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Shadow Knight: Kairi's Adventure: Chapter 2Shadow Knight: "Kairi's Adventure"By Maskedhero100Chapter 2: The Bounty HunterAs Kairi made her way down the grand staircase of the family mansion, she stopped halfway when she saw that there was a light on in the kitchen.Kairi's eyebrows scrunched in confusion at the sight of the kitchen light being on, who could be down there in the kitchen at this hour?Certainly not Sarah McMullen, that saying about how 'old people never sleep', was a lie…or at least it was when it came to the family governess.She was still healing from that wound that had been delivered to her by a Ninjazon'd Rachel Kishi on New Year's Eve.That healing chamber of SLEET's had mended it, but she was still sore and needed to take extended breaks and prescribed pills for a few weeks until she was feeling her old self again.Kairi had been helping her around the house as much as she could, and so had her father, even though Sarah would rather do things herself.She appreciated that they wanted to help her, but after years of taking care of things in the mansion, she wasn't used to having people help her out or wait on her."I know you mean well" she had told her father when he insisted on cooking super last week when she was feeling winded, "but I swore a long time ago to never let you touch an oven when you tried to make apple dumplings.""Hey, I was six!" her father had protested, "I've come a long way since then with my cooking.""And so has this stove and kitchen, and I plan to keep it that way by preventing any more 'dumpling catastrophes' by letting you cook thank you very much, young master!" Sarah McMullen had said adamantly, metaphorically putting her foot down while continuing to work on the stuffed goose they had that night for dinner.Kairi chuckled at the memory.It was Sarah's way or the highway, and not even her father could have any say in the matter.He may be the knight of the night in Lunar City, and the lord of the manor…but in the kitchen, Sarah Harding was the queen and she ruled with an iron fist.In a way, she wasn't that different from her father.He was sometimes just as stubborn, after all, it had taken him years to patch things up with Gwen when all it would have taken would have been choosing to stay and talk things out with her.Kairi continued down the stairs and approached the archway door to the kitchen area with curiosity, she peered in from where she hid in the shadows to see who was in there…only to be surprised at who it was she saw.It was her father.He was sitting at the island in the middle of the kitchen area, resting his head in his hands and rubbing his temples in frustration."What am I supposed to do? Why does being a father have to be so hard? I know this is good for her, but Is this the right thing to do?" he muttered to himself.He then sighed sadly, "If it's what's best for her, how am I supposed to tell Kairi…"Then he stopped and looked up as if he had heard something…and Kairi realized that he sensed her presence in the darkness outside the lit kitchen room.He turned to look in the direction of where Kairi was hiding, "Kairi? What are you doing up?"Knowing there was no point in hiding anymore, Kairi stepped into the kitchen "I can't get to sleep, so I came down for a late-night snack or something to help."Kairi then flashed him one of her impish smiles, "What are you doing up Dad?"Kagae smiled, amused at his daughter's spirit "Cheeky little sprite."Kairi shrugged her shoulders in response, and then joined her father at the island table, "Seriously though Dad, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be out there?""I came back here to change…the Watchtower's closet section still hasn't been fixed yet so all my spare 'Shadow Knight' costumes are here for the time being" Kagae answered, "tonight's outfit kind of got a little… burned.""I heard, I saw the news segment on my iPad" Kairi acknowledged, "that was heroic, what you did for that kid.""Shame nobody else thinks so," her father said glumly."The people you have saved, and that kid's family certainly think so…Since when have you cared what other people think about what you do?" Kairi asked in surprise at her father's melancholy.He usually wasn't like this."But the majority of the city wish I didn't exist," Kagae said sadly, taking a sip of coffee he had made "Come tomorrow the headlines will read 'Shadow Menace: attempted arsonist!" …people believe I cause the crime and supervillain crises in the city by just existing and that things would be better off if the Shadow Knight never existed. That he either is or is on the verge of becoming one of the very 'villains' he fights against.""You don't believe that do you?" Kairi asked, "That's just crap that that Beatrice Fuller woman and her ilk call 'truth' and peddle to the gullible masses of social media.""Sometimes I do Kairi…" Kagae said, looking aside at her with a solemn look.Kairi was shocked to hear this coming from her father's lips.Usually, he was contemptuously dismissive of what the city, or what that loudmouth Beatrice Fuller, thought of him and his actions as the Shadow Knight.What was up with him tonight?She had never seen him like this before.Kagae looked away from the shocked façade of his adopted daughter to stare ahead in deep thought, "I thought I could make a difference in Lunar City, but maybe Gwen was right…maybe all my efforts have been wasted here. Maybe it's even worse than that…maybe the Shadow Knight hasn't even made a difference, because I haven't made a difference.""What are you talking about?" Kairi asked him, she had never seen her dad so unsure in his crusade against the blights of Lunar City before, and she didn't like it."I have done good; I don't deny that. But total strangers are never going to be as important to me as my family. I wasn't the man I am today when I started. I was not a hero. I didn't care about other people's problems or those in danger. When I first became the Shadow Knight, I did so out of a selfish desire for revenge on the wrongs done to my family…and to keep what happened from ever happening again. I have failed at that…time and time again. I have failed to protect those I care about, my friends, my family…" Kagae looked at Kairi, "you."Kairi was speechless."Especially you…" Kagae said in reflection, "When I adopted you Kairi, I did so because I felt responsible for what happened to your family, not just because you grew on me. But since then, you have been put into deadly peril after deadly peril…as a father, I have failed to protect you. You nearly died because of me being the blasted Shadow Knight. Hell, you have nearly died at the hands of a Morlock and dream-invading serial killer while on my watch! Maybe there is truth to what Beatrice Fuller says, maybe I do cause disaster by going out there to play the superhero. I failed to save and protect Mariko and Rachel and I've kept on failing to keep my family safe since. For all the good I've done, all I ever do is put my family and friends behind the crosshairs of my enemies. I don't want that; I don't want to see my family member's names on any more tombstones because of me!""What are you saying?" Kairi asked in confusion."I'm saying…" Kagae sighed sadly, "This recent business with The Shogun has convinced me that maybe it's time to stop being the Shadow Knight…maybe I should have stopped years ago.""You…" Kairi was shocked, "But you can't…there are monsters out there, Shadow Knight must protect the innocent. You are a shadow knight!""Shadow Knight is just a mask Kairi, it doesn't make me who I am," Kagae said shaking his head, "it was also meant to be a shield for me to hide behind, not a symbol. I tried to use it to keep my family safe, but it's proven to be ineffective at doing that. I have been Shadow Knight for a long time, I have saved a lot of people, saved the world even…and what has it given me in return? An empty