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Originally we were a group dedicated to artists and teams trying to pitch comics in the industry. However, now we are supporters of all webcomic artists and comic creators.

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Mature Content

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Mature Content

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Lois Lane vs The BaronessThe following DC Comics/G.I. Joe crossover isn't canon.Inside the Daily Planet building, Lois Lane, her husband Clark Kent and all of their colleagues are reunited in Perry White’s office. “Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present Nadja Ceraste, our new employee. She’s from Toulouse, France and has years of experience; so, let’s give her a warm welcome !” spoke the affable editor. “Thank you so much Monsieur White. I am so proud to join your reputed journal, whose values are truth, justice and zee American way.” gleefully replied the lady with an accent, who wears a knotted red shirt, long blue flare jeans and emerald high heeled sandals. Everyone greet the tall and slim blonde woman with glasses; however, as Lois shakes her hand, she suddenly feels some signal of distrust. “I’m pretty sure I saw her face elsewhere. Plus, her name sounds so strange…” thought the stunning, tall and lithe brunette with purple eyes. About fifteen minutes later, Lois is at her desk, in front of her laptop. She’s doing an article about Cobra, the fearsome terrorist organization, and as she looks at the pictures of the known members, she freezes. “That Nadja Ceraste looks way too much like Anastasia Cisarovna, aka The Baroness.” mouthed Lane. “Lois, is everything all right ?” asked Clark, sensing that her wife is concerned about something. “Don’t worry Smallville: everything's fine and dandy ! I’m just working on my piece, which is due for tonight.” smiled the lovable woman, who wears a white blouse with roses, long dark blue flare jeans and purple high heels. “If you say so; don’t hesitate to holler.” told the tall and muscular man with round glasses. “I’m wondering why that murderess would come here, posing as a French reporter ?!” whispered Lane. “I must speak to her but in private. I wouldn’t mind if Clark would overhear our conversation; I must be on my guard. That Baroness is a cunning but dangerous bird of bad omen…” thought Lois before rising up from her chair. “Excusez-moi, Mlle Ceraste ? (Excuse me, Miss Ceraste ?) Can we speak in private please ?” queried Lane to the new employee. “Of course ! What ees the reason please ?” gently responded Nadja. “Let’s say it’s my own way to welcome new employees.” said Lois. The other woman takes her beige purse and then, she follows the experienced field reporter. They climb a staircase and once both women are on the roof, which is illuminated by the early summer’s sun, Lois begins to speak: “I know you’re not who you pretend to be: your accent and rather ophidian name sound so phony. Also, I carefully studied your face; you’re in reality The Baroness, Cobra Commander’s lieutenant and intelligence officer. May I please ask why you’re masquerading as a fake journalist ?” “I… I do not have zee slightest idea of what you are talking about.” stuttered Ceraste while moving back. “I think I know the reason: you’re here to kill Perry White, because he allowed the publication of very interesting stuff about your organization. You cowards are truly without any ounce of shame…” sighed the disgusted purple-eyed brunette. As for “Nadja”, she gets very angry, removes her wig and glasses, tosses them on the high ground and yells: “I’ve had enough of your defamatory insinuations, you snotty meddler. Now that you uncovered the truth, I shall kill you. COBRA !!!” From her handbag, she takes her real thick-framed black glasses, puts them on and next, she produces a silenced pistol. The intrepid reporter instantly kicks off her heels and run; Cisarovna fires her gun but misses. Not knowing that her prey is a well-trained army brat, she empties her only magazine without hitting Lane, who gracefully dodges the bullets. After, the villainess curses in Russian and removes her sandals. “Ok Miss Lane, you’re calling me and Cobra cowards, eh ? Then, prove that you’re not one: I dare you to fight me, hand-to-hand. After I’m done with you, I won’t hesitate to crush your pathetic skull like an egg.” declared Baroness before guffawing like an unleashed madwoman. “Bring it on, sister !” smirked Lois while waving her hands.The Daily Planet reporter attacks first: she attempts a palm strike at Anastasia’s face but the latter quickly intercepts the move. In retaliation, she does a painful body slam and Lois’s back hits the roof’s pavement. After, the lady with glasses loudly screams and stomps Lane’s stomach; the brunette yelps while closing her eyes. “Don’t you realize you’re no match at all for me, suka (bitch) ?” giggled Baroness, now displaying an evil and sadistic grin that goes from ear to ear. “If you kill me… then prepare for the... worst: my friend Superman will… destroy your crummy operation… just like he once did… with the Quraci army.” groaned Lois. With great difficulty, she stands up and the other jet-black haired character speaks: “I’m not afraid of your ‘Superman’: in my purse I have let’s say… a little deterrent. Now, Lois Lane, do svidaniya ! (goodbye !)” cackled the Cobra intelligence officer. However, Lois painfully manages to crack a smile and she points the sky. Baroness turns her curious head and in the distance, she sees a blue and red blur that comes at high speed towards her. “Chyort ! (Damn !) No matter, I must kill your boss: I’ve no time to waste...” hissed the furious terrorist before doing a powerful, flying roundhouse kick. Lois’s unconscious body flies a few feet away and soon after, a well-known figure lands near Anastasia.