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A Group For Professional, Independent, and Aspiring Comic Book Artists & Writers.
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Night Wolf Comic Book Issue #6 SFW Variant Cover by RAM-Horn

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Night Wolf Comic Book Issue #6 NSFW Variant Cover by RAM-Horn
Night Wolf Comic Book Issue 6 Page 21 by RAM-Horn
Night Wolf Comic Book Issue 6 Page 19 by RAM-Horn
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The Flash by BB-Artists
Wonder Woman by ArtAnonStudios
Speed Me Up Sonic the Hedgehoge fan art (Under Dra by BB-Artists
Speed Me Up Sonic the Hedgehoge Penciling  by BB-Artists
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My Webtoon Main Character by Kayrennz
The Time Shamen Penciling by BB-Artists
Gallery (Under Drawing) by BB-Artists
The Bride by BB-Artists
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PG with Spidey mask page 1 ink ver by KyoungInKim
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Psylocke and Beast by RevolverComics
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Yolandi VISSER by TheSahhidd
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Mistress Mary - Whip Huntress by Kanto-Art

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COMMISSION: Tiger Lady (not original) by Kanto-Art

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Sister Mary - Nude Blossoming by Kanto-Art

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Sister Mary - Cherry Blossoming by Kanto-Art
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Vigorous PG and Doubtful Spidey by KyoungInKim
Zatanna Pencils by RevolverComics
RIP Mega Gardevoir by Championx91
Comic - CUTE by Championx91
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BGDL20200228... by PatBoutin
Battle of the Sexes Chapter 1: Page 2 of 6 by JamieCloughComics
B1c9 by wlee2762
B1c2 by wlee2762
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Skarsgard trio by Lunaskope
Harley Quinn Lines and Flats by lellojello
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Story: SplashedA rainy day in the grassy mountainsAt least, it wasn’t rainy 20 minutes agoBurly & bearded, Jeff has been trekking uphill all morningA sharp man, Jeff planned his route with the weatherHe’s currently unpacked in a cave, having arrived right as the drizzle startedA tad moist, but otherwise dry, Jeff enjoys his lunch as the rain runs its courseHalfway through his crossword puzzle, his campfire has brought his coffee up to tempHe reaches for his mug atop the metal heating grateThe campfire snaps and pops as he extends his handJeff’s hand gets burned by the flame, despite no flaws in his fire pit’s constructionHe pulls his hand back to be safe and the flame seems calmHe reaches againJeff gets burned a second time, the fire seemingly reaching back and slapping his hand awayHe raises an eyebrow, like he was dealing with a toddlerJeff quickly snatches his coffee and a long tentacle of flame is left hanging out of the firepitJeff peacefully sips his perfect temp coffee as the temperamental flame slips back into the pitEyes closed, Jeff doesn’t see the fire grow very tall, right through the grateIt hovers out of the pit, taking the form of a tall, hourglass shapeJeff opens his eyes and sees woman made of flame floating in front of himShe has a frustrated frown, like he’s the toddlerThis curvy fire spirit is quick to reprimand Jeff; warning him to leave her precious hillsideA coy spirit, she playfully reminds Jeff that she is flame and he is fleshShe boasts of her intrinsic elemental power over the weak man that he isShe recounts other hikers who have trespassed in season’s past and how gleefully she roasted them all aliveJeff splashes her with his coffeeThe spirit shrieks and flies back into the opposite cave wall, She hugs herself, looking as if she felt cold, shrunken down to more of a pre-teen physiqueThe spirit complains at Jeff’s cruelty as he digs through his backpackNot to be ignored, the spirit summons her spark backShe grows to an even taller form, more devilish in appearanceHer long clawed fingers point right at JeffShe threatens that he should be grateful his death will be swiftThe spirit zooms straight for Jeff, aiming for his throatJeff splashes her with his canteenThe spirit flies back again, back to her initial size, again looking coldShe barks at him to stop dousing herThe spirit wrings out her hair (despite it being made of flame) as Jeff drinks from his canteenShe threatens that she’ll now make his death slow and painfulJeff points a plastic squirt gun at the spiritShe winces in fear, bracing for impactBubbles come out of the toyThe spirit opens her eyes and sees Jeff leaving into the rainThe spirit has no interest in losing her kill and zooms after himThe rain scalds her and she shrinks back to the pre-teen sizeThe flame spirit and Jeff are out in the rain, both huddled under his umbrellaThe spirit is clear that he has nowhere to run from herJeff smiles and points to the caveIncredibly heavy rain blocks nearly any view of the now distant cave entranceJeff resumes walking back up the mountainThe spirit is scalded again by the rain and stays close to Jeff, remaining dryNow the size of a toddler, the spirit warns that the rain won’t protect Jeff foreverJeff chuckles and warns that she better not make him drop his umbrella
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WIP20200516... by PatBoutin
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Dr. Doom by RevolverComics
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Pg2 GREEN LANTERN  Sample- Ramozkhan by TheSahhidd
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HTF. Flaky Werewolf Story, Part 2. Pag 68 by wolfmarian
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Comic Freestyle High 02 English version by Marexx
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Alex-7-Hulk by RiotSound187
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The Ultimates Page 2 Inks by michael-bowers
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Obscuria 02 pg17 by kyrtuck
Skulduggery comic pg1:complete: by Championx91
Boulevard attack, this is war! by raphael-sprovieri
Whetstone Prologue Page 4 by WhiteSpireStudios
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Speed Drawing 2015-12-07 by PatBoutin



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Welcome to ComicBook-Artist!