bed, a thankless job, a feeling of being stuck in a never-ending loop? Feeling like I've never made a difference? No. I've done better work and good for this city as Kagae Kishi than as Shadow Knight, and as of late I wish I had never created and become Shadow Knight: it's brought and given me, my family, and this city nothing but pain and chaos!""It gave you me" Kairi pointed out."It also killed your parents" Kagae countered, looking at her with guilt in his eyes "If I hadn't knocked Blackie Nelson into the vat of Liquid Miasmic, your family would still be alive.""As I recall, you tried to save him…and the bastard shot at you and as a result caused his fall into that vat" Kairi countered back, "I don't blame you for that, and you shouldn't blame yourself for that either. When I was growing up in the orphanage, I blamed myself as much as I blamed the 'shadow' for killing my parents. It took me a while to understand it wasn't my fault, but it's like Miss Shannon taught me: sometimes bad things happen and there is nothing you can do about it, so you shouldn't blame yourself for them because it does nothing but make you miserable."Kagae gave Kairi a thoughtful look and then smiled at her "You are wise beyond your years Kairi. I never thought about it that way before now.""That's what I'm here for" Kairi smiled, reaching forward to embrace her father in one of her hugs "to keep you from being Mr. boring and depressed."Kagae chuckled and pulled his daughter into his arms.Father and daughter hugged one another."It doesn't matter what the city thinks or what life throws our way," Kairi said to him in his arms, "You'll always be my hero.""Thanks, Kairi," Kagae said thankfully to his daughter, "I don't deserve someone as wonderful as you as a daughter."As Kairi hugged her father, she opened her eyes…and saw a sheet of paper on the island table that she hadn't seen before, because it had been hidden under her father's arms when he had been talking with her.Now she could see it and read what it said.Kairi's expression changed from confused to shocked when she saw what that sheet of paper was."Wait a minute!" Kairi said, her eyes narrowing in disbelief.That couldn't be what she thought it was, could it?She broke free from her father's embrace and grabbed the piece of paper.Kagae's eyes widened in fearful realization when he realized his daughter had seen the piece of paper he had been mulling over before she had come into the kitchen.He tried to snatch it away from her, but Kairi was faster.She gave it a quick once over if only to confirm her suspicions on what that piece of paper that her father was trying to keep hidden from her was.Her heart sank when she found that it was indeed what she thought it was.Enrollment papers.For some school called St Andrews Academy, in England…and her father had signed his signature on the dotted line to admit Kairi as a student there?"What is this?" Kairi asked, holding up the enrollment paper in question.Kagae winced and took a deep breath "Kairi… it's…it's what's best for you. I was going to tell you tomorrow, after school and we'd talk about it…but it's a better school, it offers better courses for a smart girl like you and more importantly it is safer for you there in England than it is here at the mansion with me.""You…" Kairi was shocked, "You were going to send me away?"Kairi couldn't believe it.After trying to make her father feel better, to hear this from him…it was an absolute betrayal to Kairi's ears to hear her father say this and confirm her greatest fears.When she was in the orphanage, she had been passed up by many prominent parents who didn't want to deal with her and her issues regarding her parents' deaths to the point she believed no one would ever want her…then she was catapulted into Shadow Knight's world, and he was willing to take her in and call her his daughter even though she wasn't his flesh and blood.He had adopted her, and he had been a good father to her…up to now.Now he planned to send her off to a boarding school over in another country.In Kairi's eyes, that was the same as the parents who refused to adopt her.She had always feared that this family she had found would never last or fully accept her, or worse send her back to the orphanage.Her time with her father and the rest of his family had laid those fears to rest and Kairi Watanabe had accepted that she was now a Kishi…and this had just confirmed her fears were justified.Her father didn't want her around anymore…all because of how easy a target she was to his enemies.No.A real father would never have planned to send his child away and hidden his intentions to do so like this…which meant that her deepest fears were true: Kagae Kishi truly didn't see her as his daughter.He only saw her as someone he had to take care of because of his guilt for her parent's murder at the hands of a villain he had a hand in creating.So, the easy thing for him to do was to send her away to avoid the responsibility of raising her, one less thing for him to worry about.He had rejected her when he was keeping her away from Dark Shadow's clutches, when she said she saw him as a parent, and now, he was doing it again.Kagae realized this when he saw the look of betrayal in his daughter's eyes and tried to put out the fires of hurt in her eyes by telling her what his true intentions were."It's just boarding school Kairi," Kagae said, trying to reassure her "It's not like I'm sending you back to the orphanage. You are still a part of this family."But Kairi's expression of hurt shock turned to anger, and she glared at her adoptive father, "Oh sure…I'm part of this family until I suddenly become an inconvenience, isn't that right? Was this your plan all along when you adopted me? That you would take care of me because you felt guilty and then send me away when things get tough?""Kairi don't take that tone with me" Kagae became stern and tried to rectify the situation "You ARE my daughter. I have never made you think otherwise, so cut the crap! I don't want to send you away and only see you during summer vacation, Discord Chat, or Christmas, but if it's what's best for you then so be it! All that I want is what's best for you.""No, you don't!" Kairi snapped, tears of betrayal forming in her eyes as she glared at her father "I'm not your child! You just don't want me around Anymore! You're doing this for yourself!"Not wanting her "father" to see her cry, Kairi turned and ran out of the kitchen.Kagae was momentarily shocked to hear Kairi say this, and upon realizing his daughter had gotten the wrong idea about his intentions chased after her."Kairi! Wait, that's not why!" he called after her.Kairi was faster, she reached her room and slammed the door shut, locking it behind her before falling onto the bed, clutching her pillow, and crying into it.Kagae stopped at the door to Kairi's bedroom, he could hear his daughter crying on the other side of the door.If he didn't respect her privacy, he would have used his powers to teleport inside and confront his daughter as well as comfort her.Tell her that he wanted her in his life, but he just couldn't stand the idea of anything happening to her, not after what had already happened with The Shogun and his virus plot."Kairi, open the door," Kagae said, "please open this door. We need to talk about this.""What's to talk about?" Kairi's voice snapped at him through the door, "You're rarely around, so no wonder it's so easy for you to send me away! I don't even know you anymore, I guess I never did if I thought you loved me like a daughter.""I DO love you like a daughter, that's why I want you to be somewhere safe. It's not safe to be around me anymore. Damn it Kairi, you have almost died three times because you were around me!" Kagae pleaded his case."Liar!" Kairi snapped angrily, "It's about you, It's always about you! How you feel, what disadvantages you, what works better for you! Just go away! Leave me alone! You're not