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Originally we were a group dedicated to artists and teams trying to pitch comics in the industry. However, now we are supporters of all webcomic artists and comic creators.

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The Courageous DragonMan #9,The Dragon Lair- Manhattan, New York CityDragonMan typed away at his computer as Elise walked up behind him and glanced at his computer screen as she started dusting a nearby table."Have you gained any progress in your investigations yet, Sir?" Asked Elise."The only connections I've made is that method of murder used on the Yakuza heads was a chemical weapon, TR-242... The very same chemical weapon that was stolen from the government facility. Luckily they only stole a vile worth of the chemical, but even with that small amount they'll be able to cause absolute havoc with it." Said DragonMan as he spun around in his chair before standing up and walking past Elise."It sounds like a usurper has taken Haakon Miyazaki's place, but with the method of murder... It's not a simple usurpation. With the type of influence and cunning this mastermind wields, he could've murdered Haakon and all of his men in much more clean and officiant ways and quietly took the throne. But instead he uses a dangerous chemical weapons to exterminate them, it's a warning. A warning to the police, the FBI, and any other crime lord who might get some ideas..." Stated Elise as DragonMan placed his hands on an examination table that had burnt and damaged pieces of metal on it."They aren't stupid, they are bold and dangerous. I examined the weapon they tried to use on me while I was in the truck with them. It was pretty damaged after the battle, but I grabbed what I could and brought it back for examination. It's a powerful laser weapon. Powerful enough to cut through tanks, but still in it's prototype stage. Only someone with a high position in the government could've gotten ahold of this... Or, a few corrupt agents in the government. This goes higher then just a couple of thugs looking to expand their criminal empire, they want domination and control of the entire city..." Said DragonMan as Elise walked over to DragonMan and looked down at the table full of damaged and burnt metal."... And what about the disappearance of Mr. Alexander Adams?" Asked Elise."The trail went cold. From several of the eye witness testimonies and people who lived around the area, he was approached by several men who have been known to hang around with the Yakuza and other Asian gangs. They were probably after the Millennium serum, but only a few government agents and Knight.Corp employees could've known that. I have no idea how a few punks could've known about something like that. I can only imagine the money they'll make by selling if off to the highest bidder. The police and the FBI are starting to narrow down leads, so am I. But I'm unsure if we'll find him in time before... Well, you know." Stated DragonMan as he picked up a chunk of burnt metal and examined it in his clawed hand as Elise looked down grimly.A moment of silence passed between the both of them, before Elise looked back up at DragonMan and finally spoke."Master Will, I think it's time to address the elephant in the room. And you know what I'm talking about." Stated Elise as DragonMan continued to examine the piece of burnt metal before placing it back down."Elise, there is no solid evidence that points to-""Your not stupid, Master Will. He made his way into Knight.Corp and slipped past the guards, he invited you to a bar where you witnessed him nearly killing several men, he knows all about his fathers betrayal, and he even stated how he was going to implement change. Now look at this, Haakons dead, a new Asian gang has popped up out of nowhere and took control of the Yakuza, and you even told me how he had 'friends in the government now'..." Said Elise as DragonMan stared down at his hands for a while, before closing his eyes."I know Kanaye was your friend, Master Will. But you can't deny what's right in front of your face. He took control of the Yakuza by BRUTALLY MURDERING it's leader and it's clear he will go to extreme lengths to get what he wants. That includes killing anyone who gets in his way." Stated Elise as DragonMan opened his eyes and kept the solemn look in his eyes."... Your right, I need to stop them no matter what. And I think I know where their going to be next." Said DragonMan as he turned around and walked over to the computer and started typing on it."It's clear they have one or more government agents in their pockets who no doubt are feeding them all the information they need. I hacked into the database and found out that a truck filled with TR-242 is going to drive through the city to a government facility to have the chemical incinerated. Since they were so bold using a chemical weapon like that, who says their going to stop there?" Stated DragonMan as several pictures of the truck and the chemical canisters flashed on screen.Manhattan- New York CityA heavily armored truck drove down the street only a few hours after sunset. The roads were sparsely populated with other cars and people, but not to the point where it was anywhere near crowded.Most of the other cars around the truck started to fizzle out and diverse from the truck, allowing the truck to drive faster with less worry of any type of collision. It seemed like there was nothing ahead except for smooth sailing.But as the truck continued to drive, in the distance driver and passenger in the truck saw what seemed to be a deformed man walk in the middle of the street."What the heck is that thing?" Asked the passenger guard as he squinted his eyes and the truck drove closer."I... I don't know. What IS that?" Asked the driver as the truck got closer and closer. Both being so entranced and perplexed by the strange figure that they didn't think about slowing down or stopping the truck.As soon as it got close enough, the two saw a deformed hunched back man with metallic skin and a dysmorphic hand size. ,But as the driver soon realized that he was about to hit the man, it was too late."Holy sh-!"Skreeeeeee!The driver hit the breaks too late as it seemed like the truck was about to run over the man. But the man simply smirked as he held his gigantic left claw out as the truck collided with it.Crash!The truck immediately stopped in it's tracks as the front of the truck was caved in and the guards in the truck had their heads smashed through the windshield.Big Claw pulled his massive claw out of the front of the truck before walking around the truck and over to the back as out of nowhere, several smaller black trucks drove in and swung open their back doors. Allowing dozens of thugs to pour out of the trucks with rifles in their hands.Big Claw continued to stand in front of the back doors of the truck, before grabbing the twin solid re-enforced steel doors on the back of the truck and tearing them off like they were tissue paper.Kreeek!Before tossing them aside and stepping onto the massive truck where he looked around at all the propane sized containers of Dying Breath."Grab as much as you can and load them in the trucks..." Ordered Big Claw before stepping out of the truck and allowing the goons to run in and transport as many canisters as they can to their trucks."And remember, if a single drop of it touches your skin, you WILL die. Damage a canister in any way, and you better hope the chemical kills you before I do." Warned Big Claw as the goons continued to work as fast, yet as carefully as they could.But as they were working, a bullet flew through the air and bounced off of Big Claw's back. Big Claw and the other goons turned around to see that one of the guards in the front of the truck survived and tried shooting at Big Claw with a pistol.He let off several more rounds, only for each bullet to bounce off of Big Claw's thick hide. Big Claw didn't waste any time as he lunged forward and picked up the man in his oversized hand. The man struggled for a second, before Big Claw simply squeezed and crushed the man.Crack!He tossed the man aside before turning around and seeing his men continuing to transport the canisters of Dying Breath."C'mon! Move it before the police and the entire New York City SWAT team arrives, you idiots! We need to get as much as possible!" Yelled Big Claw before him and his thugs heard the sound of sirens come in from all around them.Before the gang even knew it, dozens of police cars blocked both sides of the road and trapped the thugs. Police poured out of their cars before pointing their guns at the thugs and started yelling at them."Drop the canisters and put your hands in the air!" Yelled Captain Adrian Finch as he trained his gun at the thugs before another cop with a megaphone started announcing to the thugs."FREEZE AND PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD! WE SAID FREEZE! INCLUDING THE-... The... What is that?" Asked the cop with the megaphone as he saw Big Claw standing next to the truck.Big Claw looked over a the police and smiled before cracking his neck and slowly marching towards them."Hey! We said freeze! Freeze or we will open fire!" Yelled the megaphone cop as Big Claw continued his marching, which started turning into a sprint."Light him up!" Yelled Adrian Finch as he and the rest of the police from both sides of the road starting shooting as the thugs and Big Claw. The thugs on the other side of the road started having a firefight with the police as Big Claw charged at the barricade of police cars on the other."Get back! Get back!" Yelled Adrian as he and the other cops ran away as Big Claw charged straight through the police car barricade and started tossing police cars into nearby buildings and further in the street. "Get back! But continue firing!" Yelled Adrian as the police still continued to fire at Big Claw. The bullets only continued to bounce off of the behemoths metallic skin as he ran into police left and right as he started punching and throwing them into the ground or nearby buildings."This is Captain Adrian! We need backup! REPEAT! WE NEED BACK UP!" Yelled Adrian into his radio as he tried to find cover.Big Claw then picked up a nearby cop car and tossed it straight into a group of huddling cops.Crash!But as Big Claw smirked, he heard the rumbling of heavy duty vehicles and looked over to see around five SWAT trucks charge straight towards him.Big Claw charged forward and held his left hand back in a fist motion, before approaching the first SWAT truck and swinging his fist upward. Sending the truck flying through the air and high into the sky.But as the occupants inside thought they were in their final moments of life, the truck came to a halt in mid-air. The men looked at each other in confusion before the driver and passenger SWAT members looked out the window to see DragonMan holding the massive SWAT truck over his head as he hovered in the air.Slowly and carefully DragonMan flew back to the road below and placed the SWAT van back on the ground."Is everyone okay in there?" Asked DragonMan as he looked in the SWAT van as the men inside nodded nervously to the reptilian."Saving ants, are we? What a waste of power..." DragonMan turned around to see the deformed metallic man slowly walk up to him."Who are you?" Asked DragonMan as Big Claw simply scanned him and ignored his question."I find it so funny how you dress up like a knight, yet you resemble a dragon. Weren't dragons seen as evil monsters in medieval Europe? Doesn't really fit your 'hero' persona very well." Mocked Big Claw as DragonMan simply stared at the mutant."Surrender now or I'll MAKE you surrender." Growled DragonMan."There's only room for one dragon here, my friend. The Divine Dragon, Big Claw..." Said Big Claw as DragonMan's eyes widened suddenly as he recongized the tattoos on the man and the phrases he used."Kanaye?... What happened to- UGH!" DragonMan wasn't able to quietly mumble out the last words of his sentence before Big Claw charged up to him and swung his oversized left claw with such force is sent DragonMan flying and tumbling back through several remaining cop cars and SWAT vans.Krash! Clang! Skree! Klang! Crash!But DragonMan slowed himself down before sinking his claws into the road and halting his momentum. DragonMan looked back up to see the behemoth was walking straight towards him as he pushed massive SWAT vans aside like they were nothing.'No time for talking!' Thought DragonMan as he launched straight at Big Claw and punched him across the face. But he was far from over as he continued to swing his powerful fists straight at Big Claw's face, before landing one last swing and forced the mutant to stumble back a few feet.DragonMan stood there and panted, before feeling sharp points of pain coming from his fists. He looked down and saw his knuckles were sore, not even realizing how durable this opponent was. As DragonMan looked up, he saw Big Claw smirking at DragonMan and marching over once more as he cracked his knuckles."Is that all you got?"DragonMan scanned the mutant once more, the mutation seemed so familiar, as if he's heard about these specific symptoms of mutations before. Before hitting DragonMan all at once."Alexander Adams, you kidnapped him and stole the Millennium serum from him... And then you injected yourself with it. Do you have any idea what you've done?" Asked DragonMan as Big Claw stopped for a moment and smirked at DragonMan."I gave myself power. TRUE power. Power I deserve, power I need to achieve my destiny... To transform into something greater and become the new Big Claw of the Yakuza. The future is in my claws..." Said Big Claw as he held his dimorphically sized claws out in front of him."And YOUR not in them..." Stated Big Claw as he suddenly charged forward and swung at DragonMan. Only for DragonMan to dodge the hit and fought back with a flurry of kicked and punches.Both monsters traded punches before DragonMan caught Big Claw's punch and headbutted him before attacking him with a flurry of slashes with his claws. Claw slashes that barely broke Big Claw's skin.But Big Claw broke the flurry of attacks as his giant left hand wrapped around DragonMan's torso and electrocuted him with a surge of yellow electricity.Kazzap!Before pulling him back and tossing him into a nearby building.Krash!But as Big Claw smirked at his success, a flurry of bullets and heavy duty missiles started assaulting him from behind.Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Boom! Kaboom! Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Boom! Kaboom!Big Claw looked back to see Captain Finch standing next to a squad of SWAT and other cops who were firing at him with semi-automatics and missile launchers.Big Claw then suddenly slammed his palm into the ground and with a surge of golden energy started a tremor that shook the Earth to a point where it even damaged nearby buildings and cracked open the ground.RRRRRRRAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!The police and SWAT members fell over as a nearby street lamp fell over and fell on top of several of the cops and SWAT members who became trapped.Adrian and several other cops ran over as they grabbed the street lamp and attempted to push it off of the trapped cops. But as they did, Big Claw walked over to them with a smile, as he lifted his left hand to reveal a series of several pulsating holes that glowed with golden energy as he pointed it at the trapped police.Captain Adrian quickly turned around as he pulled out his gun and aimed it at the monster. He knew his bullets wouldn't be effective in the very least. But he will still do his very best to protect his fellow officers.As Big Claw charged up his attack, DragonMan peaked out of the hole in the building he was just tossed through. As he shook off the blow, he looked down to see Big Claw looming over the men who he was about to destroy.Without hesitation, DragonMan leaped out of the building and dashed up behind Big Claw. Quickly he wrapped his arms around Big Claw, one around his neck and the other around his chest as he picked up the beast and aimed his charging pulse attack into the sky. As suddenly a flurry of yellow energy tendrils fired into the air and just grazed the top of a nearby building, blasting the very top of the building to pieces.RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!"That's enough!" Yelled DragonMan as his grip over Big Claw grew tighter as Big Claw attempted to escape the hero's grasp. But as DragonMan's forearm was grasping down on Big Claw's neck, Big Claw pulled his head back and bit down on DragonMan's forearm with his long dagger-like teeth as DragonMan screamed out in pain."Raaugh!" Screamed DragonMan as Big Claw sunk his fangs deeper into DragonMan's arm.As this was happening, the police took their window of escape as Adrian and several other free cops grabbed the street lamp and started pushing it off the trapped police."Come on! You can spectate later! Let's move!" Yelled Adrian as the street lamp was pushed off of the cops as they managed to get away.As DragonMan struggled against Big Claw's vice-like bite, Big Claw started to slightly transform as the left half of his face and body started to turn green and scaly like DragonMan's skin with his left eye morphing into an orange slit eye.As Big Claw suddenly released his bite on DragonMan's hand before elbowing the hero in the face and sending him skidding back a few feet.As Big Claw turned around to face him, his eyes widened in shock as he saw that 10 to 25% of Big Claw's body was mutated to resemble DragonMan himself, with the left side of his body bearing the mutation.,"Hehehe..." Big Claw laughed before suddenly charging forward and punching DragonMan. Sending the hero flying back before grabbing the hero's tail and swinging him back to where the Yakuza thugs and the police continued to have their fire fight.But stopped as DragonMan suddenly flew in and crashed through several police cars and nearly crashed into the truck carrying all the Dying Breath in it.Krash!DragonMan got back up and looked back only to see Big Claw leap high in the air from his original position and land back down only a few feet away from DragonMan.Krash!Before rising back up and cracking his knuckles as everyone on the battlefield looked at Big Claw in confusion and fear."Ima, kore wa tanoshīdeshou!"'Now this will be fun!'"Shut up and fight!" Replied DragonMan as he held his fists up.Before the two collided as DragonMan held back Big Claws massive fists with the two pushing against each other."After I've KILLED you, I'll absorb ALL your power! Speaking of which, I wonder what new powers I have..." Stated Big Claw as the two continued to push against each others forces, with both shoving their feet into the ground and cracking the road.But DragonMan had enough as he swung Big Claw around and tossed him into a nearby building.Crash!Big Claw immediately ran back out and stopped in front of DragonMan before opening his mouth and unleashing a flurry of flames upon the hero.Froooooooooosh!The flames then subsided as he shut his mouth and looked at the spot where DragonMan was which was covered by smoke. But as the flames and smoke subsided, Big Claws eyes widened in surprise to see DragonMan stood there completely uneffected."My name is DragonMan. You think I wouldn't have an immunity to fire?" Asked DragonMan before suddenly raising his hands and blasting Big Claw with a concentrated beam of fire, which made him stumble back.Froooosh!"Now let's see if that works BOTH ways!" Replied DragonMan as Big Claw glared at him before looking over at the nearby police and cop cars."Hehehe, you may be immune... But are your friends immune too?" Asked Big Claw before taking in a deep breath and unleashing a flurry of fire on the police and cop cars.Frooosh!But it was immediately cut short as DragonMan dashed in and started pummeling Big Claw with a vicious left hook, right hook, and a stomach punch. Before headbutting the monster and grabbing him before flying high into the air and tossing the monster across the street. Smashing him into the ground.Krash!Big Claw crawled out of the crater he made as DragonMan landed on the ground around fifty feet away from him."You honestly think a little rough housing is going to hurt me!?" Asked Big Claw as he started to march forward.Without speaking, DragonMan's facemask opened up as he breathed a powerful blast of fire straight at Big Claw.FROOOOOOOSH!But as the flames cleared, Big Claw stood there mostly unaffected with a smile on his face."To be fair, I don't think that would've worked even without your powers..." Laughed Big Claw."Alright then... Time for a different strategy..." Uttered DragonMan before powering up two fists of fire before blasting the road below him with extreme head.Froooosh!"What the-!?" Was all Big Claw had time to say before a wave of liquid burning asphalt washed over him.Splash!Big Claw struggled through the thick burning asphalt as DragonMan flew straight towards him.But Big Claw was ready as he held his left hand out and fired a blast of golden tendril-like energy beams that careened straight towards DragonMan.RRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!The hero had not time to jump out of the way of the beams as they hit him and sent him flying back. The power of the golden beams were so strong that if blasted DragonMan through three buildings.KRASH! CRASH! KRASH!Before crashing down in the middle of a street.Krash!Everyone on the streets and in cars looked on in shock as DragonMan stood back up from the crater he was lying in and rubbed the back of his neck in pain."Well, that was something." Said DragonMan before immediately spreading his wings and flying high into the air"Okay, that's enough. Pack it up and move out." Ordered Big Claw as the Yakuza thugs nodded and started to load up the last tanks of Dying Breath while the rest continued to fend off the remaining firing cops with their own gunfire.But as the last thug loaded up in one of the trucks, Big Claw saw a growing shadow on the ground before him. Looking up in confusion, his eyes widened as DragonMan fell straight down with a sword held over his head. Before Big Claw could react, DragonMan came crashing down as he swung down his sword.Smash!Big Claw stumbled back as DragonMan's landing created a small crater. But as Big Claw was about to punch DragonMan, he noticed the two fingers on his left hand were sliced off with a yellowish golden blood oozing from them."AAAAAAHHH! Anata wa hachūrui no mazāfakkādesu!" Roared Big Claw as he knocked DragonMan back with a vicious right hook.Pow!'AAAAAAHHH! You reptilian m*#^%@#!@%#!'The punch knocked DragonMan back several feet and nearly crashed into the firing cops. DragonMan stood up again as he looked over and saw that Adrian was next to him and firing from behind a car."Happy you can join us." Quipped Adrian as he continued to fire from his position behind the car."Captain, you need to get out of here and chase down those trucks!" Yelled DragonMan as he started firing several blasts of fire as the approaching Big Claw which barely slowed him down."Are you out of your mind!? What makes you think I'm taking orders from you!?" Yelled Adrian."I can only hold this monster off for so long, NOW GO!" Yelled DragonMan as he charged into Big Claw as the two traded blows once more. Big Claw hitting with his right and left, DragonMan seeing that Big Claw already regenerated his fingers.Captain Finch looked on in silence for a moment, before talking into his radio."All units! All units! We have several hostiles carrying trucks full of a deadly poison driving south of Chelsea! The suspects are armed to the teeth and extremely dangerous! Approached with extreme caution!" Ordered Captain Finch before getting into his cop car with another cop and pointing to a small group of police and SWAT members still on the scene."Keep a perimeter and keep civilians away until backup shows up!" Ordered Captain Finch before getting into his car and driving away to chase down the Yakuza trucks.Meanwhile, Big Claw punched DragonMan to the ground and reached down to pick him up. But before he could touch him, DragonMan swung his tail straight into the side of Big Claws face and sent him flying straight into a nearby building.Crash!DragonMan stood back up and looked over at the government truck that still had canisters of Dying Breath in it, only for his eyes to widen as he saw orange gas starting to rise from some of the canisters."GET EVERYONE OUT HERE NOW!" DragonMan yelled turning back to the remaining cops and SWAT members as they obeyed without question and DragonMan marched over to the truck.Meanwhile, Big Claw emerged from the hole in the building as the powers he absorbed from DragonMan finally wore off as he turned back into his original dark blue form. Big Claw looked over to see DragonMan was about to pick up the armored truck and take off with it.That's when Big Claw charged forward and held him in a choke hold, as DragonMan struggled to no avail."Are you insane!? There's a leak of the chemical and if it's not stopped everyone is going to die!" Yelled DragonMan as Big Claw chuckled in response."Hehehe! Fortunate for me then! I don't need to breath!" Replied Big Claw as he continued to hold DragonMan in a chokehold, as DragonMan watched as the orange gas cloud started to grow.DragonMan finally found the strength he needed as he grabbed Big Claw by his arm and tossed him over his shoulder, smashing him into the ground. Crash!But he wasn't finished as he grabbed one of Big Claw's legs and tossed him into the fifth story floor of a nearby building.Krash!DragonMan turned his attention back to the leaking truck as he immediately grabbed ahold of it and started flying into the sky with it as fast as he could. All the while the leak became worse and worse as a trail of orange gas trailed behind him.As DragonMan got high enough, he tossed the truck as far as he could into the sky before his face plate opened up and fired a powerful blast of fire breath at the armored truck.Froooosh!The blast cut through the truck before the entire truck exploded in a ball of fire.Kaboom!DragonMan hovered in the air for a moment as he saw the flames and dust clear as tiny burnt fragments of metal came hurdling back to the ground.DragonMan soared back to the ground as he flew over to the fifth story floor of the building where he tossed Big Claw, only to realize that the Yakuza boss was long gone as DragonMan narrowed his eyes in disappointment."He got away..."Manhattan - New York City, UnknownIn a large warehouse somewhere in Manhattan, a gang of Yakuza thugs started unloading canisters of Dying Breath from the trucks and lining them up on the floor. As the last canister was unloaded from the truck, a nearby garage door opened up as several of the thugs stopped and looked over to see their deformed boss walking into the warehouse as he held his phone to his ear and talked with someone on the other side."Yes... Yes, I know. But I assure you, nobody knows it's us. At worse the police believe that it's some new gang who stole the canisters to make a quick buck. The Yakuza usually never operate this way, so the real Japanese mafia is scot-free... At least for now." Stated Big Claw, walking tot he middle of the warehouse as he continued to speak, while the man on the other side of the phone started screaming."Relax, by tomorrow none of it will matter. The city will be engulfed by utter fear and panic and will be FAR too scared to even THINK of catching the ones responsible for what's about to happen. Listen, your my top paid mole in the FBI, I know your power is limited but unless you want me to cut your payroll, and even... Expose you for the treacherous piece of trash you are, your going to do what I say. And if everything goes well, you can expect a pay raise in your future.... Yeah, yeah, no-... Nobodies going to suspect a thing. Good, alright, take care of it." Said Big Claw before pocketing the phone and walking up to the thugs gathered around the trucks and canisters as he looked around."You lost the police?" Asked Big Claw as the men nodded."Yes sir, we lost the pigs and made it here without anyone noticing." Stated one of the men."Good. And what of the supplies that were delivered to me? Did you pick them up like I asked?" Asked Big Claw as he looked over at the other group of men mirroring the first group, who were leaning against and sitting on top of several large crates. "Of course, Boss. They're right here." Said one of the men as the men opened one of the larger crates and started pulling out what appeared to be a device that resembled a bomb with several empty compartments on it. Another man opened up one of the smaller crates and pulled out what appeared to be a smaller cylinder as he walked over to Big Claw with it in hand."All the devices, masks, cylinders, and everything else you ordered came through." Said the thug as he handed the foot long cylinder to Big Claw who took it and examined it."Drug dealing may be a disgusting business… But, at least the money uncle Haakon made from it is going to put to good use. And repair the fearsome name that he reduced to a laughing stock." Stated Big Claw as he walked over to one of the canisters and locked the glass cylinder on top of the canisters, as he twisted it on and allowed the toxic gas to instantly fill the cylinder."Nobody can stop us now..." Stated Big Claw with a sadistic smile on his dark blue metallic face."But sir, what about DragonMan? If he found out what your plan is-..." The thug trailed off as the cylinder became full of Dying Breath. And Big Claw stood up and turned around to look at the thug with the filled cylinder in his left hand. The other thugs either looked at the thug who asked the question, or started to inch away from him. Fearing he was about to become the latest casualty of their boss."Hehehe... Don't worry about HIM. Not even he can stop what I have planned..." Smiled Big Claw as he held the cylinder before him.
