We realize any kind of Commissions, but we don't do Requests. Which is the difference? Requests are for free. Actually our artist Elisa Moriconi works as a professional illustrator and you can find here her portfolio. Professional works are not for free, but we can assure you the maximum quality for the product you're purchasing.


You can ask for different kind of illustration. I'm going to summarize the main choices, but we're always open to particular requests and we can help you to obtain the kind of results you're interested in.
  • Comic Who character: you can choose one or more, you just need to tell us which one you want.
  • Cartoonization of a real life person: we'll need a picture with the face clearly visible of every character you want. If you like, you can also provide us a description of an eventual outfit you want.
  • Illustration of an original character: In this case we'll need an accurate description of the subject, its appearance, its nature (to characterize the image) and, if needed, its outfit.


We can provide different kind of options to let you customize your illustration so you can choose the one that fits well with your idea:
  • Single character (pencil sketch) on white background: 15.00€ - 20.50$ - 13.00£ [example]
    • Every additional character: add 5.00€ - 7.00$ - 4.50£
    • Elaborated background: add 10.00€ - 13.50$ - 8.50£
  • Single character (B/W) on white background: 25.00€ - 34.00$ - 21.50£  [example]
    • Every additional character: add 5.00€ - 7.00$ - 4.50£
    • Simple background : add 5.00€ - 7.00$ - 4.50£
    • Elaborated background: add 10.00€ - 13.50$ - 8.50£

  • Single character (Digital Color) on white background: 50.00€ - 68.00$ - 43.00£  [example]
  • Illustration with one or more characters (Digital Color): 
    • Simple background: 100€ - 136.00$ - 86.00£ [example]
    • Elaborated background: 150€ - 204.00$ - 129.00£ [example]
We only accept advanced payment through Paypal. Please, don't ask for discounts, it's unpleasant for us to say no, but we have no alternatives.


We will send the illustration via e-mail. We usually send the illustration in a couple of weeks, but due to the large amount of requests and the simultaneity of Elisa's job, the estimated release time could change and will be reported to you before the finalization of the request.


The only way to ask for Commissions is to send a mail to the following address: We are working on an automated web page and we're going to release it as soon as it's ready.


Example of Pencils sketch

Example of a Digital Color illustration

Example of a B/W illustration

Example of a Multi-Character Digital Color illustration

Example of a Digital color illustration
with detailed background

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