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Ensign Sue Must Die 04

Ensign Sue shares her special perspective.

Story by: Clare Moseley
Written by: Clare Moseley and Kevin Bolk
Art by: Kevin Bolk *kevinbolk
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CelinGermanyum's avatar
This is brilliant XD Best comic I've read in forever!
tultsi93's avatar
Beware Mary Sues: they're not good at listening!
ZuesKillerProduction's avatar
Someone get Kagami in here, lock them both up in a room, and get Konata.

I'll wait for the blood bath.
ARCatSK's avatar
Those comics are just EPIC! 
You've done a really great job defining the typical Mary Sue!
GeneralSnuggles's avatar
I lost it at the last panel :XD:
Crush48's avatar

Lol, because of the way the story flowed, you kinda averted making her a Mary Sue, once it turned out she was narrating herself.

Kirk's expression, tho.

I fav'd btw.

If Kirk's going to facepalm, I'll just take this a step further. *points phaser towards head*
copperpossem's avatar
Can anyone tell me how in the blue hell the parody has more personality than the actual fanfic i serously like ensign sue
copperpossem's avatar
Sorry this is before I knew A Trekkies Tale was made to be bad :( (Sad)
WhiteLynx57's avatar
That's right Kirk, facepalm. You're gonna be doin' that alot before this craziness is over.
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
Aha, aha, ahahahaHAHAHA!! :rofl: That last panel is a killer. :giggle:
EdouBunny's avatar
This is one of the funniest Mary Sues I've seen XD she does have too much good qualities, but it's hilarious when she tries to get everyone's attention on who great she is lol classic~
CosmicXReaction's avatar
RoboSpongie's avatar
Mary Sues are like stand up comedy to me.
OgNimaeb's avatar
LOL Mary Sues are like tribbles! Never feed them! ;)
ThePathOfDreams's avatar
Hawkheart29's avatar
I like Ensign Sue. She's histerical.
Takiki16's avatar
I see Kirk is establishing the Enterprise Captainly Facepalm tradition. Love how the characters are so chibi-like, yet so very true to the movie! I can actually picture the real cast doing this, with a cartoony Sue edited in.
LuminaMaridia's avatar
I support mary sues, by the single fact that they entertain me tons XD I also support fourth wall breaking! :D *grabs hammer*
animesuperherogeek's avatar
UmbraeCalamitas's avatar
... I'm gonna fill up my fav box fav'ing all of these...
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