my dad! You never were and you were never going to be!"Kagae was floored by this.To hear his daughter say that to him was worse than any wound that any of his enemies had ever inflicted on him.It struck him to the core.But he refused to leave."There's nothing I wouldn't do for you Kairi," he said in a fatherly tone through the door, "but leaving you alone is never one of them, not when I've unintentionally hurt you this badly. Please let me in, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done this, let's talk it out. We could always talk to one another, and work things out before. We can work this out."There was no response from the other side of the door.Kagae sighed in dismay, Kairi wasn't going to open her door.Stubborn, just like him."Kairi please…" Kagae rested his head against his arm which pressed against Kairi's bedroom door, "Please let me in, don't do this. Let's not end the night this way. I…"That was when the IPhone in Kagae's pocket began to buzz, he was being called by one of his allies.Rolling his eyes in annoyance at the inconvenient timing of the phone call, Kagae reluctantly reached into his pocket, pulled out the IPhone, and answered the call."Commissioner, this isn't a good time. I'm in the middle of something very important," he said into the IPhone with his Shadow Knight voice."Sorry to inconvenience you Shadow Knight" Commissioner Deliah Reed said through the IPhone, "But I thought you should know, we interrogated those arsonists and we found out that they are planning to hit more Slavikranian refugee sites or anywhere that houses them…which include Hospitals, schools, and relief centers. We can handle searching for these incendiary devices, but there could be more than these freaks said there are out there in the city. We really could use your help; you can track them down faster than we can."Kagae sighed and then took a deep breath "Well I DO have a bomb and incendiary scanner on The Mirage that I've been dying to test out…might as well be tonight. I'll be right on the case Commissioner; can I count on Rene and Simon as backup for this one?""I'm afraid not," Commissioner Reed said, "I have them and a small Crime Scene Unit from the SCU investigating a strange happening at an apartment complex that might be the beginning of something else to trouble our city. Hopefully, it's nothing, but when is it ever nothing in this city?""Okay then, I'm on the job. I'll do a fly around the city. If there are any more bombs, I'll find them and deal with them…and if any of these losers are there, well…let's just say they will be glad they didn't blow up one of the hospitals when I'm done with them. Shadow Knight, over and out."Kagae then hung up the call and put the IPhone back into his pocket.He then looked back at the door to his distraught daughter's room and sighed sadly, "I need to go to work again Kairi. I'll be back later, and we'll discuss and resolve this then. I love you. I know you don't believe that now, but I do. See you in the morning."There was no answer.Kagae had figured there wouldn't be.This hadn't gone how he had planned it at all."So…" he muttered to himself, "that was the first and only fight I have had with my new daughter since adopting her, and the worst part is that I could have handled that better. Damn it, I just can't do anything right this new year, can I?"Putting his mask and hat back on via his shadow powers, Shadow Knight then vanished in a flash of light and a puff of purple smoke, leaving Kairi behind in the empty mansion once again.Kairi was lying on her bed, looking at the door.She had heard the IPhone conversation, at least her father's side of it, and had seen him leave by seeing the flash of light through the bottom of her bedroom door.She had also heard his lament before he had shadow-walked away.For a brief moment, Kairi felt regret for having said those things to Kagae Kishi, but then she remembered that he was sending her away because he didn't want her around him anymore…and she grew angry again.She reached under her bed and pulled out a backpack she had hidden away from prying eyes.A backpack that she had prepared, just in case she ever needed it.She had hoped she would never need to use it for what she planned to use it for tonight…but fear had a habit of always proving to be nothing but the incentive for justified preparedness.She opened it up, and using her iPhone's flashlight function, she checked to make sure her 'escape package' was properly packed for the trip ahead.Various snacks, check.Thermal Blankets, check.Several month's allowances and Christmas money, check.She paused when she saw the sketches she had made regarding the hero suit she wanted to wear one day as the Shadow Knight's partner and the slipstream device she had been given by her aunt Rachel to avoid any future kidnappings.Her aunt had taught her how to use it.While Sarah McMullen had given her a powerful stun gun, capable of shooting electrified boltsShe scoffed bitterly, her aunt and governess had given her the means to defend herself, and taught her some moves to defend herself with…while her so-called 'father' gave her a broken heart and shattered her trust in him.At least THEY believed she could take care of herself!She had been drawing these things to present them to her father as an idea of what kind of vigilante hero she wanted to be when she finally reached maturity to join him during his nightly escapades as a defender of Lunar City…now, she didn't give a damn about any of that.She zipped up the backpack and put it on the bed then went to change her clothes.Once she had changed out of her pajamas and into regular clothes, she picked up the duffle bag, put the straps over her left shoulder, and headed out.She planned on catching the next bus to show up at the bus stop tonight just outside of the mansion's grounds perimeter wall.It would be a long walk to get there, with the Mansion built on such a large, tall, overlooking hill…but Kairi would manage to get there.She thought about Shadow Knight.He said he cared about her, and yet he wanted to get rid of her.If he didn't want her around, then she would run away and be a hero somewhere else, a superhero who was better than he was.Maybe Mission City.That would show him how wrong he was to do this to her.Sure, she was angry and not thinking straight…but she didn't care.She was hurt.She was angry.If he truly cared about her, then he could come and find her.But she doubted he would.Without her around, he would have only one less thing to worry his mind about.He would be glad she was gone."You told me you felt lonely Mr. Kishi," she said to herself, "but you are only lonely…because you push those who care about you away. You are so afraid of death, that you think that you can't afford to love anyone or have anyone around you. If you don't want me around you anymore, then you won't have me around anymore. Goodbye mr Kishi, thanks for giving me nothing but false hope for finding a permanent family here. You were right. It was all your fault. If it werent for the fact you became the Shadow Knight, I would still have a family. I wish we never met, I wish the Shadow Knight never existed!"Kairi bitterly looked out at the sight of the Lunar City skyline in the distance across the bay.She was about to open the door to her bedroom and start her attempt to run away when it happened.A massive flash of light, followed by a booming sound erupted from behind her.For a second, she thought it was the man she once believed to be a father to her appearing in her bedroom via his Shadow Walking powers, violating her privacy to stop her from running away.But Kairi soon realized that wasn't the case.The flashes of light were coming from outside her window, in the grounds somewhere, and that wasn't the familiar sound or the flash that always accompanied her father…Shadow Knights teleportation through darkness and shadows.No, this flashing light was way more intense, and