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Gallery Folders

Teen Titans Bumblebee Pinup (Sexy Bee Queen) by JuwanBuchanan
Marvel DC Cosplay Lichtenstein ver by KyoungInKim
Venture bros Collection: Brock Samson by Crossdigi
Request (Digital-art) Bigby Wolf by KeiraStarlight
DC Comics
DCAU Villains-Beach (Commission) by JK-Antwon
Corrupts #2: Officer Howard Branden by D-Field22
Batman Rogue #74: Bird by D-Field22
My personal Batman villain tier list by D-Field22
Captain America (Sam Wilson): Patriotic Warrior! by Leck-Zilla
CRYSTAL by Lugfrancis
PHOENIX - JEAN GREY by Lugfrancis
MOON CHILD adopt SET PRICE (Open) by pustotsvit
SET PRICE Portrait Adoptables (5\5 OPEN) by pustotsvit
SET PRICE Boys Portrait Adoptables (5\5 OPEN) by pustotsvit
OPEN Dark Outfit Adoptables Auction (1\2) by pustotsvit
TheBlackPhone by jimf0123
Butcher by Tilllemann

Mature Content

Supergirl _1 by ikiemo23xxx
LittlePrince by jimf0123
Ponies and OC Ponies
Tenebris Malum Page 5 by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Tenebris Malum Page  4 Textless by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Tenebris Malum Page 3  Textless Version by xMonsterGirlsHideout
TheTethered by DrWilsonArtTherapy
Signed sketch - Claire Djarvick for Gregory by FG-Arcadia

Mature Content

Tintin werewolf Story, page 4 of 9. by wolfmarian
TBSI (webtoon cover) ep 1 by mokcie15
Lucy and the Talking Skull by Slofkosky
Private notes of Jeremiah Arkham(?): Hugo StrangeThe day the asylum was reopened was indeed a proud day for us all, more so than others. Our Administrators Marcus Wade and Alyce Sinner were indeed quite useful in the finances for reopening Arkham, along with many other of their business practices, and our dear Quincy Sharp was so eager to join our cause and help lead Arkham to its former glory as the warden. Or so he leads us to believe. But I know better, I could read through that imbecile's words clearer than a children book, and unlike most in the asylum, I made it abundantly clear to him that I was moved, nor was I fooled by his empty promises. Sigh, I only wished that everyone else would see through him like I have. He does not take any interest in the welfare of the patients, or the asylum. All he seems to care for is his pitiful candidacy for mayor of Gotham. Hmph, as if he could ever dream to run the city. If he were to ever win an election, he would just close off half of the city, and turn it into some form of mega-prison, and allow them all to run free. Imbecile. Then again, I suppose that it could flourish if someone more qualified and competent were paced in charge of his imaginary Arkham City. Hm, perhaps a city of such nature would be more effective in keeping Gotham's piece far more than the Batman ever could, and perhaps it would serve as a wake up call in which HE is the cause of such animals plaguing Gotham! Quite a specimen the Batman is, what goes inside his head I wonder. No matter, when the time is right and my work is complete, Gotham shall shine once more and the city will be forever grateful to it's true savior. For it is I, Hugo Strange that will save this cursed city....
DEATH BATTLE - Super Mario vs. Mayron Legenrok,Mario doing right things for wrong motivations at inopportune times for a simple joke, and this proves that Mario is very low psychological, very immature and immoral. And so the function called Utilizational Link transmitted the action effects back to Mario. And the reasons Mario is affected by this function is because he has high emotional complexity at full levels, emotional imbalance and persistence, semi-excessive proactivity, without many or no physical difficulties and disadvantages to demonstrate complex attitudes and actions (even because it makes Mario demonstrate these fast and strong attitudes at the wrong times in inopportune situations for high agony, for extremely wrong motives in a matter of interruption, because of the imbalance and lack of control of their own human attitudes and actions, and he does it all the time in innumerable moments, and this demonstrates the true meaning of the high emotional complexity of complete levels), very gullible in rare moments, etc.And that's why Mayron Legenrok has full dignity to be superior and much better than Mario, because Mayron Legenrok has high emotional simplicity at complete levels, extreme and great lack of certain things, such as: obsession, ambition, optimism, pessimism, credulity, gullibility, opportunism, antipathy, intolerance, low self-esteem, inhumanity; and he has absolute levels of understanding, empathy, sympathy, enthusiasm, realism, absolute psychology, lucidity, detachment, absolute levels of moralism, morals, lack of wrong motivations, etc.In this fight, Mayron is having a big advantage against Mario, without any effort, and also against his transformations: Giant Mario, Ice Mario, Star Mario, Cat Mario, etc. The real reasons Mayron outperform Mario, even if Mario's power stats are higher than Mayron's without any logic, would be because of Mayron's Absolute Nonsense effects. And to end the fight, Mario does a mighty spin, holding Mayron until he turns into a fireball, and throws him into the sea and explodes.,Is this the end of it?,Of course not. Mayron's arm appears and punches Mario in the face, throwing him into the explosion and completely disintegrating him. After that, the scene shows Mayron totally calm and without any stings of damage. He's holding Mario's hat and then demonstrates that he's using his separate arm thanks to Levitation and Body Manipulation.The winner is Mayron Legenrok.(NOTE: This fight is based on the 2018 DEATH BATTLE Mario vs. Sonic rematch)
Chica by MacabreHouse
Private notes of Jeremiah Arkham: The Mad HatterJervis came to us on January 27th, ironically or perhaps coincidentally the same day as the birth of author Lewis Carroll, the creator of the Alice books; more particularly the Mad Hatter character. Sigh. First clowns, then birds, cats, puzzles, and now story characters. Is nothing sacred in Gotham? But I digress. Jervis like many inmates here in Arkham has been highly difficult to treat. I can conclude that due to his poor self image, he truly believes himself as the Hatter character. Not only that, but he even sees a few staff members in Arkham as characters from the Wonderland books. From Marcus as one of the two Tweeds, Professor Strange is some twisted form of the Blue Caterpillar, but above them all is Dr. Chase Meridian who appears to be Alice to Jervis, and even more so when she personally sought to his needs, beginning with that private tea party she hosted for him. It was a week prior to the party that Professor Strange and I questioned the rumors spread about by his coworkers back at Wayne Enterprise. A rumor which involved...well let's just say children or rather young girls. To say that we had touched a huge nerve is an understatement, his outburst was outrageous to say the least. Since then, he not only became uncooperative towards Hugo, myself, and a few other doctors, but he seemed to only care to speak to Dr. Meridian. Perhaps we should have payed attention to this obsession before it grew out of control. What still perplexes me is how on Earth he managed to gain access to his mind control technology in the first place. But all I know now is that he is now serving solitary confinement for his escape, mind controlling half of the guards, and for his kidnapping of Dr. Meridian to live out a twisted fantasy brewing in his mind....
Original Comics
We are Groot by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Painfull Muscle Growth 2 by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Painfull Muscle Growth by xMonsterGirlsHideout
Noche Comic Series
HTF. Flaky Werewolf Story, Part 2. Pag 71 by wolfmarian