“So, you must be Superman, eh ?” disdainfully asked the unimpressed villainess. “Good thing that Lois has only a mild concussion; she’ll quickly recover but she seems in bad shape.” thought the Man of Steel after doing a quick check-up with his X-ray vision. “That’s correct Ms. Cisarovna: I was made aware of your plot to assassinate Perry White. Not only you badly hurt my good friend Lois but let’s say that Stryker’s Island prison has a room ready for you.” told the superhero. “Ah ah ah, not so fast. I suppose you know what it is ?” smirked the virago before taking some object from her bag. It’s a little cubic case made of lead: she opens it and something green starts to glow. Then, the shoeless, maniacal woman with scarlet toenails walks towards her enemy while joyfully humming.As for Superman, he hardly falls on his knees: he’s now profusely sweating as the tiny chunk of green Kryptonite is getting nearer to him. “This must be one of the stupidest weaknesses I ever heard of. But it seems to have a larger-than-life effect on you, or should I say a larger-than-death ?” mockingly spoke the career terrorist, who has the charm and the cruelty of a cobra. “M……” moaned Superman, now lying on his back. His eyes are bloodshot and the veins on his face are all swollen up; after, Baroness angrily stomps the Kryptonian’s crotch. As he whines, she presses her foot harder but she doesn’t know that Lois regained conscience mere moments ago. “Alien scum ! If you want to live, then you must lick my feet.” chortled the wicked lady, now standing on Superman’s emblematic chest symbol. She’s still holding the lead case in her hands and her left foot is now over her foe’s face. The faltering superhero utters: “N……” “That’s too bad: like Perry White and your sweet lady friend, you all will die. HAHAHAHAH…” told the careless she-devil before falling on the pavement. With enough force, Lois just miraculously knocked out The Baroness with one of her discarded shoes. Next, she picks up the Kryptonite case, which is lying near the agonizing champion, and she instantly closes it. Now that the sun’s rays are quickly recharging Superman’s recuperating body, Lane helps her husband getting on his feet. “All you all right honey ?” queried Lane, her eyes full of tears. “I’ve been better but way much worse: thank you so much for saving my life. And you baby, how are you feeling ?” replied Superman, his face and eyes now normal. “My body’s aching a little: I wouldn’t say no to a little hospital check-up. But this horrible, yellow bandit absolutely needs to be brought to Stryker’s.” humbly said the purple-eyed brunette. “Don’t worry about it: it’ll be done soon. If Cobra comes to Metropolis to attempt to free her, I’ll be there.” winked the Man of Tomorrow. Next, Lane puts her bare feet on her husband’s red boots, hugs him and tells: “I love you so much Clark: you saved my life as I saved yours.” “Same for me, Lois !” told Superman before exchanging a deep, passionate kiss with his dear wife. The end
Storm vs StormfrontThe following X-Men/The Boys crossover isn’t canon.The version of Stormfront featured in that story is loosely inspired by the TV show’s variant (I never watched The Boys but I read the Fandom page about her)Montego Bay, Jamaica. Ororo Munroe (aka Storm) is currently enjoying her vacation: she’s taking a slow stroll on a sandy beach, which is surrounded by magnificent but sunny turquoise waters. “Let’s say that a hard working heroine like me truly deserved it well.” thought the smiling but very beautiful mutant, who can control weather. The white-haired, blue-eyed woman simply wears a loose black tank top, which is decorated with yellow lightnings, along with long, dark blue jeans. With her device, Ororo is blissfully listening to the song Free fallin’ by Tom Petty and notices that all people around her are happy. “What a wonderful, lovely day.” mouthed the stunning lady with Mohawk hair and multiple golden earrings. However, her peace is interrupted by the sight of a suspicious flying woman: the unknown person, who wears a white outfit decorated with a golden eagle on her chest, lands nearby Storm. Also, the super-powered lady wears black gloves, black boots and a red cape. “Greetings, I am Stormfront of The Seven. I have heard about your ‘powers’ and ‘reputation’: I would like to measure my own abilities against such an inferior wench like you. If you refuse, then I shall kill everyone on that beach and on that despicable island.” coldly said the wry-faced, blue-eyed blonde with long, braided hair. Besides, the tall and slightly muscular woman has a light German accent and has burning, hate-filled eyes. “Excuse me, but I don’t have the slightest clue of who you are. You certainly don’t know who I am and you’re currently ruining my vacation time. By the way, I’m far from being inferior: I’m a valued X-Men member and my powers and abilities, in their full potency, make me very dangerous and cunning. So, I’d strongly like to suggest you to disappear before things turn ugly.” firmly replied Munroe before clenching her fists and folding her ringed, silver-painted toes. Out of nowhere, from her gloved hands Stormfront shoots small lightnings that strikes her foe. “Ouch, it tingles more than it hurts.” hissed Storm, her back now lying on the sand. As the villainess is loudly cackling, all the people on the beach vacate the place; Ororo’s eyes become white. Next, she stands on her bare feet and after, she begins to levitate as she raises her hands upwards. Then, the clouds in the sky become dark grey and thunder begins to roll. “You think that light show is supposed to impress me ?” mockingly told the blonde. After, she tries to hit Storm with annoying lightning blasts but fortunately, the stunning but agile airborne