accompanied by three sonic booms…before a constant and brilliant shade of blue light shone into her room through the window.Surprised and curious, backpack still on, rushed to the window to see what was going on outside on the Kishi Mansion grounds.She saw that the strange light was coming from the mansion's garden walk area.What she saw next absolutely perplexed her, and she rubbed her eyes to make sure they weren't playing tricks on her.To her great concern, they weren't, and she stared at the source of the flashing lights and sonic booms with dumbfounded awe.It was…a sphere.A sphere of pure crackling energy, it looked almost like a miniaturized blue sun…or a white dwarf.Yet, it wasn't melting the snow around it, burning the plants, and brick pathways, or setting fire to the garden bench like a sun or a massive heat source of that magnitude would have done to that section of the garden walk.Instead, a strong cyclonic wind blew around it…if the shaking plants, flowers, bushes, flurry of snow surrounding it, and the adjacent tree's leafless branches swaying violently were anything to go by.What the hell was that thing?Kairi soon came to the logical conclusion that this strange anomaly of nature was probably some kind of portal…but a portal to where, and what was it doing here in the Kishi Mansion gardens this time of night?From out of this "sun portal" emerged a figure.He landed on his feet, wearing strange futuristic-looking boots.He was tall, and he wore the most outlandishly space-age outfit and glasses that Kairi had ever seen…it looked like something from an episode of Dr Who.He also had an arm, his right one to be exact, that was completely robotic."A cyborg?" Kairi muttered to herself in disbelief as she spied on this strange intruder from the relative safety of her bedroom.All thoughts of running away had faded from her mind.The "blue sun" or portal that the stranger had appeared from, closed behind him.The stranger looked out at the mansion.Kairi, being the smart girl that she was, knowing that the stranger was close enough to the mansion that she would be able to hear him via window eavesdropping, cracked open her window.She listened and watched in the darkness of her room as the stranger lifted his cybernetic arm as if he was checking his watch and pressed the top of a band attached device on the wrist of his robotic right hand with his flesh and blood left index finger.A holographic display appeared over the stranger's cybernetic arm, like a heads-up display similar to the one that had been in that First person shooter game she had played with her cousin Kessie a few days ago on her 'Gamestation' she had gotten for Christmas.It was a set of numbers, they read "01/2021/1:04 AM"Kairi realized with disbelief that it was indeed some kind of wristwatch that the stranger was checking, a digital and holographic one!The stranger growled in frustration, and looked around at his surroundings "This is the right era, the right place, but the wrong time…Damn lizard! He screwed up my destination by forcing me to jump before the coordinates were set. I could have ended up anywhere, I could have ended up in the Jurassic period…again!"The stranger then looked at his cybernetic arm pensively and then focused on whatever task he had to accomplish that had brought him here to the darkened Kishi Mansion."How much longer before another jump is possible?" he asked to seemingly no one in particular.An electronic female voice sounded out from within the stranger's cybernetic arm, "Twelve minutes before another Chrono jump can be safely done Cypher.""Well then…" the stranger known as 'Cypher' snickered, "Since things will be different here once I leave this point in time to do my job…might as well have some fun with this place while I wait. It's not like I'm being paid overtime."He then pulled out a futuristic gun from his right pants pocket and began to make his way towards the mansion.Realizing that she was most likely in danger, Kairi decided to try and use her IPhone to call for help.Even if she was not on good terms with him right now, she figured that Shadow Knight could and was the best person to call to deal with this strange home invasion.But when she pulled out her IPhone, she found the screen was now offline…and nothing she did could turn the iPhone back on.She then decided that it would be best to go to the watchtower and tell him about what was going on at his family mansion herself, so she pulled out the slipstream device she had been given for such an emergency…only to find it was offline as well.Coming to a fearful conclusion, Kairi raced over to her bedroom light switch, and toggled it…the lights remained turned off no matter how many times she turned it from 'on' to 'off'…which confirmed her suspicions on what was happening."The power…it's been cut!" she whispered in apprehension.She soon realized what had happened, the house must have been hit by an EMP…and she bet that it had been caused by the arrival of whatever that strange portal thing was that sent this strange intruder here to the mansion grounds.It had shut off and wiped out all electronic signals in the area, so now she had no way to call for help until the backup generator in the basement that Shadow Knight and Mr. Osmond had shown her kicked on…which meant that for right now here slipstream device was also out of the question!Now what was she going to do?That was when that same loud booming noise and flashes of light she had heard earlier sounded off again, and she ran to the window to see what was going on now.She saw that another strange portal had formed, almost in the exact same place as the intruder's had.Another figure emerged from this new portal.One she recognized instantly as the strange lizard man who called himself Chameleon.Landing feet first into the snowy grounds of the Kishi Mansion gardens, Chameleon faced down the intruder."CYPHER!" he called out, his voice full of contempt.The cybernetic intruder stopped in his advancement towards the mansion and turned around casually to look at and greet Chameleon."Figured you'd show up eventually boy!" Cypher greeted him sarcastically, "Guess you managed to hitch a ride on my temporal wake when I jumped back here from the 43rd century…and you arrived a minute after me as a result. You've inconvenienced me Lizardman, your intervention in my escape from the 33rd century threw me off my intended destination by about a decade or so. But it changes nothing, I'll be out of here in a few minutes, and this time you won't stop me from getting my big score.""You'll be heading back to the 33rd century empty-handed" Chameleon said, drawing his futuristic bo staff and aiming it at Cypher, "even if I have to drag you back there in pieces. Your choice.""You never did learn to watch your ass," Cypher said smugly, "I wouldn't have lasted this long if I took my blindside for granted."Chameleon charged up his bo-staff, it became electrified with powerful currents of energy.Kairi watched as the futuristic staff weapon elongated itself and then shot forward at Cypher like a coiled rattlesnake on the attack.Cypher didn't even move, flinch, or show any emotion save for bored annoyance.Before the staff could reach him, it slammed into a force field surrounding Cypher that hadn't been visible up until now.This caused the staff to violently bounce off the energy shield, yank itself out of Chameleon's grasp, and go sailing through the air before landing somewhere in the deep snow.Taking advantage of this development, Cypher shot at Chameleon with his futuristic gun.A red laser bolt slammed into Chameleon, rendering him inert and unable to move.Cypher arrogantly approached the petrified Chameleon."Nice huh? Stasis energy guns, they are outlawed and no longer able to be produced in my time…so this comes from a time before they were outlawed and placed in museums" Cypher smirked, "My clients figured you'd try and interfere in this job, so they gave