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Ensign Sue Must Die 22

Heroic freakout of the Spock kind.

Story by: Clare Moseley
Written by: Clare Moseley and Kevin Bolk
Art by: Kevin Bolk *kevinbolk
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When Mr. Spock starts freaking know we're all f**ked!!

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Me: Ok, Spock, there's only ONE person who may know how to handle this.

Spock: With how invincible this nuisance was with the phaser blast, I theorize she is immortal.

Me: Perhaps, but the fellow I'm talking about could even kill of a god if he so pleases.

Spock: Now, what creature could possibly succeed in such acts?

Me: The Doctor.
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ThIs MarY S00 nEEdS tO DIE 
Trainz 2017-06-23 21-43-25-278 by TrainzSkeleton1225  
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for the love of god just let her DIE
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Vryftfxfhzhvshfyc-WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!
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Hey, Kira; there's someone here I need you to kill. Her full name is Mary Amethyst Star Enoby Aiko Archer Janeway Sue and she's the blonde one about as dumb and annoying as Misa.
natin123's avatar
Oh no where's her pink dye!?

Oh and I love that Teen Titans Go Robin reference at the end XD
EvilTrapZ's avatar
How is that possible?
Jokiti's avatar
I just love Spocks expression XD
Twilightcloversuper8's avatar
Bryan: Well then, let's how "immune" you are to bullets!
(pulls out a Taurus Raging Bull, and fires it at Mary Sue)
GeneralSnuggles's avatar
Never thought I'd see the day where Spock finally lost it :iconhahaaplz:
obenta5's avatar
Can't. Stop. Giggling. Last. Panel.
shewolfzoroark's avatar
Time to call in the ultimate killer . . . 

Voldemort, where are you?
copperpossem's avatar
Screw voldemort Dumblydore is where it's at
Codfish107's avatar
If you are going to get a wizard to do it, you should get Gandalf instead.
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I'm assuming ANOTHER Sue killed him.
Dylan-the-dude's avatar
Use a normal bullet gun. Se may be immune to phasers but real life nevers spares none.
WhiteLynx57's avatar
XFD His reaction and your note had me laughing soooo hard! Heroic freakout is right!
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
What do you mean she's immune to laser beams?
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