mutant evades them.Suddenly, heavy rain starts to fall from above, along with strong winds that appears. Stormfront is attacked and she can’t see anything: Ororo seizes the occasion to punch and kick her adversary while summoning small electric blasts that hits her enemy. “ENOUGH ! I’VE HAD IT WITH YOUR PUNY ATTACKS !!!” screamed the Seven member before rushing towards her prey. Like a bullet, she flies towards the heroine and after stopping a few inches away from the mutant, the angry German woman violently seizes her wrists; Storm winces. However, her suffering is of very short duration: a sand tornado, quietly summoned by the captive’s atmokinesis, quickly appears around both women. Next, Stormfront is soon blinded and is now helpless. “My eyes... I can’t see... What did you do to my beautiful eyes, hexe (witch) ?” complained the panicked lady. Now, Munroe’s eyes are now yellow and glowing with fury. Next, she loudly yells: “ONCE AGAIN, I AM FREE ! YOU POOR, IGNORANT AND HATEFUL SHE-DEVIL, WITNESS THE POWER OF A TRUE ANGRY GODDESS.”“Mein Gott im Himmel... (Oh my God in Heaven...)” whispered Stormfront before being struck by a heavy barrage of lightning and thunder. After 10 seconds, she’s now lying on the sandy ground, barely alive and slightly smoldering, and the mutant lands aside her. “Now, listen very well: I’ll never stand your bigoted attitude and your deep hatred. Charles Xavier, the leader of the X-Men, taught us to accept everybody, no matter their differences.” told Storm. As for Stormfront, now slowly regaining her stamina, she’s sobbing in total humiliation. After a few moments, she hisses in her tongue: “Scheiß auf dich ! (Screw you !)” Ororo, not knowing what it means but feeling that it’s an insult, puts her right foot on the other lady’s chest: she presses it hard and the blonde moans. “If I ever see you again, you’ll have to deal with me and my friends. Now please, go away: the next time, I won’t ask it so nicely.” spoke Munroe. Stormfront painfully stands up, evilly stares at Storm for a few seconds and after, she flies away. The sun is now fully shining in the blue sky and the triumphant mutant thinks: “I guess that I hurt her pride very deeply: she didn’t accept defeat and the fact that she was actually inferior to me. Now, for the remaining of my well-deserved vacation, I just hope there won’t be other threats or distractions.” After, Ororo tranquilly begins to walk and as her toes touch the sand, she feels at peace.The end
Jesse Faden vs Black WidowThe following comics/video game (Marvel/Control) crossover isn’t canon. New York City. Tonight, Natasha Romanova (Black Widow) is inside the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) building. A few minutes ago, she penetrated inside the tall, gray building while being disguised as a visitor; Natasha currently wears a New York Yankees baseball blue cap, a white tank top, long blue jeans and white sneakers. Plus, she has her bag, which is filled with various equipment, and the young woman is en route towards the archives room. What she doesn’t know is that her unwanted presence just triggered a silent alarm...Yesterday, the sexy redhead had a meeting with Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director. He told her about the shadowy FBC: not even Fury’s organization knows nothing at all about them. So, he tasked the heroine and experienced spy to inquire about them; Romanova easily accepted the mission. “Here we are !” happily whispered the blue-eyed Avenger as she reached her destination. Curiously, the building sounds almost desert and the woman is quite baffled by the lack of security. “I wonder what they have to hide ?” thought Black Widow. The door has an electronic lock and the experienced spy takes an item from her bag. Next, she puts it on the lock and the hacking device does its job. Once the door is unlocked, she goes inside the room. “Where to begin ?” whispered the stunning, blue-eyed woman. She uses her mind and decides to check the classified section; the drawers are locked but Romanova simply uses her universal lock-picking tool. Once they’re opened, the red-haired and lithe lady sees a thick, red folder named ‘AWE: Altered World Events’: she grins, opens it and a few people profiles are shown.“Max Payne, Jack Joyce, Alan Wake: who are these men and what do they have in common ?” mouthed the Russian spy while taking pictures with her cell phone. The images are soon sent to Nick Fury and Natasha hopes it’ll help S.H.I.E.L.D. Minutes pass and she continues browsing through the drawers: at some point she falls on a folder containing pictures of a woman and a man. Most of the files are redacted, but it says that the woman’s name is Jesse Faden: she’s the current director of the FBC. The lady with stern blue eyes and dark red hair arouses Natasha’s curiosity; by reflex, she turns back her head as she just heard a whooshing noise. “May I ask what you’re doing here ?” coldly asked Jesse Faden. The lady, who’s wearing a denim outfit and black boots, is aiming her pistol at the intruder. “Oh, how silly of me: I searched for the bathroom and I simply got lost.” innocently smiled Romanova. “My foot: why the famed Black Widow would be in our archives room ? Because you work for those S.H.I.E.L.D. bastards: anyway, the information contained in this room is highly classified and isn’t meant for external eyes. Due to your presence, the building is in lockdown: you’ve now became a liability and I’ll have to kill you.” declared the tall and slim redhead. “Whoa ! You wouldn’t dare killing an Avenger, no ? If you plan to do so, you’ll have the whole team on your back.” spoke Natasha. She’s now ready to use her twin miniature wrist laser gauntlets and she aims them at the other redhead. “I don’t care about your allies; this is not only a matter of national