me this energy shield to counteract your fancy pinata stick and I procured this your fancy powers."Chameleon glared at him."Since you won't be around to stop me when I get to where and when I'm going, I might as well tell you why I took on this job. My clients offered me a lot of money to get rid of a certain individual for them to procure an item that doesn't exist in this timeline but may exist in an alternate one if certain events were never interfered with by my intended target. My clients don't want me to take out my target at this point in history, the man they need to do business with is dead at this point of history in this timeline as it remains, so they need me to do my job at the intended date years back from now so that they can get their fancy alternate timeline they've commissioned my services to procure.""I already know the Time Breakers hired you for an assassination job. That's why I tried to stop you" Chameleon glared, "Usually you're just a petty thief, you use a time travel device to steal money. You don't usually go outside of your era or your area of expertise to do time travel bounty hunting. What did they hire you for, what do they want out of this?""I don't care what they want to get out of this, I'm just in it for a paycheck." Cypher answered apathetically, "One I can retire on, that's how much they are offering me to do this one little job for them. I should have branched out my services to their kind a long time ago, it's way more lucrative than stealing items and money throughout time for rich parasites with strange hobbies…and more fun!""This isn't a game Cypher, toying with time is dangerous and unpredictable. This isn't like you're using time travel to outrun law enforcement, rob a bank, or steal credits, those things that don't make a splash in the cosmic pond. You are talking about altering history by taking someone out before they can do what they were destined to do originally, don't you realize the damage you could do!""Not my problem," Cypher said dismissively, "there is an island full of naked women hungry for affection with MY name on it in my ideal future, and this job will ensure that for me. I stole this ancient wristwatch time machine from a display at the museum and made it work all for this very reason, and now I have a surefire way to end my time thief career on a successful high note, and not you or anyone else is going to ruin a good thing for me! I've been a time thief living on scraps long enough, it's time to have my slice of the good life pie!""You talk too much, and it's no surprise to me that you know nothing about anything important that doesn't apply to you and your wants and desires. Since you care so little about history, you know nothing about that gun you just used on me" Chameleon sneered, before flashing a smug grin of his own "Something you should know about that stasis energy gun of yours…it's a prototype. First of its kind. Developed in 2288 by Benson-Fukiko Industries for the police force of Neo-Tokyo. This model was replaced and never put into production because while the device was successful in firing stasis restraining bolts that rendered its targets immobile for up to ten minutes…it also had a serious defect.""Defect?" Cypher asked in surprised confusion, looking down at the gun in his cybernetic hand warily, "What kind of defect?"That was when the gun exploded in his hands.The energy core of the gun had overloaded from the single use of the gun and detonated.This sent Cypher flying backward through the air…crashing through Kairi's window.The time thief flew right over Kairi, who had ducked to avoid being hit by Cypher's flying body.She shielded herself as shards of broken window glass showed down around her, while Cypher slammed into the far side of her bedroom, where he fell in a heap on the floor.He was still alive, but he was now stunned and rendered immobile by the same energy that the gun used to stun and immobilize people.Chameleon then regained his ability to move as the gun's effects faded and comically examined his claws in light of this unexpected development."That kind of defect" Chameleon answered comically.That was when he saw Kairi poke her head out through the broken window to look out at him."Kairi?" Chameleon said in surprise, stunned to see her."Chameleon?" Kairi said back in equal disbelief, "What are you doing here?"Suddenly the dazed Cypher's time watch's computer assistant's voice rang out behind her "Time Displacement in 5, 4,3,2,1…Engaged!"Kairi turned around to see that the dazed intruder's cybernetic arm was now crackling with the same kind of energy as the sphere portal he had arrived in, as something began to charge up and form itself around both herself and the cybernetic villain known as Cypher."Get out of there!" Chameleon yelled.But it was too late.The last thing Kairi did before a bright light overtook her, was cover her eyes and scream.Chameleon watched in disbelief and horror as another sphere of crackling blue-hued energy similar to the ones that brought both him and Cypher to the Kishi Mansion on this cold winter night formed itself within Kairi's bedroom.It enveloped itself around Kairi and Cypher and swallowed them both whole…it then sent out massive pulses and waves of light and temporal energy before it vanished entirely.Chameleon covered his eyes as the waves of temporal energy the portal was emitting washed right over him.Once it was gone, he found that he was still standing outside of Kishi Mansion late at night…knee deep in a large bank of deep snow.But Chameleon soon found that although the mansion still looked the same, and was intact, the building seemed to be abandoned now and to have been long abandoned before the present time.The place was boarded up and the grounds were completely overgrown and a total mess from what he could see, as if no one had maintained them in years.Chameleon, realizing what had happened, with great apprehension turned his head to look out at Lunar City.His eyes opened wide, and his mouth dropped open with horror at what he saw."Oh…shit!" he said in despair, "You did it, Cypher you greedy son of a bitch, you did it!"
Shelly 'Bombshell' Harrison vs Dr. DementedThe following story (non canon with Ion Fury) is the final part of a trilogy.For part I, see Shelly ’Bombshell’ Harrison vs Abby Anderson For part II, see Shelly ’Bombshell’ Harrison vs Dr. Octopus Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison just reached Earth-Prime; she’s inside her Hot Fuse Time Machine and she’s happily listening to the song Destination Calabria by Alex Gaudino. “Shelly, pretty soon we’ll reach the Mojave desert. I hope you’ll catch that nefarious Dr. Demented character and blow apart her world domination plans.” said B.O.M.B., the computer assistant. “Nice choice of words ! That’s what I intend to do; also, I’ll kick Emiliana Zafada’s scrawny butt for good.” chuckled the tall and well-built heroine.The interdimensional craft is now above the American desert and it lands above a small rock formation. Then, Harrison takes her binoculars and localizes her target: the brown-eyed thirtysomething with platinum blonde hair, who wears a white lab coat, long black gloves and black boots, is restlessly moving on the rocky earth. She’s walking in circles, as if she was expecting someone or something. “Wonder what that mad scientist’s up to ?!” thought the redhead, who’s now preparing her gear before getting out of her craft. “Good luck Shelly: give her Hell.” laughed B.O.M.B. “I’ll give her way more than she expects.” told Bombshell while winking.Now, the former bomb defusing expert is walking towards Dr. Demented; after a few minutes the villainous scientist perceives Shelly and freezes on the spot. “At last, here you are bitch ! Now, you got nowhere to run to: let me tell you that for a smart woman, you’re really obtuse.” hissed the woman with a bionic arm, who’s now aiming her Penetrators sub machineguns at