The Courageous DragonMan #8,Mayo Clinic- Rochester, Arizona (The Past)In the Mayo clinic on the top floor of the building, Will lays in a bed in a heavy duty containment room in a white room. Will had many machines and wires attached to him as several men and women in bio-hazard suit monitored the machine, wrote on clipboards, and more.The whole time Will was sleeping and lying motionless in bed, two more figures in bio-hazard suits walked up besides his bed and looked down at him. One had the stern but worried look of a father and the other had the worried, teary eyes, terrified look of a mother.Both Charles and Betty Knight looked down at their child with worried looks as Will continued to lay on the bed in his coma.A few seconds later, a doctor in a bio-hazard suit carrying a clipboard walked over to the grieving couple and looked down at his notepad as he stopped."Mister and Mrs Knight? From our analysis, there are no toxic chemicals or any other biohazards found on Will's body. But I still recommend that you stay behind the glass just in case our analysis might be wrong." Stated the doctor as Charles and Betty both looked over at the doctor with different expressions.Charles still possessed his stern yet concerned expression while his wife Betty had a much more angered and offended expression as she glared at the doctor. Betty wasn't oblivious to the types of toxins Will could still have on his body after being exposed to that much Transmutagen, but asking her to leave her sons bedside and stare at his unconscious from a window on the other side of the room was flat out offensive to a mother like her.As it seemed like Betty was about to say something she'll regret to the doctor, Charles placed his hand on his wife's shoulder and calmed her down. As he then turned his gaze to the doctor."Thank you, doctor. We understand the possible risks, but we would still rather stay here and keep him company." Stated Charles as the doctor nodded his hand understandably."How is he doing, doctor?" Asked Betty, all anger disappearing as concern for her son grew."Well..." Said the doctor as he flipped through the notes on his clipboard. "As stated before, we didn't find any kind of toxins or dangerous chemicals on him when he was admitted. Yet we still found trace amounts of a strange chemical in his blood... What was the chemical he was exposed to exactly?""It's called Transmutagen and from what we currently discovered about it is that it can induce random mutations in a lifeform and change their DNA structure. We've been testing it on ameba and other single celled organism and have a few multi celled organisms that have been exposed to the chemical themselves. Despite all that, we still know very little about the full effects of the chemical." Stated Charles honestly and professionally."We gave him every test and analysis available to him, and from everything we've discovered, Will is just fine. He has no signs of cell damage or bodily damage, no signs of mutation, no deformities, in fact, he's as healthy as a horse. Although since this chemical is still very unknown, we recommend that he stays here so we can keep a close eye on him. Just in case of any possible side effects that may pop up down the line." Stated the doctor as the couple nodded."Please let us know when he wakes up, make sure to call us the very second he wakes up. Please." Asked Betty as the doctor nodded."Of course, Mrs. Knight.""I'll make sure to send you all the data we currently have on Transmutagen, to help you with your diagnosis." Stated Charles."Of course, we'll make sure to keep you updated on his progress." Stated the doctor."Thank you, doctor." Replied Charles as the doctor nodded and walked off."Be honest with me, Charles... What do you think?" Asked Betty as she looked over at her husband with a worried look."The doctor himself said that it was highly unlikely that Will would be in any kind of danger. From all their tests they've given him, I'm sure he'll be just fine." Stated Charles confidently with a hint of worry as he looked at his wife and glanced at his son."Charles, you said it yourself that you don't know the long term effects of Transmutagen. We have no idea what could happen, and if something does happen... God, how can the doctors help him with a type of toxin that they don't even understand. That WE don't even understand!" Stated Betty with a worried look."I know he'll be fine because he's our son. Besides, we don't know, he could even be immune to the chemicals effects. He's in the facility of one of the best hospitals in the world with some of the best doctors as well. He's going to be okay, and if something pops up, we'll solve it." Stated Charles as Betty looked back at him with an unsure expression."I want your honest opinion, Charles. Because I don't want to be fed something I want to hear and not the actual truth. Do you think he'll be okay?" Asked Betty as Charles looked back at her as he attempted to keep his blank pokerface. Although, obvious worry started to seep through."... Honestly, I don't know. I don't know at all. There was never a recorded case of a human ever being exposed to Transmutagen. But that's just what I logically think. In my heart, I know he'll be fine, we owe him that much." Stated Charles as Betty nodded in agreement as the two looked back down at the sleeping Will silently for several more seconds."... I know what your thinking, and your right... It's my fault." Stated Charles as his wife turned to him with a surprised expression."If I just kept him closer, if I was a little faster I would've pulled him through that door before it closed and-... I'm so sorry Betty..." Said Charles remorsefully as he looked down at his son in the hospital bed, can't even bare to look at his wife at the moment."Charles..." Said Betty softly as Charles slowly turned away from his son, and looked at his wife."It was an accident, you did all that you could, but you just couldn't. You had no idea that leak was going to happen, there's nothing you could've done." Stated Betty as Charles continued to avoid eye contact with her."... I love him, Betty, I love the both of you so much. I never wanted any of this to happen, this shouldn't have happened. But it did, and now we're dealing with it." Said Charles as he looked into his wife's eyes for the first time."And I promise on my grave, I will never let anything ever happen to you or Will again. I promise, I will NEVER let anything happen to you two." Swore Charles as Betty stared at him with a shocked expression for a moment, before mellowing out."I know you will, Charles... And that's why I love you. I think your right, Will's going to be just fine, after all, he's strong, just like his father..." Said Betty as the two looked back down at the sleeping Will.The Zen Lounge- Chinatown, Manhattan (The Present)"Well? How was it?" Asked Eamon from the end of the marble table as several of his lieutenants walked in the room."It's done, boss. All the drugs were successfully transported to our buyers in the Bronx." Stated the lead lieutenant."What about the cops?" Asked Eamon."They were WAY to busy to deal with us. They were chasing down a couple morons who tried to steal something from a government building. They even distracted DragonMan for us." Stated the thug."I remember when this city was much more simple, just the police and the families. No feds and no flying mutant freaks. I miss those days..." Said Eamon as he leaned back in his chair as he remanence about the old days."By the way, did you get the money?" Asked Eamon as he snapped out of his day dreaming as he leaned forward and interlaced his fingers as he eyed the thugs in front of him."Yes sir, right here." Said the thug as he held up two metal cases as he placed them on the marble table and pushed them over to Eamon. Eamon stopped the sliding cases with his hand, before spinning one of the cases around and opening it up.A smile crept over the mans face as he saw hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in the case before closing it and snapping the latches shut."Hotaka, take care of it." Ordered Eamon as one of the thugs standing nearby walked over and picked up the cases full of money before walking off to properly count the bills and put it away."You know, we have been facing some rough times as of late. But I think this is a sign that things are about to get better. And this is one of the best successful business practices that we have achieved in a while. Break out the sake, I think this calls for a toast." Stated Eamon with a smirk as he raised his hand and snapped his fingers, signaling several waiters standing by to get a big bottle of sake.The waiter returned with a huge bottle of sake in his hands with several other waiters behind him. Another waiter placed glasses in front of each lieutenant and thug who was sitting at the marble table before opening the bottle.The waiter poured the alcoholic beverage in everyone's glasses as Eamon raised his glass with everyone else following suit."I'd like to make a toast, to the future. And here's to more successful ventures in the future." Stated Eamon as he and the rest of the thugs at the table started drinking out of their glasses.Several moments passed as the mobsters at the table continued to enjoy their drinks, until one of the mobsters developed a look of pure confusion and terror as he stared in front of him. Several of the other mobsters stopped and looked at their friend.A few of the mobsters started asking him what was wrong, only to mutter one sentence that froze the blood of the other mobsters."I... I can't see... I can't see!" Yelled the mobster as he frantically started flailing his arms in front of him as if he was lost in a dark cave.As Eamon saw this and was about to say something, he was interrupted as one of the other mobsters turned around and violently started to vomit on the floor. Things only got worse and worse as several men started to have violent seizures, others continued to vomit, with others simply dying on the spot."What- What is going on!? What's happening!? What's-!? Ugh..." Eamon wasn't able to finish as he started to feel the very same symptoms that his fellow mobsters were already experiencing.And just like that, Eamon started experiencing a shortness of breath, excessive drooling, nonstop coughing, a racing heartbeat, weakness, and unimaginable pain all over his body. It felt like a swarm of insects were swarming inside his body, just dying to burst out of his body.Eamon grabbed at his throat as he attempted to at the very least keep his head over the table. But as he looked up, he saw the extra waiters in the room pulling out silencer pistols and hidden blades as they quickly and skillfully disposed of Eamon's bodyguards and the other mobsters who didn't drink yet or decided not to drink.As all the mobsters were either dead or dying, the waiters pulled out gas masks and placed them on their faces. As Eamon's vision began to fade away as he stared at the false waiters, one of them stepped forward and made his way towards Eamon. Eamon recognized the man's body language, the man's figure, everything about the man...The man stopped as he made his way to Eamon as he lowered his head to be face to face with the dying Yakuza boss. The very last thing Eamon saw before his vision faded completely was the upper half of Kanaye's face through the clear visor of the gas mask."Hello, Uncle. Remember me?" Asked Kanaye as Eamon continued in his struggle to breath."What's wrong, Uncle? Feeling a little under the weather? Don't worry, after a few more seconds of unimaginable pain, you'll be put out of your misery." Stated Kanaye as he smiled under his mask."You know, Uncle Eamon, this could've been avoided. If you just stepped aside like I asked, you would still be alive and healthy. You could've moved away from all of this and retired, maybe even buy a nice house and leaned back in a chair with a cold one. But no, you decided to hold onto a throne that was never meant for you and throw out the rightful inheritor of the mantle. Shameful, truly a shame... And all you had to do was recognize the parodical child and the next in line for the position." Stated Kanaye as he callously adjusted his sleeve buttons and stood over the dying man."But I know you probably have only a few seconds left before you die, so I'll be quick. Your probably wondering what exactly I did to you and your army of lap dogs, I put a drop of TR-242 in the Sake before it was served. It's also known as 'Dying Breath', think of it as a much more powerful and dangerous version of Sarin. It's in fact deemed so dangerous by the government that samples are to either be contained in a high security area or be destroyed. Even the small fumes from the drop we put in the alcohol can make a person deathly ill." Kanaye smiled as he pulled out the tiny vile of orange liquid he had in his pocket."Thanks to a few friends I made in the government, I'll finally be able to attain the tools I need for total domination. And in no time, I will have this entire city groveling before me..." Stated Kanaye as he held the orange vile up to his masked face, before stopping and looking down at Eamon. Completely motionless with his face buried in his plate."Oh, your already dead. I guess I did go on a bit or a rant... Hehehe, no matter. I can work on that problem as much as I want after I get total control." Stated Kanaye as he kicked Eamon's