security but of protecting the fabric of reality as it is. In a nutshell, you saw stuff that’s way beyond what you’re able to understand and process. Don't even try to fight me: I’m a parautilitarian.” replied the director. She fires her gun but Romanova, with her reflexes, quickly crouches down as the bullet passes above her head. Then, she shoots blue laser projectiles but her foe forms a natural shield around her. Next, Black Widow runs away and exits the room; however, she soon feels a gush of wind that passes near her. After, Jesse appears in front of the heroine and the latter snickers. “In my life, I’ve seen a lot of super-powered people and that don't impress me much.” told the beauty before firing more lasers.Again, Faden evades the projectiles but with her right hand, she summons a fire extinguisher. She launches the red object at Natasha; the spy avoids the attack but in retaliation, she launches back the container at the sender. As the extinguisher is near the FBC director, Romanova hits it with a well-placed projectile. It explodes but in only stuns Jesse, who curses. “You’re really starting to be persistent; you’re getting on my nerves and I can’t wait to crush you like a gnat.” hissed the other redhead, now levitating. “Allow me to remind you that I’m a black widow, not some insignificant mosquito…” sighed the Avenger. Faden doesn’t answer and she throws all kinds of objects at her prey, in vain. “Would you mind stopping your levitating act please ? Now, be a real woman and fight me: let’s see what you’re able to do without your special abilities.” shouted Natasha. “If that’s what you want.” curtly told the ruthless FBC director before landing in front of her target. Jesse attempts to do a chest chop but Romanova easily dodges the attack. Then, the heroine does a fast, flying roundhouse kick; her opponent’s left cheek is struck hard. After, her body hits the ceramic floor and she grunts in pain. As the intruder walks towards Faden, the cold but calculating woman does a leg sweep; Black Widow loses balance. Now, like lightning Faden stands up and tries to stomp the Avenger’s face; the latter rolls away. In a flash, she jumps on her feet and does a quick uppercut. The FBC director is sent back to the floor and from her bag, Natasha produces a small, white object. Then, she tosses it at her foe and next, the woman with dark red hair becomes ensnared with a blue colored energy bola. “I can’t move.” ranted Jesse, now very angry. “It seems that you’re now stuck in my web, pretty butterfly.” giggled Romanova. “Go to Hell ! No matter what, we’ll catch you: we’re a very resourceful organization and we’ll hunt you to the Earth’s end.” shouted the captive. “Such fancy words, but speaking of Hell, yours is about to begin.” spoke Natasha before going beside Jesse. After, she does a powerful kick and she hits Faden behind her neck: the director instantly loses conscience. “Sweet dreams ! I have a task to accomplish and your stupid lockdown won't keep me from getting out of your building. In case you don’t know, I’m a very resourceful woman and in my life, I always managed to get out of tight spots.” told the lady before walking away. The end
John Constantine/Zatanna vs EclipsoThe following story isn't canon with DC Comics books. Liverpool, UK. Tonight, Linus Longbottom, a petty, down-on-his-luck and failure of a thief, is inside the Corduroy jewelry store. This time, the middle-heightened and lanky man successfully managed to deactivate the alarm by tampering with the power box outside the building. “Hehehe ! Now, let’s see what I can find; I could fence it later.” giggled the awkward guy. By carefully looking around, Linus sees a small, square burgundy case on a counter. “Hmm, what’s this ? The owner must be very stupid to let an exposed object in the open like this... ” said Longbottom before taking the peculiar thing. He opens it and to his greatest surprise, a small, perfectly cut black diamond is inside. “Gosh, this is so beautiful: I wonder how that beauty’s worth ?” asked the intruder before exiting by the store’s back door. Now, in his left hand he’s firmly holding his stolen possession; what he doesn’t know is there’s an ancient, evil entity inside the pitch-dark gem... “HAHAHAHAHA !!! Now, everybody will respect me and at last, they’ll stop laughing of Linus ‘Mousey’ Longbottom. All of my life, I’ve been ridiculed and I’ll make everybody that ever mocked me pay dearly.” evilly guffawed the vengeful criminal. Suddenly, Linus feels a throb coming from the box and he drops it. The mysterious gem is now exposed and the burglar takes it. Then, he begins to shake; he decides to lean against a wall. “What’s... happening to... me ?” nervously thinks Linus. A nearby pedestrian notices the odd guy and asks: “Hey mate, you alright ?” “Never been better, foolish mortal.” answered the larcenist, who has an unexpected scary voice. He turns his head and the other man’s eyes widens in terror. After, he screams and runs for his life; soon, all the people who notices the burglar run scared out of their wits. “He’s a monster or some kind of demon. Call for help...” cries a woman.Meanwhile, Zatanna Zatara and John Constantine are inside an ice cream parlour; together they’re finishing a sundae and the song Don't break the circle by Demon plays on the radio. “What a strange coincidence that 80s hard rock tune is currently airing; we’re both accomplished magicians. Frankly, it feels so good to be with you, Zee.” humbly spoke the blond-haired, eccentric English warlock, who wears his typical beige trenchcoat, along with his red tie. “Thank you so much John, but may I ask you why you summoned me in your native city please ?” queried the stunning, blue-eyed stage magician and occasional heroine, who’s known for her eye-catching fishnet stockings and her