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Superman, Art Deco, and Color


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Comic book art collector Gerry Turnbull has a hobby of doing digital colors over people's commissions, often Photoshopping them to look like vintage comic book covers right down to adding phony wear and tear. Not long after I commissioned Tom Grummett to draw "Superman, Art Deco, and Thou" [link] Mr. Turnbull couldn't resist coloring and Photoshopping the art to look like an actual Superman comic book from the 1940s. So here be the fruits of his labor.

Upon finishing this, Mr. Turnbull posted it to Statue Forum, where Tom Grummett's agent -- who brokered the original pencil art I commissioned -- saw it and forwarded it to Grummett himself. Apparently Grummett absolutely loved it, and revealed that my commission was one he was especially proud of. When the artist is that happy with something they've drawn, you know you've struck gold.
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That's amazing.