chair and caused it to tip over and fall to the ground, as Eamon's corpse was sprawled on the floor.The Subway- Manhattan"Yes sir. Yes, yes I have the case with me. No, nobody has seen it except for the board members of Knight.Corp. I assure you that it couldn't be in safer hands sir. No, sir..." A middle aged man with glasses stood in a crowed subway with many other men who matched his description. The only unusual feature the man had was the silver suit case he was carrying in his left hand. But the most notable feature of the suit case was the metal handcuffs that attached the suit case to the man's wrist."I assure you sir, the sample couldn't be in safer hands. And if I happen to run into any trouble, I'm prepared to deal with it." Stated the man as he tugged at his jacket and could feel the weight of the handgun inside. It's better to be safe then sorry.As the man continued to talk to his boss on the phone, the train dashed into the station from the subway tunnel with a gust of wind accompanying it. Eventually the trained slowly came to a stop and halted in the middle of the station.The doors to the train suddenly flew open as flurries of people both exited and entered the subway trains. As the man talked on the phone, he saw that his ride was here and he needed to end his conversation."Yes sir, I have to go now. I will call you again when I enter my next stop... Okay. Bye." The man hung up his phone and put it in his pocket before worming his way through the crowds of people exiting and entering the train.The man walked over to an available seat on the train as he took a seat. Surprisingly, despite the amount of people entering and exiting the train, there were only a few people in the train cart. Only him and three other people the man didn't get a very good look at.It was a bit odd, but there weren't any red flags. The man placed the metal case in his lap and quietly stared out the window as the train started to move again. The cart remained silent as the train continued to seamlessly speed through the tunnel.A few moments of silence passed before the door connecting the train car to the next car opened up as several men started to pour into the car. The men were all very shady Asian gentlemen as they slowly moved through the car to find somewhere to sit.The man with the brief case looked down one side of the car, then the other to confirm the obvious fact that there were plenty of avalible seats on the train. But the gentlemen continued to walk down the car. The man attempted to mind his own buisness and avoid eye contact with the men as he looked over at the few other people on the train. The people saw the shady Asian gentlemen walking down the car as they expressed the same suspicious and frightened looks that the man with the brief case was avoiding to make.As the gentlemen got closer, the man looked away in hopes that the men would simply walk by him. But as their shadows loomed over him, the man noticed they stopped and hovered over him. At that moment, the man looked up to see those very same shady gentlemen hovering over him and gazing down at them. With all of them giving off extremely bad vibes. The other few passengers on the train knew what was going on, as they silently but quickly stood up and exited out the car door behind them and moved to the next car. Leaving the man all alone with the shady gentlemen."Alexander Adams? We would like you to come with us, our boss wants to see you." Said the lead shady gentleman as Dr. Adams looked up at them with a defiant look."I'm afraid I can't do that, please leave and we won't have any trouble." Said Dr. Adams as he reached over and felt the gun outlining jacket."You don't have a choice, sir. Please come with us." Stated the lead gentleman in a threatening yet polite manner.Seeing that there was no way to peacefully resolve the situation, Alex reached down and pulled out the gun as he aimed them on the men. But not only a second passed before each shady gentleman pulled out guns of their own as they aimed them at Adams' face.Adams looked down the barrels of all the pistols pointed at his face, before slowly grabbing the gun by the barrel and handing it over to one of the gentlemen."You won't get away with this, if I don't call back by the next stop, they'll look for me and you'll be found out." Stated Adams as the lead thug lightly gestured his gun into the air to get Adams to stand up, as he did so."Do you think we're not prepared? Our boss has everything planned out. And I suggest if you want to keep all your teeth you'll stay quiet and do as we say. Understood?" Asked the lead thug with a smirk as his gun still pointed at Adams' chest.Unknown- Manhattan (?) (Later)Alexander Adams walked down a dark dingy hallway as a gentleman in a suit and glasses accompanied him down the dark hallway. The two walked several dozen more feet before stopping in front of a metal door. The shady gentleman reached over and opened the door to what appeared to be a doctors room."Move." Growled the gentleman as he pushed Adams into the room and nearly knocked him over."Suzuki, please, there's no need to be rough. I'm sure Mr. Adams will be quite cooperative, considering the alternative." Stated a voice from the dark as Adams and the thug looked over to see Kanaye sitting on the examination table with his shirt off.Kanaye was covered in muscles with several Asiatic tattoos covering his skin. Possessing a stylized tattoo covering his right arm, another stylized tattoo on his chest, and an Asiatic dragon tattoo wrapped around his left arm."Did you disable all the tracking devices?" Asked Kanaye as the two walked closer to him."All found and disabled, boss." Replied the goon."Good. And with the pulling of a few strings, we'll have all the time in the world." Stated Kanaye with a sinister smile."I know what you want what's in the case, but why do you want me?" Asked Adams."Because I want a man who knows what he's doing. I heard about Millennium and what it can do. The world we're living in is a crazy one, and if I can't stay strong, my empire will eventually be snatched away from me. Enough strength is never enough, so that's why I want you to inject me with Millennium." Stated Kanaye as Adams eyes widened in shock."What!? Why the hell would you want that!? You have no idea what that's going to do to you! I have no idea what it's going to do to you. All we've tested it on is micro bacteria and single celled organisms, and we still don't fully understand the long-term effects of the nanites!" Yelled the agent in terror."I have my own connections with the government and even in Knight.Corp. I heard about Millennium and what it can do, it can increase strength, speed, durability, and only Heaven knows what else. A man would kill for that kind of power y'know, and that's what I want." Replied Kanaye with a smirk."No! I can't do it! As a sane and rational human being I can't!" Replied Adams, before the Suzuki walked over to him with a gun pointed at him."I'm not asking you Mr. Adams, I'm TELLING you. Inject me or I'll find someone else who can. Your choice." Stated Kanaye as Adams slowly placed his metal case on the examination table and punched in the code that unlocked the case and flung it open. As it opened, there was a padding lining that held a vile filled with a silver liquid in it and a injection gun.Adams reached in and pulled out the injection gun as he then pulled out the vile of silver liquid and loaded it into the gun."Are you SURE about this?" Asked Adams one last time as he locked the vile into the injection gun."Yes. Do it!" Growled Kanaye as he held his right arm out and balled his hand into a fist. Adams stuck the gun into his upper arm as he injected Kanaye with the silver liquid. As the silver liquid was completely gone, Adams pulled the injector gun out of Kanaye's arm as Kanaye rubbed it.Kanaye closed his eyes and took a deep breath, waiting for surge of power. Or at least some kind of sign that tells him that he has been transformed into a superior being.But nothing happened. Kanaye opened up his eyes and looked over at Adams with a look full of despair as he got off the examination table."W-What is this? I-... I don't get it! Where's the strength? The power!?" Asked Kanaye as he instantly became furious and turned to Adams."What is this!? Are you lying? Are you trying to fool me?""Uh... Sir?" Asked Suzuki in an unusually timid tone."What?" Spat Kanaye as he turned to him."Your-... Your hand." Suzuki pointed to Kanaye's left hand as Kanaye held his hands up to see that on his left hand his index finger and middle finger fused together and his ring finger and pinky finger fused together."Ugggghhhhh! Ohhhhhh! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Screamed Kanaye as he got on his knees and grabbed his head as his body started to drastically and painfully transform.His skin started to morph into a rugged dark-blue metallic shade, he grew bigger, his left hand rapidly grew as pulsating holes started to develop on the palm of his left hand. But worst of all, is back started to inflate and grow bigger, and painfully change shape as Kanaye's spine was bent and twisted by the Millennium serum. Crack! Snap! Crack! Pop! Snap!"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"His eyes started to glow yellow as his teeth sharpened and his fingers started to sprout claws. His tattoos changed along with the rest of his body as they started to have a golden glow to them. Finally, Kanaye's back and the rest of his body took it's final form as the back transformation turned out to be a massive hunch back.Kanaye let out a pained sigh and panted as he stood back up as most of his body was covered by shadow. Kanaye looked at his goon and the agent with his new glowing yellow eyes as the two instinctually took a step back."Uhh... Mr. Miyazaki? How do you feel?" Asked the thug as Kanaye slowly stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself. He wore black pants, his skin was a metallic dark blue, his skin was very rough and deformed, his left hand was bigger then his right and had two fingers with one thumb, the three tattoos on his body had a golden glow to them, he had sharp teeth and claws, glowing yellow eyes, no shoes on his feet showing blue metallic clawed feet, and a massive deformed hunch on his back that slightly resembled a turtle shell."Kanaye Miyazaki is gone... Call me by my proper name; Big Claw!",Knight Manor- Manhattan (The Past)"10 to 5, Kanaye! You really think you can rack up enough points to beat me?!" Asked Will at the age of ten as he dribbled a basket ball in the basket ball court outside his family's mansion."Bring it on, Will! I can rack up more then enough points with BOTH hands tied behind my back!" Replied a ten year old Kanaye with a smirk on his face as he and Will circled one another."Than put up or shut up!" Yelled Will as Will suddenly charged towards the basket ball hoop as Kanaye tried to block him. For kids, both were surprisingly skilled as Will managed to keep the ball away from his friend with impressive speed and reflexes.But despite Will's skills, Kanaye managed to best him as he snatched the ball out of his hands and tossed the ball through the hoop, scoring a point of his own and increasing his score."How was that, Will? Afraid your gonna loose?" Asked Kanaye with a smirk as Will shot him an annoyed look."Whatever, I'm still ahead of you. And I'll still win no problem!" Replied Will as the two boys went back to play, only for Kanaye to score more and more until it was tied. The two played their last round as both put their all in the game.The two seemed neck and neck as the ball was constantly traded back and forth between the two. That is until Kanaye managed to grab the ball, slip past Will, and have a final score. Breaking the tie and leaving Kanaye victorious."Haha, in your face, Will! Maybe if your having trouble playing some basket ball, I can give you a few pointers?" Suggested Kanaye as Will picked up the ball and punched him in the arm."Don't get a big head, Kanaye. Or else I'll have to kick your butt again and knock some sense into you." Said Will with a smirk as he tossed the ball into Kanaye's hands."You just got a lucky shot in that time. Besides, I kicked YOUR butt every OTHER time we fought!" Replied Kanaye as he tossed the ball back at Will."Yeah, yeah... Whatever..." Said Will as the two friends walked over to a bench and sat down as Kanaye took a gulp of his water bottle."So, how's it been going with your dad? I hear he's been teaching you about his business..." Said Will as Kanaye developed and unsure look."Well, it's kind of a lot of pressure... Y'know? My dad says the whole future of the business rests on my shoulders. Hehe, no pressure at all... Am I right?" Asked Kanaye with a nervous laugh."Hey, don't worry about it. My dad does the same thing with me. It's kinda boring to be honest... 'This company will be yours some day...' 'The future will be in your hands some day...' 'You need to learn about honesty and respect...' Yatta, yatta, yatta, yatta... Same stuff over and over again." Said Will with an annoyed look on his face. "I mean, learn to chill out once and a while... You know what I'm sayin'?""... Will, you shouldn't take this so lightly... You can't afford to, I can't afford to... One day we're going to inherit everything our dads have, and it'll be up to US one day to decide how to shape the city... How to shape the WORLD even... You don't have time to 'chill' when your in charge of the whole world..." Said Kanaye, becoming suddenly serious out of nowhere which visibly caught Will off guard."Uhh... Yeah, I-I guess... I think you should take it easy, Kanaye... We have all the time in the world, besides, if our dads can do it, I'm sure it'll be a snap for us. You just need to chill out a bit, that's all..." Said Will as Kanaye looked at him with the serious look he had on his face the whole time."It's my destiny, Will... I can't take this lightly, I will learn how to properly run my fathers company, and when I do, I will make sure everyone knows the name, Miyazaki..." Said Kanaye as a moment of silence occurred between the two friends."Well, I guess we all have our own destinies. But what really matters is that we don't forget to keep our morals. My dad constantly talks about how business can bring out the worse in people, how it can make people greedy and blind them to what's really the right thing to do. Just remember when you run your dad's business, whatever it is, you won't be like one of those scummy business men and put power before people..." Said Will as Kanaye silently nodded his head in agreement."... Sorry to get so dramatic with you, Will. I just have a lot on my mind. We still have some time before our dads meeting is over, wanna watch some TV?" Asked Kanaye."How about a game of dungeons and dragons? You still haven't played it yet, wanna try it out?" Asked Will."I didn't think you were a nerd, Will. Do you want to be a MAGNET for bullies?" Asked Kanaye mockingly."If your too scared to at least try it, I get it. All bark and no bite." Replied Will with a smirk before Kanaye stood back up."Fine. Once." Stated Kanaye holding up his finger as Will stood up along side him as the two walked back to Knight Manor.