backwards-recited spells. “Simple; I’ve heard a rumour that a fragment of the Heart of Darkness, in which the demonic entity named Eclipso was imprisoned ages ago, was inside some local jewelry. In the late 19th century, an archaeologist discovered the artifact and brought it to London. But can you imagine what comes next ? The silly sod had it cut into 1000 pieces. Now, I fear that someone might steal it; lemme tell you that this Eclipso tosser feeds of people’s dark thoughts, such as anger, hate and fear. I’ve even heard that he’s as powerful as The Spectre; he’s considered as an Angel of Vengeance as well. In other words, if you’re near one of the black gems and you’re feeling like I described, then you’ll be possessed in a jiffy. Unless Eclipso is sent back to his prison.” replied Constantine. “If I understand, you want my assistance, yes ?” questioned the sexy brunette. “That’s it my good lady friend: I want you to get rid of that shard by using your magic, along with mine. We need to protect people from that bastard’s evil influence.” told John.Suddenly, their conversation is interrupted by panicked shouts and screams. Both heroes look outside the ice cream parlour and Zatanna declares: “What’s happening ? I sense a malefic entity who’s disturbing the order of things. Oh my God: look at that poor man.” As for the mage, who saw the guy being disintegrated by some black ray, he sees the culprit and replies: “Damn it: it’s him ! We have no choice; we must fight Eclipso before that wanker causes even more destruction and murder. I guess you don’t want that, ennit ?” “Does he have any known weaknesses ?” queried Zatara. “Yeah, prepare to laugh out loud: he’s vulnerable to sunlight and like his fancy schmancy name says, he’s restricted to darkness. Luckily for us, he’ll be easy to defeat.” chuckled the Englishman.Now, both magicians are outside and all they see is some man walking on the street. He wears a common brown outfit but the right side of his face is chalk-white; it strangely looks like an eclipse pattern. Plus, he has pointy ears, sharp teeth and his cruel eyes are yellow-colored. “Who are you, puny humans ? Prepare to suffer the wrath of Eclipso !” spoke the demon while observing Zatanna and Constantine. “Our names aren’t quite important, squire. What matters now is what we’re about to do to your ugly mug.” declared the trenchcoat-wearing warlock. As for the villain, he takes his shard and with his right eye, he emits the same kind of ray that both heroes earlier saw. “John, look out !” shouted Zatanna. However, it’s too late: her friend is struck and he’s now unable to move. “Stceffe fo yar, enogeb ! (Effects of ray, begone !)” spoke the woman with the top hat. Constantine soon regains his mobility and thanks Zatara. “Don’t forget that he’s vulnerable to sunlight; maybe with your enchanted powers, you could amplify all the nearby light bulbs. If doable, they’d harness the power of the Sun. While you do this, I’ll do some magic of my own.” whispered John with a wicked grin. “Great idea.” smiled Zatanna. From his left eye, Eclipso emits a series of deadly black rays; he misses his shots and curses. “You won’t run and hide forever, insolent creatures.” hissed the demon. “Thgil sblub, uoy evah won eht rewop fo eht nus. Won, htiw rouy dnuofwen thgim esaelp nethgilne Ospilce. (Light bulbs, you have now the power of the Sun. Now, with your newfound might please enlighten Eclipso.)” uttered the stage magician. “What manner of speech is that ?” asked the evil Angel. “The kind that’ll cause your loss, you hideous imp.” laughed Constantine. All of a sudden, all lights sources point at the entity and he screams in pain. “Can’t... move. Too... much light...” grunted the malefic being. From his pocket, John picks his lighter, turns it on and yells: “In the name of Lowrek, Prince of Elves... Demon begone !!!” With a funny face, Zatanna looks at his friend but something unexpected happens. The flame of the lighter becomes a huge flamethrower and the orange-red torrent goes towards Eclipso; he yelps in pain but in the process, he drops his black diamond. “Now Zee: we must contain him while we can.” told the Englishman. “Sure ! Osplice, nruter edisni ruoy meg nosirp. (Eclipso, return inside your gem prison.)” ordered Zatanna. Suddenly, a black mist emanates from the possessed man’s eyes, nose and mouth and it goes towards the shard; Linus Longbottom regains his normal appearance but after, he loses conscience. “It must’ve been the would-be jewel thief; the sap didn’t know what he stole.” told Constantine. “Maybe, but I can’t let that evil gem exposed. Kcalb meg, emoceb desacne ni kciht, dloc enots rof lla ytinrete. (Black gem, become encased in thick, cold stone for all eternity.) spoke the stunning conjurer. The malefic diamond becomes a brick of grey stone and Zatanna takes it; then, an incoming squad of police cars is now visible in the distance. “Quickly, we must disappear; the bobbies, I mean the cops, don’t need to know what happened. Or else, they’ll send us to the funny farm.” declared John as he and Zee are running away. “I understand. But about the shard, can I keep it please ? It’ll need to be safeguarded and if Eclipso ever reappears, maybe our allies, such as Doctor Fate, could fight him. John, I’ve had enough for tonight and I need to get back to my hotel. Tomorrow night, I have a show in Las Vegas and I must sleep at all costs.” said Zatara. “We made such a great team and I hope we’ll meet again like this. Until then, take care friend. Cheerio !” replied John. Both exchange waving hands and they part ways.The end
Firestar's Vengeance Pg.10 by Anubis-hound
Skin coloring tutorial by SunlessRose
Tara Cordova Stages WIP by GearGades
The Cats 9 Lives Chapter 3 Pg76 Preview by GearGades
Chapter of Whitelaw - Entering UA High - Page 08 by TingandWal