Zafada. “¡Caramba! How did you found me ?” asked the befuddled lady. “Pretty simple: you told Dr. Octopus you were going to ‘where superheroes don’t walk the Earth’. Well, it’s in fact Earth-Prime: in this world, I’m a video game heroine and you’re an original character created by kllngjk, the author of this ongoing story.” proudly declared Bombshell. “All right, you win. I humbly surrender: you can arrest me and bring me to the proper authorities.” sighed Emiliana. So, she unites her hands and Shelly walks towards her. However, as Harrison touches the woman, her hands passes through Dr. Demented. “What the… it’s a hologram ?! I knew she’d do something like that.” whispered the heroic lady.Suddenly, “Emiliana Zafada” disappears in the air and the ground begins to rumble. “Now what ?” yelled Bombshell. A giant, mechanical cockroach emerges from the arid ground and Dr. Demented’s mocking voice is heard through the robot’s speakers. “Who do you think I’m am, eh ? I’m not stupid as you think and now, I’m going to crush you like a gnat and beat you like a piñata. Needless to tell you that I’m going to play La Cucaracha with you, Shelly.” cackled the evil lady. So, a hatch opens under the megalomaniac woman’s tank and a lot of metallic spheres are ejected. However, as they touch ground they soon materialize into small versions of Dr. Demented’s insectile vehicle; the menacing bugs runs towards Bombshell. “Prepare to be barbecued ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!” guffawed Zafada as the critters begin to spit a torrent of flames that goes towards their prey.“Oh damn, they’re walking flamethrowers. But hehehe, my Penetrators and bowling bombs will burn and destroy them to Kingdom Come.” spoke Harrison. As she runs away from her robotic attackers, Bombshell fires her guns and many of the automated insects become pieces of junk. “Excellent, now here comes the boom !” cackled the well-built redhead. Finally, the remaining ones are obliterated and Dr. Demented growls. “That was just the appetizer: now, Bombshell prepare to permanently die.” yelled the crazy lady. She steers her engine of destruction towards her target and its legs hardly thump the soil. “As Black Sabbath, one of my favorite bands, once said: never say die.” replied the sexy heroine while running away. From her back, Shelly draws her Disperser and puts 40 mm grenade ammo into her launcher; after successfully loading her firearm, she stops. “For a smart-mouthed woman, I must admit you’re pretty stupid.” told Emiliana. “We’ll see about that.” mouths Harrison before firing her gun.Grenade pellets hits one of the giant insect’s legs and the explosions destroy it. The peculiar, gargantuan contraption stumbles and now, the villainess has a panicked voice. “Stop that: you’ll ruin my magnificent invention. It took me 400 hours to build and I intend to use it to make humanity kneel to my iron will.” said Zafada. Bombshell fires again her Disperser and another leg is destroyed. The robot loses balance, falls on its belly and is now unable to move; the wisecracking heroine sprints towards the head. Her enemy is hiding inside it and after, Shelly gets on the top of the control room. She sees an access hatch, but something unexpected happens. A loud, buzzing noise is heard and a lot of drones, shaped like giant wasps, exit from the hulk’s back. “I didn’t say my last word: my avispas bots shoot laser beams and they’ll tear you apart !!!” laughed the would-be world conqueror. “Rest assured: I brought my special weapon and it’s exactly made for pest control.” smiled the green-eyed amazon, who takes her Homewrecker from her back.As the bots fire multicolored lasers from their abdomens, Harrison dodges the projectiles and shoots her weapon: homing plasma balls mostly annihilate the drones. Nonetheless, Shelly’s left arm is grazed by a beam. “That hurts, you sucker !” winced the woman before destroying all the lingering drones. “¡IMPOSIBLE! You destroyed all my beautiful creatures; damn you Harrison !” whined Dr. Demented. Bombshell responds by opening the control room’s sealed hatch with a Clusterpuck: the explosive detonates on impact. Next, the heroine jumps inside and Emiliana Zafada, now totally helpless, is now trembling like a leaf. “You’re busted: you got nowhere to go.” triumphally declared Shelly, her Loverboy revolver now in her right hand. “Sorry to burst your bubble but I won’t go to jail. I’d rather die than to be humiliated.” hissed the scientist as she quickly pushes a red button. A loud and unnerving alarm is heard and a voice tells: “Self-destruct protocol initiated: please vacate immediately. T-minus 5 minutes remaining.” “What did you do, you dumb coward ?” queried Harrison. “I chose to commit suicide and to bring you with me. In less than 5 minutes, a small, tactical nuclear explosion will happen and you have nowhere to run.” snickered Dr. Demented.So, like lightning Shelly exits the immobilized, robotic cockroach and starts to run like Hell. Once she reached her craft’s interior, she instructs B.O.M.B. to return to her native Earth. “Quick, we don’t have time: Dr. Demented programmed her tank to explode and a nuclear blast might occur at any moment.” shouted the lady. “You got it Shelly: here comes terra firma !” spoke the friendly computer assistant. As the time machine begins to go through the space-time continuum, a very loud deflagration is heard but despite this, both Shelly and B.O.M.B. are out of danger. “We made it ! Now, it’s time for me to relax: when I’ll reach home, I’ll take a long, hot and bubbly bath.” told Bombshell. A few minutes later, the Hot Fuse Time Machine materializes in the night skies and the heroine sees her living place. “Let’s park this vehicle on top of my building; I suppose it’s as tired as I am.” thought the green-eyed redhead. As she penetrates inside her apartment, she freezes: a very familiar man with blonde hair is sitting on an armchair. “Hi Shelly, long time no see !” chuckled the tall and muscled guy with sunglasses, who has a lovely bouquet of assorted flowers in his gloved hand. “Oh no, not Duke Nukem. Why can’t he leave me alone…” sighed the inhabitant.The end ?!
Shelly 'Bombshell' Harrison vs Dr. OctopusThe following Ion Fury/Spider-Man crossover is the sequel of Shelly 'Bombshell' Harrison vs Abby Anderson.It’s non-canon.Right now, Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison is inside her Hot Fuse Time Machine. The interdimensional craft is heading towards Earth-90125: Emiliana Zafada (aka Dr. Demented) has gone there to meet a certain Livia Ottavius. “Why Livia’s name sounds so darn familiar ?” asks the tall and muscular redhead. “Shelly, my calculations say that Ms. Ottavius works as a neurologist at the Empire State University in New York City. I mean the NYC of Earth-90125: perhaps we should head there ?” queries B.O.M.B., the vehicle’s computer assistant. “Great idea ! What would I do without you ?” chuckles the woman, who has a right bionic arm. The song Owner of a lonely heart by Yes plays on the radio and the heroine can’t wait to reach her destination. “If only I could find that crazy scientist before she escapes to another world…” thinks Harrison while frowning.Almost 10 minutes later, the Hot Fuse Time Machine reaches its destination and it materializes in the skies. So, Bombshell instantly activates the cloaking device. “Here we are !” announces the craft’s voice. Then, the invisible vehicle lands on the Empire State University’s roof and this time, the lady decides to go out unarmed. “You sure it’s safe ?” asks B.O.M.B. “Yeah, don’t worry about me: I’m a big girl and I can take of myself. Also, I don’t want to attract unwanted attention.” smiles Shelly while winking. After, once outside the vehicle she notices an opened window and decides to sneak inside; nobody’s inside the room. “Now, time to inquire about that Ottavius woman. I need to know where to find her.” whispers Harrison, who