The Courageous DragonMan #7,Midtown South- Manhattan, New York CityA massive truck drives down the street with several cars behind it as it charges straight through oncoming traffic. Flipping cars over and running over the rest.Several police cars have their sirens on as they chase down the truck. The police do their best to keep up with the truck as they dodge and weave through any derby that happens to get in their way."There's never a dull moment in this city!" Yelled Adrian Finch angrily as he picked up the police radio from the passenger seat of the leading police car and spoke into it."All units! All units! We have what we believe to be Yakuza members that just made a trade off and are carrying an extremely DANGEROUS chemical weapon with them. Set up a blockade at 54th street and keep ALL CIVILIANS AWAY FROM THE SURROUNDING AREA! Suspects are in a heavily armored truck and are armed and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Proceed with caution!" Yelled Finch before putting down the radio and leaning his upper body out the window. Pulling out his gun, as he took aim and fired at the truck. Aiming at the suspects leaning out of the truck.Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!"Kuso ̄ ! Darekaga sudeni sorera no buta o torinozokimasu!" Yelled the driver as the flying bullets got dangerously close.'Dammit! Someone get rid of those pigs already!'The other thugs did as they were told as several of them pulled out and cocked several semi-automatics. Sticking out of the speeding truck as they started shooting and the chasing police.Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Tatta! Ratta! Tatta!The lead car swerved left and right to avoid the incoming fire as police cars behind them took the majority of the fire as they either halted in their tracks or spun out of control and started to tumble. Although there were still several police cars chasing them as the cops still fired at them.Finch aimed his gun and took fire, managing to hit one of the Yakuza in the shoulder as he fell to the floor of the truck. One of the other members stopped firing and tried to help out his colleague."Karera wa mada watashitachi no shippo ni imasu! Sorera o torinozoki, ōkina jū o shiyō shite kudasai!" Yelled the driver.'Their still on our tail! Get rid of them and use the big guns!'"Shikashi, jōshi wa zettai-tekina saigo no shudan to shite nomi sorera o shiyō suru to iimashita-" The thug was cut off.'But the boss said to only use them as an absolute last reso-'"Ōkina jū o tsukau ka, kawarini keikan ni futotta o shiri o nagemasu! Sudeni sore o te ni ireyou!" Replied the driver.'Either we use the big guns or we'll toss your fat ass at the cops instead! GET TO IT ALREADY!'The thugs in obeyed the driver as they went over to a long metallic black box. The thugs flipped it open to reveal three heavy duty rocket launchers. Taking the rocket launchers, they loaded them up as they leaned out the truck and took aim.The driver of Finch's car looked forward at the truck and squinted his eyes. "Wait... Are those rocket-""OUT OF THE WAY!" Yelled Finch as he grabbed the wheel and made a hard right which caused the car to swerve to the left and dodge the incoming rocket that was only a few feet away from their car as it exploded.BOOM!"Hassha shi tsudzukete kudasai! Watashitachi wa karera ni mono o te ni haire saseru koto wa dekimasen!" Yelled the driver as the thugs continued to fire their rocket launchers, as they caused the streets of New York City to look like a warzone.'Keep firing! We can't let them get the stuff!'BOOM!BOOM!KABOOM!BOOM!BOOM!KABOOM!Miraculously, Finch's car managed to dodge each and every rocket shot, until they were the only police car left on the road."When are they gonna run out of rockets!?" Yelled the cop driving Finch's police car.A Yakuza thug loaded his rocket up his rocket launcher once more as he leaned out of the truck and carefully took aim. He trained his weapon on the cop car until he got it in the middle of his crosshairs.The thug smirked as he pulled the trigger and launched the rocket. But instead of hitting the target, the rocket flew around, out of control until it spun around and hit the sixth story of a nearby building.BOOM!Causing rubble to fall as frightened civilians looked up in fear at the falling derby. People tried to run, but in the process of a mother holding her son by the hand in her attempt to pull him away, he tripped in fell as his mother looked back in fear."JOSH!" Screamed the mother in fear as it seemed like the derby was about to crush him. Only for a blur of silver to instantly whiz by and snatch up the boy just in the nick of time.Krash!The mother looked back, as she smiled and saw DragonMan holding her son in his arms safely, before placing the boy on the ground as he turned around and dashed off in an instant.Other citizens looked up to see derby was still falling from the building, seemingly about to crush them. But they were all saved as DragonMan flew through the air as he punched and slashed the rubble until they were nothing but a few harmless falling pebbles.Soon that silver blur flew through the air as it headed straight towards the speeding truck as the cops in the tailing cop car looked on."This is gonna be interesting." Commented the cop driving as the Yakuza thugs saw the flying silver blur headed straight towards them."Tsukiatta!" Screamed one of the thugs'We got company!'"Dakara sore o shori shite kudasai!" Yelled the driver.'So handle it!'The thugs did as they were told as they started loading their rocket launchers again. But before they could even aim them at DragonMan, he latched onto the end of the truck. Digging his claws into the end of the truck as he tore the metal apart like tissue paper and tossed it to the side.As one of the thugs aimed his weapon at DragonMan, DragonMan grabbed the thug by the collar and tossed him aside before focusing on the last few.The last few however managed to get their aim locked on DragonMan as they pulled the triggers and started blasting DragonMan with a barrage of rocketsBOOM!BOOM!BOOM!But as the fire and smoke cleared, they saw DragonMan still standing on the end of the truck, and more angry then hurt as he smacked the other Yakuza aside and tossed the rest out of the truck before marching through the back of the truck and to the front. Meanwhile carving a path of destruction as he burns and tears apart the truck.Eventually taking out the back wheels as it starts to skid and become out of control. DragonMan eventually made it to the front of the truck and grabbed the passenger, holding him by his collar."Stop this car now or I WILL!" Growled DragonMan as the driver looked back at DragonMan before quickly pressing a button below the steering wheel. As suddenly from in between the seats, an advanced lazer cannon popped up and aimed directly at DragonMan's chest.DragonMan looked down just in time as the lazer fired and blasted DragonMan out of the truck and through the air.KAPEW!As DragonMan landed on the ground, he slowly stood back up to see that the truck hadn't gone far at all.It only made it a few more blocks before steering out of control and hitting a lamp post as it burned.DragonMan made his way over to the crashed truck. He approached the passengers side of the truck only to see that both doors were open and nobody was inside. DragonMan looked all around only to find no trace of them.DragonMan took a sniff of the air to see if he could track their scent, but the smoke and ash from all the fire blurred the criminals scent as he narrowed his eyes in frustration."They got away."Midtown South- Manhattan, New York CityFinch placed a cigarette in his mouth and lit it as he looked over all the damage caused by the chaotic chase that happened nearly an hour ago. Fire trucks and ambulances were everywhere with fire fighters still putting out flames and detectives investigating the wreck."What a mess..." Mumbled Finch with his cigarette still in between his teeth."Excuse me, Police Chief Finch, we have the results." Said a man as Finch turned around to see the man held a folder towards him."What's the rundown?" Asked Finch as he took the folder and started skimming through it."From what we found and the thugs who were caught, your suspicions were confirmed as they are all Yakuza members. Some either incredibly low ranking, in surrounding gangs, or ex-Yakuza members. But from what we gathered Eamon was not behind this, it was someone else. We also recovered several military grade rocket launchers, semi-automatics, and what appears to be a shotty construction of a lazer cannon placed in-between the seats in the front of the car. Testing shows that the weapon was only able to be used once and from it's design it is very similar to a prototype weapon created by the U.S. government. Whoever it was had access to secret government weapons. It seemed like they were prepared for the worst, and went through a lot of trouble to get the sample. Luckily they didn't get much before we chased them down." Stated the detective, before Finch shoved the folder back into the detectives chest."They got away with a few oz's, which is VERY BAD no matter how you spin it. Get your men to work night and day to find the suspects if you have to. That tiny amount of gas can take down an entire city block within SECONDS. Now get to it." Stated Will as the detective nodded."Yes, sir." Said the detective before turning around and walking off.But, as Finch blew a puff of smoke from his cigarette, his phone began to buzz. He pulled out his phone as he answered it."This is Finch.""What did they steal?" Asked a familiar deep voice that Finch recgonized instantly."Are you serious? I'm very busy right now trying to track down a bunch of Yakuza thugs who just stole a very dangerous chemical weapon, I don't have time to play cat and mouse with some lizard vigilante!" Yelled Finch angrily."When I stopped ThunderBird and destroyed her weather machine was that not helpful?" Asked DragonMan as Finch began to slightly stutter in his response."T-That was different! You think I'm just going to hand out information about a case like this to someone like you?""What harm could I possibly do? I have never proved you wrong before, and I won't do so now. Unless you want to take the risk of allowing more people to get hurt, I suggest telling me what you know." Stated DragonMan as Finch groaned in annoyance. Before speaking again."We don't know the exact details or how much of it they exactly stole, but what we do know is that the Yakuza stole an extremely dangerous chemical weapon from a government facility. The chemical is a deadly nerve agent and is designed to work like sarin, except it's over twenty times stronger. It's official name is TR-242, or nicknamed 'Dying Breath'. It's an extremely dangerous weapon. And even a small amount of it can kill a lot of people. Besides that, all we know about these guys is that their connected to the Yakuza in some way, but not the main branch. Some sort of unaffiliated gang. You happy?" Asked Finch in annoyed tone."Very. Thanks Adrian." Said DragonMan as Adrian rolled his eyes."Yeah, yeah, whatever..." Said Adrian as he hung up his phone and took another puff from his cigarette.Back with DragonMan, he was standing on top of a building as he looked over the streets and scanned them."Elise, tell me about what you can dig up about unusual Yakuza activity in Manhattan and anything about a chemical called 'TR-242'." Stated DragonMan into his com link."Oui monsieur, I'll see what I can find." Said Elise as she sat at the Dragon Computer and typed away.DragonMan walked to the edge of the roof before spreading his wings and flying away.The Zen Lounge- Chinatown, ManhattanAt the luxurious Asian themed nightclub known as the Zen Lounge, multicolored lights were flashing, people were dancing, music was bursting, and attractive women walked around and served guests drinks.But in the personalized sound proof back room of the nightclub was a large room that was created only for the local family. Unlike the main front section of the building, the VIP room was far more calm and quiet with expensive paintings on the walls, vases at the corners of the room, several potted plants, several massive fish tanks, and one long marble table in the middle of the room where the members of the family sat.Some of the members smoked, some chatted with one another, some were entertained by the hostesses that worked at the nightclub, some played cards with one another, and some drank. But at the end of the table sat Eamon Miyazaki, an overweight man with gray hair, sunglasses, and was eating a dish of Toro.All the while, a skinner man in a suit stood next to Eamon as he held a clipboard in front of him as he scanned the paper with his eyes."So, Mr. Yoshida, how is business going?" Asked Eamon as he greedily shoved a piece of Toro into his mouth."Well, sir, I'm not going to lie to you. Thinks don't look very good. All ventures and side ventures have been proven to have been mostly failures. We are loosing thousands with our rackets being forced to shut down or just taken over. Profits have dropped an additional 50%, and with our loss or revenue, we can't keep all those police and judges on the payroll as we used to." Stated Mr. Yoshida."So, what?" Asked Eamon carelessly as he took another bite of the Toro."So that means we are loosing money, fast. If we don't make changes soon sir, the organization can fall into a depression it's unable to recover from." Replied Mr. Yoshida carefully as Eamon drank from his beverage."I've been running this business for two decades, Yoshida. And I'll be running it until the day I die. And nobody is going to take this business from me, whether its one of those gangs or even one of the other families. This business is mine, now and forever." Stated Eamon deadly serious.Slam!Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing as they all looked to the opposite side of the room where the see an obscure figure kick open the door to the room. As he silently walked in. But as Eamon was about to order his men to kindly show this gentleman out, the words died on his tongue as he saw who it was."Hello, Uncle Eamon. Long time no see." Said Kanaye with a smirk as he slowly started walking past the table."Oh, Kanaye, what a pleasant surprise." Stated Eamon with a suspicious look on his face as he continued. "So, what brings you back to America, nephew?""I had some unfinished business here as all, and I thought I would drop by for a visit. Actually, my business is with you, Uncle Eamon." Stated Kanaye as he slowly continued to walk."How can I help you, Eamon? I can give you a job if you want, it'll be hard work, but the pay is good." Stated Eamon as he placed his hands together."No thanks, Uncle. I think I would get more money working at a fast food place rather then working for you anyway. I mean, with the immense financial loss the organization has been getting. Now your eating 200$ Toro, and tomorrow you'll be drinking out of someone's garden hose." Replied Kanaye with a smirk as many of the men at the table glared at Kanaye as they were about to pull out their weapons. But a simple look from Eamon got them to stand down, at least for the moment. As he turned his attention back to Kanaye."Really now? You sure you don't at least want a loan from your dear old uncle? I mean, with all the business plunders I heard you experienced in Hong Kong and Kobe, it seems like you need a little help from me. I may be loosing a bit of money, but I'll fix it. I always do." Stated Eamon with a mocking smile."If that was true the Yakuza wouldn't be in the debt it's in right now, and it wouldn't be the target of every other gang and family in the city. But, if you feel like you can fix it, than I'm sure you can fix it." Said Kanaye sarcastically as he stopped walking and stood only a few feet away from Kanaye.Eamon looked at Kanaye with an annoyed expression, before placing his knife and fork back on the table and wiping his mouth with his napkin."Okay than, how about we cut to the chase and get to the matter at hand. What do you want?" Asked Eamon bluntly, having enough of the passive aggressive banter."Alright then. What I want is for you to get out of my seat and get out of my town." Stated Kanaye bluntly as Eamon and the rest of the men looked at Kanaye in surprise at the explination."Are you serious?" Asked Eamon in disbelief."As a heart attack. Look, when my father was arrested by the FBI, I was next in line to inherit his empire. But because of my age, I was too young to inherit it, so you took control when I was sent to Kobe. When I turned 18 I was supposed to come back to the states to rightfully get what was mine, but you pulled some strings and made sure I wasn't able to return and get what was mine. Now because of you, my fathers empire is soiled by your greed and laziness, and now the Yakuza is a complete laughing stock because of you. I should kill you for disgracing our family's organization like this. But, I still have some compassion. I'm giving you the chance to leave on your own and start a new life somewhere else. Or, well... I think you can already guess the alternative option. So, what will it be?" Asked Kanaye as Eamon leaned back in his chair with a thoughtful expression on his face, and interlocked his hands.A moment of silence passed before Eamon gestured his hand. As suddenly, a hand grabbed the back of Kanaye's head and slammed his face into the table as all the thugs in the room pulled out their guns and aimed them at Kanaye. With Kanaye himself feeling the touch of cold metal being pressed on the back of his head.All of Eamon's men had guns trained on Kanaye with the lead thug pressing his gun on the back of Kanaye's head, as the female entertainers in the room got up and ran out the second they saw the guns."You must've hit your head really hard when you were sent to Kobe after your daddy was thrown in prison. You come into the personal room of one of the most powerful families in all of New York City and you demand their boss to give you control of his syndicate and leave town. You are not in control here, Kanaye. Your not the one sitting in the chair, your the moron who's pinned to the table with over a dozen guns pointed at his head. And I can kill you with ease. All I have to do is snap my fingers, and you'll disappear. And with the police and judges all paid off, your body will be dumped in some landfill somewhere while I continue to breath with no worries. But, I won't kill you. Because you are still my nephew, even if you are incredibly stupid and disrespectful. But what will happen is that my men are going to drag you in the back where they'll teach you a little lesson about respect. And if I ever see you again, well, I'm sure your at least smart enough to know what will happen." Stated Eamon as he looked up at the thug who held Kanaye's head to the marble table and nodded his head.The thug grabbed Kanaye by his hair as he lifted his back up and kept his tight grip on Kanaye's hair with one hand, and the gun pressed against the back of Kanaye's head with the other. Several thugs around the table smirked as they got up and started to follow the thug and Kanaye out the back door. But before he left the room, Kanaye whispered something that briefly sent a chill down Eamon's spine."Anata wa anata no kettei o shimashita. Sate, watashi ga kurushinde iru fu Seina chikara o o mise shimasu.""You've made your decision. Now, I will show you the unholy power I wield."As Kanaye and the thugs left the room. Eamon sat in his seat silently for a moment, before taking several deep breaths and turning to one of his lieutenants."You, get me another plate of Toro."Café- Gramercy, Manhattan"So, and that's when your old friend that you haven't seen in over two decades invites you to a shady bar and vaguely starts threatening you?" Asked Valerie as she and Will sat outside of a café with Valerie stirring her cup of coffee with her spoon."Yeah, that's pretty much it." Replied Will bluntly."No offense, Will, but you seem surprisingly calm about being threatened like that. I mean, I'm no stranger to crazy ex-friends and family, but don't you think it would be better to at least inform the police and stay inside for a while? You also said how he sneaked into Knight Tower and somehow slipped past the security guards, now that seems like a lot of red flags if you ask me." Stated Valerie as she took a sip of her coffee."Trust me Valerie, I know how to handle myself. Besides, I don't think he really wanted to hurt me. If he wanted to hurt me or even kill me, he would've done it already. Although, with the way he talked and his other mannerisms, if I interrupted whatever he was planning, he would definitely... Dispose of me." Replied Will before taking a sip of his coffee."How did you say you knew this guy again? You went to school with him or something?""No, my father and his father were friends. That meant Kanaye and me became friends, we had fun as kids, but even as a kid he got into much more... Trouble then me." Stated Will."Sounds like that personality trait grew along with age by the way your describing him. What business did you say his father was in again?""... He was a crime boss. And during his reign, he did a lot of bad things to stay in power. With the type of screwed up family Kanaye came from, his behavior doesn't surprise me." With that sentence, Valerie placed her coffee cup down and looked at him with a slightly disgusted look."And you said your dad, the CEO of Knight.Corp at the time, did buisness with him?" Asked Valerie in disbelief."No, no, it wasn't like that. Legally, I can't tell you much. But my dad worked to take him down. The whole time, my father gathered info about him to put him away for good. My father never, EVER, worked with criminal scum like Haakon." Replied Will, clarifying everything."Sorry for assuming. So then, what are you planning to do." Asked Valerie as she finished off her coffee."I'm going to try and talk with him. I don't know what Kanaye is planning, but whatever it is, it's going to be big. With that look in his eye, he's a man on a mission, and he's gonna do ANYTHING to accomplish it. If nothing works, I'll inform the police and the FBI. I understand the dire circumstances of the situation, but I won't just toss him aside and throw him at the wolves.""Look, Will, I have my share of crazy relationships in the past. My mom, was a nasty old hag. Ever since me and my brothers and sisters were little, she treated us like garbage. And believe me when I say, I tried to mend my relationship with her dozens of times. And every time I was naïve enough to believe that she would actually change. She would like, try to guilt trip me into either giving her money or doing favors for her. So I just stopped. I understand you were friends with this guy, but from what you told me, your friend is going down a dangerous path. A path that can hurt or even kill you. He's just a bad person who will never change." Stated Valerie as a waitress walked by and refilled Will and Valerie's coffee.As Valerie took a sip of her newly refilled coffee, Will looked down and started to ponder."Well, Will... Looks like I gotta get going." Said Valerie as she placed her half of the payment on the table along with a tip, as she got up and walked away. All the while, Will continue to sit there and think about that Valerie said.Unknown Building- ManhattanIn a very out of the way building in one of the more poorer neighborhoods in Manhattans, many thugs hung out in a mostly gutted building. Several moved crates of supplies, several stood around and talked, with most of them sitting at several tables scattered around the room. But as the thugs were going about their business, they heard the creaking of an opening door as all the thugs looked over to see another thug run into the room with a metallic suit case in one of his hands.Imediatelly, all the thugs stood up as the thug made his way to a table and placed the metal suit case on it."Hey, hey! Be careful with that! If you even bruise the merchandise, the boss with bruise YOU!" Warned one of the other thugs as the thug carrying the case glared at him."I know!""What happened to the others? And what happened to the truck!?" Yelled another thug."DragonMan found us, he tore apart the truck and all the others are either in the hospital or arrested! But, I got the stuff and managed to get away from him!" Said the thug with a smirk on his face."You think that's gonna be enough to satisfy the boss!? Now the cops and DragonMan are gonna be on our trail! If the boss found out then-"One of the thugs was cut off as another voice interrupted him and made his blood run cold."If the boss found out, than what?" Asked Kanaye as all the criminals looked over to see their boss standing by the open metal door. Kanaye limped forward, and as his goons got a better look at him, they saw that he was seriously beat up. He was covered in head to toe in bruises, he had several cuts across his face, his right eye and cheek were swoolen up and bleeding, and blood leaked from his mouth."Woah, sir what happ-" One of the thugs was interrupted by Kanaye."If you value your life, you'll keep your mouth shut." The thug backed off as Kanaye limped over to the table where the metal suit case sat as he spun the front of the case over to him where he began to open it."I notice that your the only one who returned from your mission. I take it you ran into problems?" Asked Kanaye callously as he opened up the suit case and looked in."Yeah... All the others are in police custody, and we ran into DragonMan. Although I managed to give him the slip." Said the thug as Kanaye continued to look down at what was in the case."... What is this supposed to be?" Asked Kanaye in a deadly serious voice as he reached in the open suit case and pulled out what appeared to be a small vile filled with an orange liquid slushing around in it."T-That's the TR-242 you told us to ge-""Damare! Kore wa ittai nanina no ka! ? Jōhō teikyō-sha wa, kore ga 5-garon aru to omowa reru to iimashita. Sorede, sore wa doko ni arimasu ka! ?""Shut it! What the hell is this supposed to be!? The informant said that there were SUPPOSED TO BE five gallons of this! So, where is it!?""When we got there, that vile was all they had. Maybe the informant was lying or-" The thug was cut off again."Are you questioning my ability to lead?" Asked Kanaye as he glared right at the thug."No! No! Sir I-!""Quiet, your starting to make me mad." Growled Kanaye as the thug quieted down and backed off as Kanaye continued to stare at he orange vile."Pathetic, can't even follow a simple task. If my father was still in power, he would-""Your father!? Some old washed up hazbin rotting away in some cell!?" Kanaye stopped and looked over at the biggest thug out of the bunch who walked over to him.The thug was nearly twice Kanaye's size, he was muscular, wore a tank top, and was covered in tattoos as he marched over to Kanaye."When you gathered us, you promised us BIG MONEY! And a chance to live the good life! But all your doing is crying and whining about Haakon rotting in jail and ordering us to go steal from the GOVERNMENT! We could go to jail for LIFE for s%#$ like that! And we haven't even seen a single penny since you took control!" Roared the muscular thug as all the other thugs stared at the muscular thug with scared looks as Kanaye stared at the muscular thug with an emotionless look on his face."Your daddy is an old washed up hazbin who's rotting in jail! And your some stupid brat who thinks your going to take his place! Well guess what!? That's not going to happen! Eamon is the head of the Yakuza, and there's nothing you can do about it! I'm done with this gang!" Yelled the thug as he got up to Kanaye's face as Kanaye stared up the massive thug with an emotionless look on his face."If you have a problem with that, then do something about it!" Growled the thug, as Kanaye sighed in annoyance."Very well then, you twisted my arm." Stated Kanaye calmly.Suddenly, Kanaye punched the massive thug in the throat with such force, that it immediately crushed his windpipe as the man grasped at his throat, trying to get some air as he coughed up blood.Pow! Pow! Crack! Pow!But Kanaye didn't stop as he started savagely pummeling the thug, knocking out the thugs teeth and shattering his jaw, before knocking him to the ground.Thud!Kanaye wasn't finished as he bent down and continued to brutally pummel the massive thug, as bits of blood started to splatter on Kanaye's face.Crack!Crack!Crack!Crack!Kanaye stood back up as he started stomping on the thug.Crack!Crack!CRACK!CRACK!CRACK!SPLAT!With that last splat, another splatter of blood covered Kanaye's face and jacket. The entire room was dead silent as Kanaye took a deep breath, straightened back up, and straightened up his shirt."Alright then, now that that problem has been taken care of, is there anyone else who wants to speak their mind?" Asked Kanaye as he scanned the group of criminals in front of him, with each one remaining silent."Good. Now, get ready for the next phase of the plan. And this time, I expect zero hitches to go off this time. Otherwise, the outcome will be very unpleasant." Stated Kanaye as he started to walk away."Oh, and clean up the trash before it stinks up the place." Said Kanaye as the criminals looked down at the limp body of their old co-worker with his blood staining the floor. Four of the thugs grabbed the deadman's arms and legs as they started to drag him away.