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Welcome to the hub~!  Here you will find promotional listings for club members' webcomics~! To submit your own just send a note to the club with a link to the comic, a link to a deviation to use as a thumbnail, the title of the comic, creator names, the genre, a rating (Everyone, Teen, Mature, etc.), and 140 character length description (i.e. a Twitter post length).


Zenchav by DracoPlato
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy / Drama / Action
Description: The son of a devil is raised by his father's slave in the early1900s for his eventual future as a pawn in his father's plan to make the people of the Earth suffer for their own betterment.

:bulletyellow: Psychteria Webcomic cover by CalimonGraal
Psychteria by CalimonGraal
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Description: Cali Nightstone is a bitter, lonely girl, hiding from a haunting past. After finding an estranged lizard man her life begins to change. Her past begins to resurface and she must face an incoming catastrophe that threatens the populace of her planet.

:bulletyellow: Kalwa Thumbnail by Pete-Da-Graptor
Kalwa by Peter Ahola (writer and artist) and Ryan Greene (writer)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Science Fiction, Action
Description: You ever wanted to time travel? Go back to a more exciting time, see things the way they were before you were born? Through a strange phone she discovered on the beach, Kalwa has found a way. But the consequences for using time as your personal playground are more than she might expect...

:bulletyellow: Fallacy - Ch. 2 by Damatris
Fallacy by Damatris
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Norse Mythology
Description: When young earl gets kidnapped things get messy as the task given to him in exchange for freedom goes horribly wrong.

:bulletyellow: Darklings - Issue 5 cover by RavynSoul
Darklings by RavynSoul & Leiko
Rating: Mature
Genre: Horror/Supernatural/Action
Description: Darklings follows a group of supernatural beings and humans that protect the rest of humanity from the supernatural world.