"Imagination is a doorway that leads dreams into reality; dare to cross the threshold..." - RAM-Horn

If you like all things Comic Book - Superhero, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, etc. then this group is for you!

All Comic Book related art and literature is welcome! Please take the time to check out the rules before submitting to the group.


Please submit to the correct folder.

FanArt or FanFiction folders are meant for any existing company owned pieces. For example Characters owned by Marvel, DC, Image, etc would fall under this category.

OC or Owned Characters folders are meant for character owned by the artist submitting the piece.

All types/genres of comic book art and literature are welcome.

Do check the rules every so often to see if more have been added.

Don’t submit things to the wrong folder.

Don't submit pieces with a strong mature filter. Pieces with a mature tag will be accepted at the Admins discretion.

Please keep bad language to a minimum.

Don't get upset if pieces you submitted are denied. Message the Admin for an explanation.

Don't bash other peoples' art and literature.

Please, suggest new folders so that the group can stay organized!

All submissions are subject to vote and the limits are as following.

Non-members can't submit.
Members can submit 1000 per day.
Contributors can submit an unlimited amount, though it is still subject to vote.

If you reach the limit, feel free to suggest your submissions as favorites instead. They may eventually make it into the main gallery if they start out in the Favorites.
Do you love stories about anti-heroes and supernatural beings like werewolves, vampires, demons, witches, zombies and more? Then Night Wolf is the comic book series for you!

The Night Wolf #1-3: Urban Fantasy Werewolf Coming of Age Drama is live on Kickstarter!

Click Here To Back the project, and join the Wolf Pack today!

Lone Wolf Comics: "Night Wolf" Project Team
Concept, Story, & Lettering By: Rob Multari
Illustrated By: Bokuman Studio
Colored By: Gat Melvyn
Character Designs By: Carlos Herrera

About "Night Wolf":

Born into the outcast breed of werewolves known as the Monoki, eighteen-year-old Rodney Marcelli is reluctantly thrown into an ancient war between good and evil in today's world where the line has blurred. With the help of Snow Paw, the Pureblood Monoki, and the supernatural evil slayer, Night Hunter, Rod must learn to master his newly found lycanthropy and mysterious kinetic energy power that only he possesses. Rod must fight the Dark Covenant in order to avenge his friends and family, and to save the girl he loves from the master vampire, Lord Malice. Rodney Marcelli is Night Wolf!

About Lone Wolf Comics:

Lone Wolf Comics is an independent start up character-based entertainment company, and home to titles such as Night Wolf, Crimson Dawn, Arcane, & Redemption. Lone Wolf is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lone Wolf Media Entertainment, Inc. Lone Wolf has a growing library of over 50 characters with plans to be featured in a variety of media. Lone Wolf utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

Learn More About Lone Wolf Comics:

Visit Lone Wolf Comics Website
Like Lone Wolf Comics on Facebook
Follow Lone Wolf Comics on Twitter
Follow Lone Wolf Comics on Instagram
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Aimka-storyteller Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2022  Professional Artist
If you like human x anthro love stories I got 2 for you:

Ladybird And The Wolf (cover 4) by Aimka-storyteller  
This story begins in... by Aimka-storyteller

With new pages all the week
AeonComics Featured By Owner May 18, 2020
Hey guys!! Were a UK based comic book project creating a new comic book universe. We're currently looking for London (UK) based artists to jump on board and be a part of our team to start building up our portfolio of comics. 

So, if you're stuck at home like us and want a new opportunity, if you're interested in comics or, you want to do something new with your amazing art talents, hit us up at ( and we'll talk you through what we're looking for. 

Thanks. 😊😊😊

Oh.....I forgot something......

Welcome To A Whole New Universe! 

LittleMissDevil21 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2020   General Artist
Realm of Dreams (Comic Cover) by LittleMissDevil21   Realm of Dreams - PAGE 1 by LittleMissDevil21  
Maxlop98 Featured By Owner May 15, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I'm looking for a comic writer to work with for free ^-^. I would like to fill my gallery with some stories, so if there's anyone interested just answer this comment or send me a note 
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Comic Book Artist For Hire by MariuszZabdyr  
MariuszZabdyr Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2019  Professional Traditional Artist

My name i Mariusz, I'm comic book artist.
I'd like to welcome everybody to my gallery

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Hello! My name is Olivia Giangrande. I have self-published my own book called “The Druid and the Wolf” (an animal fiction epic related book, 404 pages) and I wish to distribute copies myself. I also am planning on making calming jars for people with anxiety and panic disorder like myself; I will explain later what these are if you are not familiar.

To do all of this, it takes money to make money they say. It could not be more true. If you guys could help out I would be super appreciative, and you would get benefits from your tier on patreon, and your help would enable me to have a large stock of book copies so that when people like you want to order, I won't have say that I am out of stock. Also calming jars.

elitecomics13 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017
Aspiring comic artists. A friend of mine and myself are aspiring comic writers and looking to collab with some artists on a few superhero series. If you are interested please email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
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