The Courageous DragonMan #6,Knight Corp Labs- Manhattan, New York City"Transmutagen. Can you remind me the significance of it again?" Asked Charles Knight as he walked down the halls of the advanced building with scientists working all around, along with a scientist walking by his side."Yes, Mr. Knight. Transmutagen is a natural substance that comes from deep within the Earth. Very much like underground water or oil. But unlike those other natural products, Transmutagen has a very unusual effect when exposed to living things. Being able to drastically transform and mutate living organisms and give them new and unpredictable features and mutations." Stated the scientists as they walked up to a metal door that automatically opened up for them and closed after they walked through."I mean no offense at all when I say this sir, but if you don't mind me asking... Why do you need me to go over the nature of Transmutagen with you, sir?" Asked the scientist."It's because I want to know EXACTLY what this Transmutagen is and what it can mean for not only the future of this company. But for the future of the human race." Stated Charles as the scientist looked over at him with a confused expression."Sir?""I understand how overdramatic it sounds, but Transmutegan is truly one of the most unique and valued substances on the planet. Only a few companies and governments on Earth know about the existence of this. There are very few known hotspots of natural Transmutagen reserves in the world. There are already people out there trying to turn it into a weapon. And of course, it's nigh-unpredictable nature. From what we learned while experimenting with Transmutagen, with how it drastically mutates a lifeform at such a rapid and extreme pace, the organism might not always be able to handle the change and die. This substance can and WILL impact the course of human history, and I want to know EVERYTHING we've figured out about it so far." Stated Charles as he looked over at the scientist."Y-Yes sir, of course sir." Replied the scientist as the two walked up to another mental door that opened up and allowed Charles Knight and the scientist into a darker lab that was filled with other working scientists and tons of advanced technology."We've done several tests with the Transmutagen as you asked, sir." Stated the scientist as he walked up to a microscope and looked through it."And what of the effect of it on the ameba?" Asked Charles as the scientist backed off from the microscope as he failed to hold back his excitement."Amazing sir. After exposure to the substance, the ameba have shown massive steps in mutation and evolution. Nearly half of them died off from the strain the substance put on their genetic makeup, but the rest were able to handle it and survive." Stated the scientist as Charles looked through the microscope to see several ameba moving around. But unlike ordinary ameba, these ones were far different. They moved differently, they had different shapes, different colors, and they seemed to be working together in come sort of synchrony. It not only mutated them physically, it also somehow boosted their intellect. Not anywhere to the degree of humans or even bees, but it was quite similar."Tardigrades are seen by scientists to be some of the most durable animals on the planet. They can survive extreme heat, extreme cold, survive crushing environments like the bottom of the ocean, survive long periods of time without food or water, and even survive the vacuum of space. After testing these ameba to the same conditions, they managed to survive each trial. Not only that, our studies also show that they are around 50 to 100x stronger and more durable then Tardigrades. And all of that from the exposure of a little Transmutagen." Stated the scientist as Charles pulled his head away from the organisms."That's impressive, I won't lie. But people are going to use this substance on a lot more then just making ameba indestructible." Stated Charles."Of course sir, that is why we have several larger specimens we've gotten." Exclaimed the scientist as he and Charles walked over to another part of the lab."You've exposed the chemical to animals? I told you to only expose the substance to single celled organisms. We have no idea what could happen if Transmutagen is exposed to anything larger than a bedbug." Replied Charles with an angry glare as the scientist backed off with his hands up, in a defensive manner."Of course not sir, we remember your orders and we would never go back on them. The thing is, WE didn't expose them. Nature did." Said the scientist as he walked over to a machine and pressed a button. On a nearby wall, it opened up to reveal what appeared to be a jungle like enclosure, but two extra pieces of glass were in the cage to separate it into three chambers.As the two waited for a moment, in the first glass chamber a lizard crawled out of the false foliage. Except this lizard was far bigger than any normal lizard with thicker and more ridged scales, multiple eyes, and a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth.As it looked over at Charles and the scientist, he instantly breathed a bloom of fire from it's mouth that was blocked by the glass. Charles then looked over at the two other glass containers that contained a massive armadillo with spines running down it's back and a large deformed monkey.The mutated armadillo rolled up into a ball as it started to instantly dash back and forth in it's small terrarium. Ricocheting off the glass like it was a pinball, all the while the creature still tried to break out of it's cage.The mutated monkey banged it's oversized fists on the glass as it started to scream with a super sonic scream. Enough to shatter glass and even crack concrete. But thanks to the nigh-indestructible glass, all the people in the room were safe."Where did you get these animals?" Asked Charles as he continued to stare at the mutations."We discovered them in the Amazon rainforest. Some of the richest reserves of Transmutagen were discovered in that area. But due to how close they are to the plant and wildlife, it has and effect on them. Some of the trees there were the size of skyscrapers and virtually all the fauna in the area were mutated to some degree." Explained the scientist as Charles walked up to one of the massive screens in the lab that showed a table of data and the blood samples taken from the mutated animals."This could be the next wonder drug of the future! Think about it, with enough tinkering and right doses, we could use it as a super fuel to regrow lost foliage, cure deformities and diseases, create super foods, and so much more. This company could be the founder of a world changing product! Even more impactful then the creation of penicillin and the disseverance of electricity. Something that can truly revolutionize the world itself." Said the scientist in an excited tone as Charles started at the screen for several seconds. Before finally speaking."Incredible... But still untamed and unpredictable... We're keeping a lid on this. We will continue to experiment with it on very small trials, but besides that, Transmutagen will stay on lockdown." Ordered Charles as the scientists grin faded away."W-What? Why!? There are so many practice uses for this! Didn't you hear what I said? We could save the world with this!" Replied the scientist."Yes, more then either of us can imagine. And that's what scares me. Imagine what could happen if this fell into the wrong hands. Was synthesized and used by the wrong people. A dictator, a terrorist group, a doomsday cult, or any regular criminal can transform themselves into monsters, or even create an army of monsters to destroy their enemies. The sheer terror of this possibility can even dwarf the fear of nuclear war. That is why we are keeping it on wraps. Do you understand, Doctor?" Asked Charles with a dead serious tone in his voice. Indicating that his statement was final. The scientist stared at him with a scared expression, as he slowly nodded his head."Yes sir, understood." Replied the scientist. But as he did, the two heard a low beeping from Charles' pocket. Charles reached in his pocket and pulled out a small device with a screen on it. As it blinked in red letters 'Unauthorized Access of Knight Facilities'."It looks like we have a little intruder." Stated Charles in a flat tone as the scientists eyes widened in shock."Don't worry sir! I'll go get security to-""That won't be necessary, trust me. I can handle this problem myself. I even know who it is." Replied Charles as he nodded toward the scientist before turning around and walking off.Elsewhere in the building at one of the more secured areas of the building, a boy around the age of eight walks up to a large metal door with a security keypad next to it.A short shadow casted itself over the door as a small hand reached out and started typing a code into the keypad. Carefully and slowly, his fingers tapped the keys. As if he knew that if he only had one shot and if he got it wrong even once, every guard in the building would be alerted of his presence.But as he slowly pressed the final key, bracing himself, the light over the keypad glowed green as the door automatically opened up. As the door opened up, the boy walked into the lab and looked around with awe.The lab reminded the boy of a laboratory from a science fiction movie with everything being extremely advanced with lights and computer screens everywhere. As he looked left and right, he saw that several of the computer screens were flashing walls of text full of data along with scans of several x-rays and scans of plants and animals.'Woah, and to think I was going to miss all of this...' Thought the boy as he spotted a secure window nearby where he saw a clean room. The boy looked closer to see a robotic hand was moving in a mechanical motion as it reached over to a collection of small cylinder glass containers filled with a green liquid.Each one was carefully taken by the robotic arm and placed into a larger nearby container filled with other green cylinders. The robotic arm continued it's repetitive task as the boy walked closer to the window and got a closer look.He wanted a closer look. He looked over as the control panel next to the door, as he smiled and typed a code in it. Only to have access denied. He then pulled out a piece of paper with a series of different numbers on it. He glanced at the paper, before typing in the next code.Once again, it was denied. The boy narrowed his eyes and carefully put the last code into the keypad. After slowly and carefully pressing the last key, the door accepted his code as above the keypad the small screen flashed with the green words 'Access Granted'.The door to the clean room opened up along with a second door that opened up. The boy slowly walked into the room as he slowly got closer to the robotic hand performing it's task. He continued to move closer and closer until he stood right in front of it and looked at it. As the robotic arm performed it's task one more time, the boys smile faded away as he heard a familiar voice behind him."Will." Will turned around to look up at the man standing over him as he looked down at Will with a disapproving look."Uhh... Hi, dad..." Said Will with a nervous smile on his face. Charles didn't say anything for a while, before pinching the bridge of his nose and spoke."How did you get in here?""Well... I just kind of 'found' some uhh... codes in your office as home. I used them to get into all the rooms and computers and... stuff..." Said Will cheapishly."... And the security guards and cameras?" Asked Charles with an unamused tone of voice."When I got the codes I kinda also got access to some of the cameras, I streamed some repetitive earlier footage and I was just lucky enough to sneak by the guards and not be noticed..." Explained Will as there was another long pause."Uhh, how did you find me?" Asked Will, breaking the silence."Your not as sleek as you think. You forgot about the lazer security system. One of the high level doors you got through alerted security of unauthorized access." Said Charles in annoyance."Oh..." Replied Will as he looked away to the side."Will... What were you thinking? WERE you thinking!? You sneaked into a high security lab and 'Oh' is your best response!? What are you even doing here anyway!? Why are you here!? Aren't you supposed to be in school!?" Yelled Charles, as he started to loose his cool."My last class had a test that I finished early, so I waited for Elise to pick me up. But since the lab was so close to the school, I thought I'd swing by there and see what it was like... I mean, you never talk about the lab at home, and I heard rumors about what was going on in here. I just wanted to see what it was like in here." Said Will as Charles remained quite for a terrorfyingly long time."Umm... Are- Are you mad?" Asked Will, already knowing that it was a stupid question to ask in the first place."