:bulletyellow: DA ID: If Death Had a Cat by IfDeathhadaCat
If Death had a Cat by IfDeathhadaCat
Rating: Teen
Genre: Slice of Life / drama / fantasy
Description: Ever wondered what it' d be like if Death had a cat? Well wonder no more! Follow the stories of Death and his pet, companion, and servant Tom.

:bulletyellow: My Little Doll by RaspberryTickle
Be My Doll by RaspberryTickle
Rating: Mature
Genre: Horror, Psychological, Drama
Description: Doll-like Satomi has caught the attention of a psychopathic doll-maker who longs to make her part of his "collection".

:bulletyellow: Love Metal Chapter 1 Book Cover by HeartandVoice
Love Metal by HeartandVoice
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
Description: Is blackmail the best way to start a relationship? When Karin Stone accidentally discovers a shocking secret about her favorite metal singer (and crush) Dante Fero, will she keep to herself? Or will she use this information to her advantage?

:bulletyellow: Concerning Rosamond Grey Page 1 by Hestia-Edwards
Concerning Rosamond Grey by Thexenops
Rating: Teen
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Description: In the late 19th century, little Rosamond Grey snuck into the woods one night, and was found unconsciousness the next day. For years afterwards she suffers from seizures from an unknown ailment. Dr. Glass is loosing hope for her cure, until a strange foreigner hints of a different cause…

Anarchy Dreamers by dodger-d  (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen+
Genre: Fantasy/High School Life/Mystery/Romance
Description: A group of friends wake up from a terrible nightmare, gifted with strange abilities and memories of a different world...

:bulletyellow: 'Oh, Brother!' Chapter 2 - Pg 2-3 by jijikero
Oh, Brother! by Jiji Kero
Rating: Mature
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen-Ai, Yaoi
Description: After 8 long years, Eiko will be reunited with his half brother, Umi- little does Eiko know that Umi plans to seduce him on the very 1st night!

:bulletyellow: Cover version 2 by AlienShores
Alien Shores by Kathy Catlin
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Long-form drama
Description: Having a personal crisis, Max impulsively joins a band. However his insecurity may cost him his friends, his band, and possibly his life.

:bulletyellow: An Elegant Evening by Ellen-Natalie
Furry Experience by Ellen Natalie
Rating: Teen
Genre: Slice of Life
Description: Three roommates attending college in Utah Valley. Between their different backgrounds, beliefs, and friends, there's sure to be lots of comedy and drama
before anyone earns a diploma.

:bulletyellow: Warm Welcome: Pg.09 by JM-Henry
The Lostland by J.M. Henry  (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Sci-fi, Supernatural
Description: The adventures of four travelers unknowingly wrapped up in a chain of events, all leading to one man's plot to turn the world on it's head.

:bulletyellow: Bi-Morphon Cover by FrozenBox
Bi-Morphon by Frank Esparza
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Sci-Fi
Description: Two small robots roam in space attempting to defend worlds from destruction using local life forms, but continue to fail. Earth is next.

Amaravati by Meg Rowe
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Description:  A cursed prince, a questing princess, a corrupted mage, and enough secrets to last a lifetime. The truth lies in history long forgotten.

:bulletyellow: Brothers by AbnormallyNice
White Space by Joh Viljoen
DA Group
Rating: Teen to Young Adult
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Description: Tired of living under the Alphantos Protocol, twin brothers, Joel and Aiden, embark on a journey to escape from it.  The only leads they have are the legends on a place where Runners are free to live as the please. 'Free City', the Runner's paradise.

:bulletyellow: It's Stargazer! by OneWingArt
Stargazer the Magical Cat by OneWingArt
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Description: Meet Stargazer, a purple cat with magical powers who is determined to help other creatures in need. Light-hearted, colorful and cute.

:bulletyellow: Cretaceous Survivor -main cover- by SpeedAction
Cretaceous Survivor by Ángel Povedano  (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen+
Genre: Action, Adventure
Description: 65 millions of years ago, a meteor fell down on earth and annihilated every dinosaur, but one, How will this velociraptor manage to survive the extinction?

Bremen by darkeye36
Rating: Teen
Genre: TBA
Description: The story of a young man gifted with vast preternatural abilities as a result of his unique heritage, who is drawn into a life of adventure, intrigue, and danger when he gains the unwanted attention of sinister forces with grand designs for the world and a vested interest in reining in powerful beings such as himself...

:bulletyellow: Asternight chapter 1 - Collision by Asternight-comic
Asternight by tery-chan
Rating: Teen
Genre: Supernatural/Psychological/Tragic/Humor/Thriller
Description: One bad decision puts a young girl on a path of revenge and survival. She learns about another world that was hiding in the shadows this whole time and gains a family she never had. But what is actually happening? And is everything she knew even real?