Mature Content

Tintin werewolf Story, page 1 of 9. by wolfmarian
Cortana's favorite Zombie Game by KyoungInKim
Batman Classic Rogue #68: Blockbuster by D-Field22
Sam and Max
Sam and Max by Crossdigi
Peacemaker - The Suicide Squad - Focused! II by DashingTonyDrake
Top arts Contest
Spidergwen sparks by BoobSmithy3D
Diabolical Pilgrim 3 by liu-psypher
DBZ_Vegeta bulma_ Love can change
DBZ_vegeta bulma_love can change_ch 1 pg 8 by Lucy-hearttfillia
Original Comics 2
Journey of the Broken Ch.3 pg.11-12 by HronawmonsTamer


ON RIGHT NOW! This very moment Hard Wyred's First two issues will be coming to print through Writer Erik Bitmanis' Kickstarter campaign, look for full panoramic art in this groups gallery, info awaits!:…

With just a measly couple of dollars you can land yourself digital copies of Hard Wyred 1&2, rich printed copies with a collector's sleeve (Check out the colors on my page and land one yourself!) and in the coming days you'll likely have the rare opportunity to score full 11x17 commissions from me, series artist Ross Zucco, naturally comes with my highest recommendation.

Hard Wyred, NOW!

*cough* D-did I do that right?...
Hey just created a group : marvelanddcfanart.deviantart.c…

Thought if we could have some kind of cooperation together beetween our group, at the end we are the same crazy comic fanatics
Upcoming X-Men Sequel To Focus On Quicksilver And Magneto!

X-Men: Apocalypse is going to be jam-packed with Mutants old and new. But it looks like one particular fan favorite is going to get some special attention. Evan Peters, who plays Quicksilver in last year’s successful sequel, has revealed that some of the story will focus on the relationship between the super-fast speedster and his . . .

Read more:…

Wolverine To Appear In Upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse After All?

Recently during a 20th Century Fox presentation at 2015 Comic Con panel, X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer engaged in a somewhat cryptic conversation with actor Hugh Jackman, who still has not been confirmed for this latest installment. While the conversation certainly didn’t confirm a Wolverine cameo yet, it did . . .

Read more:…

*The Greatest Sci-Fi Teaser Trailers Of All Time: Part II*

Just like the inevitable Hollywood movie sequel whether you really want it or not, CinemaZone is back once again to present too you another fun go-round of some of the greatest sci-fi movie teaser trailers of all time. So without further delay, here are just a few teaser trailers that we think made some of the biggest splashes of all time . . .

Read more:…


We're All About Movie's . . . .  CinemaZone!
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