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Ensign Sue Must Die 18

It’s double trouble for Mirror Kirk.

Story by: Clare Moseley
Written by: Clare Moseley and Kevin Bolk
Art by: Kevin Bolk *kevinbolk
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Keep them, have a th-

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Mirrorverse called. They want your agonizer. 
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Sue's Jigglyboobs...
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oh wow your mary sues cover all cliches, thats for sure XD

poor spock...well poor everyone ^^°
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Snort, that's rather funny. Though I think they would just shoot her.
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Don't you know that Sues are immune to bullets!
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OH that's right I completely forgot that they are immune to bullets. Nuts.
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Unless they've just been super heroic, they might die heroically. Because they're heroic heroes.
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Ugh. And the worse part is for writers they have become such a broad category that people use the term for any character they don't like so you are always second guessing your stories. RUINED!!
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Yeah, and there's a myriad of different criteria, so if a character fits even one, everyone's down their throats.
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Yeah and as a writer it can be annoying. -_- Oh well write on write on. Yep.
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I love this! haha would you consider reading my latest post? It has to do with fanfiction errors, Mary Sues and the worst fanfic of all time"My Immortal" a Harry Potter emo/goth pile of poo.
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I've read that piece of shit myself, and lemme tell ya, it was FUCKING AWFUL. The fact that it stars a GOTH makes it even worse for me, because I fucking hate goths.
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Please note:

This was not posted by me. A cousin of mine was visiting and posted that while I was away from my laptop, and I never noticed until a few days ago when he told me about it. He says he posted it as a prank. I actually don't feel that way.
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Why? Have you ever met one you don't like and because of that, you hate an entire group? 
GeneralSnuggles's avatar
I didn't know that was ever posted at the time. I actually just found out about it a few days ago; it was posted by a cousin of mine who was visiting at the time (I was away from my laptop, so he didn't need my password; he just wrote it down, posted it, and I never noticed until he told me about it) and he says he posted that as a prank. If I was able to delete comments, I would. I don't feel that way towards most goths; in fact one of the people I Watch and have talked to is :icongoth-bones:

I hope this helps clear things up.
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Huh? who, what, when, where,how? What have i done again? I'm inocent i dodn't kill anyone in the last 30 min
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It's Okay; my cousin used m account to be a jerk (he was visiting and I was away from my laptop at the time). I didn't know about it until he told me a few days ago.
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Pine!Kirk wearing Mirror Kirk uniform...? Oh.My.Gawd!

I'd hate to say it but I'd gloup the crap outa him right along with the sues. I mean... Pine!Kirk wearing a sleeveless McShinny shirt with sexy sash, low neck line, and knee high boots! *drool*
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Are there any appearances by Jason Voorhees?
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