:bulletyellow: Redemption, 0.1 - Cover by Bobo-Kitty
Redemption by Bobo-Kitty
Rating: Teen
Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror
Description: Sometimes people make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes bring about the end of the world. Maya Fujikawa is, unfortunately, in the latter, but she's determined to make up for, well, nearly wiping out the human race...and unleashing hordes of monsters... This won't be easy.

:bulletyellow: The Next Reaper | Chapter 2. Page 21 by DeusJet
The Next Reaper by Jet Sword (writer and artist) and Jimmy Olsson (writer)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Horror/Adventure
Description: In a distant future, the world is a dark and gruesome place...
What happens when a God runs away and the Devil closes its doors? What happens, when Death is too old to go on with his work, and Life itself has gone mad? What happens... When the seven deadly sins break free and take hold of our world...?

Legend Riders: Legacy of Leneira by YamiLegendRider
Legend Riders: Rise of Cassandra by Kassandra-21
Rating: Mature 17+
Genre: Action/Supernatural
Description: Legend Riders consists of two parts. Legacy of Leneira follows 6 Chosen Ones and reveals the history of the ancient land, Leneira, while Rise of Cassandra digs into depths of Hell to set free a new world. But what does Leneira have to do with this?

:bulletyellow: Emu Sher Et by EmuSherEt
Emu Sher Et by Dalia and Wissam
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Action / Mythological Fantasy / Superhero / Comedy
Description: A down-on-his-luck detective is at his wit’s end trying to solve a missing children’s case before it’s too late, when he gets the call that’ll change his life...

Mercy is Just My Name by Jon Gerung (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Spaghetti-Western / Steampunk / Supernatural
Description: “Mercy is Just My Name” is a classic revenge-fueled spaghetti western with a steampunk, supernatural twist. A Free phone-friendly version or smaller screens of “Mercy is Just My Name” is now available on Taptastic. Rated for teens.

Team X by Eweeka
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fantasy / Sci-fi / Action
Description: A group of friends - Team X receives a special task. They need to recover from the hands of Haroc magical artifact - Megail - disc divided into five parts. When all the parts are connected can open a portal to all the world that only exists. To achieve their goal they will have on the way to overcome many unexpected obstacles.

:bulletyellow: The Penn-Workers: Chapter 1 by Tennessee11741
The Penn-Workers by Whiteley Foster (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fiction / Sci-fi / Action
Description: The Penn-Workers follows two pampered siblings who want more than anything to become inventors, and the rough road they travel to achieve a dream that may already be beyond their grasp.

Mythica by Yaoi Huntress Earth (author), Paty Kizshia (artist, pages 1-15), and Kat Powell (artist, ongoing)
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Description: Our words and stories define the spirits and in return they give us their power. And the immortal called, Seth, must make sure they play nice.

:bulletyellow: HOTWAB #1 Front Page by shaneoid77
Heroes of the World and Beyond by Shaneoid
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Superhero
Description: Heroes are in! If you're popular enough, you could make merch sales from your capers! Prymus city is home to Earth's mighti... available heroes, but they'd find more amazing things which lie beyond!

:bulletyellow: Whetstone Chapter 1 Cover by WhiteSpireStudios
Whetstone by Nicholas Ricci (writer) and Jessica Surline (artist)
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Sci-fi, Action
Description: It’s the year 2052. Amidst a society in freefall, a heroine emerges. With guidance by a secretive assassin, a plan for vengeance is born...

Timber Trackway by Kloudeda
Rating: Mature
Genre: Sci-fi, Dark Comedy, Action
Description: Nearly two thousand years after the near extinction of all life in the galaxy a clingy screw up and a detached runaway are caught up in a conspiracy involving a mysterious group in control of the last vestiges of the old world.

Smoke, Fur And Stone by LJ-Phillips
Rating: 18+
Genre: Bara, Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Description: * Hick werewolves * Gay gargoyles * Meet them all at the Coven. Skoll's bad day starts with his ex's murder but it only gets worse from there.

:bulletyellow: Spirit Legends - Issue 1 Cover by Drewmaru
Spirit Legends by Andrew DeCrescenzo
Rating: Teen
Genre: Action
Description: The humdrum life of cowardly high school student, Andrew, is quickly thrown into chaos when fate chooses him as successor to one of the mystical talismans from a long forgotten era of history. When new challenges arise that threaten the peace and stability of the world, Andrew must foster abilities he never knew he had in order to save his new friends and loved ones and discover the true meaning of courage.

:bulletyellow: Petra's Apartment Cover by Krazy-dog
Petra's Apartment by Krazy-dog
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life, Comedy
Description: A story of a dragoness who wants to rent out a special apartment but could not find anyone willing to accept. That is until she meets a peculiar person, Thus beginning an new chapter in her life with various surprises in store!
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