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Caramel Girl - character sheet  by comic94   The scarecrow - model sheet  by comic94   [OC] Nick The Adventurer Model Sheet  by comic94   Watercolor nick adventurer oc by comic94  
SCP: Origins Prologue (PILOT) PrologueThe Alarm spread throughout the SCP Facility, and there were strong shocks and muffled sounds of fighting outside above you, reaching Dr. Jack Bright's office where he personally interviewed You and Your companion, even though you are both disturbed in energy handcuffs.You embraced yourehands above her so as to protect her from possible falling debris, in nerves you ask Dr.J.BrightShe: Honey???what is happeningYou: Everything all right my dear. Bright what's going on ???Dr. J. B.: (Clicks on the computer screen) Glitch?! What te hell is going on up there???Glitch: Boss code red, SCP - 682 is on the loose, and is heading towards a nearby town, units have already been dispatched. But it will take a long time to get hereYou: (Whisper) I know that voice from somewhere....She: It is not sometimes .....Dr. J. Bright: What is the reason for this delay, please specify???Glitch: I'am sorry to say that, but it was an inside job as otherwise no information could have leaked that we were moving SCP - 682 from temporary containment to the main one today.The main road has been buried with rubble, the tunnel leading directly to our location has been blown up, so the units have to drive around the island from the other side.Dr. J. Bright: Holy shit, we have no other choice, get your SCP - XXXX ready and SCP - XXXX with you. Her brute force will be needed, also take SCP - 073 and SCP - 208. I will also send Mr. Deeds to you, and help with any eventual injured people.Glitch: SCP - XXXX And SCP - 073 along with SCP - 208 are already on the tail of SCP - 682(You interrupted Dr.J.Bright's Conversation by saying):You: Bright you saw what I and (Classified) can do together, saw how we dealt with these terrorists, none of the policemen and civilians were badly hurt and...(Bright also interrupted your speech:)Dr. J. Bright: I know very well what you both can do together..... Uuuuhhhh... and Glitch these two will also help you.Glitch: Understood and more.....Dr. J.B.: Don't thank me yet. Because your friends are going to be questioned anyway.You: Bright! Who is this Glitch from where he knows us, His voice...Dr. J.B.: This is not the time, you need to be prepared quickly...(Dr.Jack Bright walked over to the safe next to his desk and took out a small silver bell and you guess a notebook of some kind, then put it in his pocket, then rang the bell and both of you was shocked, from out of nowhere a butler came through the door and introduced himself ):Butler: Mr. Deeds from this site, did you call me in, Dr. Jack Bright? and I warmly greet Mr.(Classified) and Miss (Classified),The two of you looked at each other in surprise, and after a while you looked at Mr. Deeds and greeted him politely.Dr. J.B.: Mr. Deeds.. Good to see you. Please prepare the armors and weapons for these two and for for me the usual, and please support the rest in the fight against SCP - 682,follow the procedures as usual.Mr. Deeds: As the Director wishesMr. Deeds went out the door and after few seconds he came back as if he forgotten something, but to your surprise he came in with all the equipment for all of you.Mr. Deeds: Here is your equipment, please do not worry about the size, these outfits are made of a special material that adapts to the user, also a special combat armor with a set of communicators, built into the helmets. And you should like this helmet, it has shape and pattern of a cowboy hat, ooo... and not forget about you Madam, for you gloves witch claw armor.,You, Your companion and Bright changed clothes and then you went armed towards to the hangar, where Glitch was waiting witch his SCP in the FNSS KORGAN armored vehicle. As soon you got to the vehicle you saw that this Glitch is your work buddy and his SCP(You always assumed it was a small toy for programming not a fucking huge AI). Shocked you say,You: (Polisch synonym for Fuck) Kurwa!!!! I do not believe this... man... It's You???? Since when??? How ????? Holy shit!!! Barricade ????? He is huge!!!She: Oooo..... Hey matee... How is your family ???Glitch: Sorry, Friends... we don't have time for this. As soon as we settle this matter (as long as we survive) I will explain everything to you, everything from the beginning.You all got in the armored vehicle and headed out towards the town. Glitch and Bright explained the situation and what were dealing with. While Glitch was driving all of you was checking your gear, along witch the few soldiers and you start a conversation with your friend:You: Glitch so you are their tech spec, do i understand well???She: it's soo... cool Glitch and this VehicleGlitch: Thank's and Yes, that's right, specifically I'm one of the top five Hackers in the world, why are you asking??You: Tell me mate how much you know about my weapon and my girl ?Glitch: Enough about both of you, your skills or something specific do you have in mind ???You: Does this vehicle have drones and how many ???Glitch: Oh..... I know what you are thinking and where you are going, you are creative as ever, that's why we always did so well at our work. We have 12 drones here, I will assign them to you in a moment, your fluffy girl...She: Hey!!!! not nice im not fluffy, grrrrr...Glitch: Sorry... sorry...... And your BEAUTIFUL lovely girlShe: Thank Youuuu.... Hey!!! how ???You: Wait... What ?? You can see her true form? HOW?Glitch: Hah! I can see what is invisible thanks to my self-tweaked glasses, ,Glitch: So ... Let me finish this sentence ... Your BEAUTIFUL girl will be able to jump to any place where there are communication drones assigned to you and between them.,

