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Welcome to everyone, who joined recently!
Let me thank you boys and girls, for sending so much beauty art :)
Also thanks for joining our group. I know, I know , we aren't the most popular group, but anyways, everyone starts from 0, aren't he? :)
So thanks again to everyone!
ps.: Send more and more art, share your talent :D



Spiderman vs Mysterio by Jero-Pastor-Art Spiderman vs Mysterio :iconjero-pastor-art:Jero-Pastor-Art 157 31 Geo-Force Commission by seanpatrick76 Geo-Force Commission :iconseanpatrick76:seanpatrick76 23 0 NPC exploration sketches by revoincubus NPC exploration sketches :iconrevoincubus:revoincubus 134 26 Abe Sapien sketch by tomcrielly Abe Sapien sketch :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 15 0 Wolverine by tomcrielly Wolverine :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 42 7 Raven of the Teen Titans by tomcrielly Raven of the Teen Titans :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 51 6 Scarlet Witch sketch by tomcrielly Scarlet Witch sketch :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 53 0 Kid Flash 2 by tomcrielly Kid Flash 2 :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 96 12 Power Girl by tomcrielly Power Girl :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 56 16 Red She-Hulk by tomcrielly Red She-Hulk :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 49 5 Hercules by tomcrielly Hercules :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 15 4 Captain Carrot by tomcrielly Captain Carrot :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 17 13 Terra of the Teen Titans by tomcrielly Terra of the Teen Titans :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 39 9 Wolverine (as Patch) of the X-Men by tomcrielly Wolverine (as Patch) of the X-Men :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 23 4 X-23 by tomcrielly X-23 :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 51 7 Woodgod by tomcrielly Woodgod :icontomcrielly:tomcrielly 4 0
Hello there guys there is a new comic project out on kickstarter made by me and my colleagues at 15 Year Comics (… )…

There is also a contest i made wich has FREE COMMISSIONS as prices!
Check it here for more detail :)…
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clewis564 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Seeking superhero style comic book artist to work on book. 4 issue story already done. Just need your beautiful work to bring to life. 
anem0ia Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2021
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.:Bunny love love:.Hello there! 
 If you have a moment to spare please feel free to take a look at some of my work.
Meet The Artist 2021 [Reference] by anem0ia   [Odyssey] Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream~ by anem0ia   [COM] peace out! by anem0ia
Every view, comment, and follow means the world to me. Without you I wouldn't be here. 
Thank you for your time and patience! .:aww lover:.
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Leck-Zilla Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Space Ghost: Intergalactic Warrior by Leck-Zilla   (Harvey) Birdman: Winged Warrior! by Leck-Zilla   Green Lantern and Hawkgirl: Lantern for a day by Leck-Zilla  
Tarantinoss Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2020  Student Digital Artist
DevilNaga Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Looking for comic artist!!!


*You must be ready to commit to at least one whole chapter (usually 10-20 pages), or I will not consider re-hiring you.
*You must be able to reliably produce up to 5 black and white pages before the end of each month, or you must be willing to have work finished within a certain deadline other than that. If you cannot meet this deadline for any reason, let me know in advance.
*You must have a Discord account so we can stay in touch and you can show me unfinished pages, so I can make requests to alter things as the work progresses.
*You must be flexible on nudity and certain fetish art, message for details.
*You must not post the art in your own gallery until it's published in mine unless I make an exception for you in advance (just ask me if you want to do this). You may post to Patreon or other private galleries if you have one and wish to share with your paying viewers. Streaming work is also allowed. However you share it, just link my Patreon page so other people know where to find me.

Please message to negotiate price.
Looking for serious artists that are looking for $$$
NikoAlecsovich Featured By Owner May 30, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Spider-Girl Page by NikoAlecsovich   Wonder Woman Cheetah by NikoAlecsovich   Bat Bane by NikoAlecsovich  
AeonComics Featured By Owner May 18, 2020
Hey guys!! Were a UK based comic book project creating a new comic book universe. We're currently looking for London (UK) based artists to jump on board and be a part of our team to start building up our portfolio of comics. 

So, if you're stuck at home like us and want a new opportunity, if you're interested in comics or, you want to do something new with your amazing art talents, hit us up at ( and we'll talk you through what we're looking for. 

Thanks. 😊😊😊

Oh.....I forgot something......

Welcome To A Whole New Universe! 

Uluri Featured By Owner May 5, 2020   Digital Artist
:iconcomiccollection: Many Comic Groups of old are full and unresponsive. I have made a Comic Group of new. Also, if there are other new Comic groups, Affiliate requests are very much appreciated.
undeadfriend Featured By Owner May 9, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Joined your group after seeing this : D
Malphunkson Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2020
Looking for Indie scifi artist to work on a contracted Crowdfunding project (already written), with publishing done through our Plunge Studios and printed through Rising Sun Comics.

Artstyle, Euro and British 2000AD style of work. There will be aliens, humanoids and alien worlds.
Please send contact details with watermarked samples via inbox on DA or just send me your links to works you think I should look at in particular.

Please note, there will be a possibility of being published as 6 single issue series prior to the trade release through Crowdfunding.
This will entail approx. 1-1.5yrs of work dependent on how quickly this work can be done.
There is an opportunity to continue working on the series next few arcs (already written).
This project is part of the bigger world, PlungeVerse which is part of a series of comics with 5 different comic book genres.

I would like to start work asap, and thus why I am posting details on here.
also, feel free to come and join our New Zealand ComicBook & Pop Culture FB page we do a couple livestreams on there.
Plunge Studios NZ Logo Final by Malphunkson  
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