wears an orange tank top, long dark blue jeans and red boots. “Excuse me ? I’d like to know where I could find Dr. Livia Ottavius please ?” kindly questions the woman to a student. “She works inside her lab, which is located on the 5th floor. It’s inside the neural science department.” amicably replies the lady. “Thank you so much sweetheart !” speaks the woman. So, Shelly goes to the 5th floor and opens the department’s access doors; after walking a while she sees Livia’s lab. “Ok, let’s see if she knows anything about Dr. Demented.” mouths the wisecracking heroine, who truly loves big guns and hand-to-hand combat.The imposing woman takes a deep breath and gently knocks the lab’s door. “Enter !” says a cheerful young woman’s voice; Harrison penetrates inside but stands motionless as she sees Dr. Ottavius. “Hi ! You must be Shelly, yes ? Dr. Zafada told me a lot about you: I’m so happy to meet ya at last !” excitedly speaks the middle-heightened and lithe lady, who walks towards her guest. The 29 years old researcher with long, curly brown hair simply wears a brown poncho that covers her chest and long blue flare jeans with embroidered flowers. Also, on her eyes she wears round sunglasses with green shades and around her neck, she has a silver peace and love pendant. Then, she tenderly shakes Bombshell’s left hand while smiling and winking. “Uh, nice to meet you Dr. Ottavius.” uncomfortably replies the heroine, who noticed that Livia’s barefoot. “I didn’t expect her to be a hippie. Wow, that world seems to contain a lot of surprises…” thinks Harrison. The song We will fall by The Stooges loudly plays on the lab’s radio and the tall lady queries: “Did Dr. Dem… I mean Dr. Zafada told you where she went please ?” “Oh yeah baby ! But before telling you, I must present you my latest invention: Emiliana assisted me with the making.” proudly tells Ottavius as she walks towards a peculiar object, which is on a table. After, she begins to speak: “Allow me to present you my neural link controller: with it I intend to end all wars, famine, poverty and all misery that plagues humankind since the dawn of Man. Shelly darling, I mean that with its helmet I’ll control every man’s mind and everyone on Earth will be obedient to my indomitable will.” Harrison looks at her with mean eyes and says: “Excuse me, but this is unethical: you can’t manipulate minds to achieve your own goals, whether they’re good or evil. By the way, you’re not an ant queen and people can’t and won’t be your subjects: sorry Livia but I won’t allow you to do this.” So, the woman forms a fist with her cybernetic right hand and smashes Dr. Ottavius’s contraption to pieces. “NO !!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ?!” screams the maddened woman. “What needed to be done. Like they say: a heroine’s gotta do what’s a heroine gotta do !” triumphally laughs Bombshell. “Oh bummer humbug ! Shelly cutie pie, I must confess that you’re very sexy and I totally dig you, especially your bionic arm. But now, allow me to present you THE ultimate surprise.” cackles Livia as she removes her poncho. “What the f…” mouths Shelly, surprised but not horrified by the unexpected turn of events.Dr. Ottavius wears some kind of harness around her abdomen and it has 4 robotic, extensible tentacles. “My nickname is Dr. Octopus; this awesome invention is a gift from Otto, my late uncle. He was a failed scientist but a successful career bank robber: with these wonderful extra arms, he stole money to finance his dreams and his old days. About my harness, I control it with an embedded chip located in my brain and now, you must pay for destroying my beautiful creation !” giggles the crazed woman, who has a colorful, tattooed octopus above her breasts. “In my world, there’s also a comic book villain named Dr. Octopus but his real name is Otto Octavius. Now, I know why your name sounded familiar; but no matter what, you must be stopped.” declares Bombshell. “Hihihihi ! Did you know that apart from being sexy as hell, you talk way too much ?” asks the hippie villainess before using her members to grab Shelly’s arms and legs. After, Harrison struggles to free herself, but it’s ultimately in vain: she’s soon pinned to the ground and is now unable to move. “Face it sweet chunks: you’re in a no-win situation and science always triumphs over brute strength.” guffaws Livia as she puts her feet on her prey’s stomach. Next, she slowly walks towards the redhead’s upper chest and then, Ottavius lies on the helpless lady’s body. “What are you trying to do ? You’re crazy and simply not my type: I need to stop Dr. Demented...” rants Shelly as the sensual scientist’s lips are getting closer to hers.Suddenly, a character wearing the same costume than Spider-Man appears from an opened window and Livia Ottavius is quickly kicked away. “I knew you were behind something nefarious. Face it tiger: I’m here to stop you.” speaks the costumed woman, who has long red hair behind her head mask. “Could it be… Mary-Jane Watson ?!” whispers Bombshell. “WHO ARE YOU EXACTLY ?!” screams the enraged villainess with cybernetic tentacles. “Whoa ! What happened to peace and love ? The name’s Spider-Jane and I heard through the grapevine that someone helped you to build some mind-controlling device. What happened to it ?” replies the middle-heightened and slightly muscular young lady. “I smashed it to smithereens. What do you say if we team up to teach her the error of her ways ?” says Bombshell while standing up. “Sounds like a nice plan; let’s do it !” chuckles the friendly heroine.“You won’t win. I’m normally a woman of peace who abhors violence but when push comes to shove, then I show people what I’m really made of.” hisses Dr. Octopus. Then, like a bat out of Hell, she rushes towards her enemies but Spider-Jane throws a web in Livia’s sunglasses. “Heavens to Murgatroyd ! I can’t see zip: not cool at all !!!” shouts the out-of-control neurologist. With her tentacles, she wreaks havoc in her own lab and Harrison carefully takes the occasion to slap Ottavius’s face. The latter falls on the ground and the red-and-blue garbed woman weaves various, solid webs on the dazed villainess’s robotic members, which immobilizes them. About Bombshell, she soon grabs Dr. Octopus’s harness and with her might, she breaks it apart: the cybernetic tentacles become idle. “How do you feel right now, huh ? I hope you prepared yourself to go up the river, in the tank. Get the joke ?” giggles Shelly as she exchanges a high-five with her unforeseen ally. “NO ! I CAN’T LOSE AND I’LL ESCAPE, NO MATTER WHAT.” shrieks Livia Ottavius before being wrapped up in webs. “Oh for God’s sake, please cut it out. Now, can you tell us where your mysterious associate went please ?” queries Spider-Jane. “It’s rather pointless to tell it to you, ‘Spider-Lady’. So, I’ll tell it to your sublime friend: Dr. Zafada told me that she went to the Mojave desert, where ‘superheroes don’t walk the Earth’ She wishes you all the best luck by finding her.” declares the grudging prisoner. “Livia, thank you so much for your invaluable help: without your knowledge, you just gave me the exact coordinates.” smiles Harrison. “Don’t worry: I’ll take care of her. You can go after that Dr. Zafada; by the way, it was so nice to meet you.” tells Spider-Jane while shaking Bombshell’s hand. “Likewise ! But, before my nemesis conquers my world, I must return to my Hot Fuse Time Machine. Maybe she’ll do the same with the whole multiverse…” answers the blue-eyed redhead. She salutes the other heroine and after, Shelly returns to the university’s roof. Then, she deactivates the cloaking device and goes inside her craft. “B.O.M.B., good news: I know where Dr. Demented is. We must go to Earth-Prime; she went to the Mojave desert.” says the heroic lady. “Excellent ! So, to Earth-Prime we go !” exclaims the sympathetic computer assistant. “You got it !” laughs Bombshell.To be continued…
