Henry ref sheet :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Icon #2 by ComicCreatorgamer123 Icon #2 :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 3 0 I've grown tired of this body by ComicCreatorgamer123
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I've grown tired of this body :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0
Icon #1 by ComicCreatorgamer123 Icon #1 :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Taking My Time by ComicCreatorgamer123 Taking My Time :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 1 0 Doodles by ComicCreatorgamer123 Doodles :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 0 0 Smh by ComicCreatorgamer123 Smh :iconcomiccreatorgamer123:ComicCreatorgamer123 2 0


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my art looks like shit, but heye, i'm a piece of a shit :000000000000000000000
don't forget to wash your feet, there's shit everywhere.


Clearly inspired by grrls lmao
aaaa so i uhh i wanted to do a pose like this for a while and asokkaskas idk man. i feel like something's off about it but i really like the shading i did uwu. 
Updated Ref sheet- Dave Miller
hi yes, have like the third ref sheet of the same oc but the quality is a bit better lmao. 
Name: David Miller
Age: 25
Date of Birth: September Fifth  
Height: 6'2
Weight: 148 lbs
Scars: Has a few scars on his back.
Nationality: Russian and Mexican 
Personality: He displays a calm and collected demeanor, rarely showing any signs of fear in extreme circumstances. He buried his emotions deep inside himself, causing some to see him as cold and uncaring. Despite this perceived attitude, Dave occasionally showed a more human side, expressing great concern for friends' well being if they were hurt, and even demonstrating compassion towards his enemies. He doesn't seem to like going into people's lives personally if they seem to be uncomfortable. It takes a lot for anyone to anger Dave as he's usually calm and doesn't seem to be angered easily. If he does get pushed to the edge, he'll usually try to remain calm or sometimes will punch walls or anything that's near. He'll also lash out at anyone and if he does, Dave will usually regret saying anything hurtful towards his friends. Other than that, once he gets to know people enough, he'll show more of a caring and care free side. 
Sexuality: Pansexual  
Likes: Reading, quiet places, the sound of the rain, swans, and classical music.
Dislikes: Loud people/noises, anything that involves a lot of blood, morons, people that purposely tries to make him angry.  
Fears: Belonephobia
*When extremely stressed out, he tends to get migraines.
*Dave tends to get very uncomfortable whenever a topic involves sexual things in it.
*Allergic to cats.
hi yes hello and have a crappy piece of art of my oc as a loz character lmao. anyways, i just finished breath of the wild and honestly it was such a gr8 game?? so uhhh yeet i decided to draw lemas in one of my favorite outfits for link owo


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hmm intrestin funny humor and not bad on drawings keep up the good work
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Thank you so much for your support!Hatsune Miku-07 (Cries) 
I appreciate that so much..:*Emoticon*:. Happy Rin 
I hope you have a wonderful day!Triple Baka - Miku Pumped IA GIF 
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Thank you for the fav ! :aww:
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