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Group Rules and Guidlines - Read Before Submitting!

Hello and welcome to Comic-Vixens. Inspired by the closing of the original group, this group is dedicated to the quality of comic women, whether they be well known or not to the general public. Before submitting any artwork into the group, please take a good look at our guidelines and our rules. Failure of not following the rules or guidelines could result in unnecessary confusion and frustration and ultimately, declining of your submission.

Art Level - We will approve of moderate quality pieces but please choose to submit your best pieces to the group. If necessary, CVixens will deny the pictures that do not meet up to the group's standards. Please don't take this as a personal offense but rather as an encouragement to continue your art skills.

Female Characters Only - Your submissions may contain only female characters, no male characters. (This includes all minor or major male characters at all within the image.)

Comic Characters Only - No video game characters, no original character (OCs) or avatars, movie/television, etc., as we do not have a folder for them. Comic characters are defined by having their start in comics and not other media sources.

Crossovers - Are allowed as long as both characters are from comics. If a character is originally a male character (say, Iron Man, becomes Iron Woman), that's alright too.

Subjective Moderation - We attempt to moderate based on the quality and artistic merit of each work. We each vote based on our opinion of each submission. Don't be discouraged if your submission isn't accepted, we try to have good quality standards.

No Cosplay - This is strictly an art only group. While we do enjoy cosplays, this isn't the group for it.

No Literature - Literature is enjoyable to read but we're strictly an art-based group.

No Lesbian, Girl on Girl Art - While we approve of women in comics, our focus is on the women, not sexual fantasies and sex scenes. No fetish art as well will be included into the group as this isn't a group for them.

Accurate Portrayals - Alternate costumes are accepted as long as the character looks similar to who they are. As well this includes what actions the character would be seen doing in the piece. If they aren't doing some true to their character, the piece will be declined.

Women Unbound - We want to show women in beauty, strength and possibly show off their deadliness. Woman in chains, or bound by some way or another isn't showing that. There are plenty of groups on dA that will accept that; We're just not one of them.

Works in Progress - We don't accept unfinished works or works in progress, but sketches and pencils are allowed. (If a work is marked as a WIP, or clearly unfinished, it will be rejected.)

Mature Content - We do accept mature content i.e. nudity, violence etc as long as it doesn't conflict with dA's guidelines and rules and it has a mature content filter on it. As well, it must be in good taste and appropriately done.

Copyright Infringement - If you are only the inker, colorist, or penciler to a piece of artwork, you must give credit to the original artists with a link to the originals and the artist's profile. Lack of following this rule will have your deviation declined and possibly reported to dA's staff. As well, don't submit artwork to the group using images or artwork that's not yours. While you may intend to do no copyright infringement, you still are committing it.

Over-excessive Watermarks/Advertising - Artwork with massive or detracting watermarks will not be included into the group. We completely understand the need to keep your material your material, and to prevent stealing. However, you cannot appreciate an image that is tacked over with watermarks and we are striving for a high browsing quality. Images with prices or for advertising, will be declined.

Being a Member - If you decide to join Comic-Vixens, please note that if you submit artwork into the group and it gets approved of (or any artwork that gets put into the Member's Second Chance folder), and you leave the group, all artwork of yours will removed from the group. We want active people in our group; Not deviants who join, submit artwork and then leave. That's not what the intentions are for this group are about.

No Drama - We have a very strict 'no drama' policy. If you attempt to start drama or refuse to follow our simple rules and guidelines in the hopes that your deviation that is breaking the rules will be accepted, you will be removed and blocked from the group. No questions asked. No warning. This is a site where people want to share their art and where groups want to showcase that art the way they see-fit. It's in no way for drama or drama-starters.


* We only affiliate with women related and comic groups! *

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Gallery Folders

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Aspen Matthews Wave pinup by Arciah
WonderWoman  and X-23 by PTimm
POLARIS by Douglas-Bicalho
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Power Girl lineart colored by KodiArt96
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Marvel, Vertigo Comics
Rogue Phoenix And Psylocke by PsychedelicHeroin
Jean Grey by PsychedelicHeroin
Ms.Marvel by PsychedelicHeroin
2021 UPPER DECK MARVEL UNBOUND - PHOENIX by fredianofficial
Top Cow, Image Comics
Witchblade in a dress by DougSQ
Wicthblade by jonasvictor
NYC's Finest - Sara Pezzini by Forty-Fathoms
Lara Croft Turtle Island by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
Aspen, IDW, Big Dog Ink Comics
Aspen Matthews Wave pinup by Arciah
Baroness  by FeydRautha81
Fathom by JwichmanN
Fathom - Aspen Matthews by JericaWinters
Dynamite, Dark Horse, Harris Comics
Sonja ballpointpensketch by wgpencil
VAMPIRELLA variant cover artwork by jairolago
Dejah Thoris by FeydRautha81
Dejah Thoris - Queen of Mars by Forty-Fathoms
Zenescope Comics
Oz- The Wizard 01C by JoshBurns
Sirin by JoshBurns
Morgan Le Faye by JoshBurns
Zenescope GFT #116. pencils: P.Pantalena by ulamosart
Other Publishers or Crossovers
Lady Death Tribute colors by xavor85
Rumi Mirko Usagiyama by BenFormity
Miss Masque by FeydRautha81
The Sword Maiden by Forty-Fathoms

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:star: Declined Submission? Read Here!

If you have receive a declined piece of artwork due our quality policy, it will be added into our favorites. It will go in our "Member's Second Chance" folder. The point of having this folder is make sure everyone is included. We strive for a moderate quality standard and since we are all artists, we need to improve. For those who are still learning and understanding the womanly form, or learning how to color, this folder is dedicated for just that. We want our members to be able to browse through quality artwork and want a folder for those who are learning as well. This is to ensure that everyone is included and no one is left out.


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