Shelly 'Bombshell' Harrison vs Abby AndersonThe following Ion Fury/The last of us crossover isn’t canon.Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison, a former bomb defusing expert who’s equipped with a bionic arm, is on the trail of Emiliana Zafada, a mad scientist. The mysterious and elusive woman, commonly known as Dr. Demented, wants to dominate the world by all means. However, Bombshell, as an act of valiant heroism, decided to go after her; in retaliation, Zafada escaped through time and space via her time machine.Fortunately, Shelly has her own ‘DeLorean’; courtesy of the Global Defense Force (her former employer) In reward for all she did for them, the organization gave it to Harrison. She dubbed it ‘Hot Fuse Time Machine’ and the fantastic vehicle has a sympathetic but cool computer assistant named B.O.M.B. Luckily, it found a trail that would lead to Dr. Demented. “I hope to catch that crazy broad; she deserves to have her fat ass kicked for good.” thinks the muscled and tall redhead, who’s inside her interdimensional craft. The song Silver machine by Hawkwind loudly plays on the radio and Bombshell, who wears an orange tank top, long dark blue jeans and red boots, cheerfully sings the lyrics. “Shelly, your nemesis went to an Earth located in another universe: in 2013, a fungal pandemic, caused by the mushroom called Cordyceps, eradicated 60% of all humanity. But it caused a brain infection to the other people who were exposed to it: they became mutants and began attacking survivors. Now, my calculations say that Dr. Demented recently encountered a young woman named Abigail Anderson, who’s a member of a group called the Fireflies. About Anderson, she’s currently in Las Vegas and has an hideout located inside an old dojo named The roller-dicing ninjas.” tells B.O.M.B. “Heh ! I known that world: it’s the one where The last of us video games take place !” replies Harrison, impatient to arrive at her destination. “Our ETA is in almost 5 minutes: so sit tight Shelly !” joyfully speaks the amicable computer. “I’m getting restless: I want action…” sighs the red-haired lady with braids.Once the Hot Fuse Time Machine materializes on a roof, Shelly exits the interdimensional vehicle. With her binoculars, she observes the surroundings; a few mutants are wandering on the streets. “Man, that world went through better days; too bad that stupid pandemic happened. Hmph, to think that a mere mushroom caused the apocalypse: what irony… ” whispers Bombshell, who just readied her Loverboy, her favorite pistol. Also, she activated her craft’s cloaking device and after, she decides to go to the ground level by sliding down a pipe. “Now, where’s that darn dojo ?” hisses the beautiful woman. Suddenly, a pack of infected people and clickers, who saw Shelly, runs towards her while shrieking. “Oh yes ! Prepare to die you ugly S.O.B.s.” chuckles the heroine as she fires her gun. Half of them die and Harrison, who’s also known for her wisecracking skills, joyfully tells: “I just clicked your button of death.” Out of nowhere, gunfire is heard and the remaining foes die: Bombshell recognizes Abby Anderson and she runs after her. “Hey, wait up !” shouts Harrison after seeing the tall and strong woman, who wears a khaki tank top, long blue jeans and black boots. The brunette stops, aims her pistol at the heroine and distrustfully asks: “Who are you exactly and to what faction you belong to ?”“Whoa Abby ! I’m not your enemy: my name is Shelly ‘Bombshell’ Harrison and I don’t belong to any faction. In fact, I’m not even from this world and here’s the shocker: we are both video game characters. Sorry to break the 4th wall, but I had to do it.” tells the smiling, green-eyed giantess. “What the heck are you talking about ?! And what’s with the robotic arm ?” puzzlingly asks Anderson. “Not important. My reason from being here is I’m pursuing some madwoman named Emiliana Zafada, aka Dr. Demented, who fled through space and time. According to B.O.M.B., my computer assistant, she’s supposed to have met you.” speaks the towering woman. “I have no fricking idea what you’re talking about, lady. I don’t like you at all and if you don’t get out of my sight, I’ll kill you.” angrily hisses Anderson. “So be it: I tried to be nice but without surprise, you’re dumb and strong as an ox.” says Bombshell before evading the other woman’s shot. A furious gunfight begins but at the end, Abby runs out of ammo; she decides to run away. “Ha ! What a coward you are.” shouts the imposing redhead. “Catch me if you can.” replies the well-built lady before disappearing. Now, Harrison just reached a deserted street and she looks around: The roller-dicing ninjas dojo’s ensign is visible. “Found you !” giggles Shelly before running towards her destination. But before entering the building, she decides to carefully advance and has her beloved six-shooter in her hands.As soon as the heroine penetrates inside the well-lit place, Abby is now standing on the matted floor, barefoot. “This is my hideout and shoes are forbidden.” sternly speaks the Firefly. “Oh excuse me princess. Here goes my boots; happy ?!” answers Bombshell. After a brief instant, her azure-painted toenails are now visible. “Thank you. Now, here’s the deal: we’ll fight hand-to-hand and if you win, I’ll spill whatever I know about your Dr. Demented. But if you lose, you return to whatever universe you belong. What do you say ?” queries Anderson. “Deal ! But prepare yourself to lose.” cackles Shelly as she walks towards her opponent.A few instants later, they stare at each other and without warning, Abby pushes her foe. The latter reacts by forcibly grabbing the brunette’s hands. After, they wrestle and Bombshell headbutts the brown-eyed woman. “Ow, you’ll pay for that !” shouts Anderson as she falls on the ground. But despite her built, she’s quick and she does a leg sweep on her adversary, who falls. “You fight like a girl.” smirks the smart-mouthed and provocative redhead. Anderson gets angry and jumps on Shelly: then, she gives a dastardly chest chop to the green-eyed champion and puts her hands around the heroine’s throat. To fight back, Bombshell decides to do something very sly: with her right hand, she forms a knife and sticks it in Abby’s cleavage. “WHY YOU !!!” screams the shocked lady before receiving a powerful slap in the face. Next, Harrison pushes Anderson away from her and she stands up; after, she does a successful landing kick on Abby’s stomach. The lady winces before painfully covering her exposed belly. Then, the winning powerhouse puts her right foot on the Firefly’s upper chest and she presses it hard.“Admit it Abby: you lost !” laughs the lady. “Please stop: I’m licked.” begs the struggling, muscular young woman. “Cute choice of words ! You just gave me the idea of forcing you to lick my feet.” giggles the sexy lady. “No please: I’ll tell you what Dr. Demented told me. She was going to Earth-90125 to meet a certain Livia Ottavius. That’s all I know but I don’t have the slightest clue what it means…” declares Abby. Shelly decides to release her hold and helps the other woman to stand up. After, she cheerfully shakes Anderson's hand and Harrison smiles in a friendly way. “To be honest, I have an idea about Earth-90125: it’s in another universe but I don’t have any idea what it looks like. Now, my time here is done and I must pursue my nemesis; despite the circumstances, I’m so happy to have met you Abby. You’re a very strong woman and keep on fighting !” says Bombshell before winking. After, she collects her boots and Loverboy and returns to her Hot Fuse Time Machine. “Time to go after that bitch.” thinks the heroine.To be continued…
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Hey just created a group : marvelanddcfanart.deviantart.c…

Thought if we could have some kind of cooperation together beetween our group, at the end we are the same crazy comic fanatics
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