You have reached the town and you can see the wreckage, the fight is still going on, the monster is destroying buildings while fighting Agent Gwen(SCP-XXXX in her Dragon form) along with Cain(SCP-073) reflecting his own attacks back to the beast as Baltazar(SCP-208) heals the wounded while also being seriously wounded and Mr. Deeds(SCP-662)was supplying Bright(SCP-963)with medicine equipment. The fight got tough as the monster adapts to the fight, and start avoiding attacking Cain and focuses only on Gwen, and she is getting heavy whips.The two of you and Barricade rushed to help them, and Glitch sent all 12 drones to fly around the area, to help your girlfriend carry the wounded soldiers and civilians to the vicinity of your vehicle.Dr.J.Bright and Baltazar also Mr. Deeds Looked after the wounded who where teleport by your girlfriend, the remains of SCP Troops were transporting civilians out of the fight, to a safe distance.She: Ok Balt. I think that's all the civilians what i found, they can go to the trucksBaltazar: Don,t call me "Balt" its sounds like "bold" okShe: Oki. (Happy face) I'll help you with your wounds.The battle rages on, Barricade uses his entire arsenal to keep the monster from approaching the trucks with civilians, while you also use your SCP to shoot the monster with plasma/energy projectiles, surprisingly it has quite a big effect on the creature.The beast fell into a total fury, you hear a terrible voice with a roar: Kill... kill... And overthrew Gwen, badly wounded to the ground, she no longer had the strength to fight or to keep her dragon form any longer, regardless of the fire, the beast wanted to finish her and Barricade defending her, in effect he was strike by SCP - 682 with his tail badly damaging him. Using all your strength you charged one powerful energy shot and fire... ,You hit the beast right in the head, breaking a large portion of the shell from the monster's head, pausing it for a moment. A small smile briefly appeared on your face as you knelt down and take heavy gasp of air after such an exhausting shot., SCP - 682 at this point as you take a breath, he turned towards you regenerating his head and hissed:SCP - 682: Ssssss...... Kill ! Kill !! KILL !!!!You: OH SHIT !!! Glitch !!! HOW LONG FOR THE FUCKING BACKUP !!!! (You scream into intercom), That Mother Fucker have a sore on me !!!!Glitch is now communicating with the interceptors and your girlfriend has moved Gwen safely to the vehicle but she couldn't move Barricade because he was too big, her ability only allowed to move human size things.Glitch: Calling backup! Calling backup! Where the hell are you????Intercom: (Russian accent) Major Alexei Belitrov is here, we're on our way, thirty minutes, hold on a little longer !You: (Polisch synonym for "What the Fuck?")Co kurwa ?!!!!!!!! You guys are fucking kidding me!!! Half-hour!!!!! (Polisch synonym for "Damn it")Cholera jasna!!! Okay, I'm gonna take this off you guys for as long as I can... Let them fucking hurry up.,By using your SCP, you dragged SCP - 682 as long as possible. Buying time for the rest to regroup, but tiredness by using your SCP to increase your speed and dodge, made you to move slower and slower, and the monster's attacks slowly began ro reach you.Glitch and Dr.J.Bright have received information that the Civilians are safe. Bright takes the small notebook out of his pocket and handed the sticker 110% to your Girl's hand, then saying go to Barricade and stick it on him because it is SCP - 248 which allows any device, machine, ect. To be returned to full working order and above. At the same time, you can barely keep your distance between you and the outraging monster.,Your girlfriend appeared next to Barricade and wanted to put a sticker on him, when she noticed that you barely escaped the attack and the blast from it, blow threw you against the wall, now you lying on your four trying to get up. SCP - 682 takes this moment and takes a big swing with its mighty tail at you. Your sweetheart jumped through the portal straight to you, not noticing that she stuck the sticker on your SCP just before it hit you both.,You partially covered her, but the monster hit you and both of you flew several hundred meters, you managed to steer the flight so that your back hit the wall, protecting your beloved. You both fell on the ground still keeping her in your arms, after few seconds you open your eyes and.... She lies in your arms limp.You look at her, gently shake her and nothing, you are both battered and in your own blood, you start to panic and screaming to her:,You: Honey? Honey?!!!! NO NO NO NOoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barricade !!!!!!!! Barricade !!!! Take her to Baltazar quick!!! now!!!!Barricade, despite his severe damage, used his boosters to reach you and took your beloved to the vehicle in which Baltazar tried to save her, despite the severe wounds he already has.SCP - 248 - 110% began to act and start release your power.,

You started to make a terrifying pulsating noise and a terrible mechanical howl with hot steam pouring out, every time you take a breathAnger, Rage, Hatred, Revenge began to envelop you in every increasing percentage.,

Electrical discharges began to appear around you more and more often.,Cyber plates began to appear on your body with every pulsating sound you made.,TO BE CONTINUED.....,SCP: Origins - My AI Friend Part 1
New comic by Pan and Beithir by SimbyulAha comic. If you like my style, hire me as an artist
Hi There can i Ask You all to read My story and give me your opinion, many thank in advance SCP: Origins by Marwert on DeviantArt…
commission are open contact me 

Webcomic Magical creatures  page 1  by Ken-chan94  
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