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In order to join this particular group you have to be a comic book professional, as the name applies. I know, I know, it seems a little elitist but there are reasons for this. You can apply for membership, However to become a contributor you must be nominated for membership by a group contributor. All nominations must be voted on by at least two contributors.

We are not a fanart group, we are a group for working professionals.

if you have no deviations, do not apply for membership.

If you are a person seeking commissions, we encourage you to contact the individual members, however we don't allow commission hunters into this group.

This is an art based group.

if you are a writer seeking collaborators we encourage you to contact the individual creators, but we're not currently including writers as part of our membership.

To be considered for contributor status:
For comics it someone who derives more than 50% of their income from their artwork or has a large number of credits, self published or independent. Webcomics creators with a currently active strip posted somewhere on the web.

We welcome all professionals: Pencilers, Inkers, Letterers, Colorist and Graphic Designers, from all corners of the industry (Mainstream, Independent, Webcomics, strips) to be part of a sharing community enviorment.

We want to connect with each other, generate work and buzz for the work we're doing.

The Featured Gallery is primarily for contributors to post work or pieces they deem to be of professional quality.
The Member Gallery is open to all members to post their work. Members may submit their work to the Featured gallery, however, be aware that it be voted on by the contributors for inclusion. The same goes for the individual galleries in the group.We have two categories of membership here Members and contributors. As listed in the welcome on the top of the page, the membership is open to everyone, you have a separate gallery in which to post your work in various categories.

If someone wants to become a member it takes 3 votes to join and it is up to the contributors alone to vote on the membership. The same holds true for artwork submitted to the Featured art folder.

You may submit artwork but realize that four contributors must vote to for your submission. A ton of submitted pieces are still sitting in the queue because the were unable to obtain the votes.

I have final say on who can become a contributor. I'm not doing this because of ego, I'm doing this because the spots are limited.

We reserve the right to refuse membership to any individual for any reason.

Democracy reigns, well, actually its more of a benevolent dictatorship.


Gallery Folders

Dragon Line pin up by timothygreenII
Black Cat by timothygreenII
BETTIE PAGE: UNBOUND #9 by Jerome-K-Moore
V girls 1- page 9 by Jovan-Ukropina
Black Cat 5 Variant Cover Pencils by TerryDodson
Black Cat 5 Variant Cover by TerryDodson
Vampirella Red Sonja #1 Cover Pencils by TerryDodson
Vampirella Red Sonja #1 Cover by TerryDodson
PATREON: Penance by mechangel2002
PATREON: Layla by mechangel2002
1940 Et Si La France continue la guerre t3 by Jovan-Ukropina
Red One Book 2 Page 7 Pencils by TerryDodson
Storytime... by mechangel2002
V GIRLS wip 6 by Jovan-Ukropina
friends4life- black and white version by Jovan-Ukropina
Captain Marvel Inks by TV-TonyVargas
color art
Spider-Gwen Curious ComiCon 2019 FCBD illustration by mechangel2002
V girls 1- page 3 by Jovan-Ukropina
V girls 1- page 8 by Jovan-Ukropina
Grace Hopper flashcard art by mechangel2002
Poster illustration by Jovan-Ukropina
friends4life by Jovan-Ukropina
Redhead and a Dragon by Jovan-Ukropina

Mature Content

Amazon princess by cOMIFAB
comic strip art
Wonder Woman Rebirth by LiamSharp
Slaine panel page by GlennFabry
never where 1p1 by GlennFabry
Fabry Glenn-Thor Vikings 1 page 09 by GlennFabry
Wonder Woman San Diego Comic Con 2019 by TerryDodson
Spider-Man SDCC 2019 by TerryDodson
2019 Marvel Flair sketch cards by mechangel2002
2019 Marvel Flair sketch cards by mechangel2002
Mature images

Mature Content

vampire and victim cover art by GlennFabry

Mature Content

Hunchback by GlennFabry

Mature Content

ECCC 2014 Harley Quinn sketch cover by mechangel2002

Mature Content

Random Sexxxxxxxy! :D by MirkAnd89
Sequential art
Alexandre test page by cOMIFAB
Harley Quinn #1 Page 28 by TerryDodson
Harley Quinn #1 Page 7 by TerryDodson
Life of Pix by PaulRenaud
Members gallery
Beyond The Farthest Star Ep 33 by joltinjohnnylucas
Members Gallery 2














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Carillon-Nightmares Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2019  Professional Filmographer
You've declined me twice when I have professional work and I haven't been given a reason why. Please give me an explanation.
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LoganTRSeymour Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2018  Professional General Artist
Don't bother with me, I'm just watching this group to fave your awesome works! 😉 Plus, I illustrate more as a hobby and draw fanarts to ease everyday tensions.
Randommode Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I'm declined? But I'm so lovable! Well! lol, You still get a Pokey Ice Cream Ice Cream - Kaito 

Kawaii TurtleWe turtles take no offense, I hope you will reconsider later  
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zetaxinn Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016
Hi there!

The artists here are amazing. Sorry if I missed it- where would be a good spot to request commission work if we were interested? Just to an artist directly?
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AlvaroArturoNunezJR Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2016  Professional General Artist
I would like to formally aplaude this group for existing. Clawing through thousands of "fan art" on all these groups you find on deviant art only to find one or two really good drawings every week really took a toll on me. I hope to one day publish my work and join this group. You have my watch. And again thank you for maintaining a high level of quality. 
JClarkArt Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Lol, let me get this straight sikamurti was accepted and I was declined despite the fact we worked on the same book together
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Shunshuu-Tsunami Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Hey everyone, here's a cool comic Kickstarter for everyone to check out :3…
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