...Very, Will... I am very, VERY MAD RIGHT NOW! What is wrong with you!? Did you ever stop to think WHY I never talked about the lab at home? I keep this secret for a reason, Will! Did you ever think about that!? This is a hazardous area! Just be thankful that I found you and not one of the guards or the doctors. You are beyond GROUNDED! Do you hear me!? Beyond GROUNDED!" Yelled Charles with a disapproving glare."But, dad I just-""No buts!" Yelled Will before quieting down and straightening himself up. Before speaking calmly. Honestly, Will would rather his father be yelling at him, then talking to him calmly when he was mad."We will discus this incident with your mother when I get home." Said Charles as he pulled out his phone and dialed a number on it. Already indicating that this conversation was over."Hello, Elise? Yeah. Yeah I need you to swing by the lab and pick him up. I'll tell you later. Now can you come by to pick him up? Okay, thanks." Said Charles as he hung up his phone and started walking over to the metal door, as Will slowly followed behind."I just wanted to see what you were working on, dad..." Mumbled Will under his voice as he continued to follow his father. Until he suddenly stopped and looked back at the window, where he saw the robot continuing it's repetitive task of taking the cylinder containers from the shelf and placing them into a larger container."Will..." Said his father in a commanding voice, Will snapped out of it, as he turned around and started following his father.But as he did, something went wrong with the robotic hand moving the cylinders. As it was moving one of the cylinders to the larger container, it stopped mid-task as it stood still with the cylinder. After several sparks, the arm swung to the left and let go of the cylinder. Causing it to fly to the other side of the room and break the second it hit the ground.Crash!And just like that, the alarm went off as the green gas started to fill the clean room.Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!All the screens and lights went red as they flashed the word 'LOCKDOWN'. Will stood there frozen as he looked around in confusion and fear, as the Transmutagen started seeping through the open doors and into the room. The doors jittered in place, as if they tried to move and close, but something was wrong."Will! Get out of there!" Yelled Charles as it snapped Will out of his fearful daze and looked over to see his father standing in the hallway as the lab door started to shut. Will ran over as fast as he could to beat the automatic door, but it was too late.'Cling!"No! Dad!" Will screamed as he slammed his fists on the metal door."WILL! NO! NO!" Screamed Charles as he slammed on the door himself.'Chemical leak detected. Lockdown procurers initiating.' Announced a female voice as Charles swiped his card through the doors key slot, only for nothing to work. He did it again and again with each attempt being as fruitless as the last."Don't worry, Will! Everything will be okay!" Yelled Charles, not even knowing if his son even heard him through the thick metal door as he did his best to open it back up."Dad! Dad please! Help! I'm scared!" Yelled Will on the other side of the door where he placed his hand on the door.As Will looked back, he saw the green chemical cloud starting to fill the room and headed towards him. Will started to hyperventilate as he slammed on the door over and over again.On the other end, Charles started typing in every code he could into the keypad, but nothing worked."Mr. Knight! What are you-!?" Yelled as scientist as he and two others ran over to Charles who was struggling with the metal door, as they stopped mid-sentence, only to see the fear in his eyes."We need to get out of-""My sons in there! He's trapped with the chemical leak! Help me open the door!" Without any hesitation, the scientists dashed forward and tried to help Charles open up the door. Removing the keypad panel and fiddled with the wires to try and manually open the door."Will! Hold on! We're going to get you out of there! Will!" Yelled Charles as he slammed his fist into the door once more."Dad! *cough!* *cough!* *cough!* *cough!* I'm- *cough!* *cough!* sorry..." Said Will as the cloud of Transmutagen was all around him, as he fainted from the exposure and passed out as he slowly lost all his energy and fainted on the floor."No! No! Will! Just hold on! Will!? Will! Just hold on! Will!" Yelled Charles as he slammed on the metal door once more.Will slowly opened his eyes, to see he was lying in his luxurious bed. He glanced around the room, still trying to blink the sleep out of his eyes, as he looked over and saw a dark figure standing next to him. A he tried to determine who it was, he heard a familiar voice come from it."Rise and shine, Maître Will." Stated the voice as it pulled open the curtains and allowed light to flood the room. Will shunned the light and pulled the blanket over his face."Ugh... Elise, was that REALLY necessary?" Asked Will with a groggy voice."Yes it is, Maître, because getting you out of bed it like getting a cat to take a bath. Maybe if you cut back on those nightly patrols, you'll get up earlier in the morning." Stated Elise as she picked up a large glass filled with raw eggs."Crime doesn't sleep." Replied Will as he tossed the blanket aside and sat up in his bed."Yet you do. Too much apparently. You need a more stable sleep schedule if your going to fight crime and be a busy CEO at the same time." Said Elise as she handed Will the large glass of eggs."Here.""Thanks." Said Will as he took the glass and started to chug down the entire thing like it was a keg of beer. He gulped down the entire thing before placing it on his night stand."Remind me again, why I bring you these drinks? Sometimes it feels like I work at a zoo.""You know how many calories I burn whenever I'm out on patrol? Plus, my new physiology demands more of a meat and high protein centric diet anyway..." Said Will as he stood out of bed."So, what's the agenda for today?" Asked Will as he started walking away with Elise following along."Several meetings, several conferences, and several more meetings... Hopefully you won't be late for them like last time. I'm surprised Ms. Keen didn't have an aneurism yet over how many times you've been late to a meeting of some kind." Stated Elise as Will rolled his head and crunched his neck."Don't worry, I'll be on time. Juggling a double life might be a hassle, but I'm adapting. I'll be sure to be the man who this city can look up to as Will Knight AND DragonMan." Replied Will confidently as he made his way to his dresser and started putting on his suit."During the mean time, why not show your fun side as well. Besides hope, it wouldn't hurt to see their 'hero' have some fun. Flying jets, driving race cars, skydiving, traveling across the world, etc. Maybe to further enforce the belief that DragonMan and Will Knight are two different people to the public? With how mysterious Will Knight is?" Suggested Elise as Will started putting on his button up shirt."DragonMan is a lizard man wearing a suit of armor who can shoot fire out of his mouth and finger tips. I think there aren't going to be too many people out there who are going to figure out that we're one in the same." Will said as he put on his red tie."Alright. But it still wouldn't hurt to try and better your image with the public. Nothing extreme, a few cocktail parties here and there. And try to loosen up a bit and relax, try and hang around with friends more often. It also wouldn't hurt to make some new friends while your at it." Stated Elise as Will put on his black coat."The city still needs me, Elise.""Really? Is the city going to burn to the ground just because DragonMan takes one day off from fighting crime?" Asked Elise as the two suddenly heard noise coming from a nearby area. After looking around, the two found a police radio sitting nearby as Will grabbed it and pressed a button on it to listen to it.'We are getting reports of a string of muggings going on at northern Turtle Bay. Reports of gang shootings going on at Lincoln Square with four wounded, one dead. Two suspects robbing a convenience store at southern Midtown who are considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.'Will shot Elise a knowing smirk as Elise rolled her eyes in annoyance a she walked away."Bon dieu, alright, fine! Probably not then." Stated Elise as Will ran off to do what he does and fight crime.Manhattan- New York CitySeveral police cars sped down the road as they attempted to chase down several cars speeding away from them."What are you waiting for!? Shoot at them!" Yelled the criminal who was driving one of the cars as his compatriots in the backsets start lock and loading their semi-automatics before leaning out the windows of the cars and started firing at the police cars chasing them. The the other speeding cars doing the same thing.Ratta! Ratta! Tatta! Tatta! Tatta! Ratta! Ratta! Tatta! Tatta! Tatta! Ratta! Ratta! Tatta! Tatta! Tatta!The police cars swerved left and right as all of them were covered in bullet holes. Causing some of them to swerve off and crash into nearby buildings while others steered out of control and even started flipping over and flying through the air.As the herd of police cars started to thin out, one of the cop cars steered off to the side. Hitting a fire hydrant as it flew through the air at a crowd of people who screamed and closed their eyes. Waiting for their inevitable fate.... But after waiting for a moment, the crash never came. Several of the people started to open up their eyes, only to look on in shock and awe as they saw DragonMan standing in front of them, as he held the previously flying out of control flying cop car over his head."Did... Did he just catch a cop car...?" Asked a woman in the crowd as DragonMan stared at the group of people silently before gently placing the cop car back on the ground.Before anyone could say anything else, DragonMan turned around and took off at the speed of sound."Go! DragonMan! Go!" Screamed the girl in the crowd."Aw man! He moved before I could take a picture of him!" Groaned one of the men in the crowd as he looked down at his phone.Meanwhile, the cars were still driving away from the cops at top speeds as the thugs in the back seats continued to fire at the remaining cop cars."I think we're almost in the clear!" Yelled the driver of one of the cars with a big smile on his face. But as he continued to drive, a form suddenly dropped down from the sky and smashed down in the middle of the road."What's that!?" Yelled one of the thugs as the cars was speeding right at the figure. The figure was already way too close to avoid as the car careened towards him."Holy mother of-!" One of the thugs yelled as the figure suddenly dodged the car and stepped the side as the car passed him. But before the car could completely pass by him, DragonMan dug his claws into the side of the car and ripped it in half.Kreech!Before tossing the two half of the car away with the thugs still inside it. DragonMan looked over to see that two other cars were still driving towards him, as the thugs inside looked at him with fear."Oh no! It's DragonMan!" Yelled one of the thugs in the second car."I don't care if it's Hercules himself, shoot him!" Yelled the thug driving in the second car as thugs leaned out the second and third cars and started shooting at DragonMan.Ratta! Ratta! Tatta! Tatta! Tatta! Ratta! Cling! Cling! Cling! Cling!But the bullets just bounced right off of him as the second car drove at him at full speed. DragonMan simply swung his fist at the second car and caused it to steer off and crash into a nearby building.KRASH!The third car continued to fire at DragonMan to no effect as it drove headfirst into DragonMan. The driver had a crazed and determined look on his face, if they couldn't shoot DragonMan, they'll just run him over instead.As the car was only a few inches away from him, DragonMan rose his fist and smashed it into the front of the car. Stopping it the second he did and causing the driver and the thug on the passenger seat to both fly through the window shield.SMASH!DragonMan pulled his fist out of the cars hood, as he than turned around and walked over to the driver who was lying face first on the pavement with blood coming out of him."If you surrender, I can make sure you and your friends get to a hospital safely." Assured DragonMan as the driver spat out a glob of blood and glared up at DragonMan."Screw you!" Yelled the man as he pulled out his pistol and aimed it at DragonMan. But before he could pull the trigger, DragonMan placed the tip of his claw into the barrel. Causing the bullet to have no place to go. The second the man pulled the trigger, his pistol blew up in his hand.Boom!"AAAAGGGHHH!" Screamed the man as his gun blew up and his hand was riddled with bits of shrapnel and blood."Shoot him! What are you waiting for!? Kill him!" Yelled the man as he cried in pain, DragonMan realized what the man said as he stood back up from his kneeling position and turned around to see many of the thugs in the cars aimed their rifles at DragonMan and started to fire at him.Ratta! Ratta! Tatta! Tatta! Tatta! Ratta! Cling! Cling! Cling! Cling!But it was the same as before, useless as DragonMan suddenly lunged forward and easily started taking care of the henchmen. With a single punch, he sent a thug flying back. Grabbing another one and tossing him aside. Kicking another one into a light pole. Grabbing one thug and tossing him into another thug. Tail whipping three thugs who tried to shoot at DragonMan's back. And grabbing the last ones gun away from him, before knocking him out with his very own pistol as he than tore the weapon in half with ease.As he dropped the two pieces of the broken gun to the ground, he walked back over to the man he just talked to. DragonMan grabbed the injured thug by his collar and lifted the criminal off the ground to talk to him face to face."Now, your going to tell me everything you know, or surviving a car crash and a gun exploding in your hand are going to be the very least of your worries." The thug looked on in fear as DragonMan stared him down. But before the thug could reply, DragonMan got a call on his communicator.He looked away from the thug as the thug looked on in confusion and DragonMan took the call."Hello?""Your late again Will, you have a meeting with the shareholders in five minutes and two more meetings after that! I'm going to go ahead and assume that your not at the office right now." Stated Valerie on the other side of the phone as DragonMan replied."Oh, yeah. Don't worry. I'm just dealing with something right now.""What's with your voice?" Replied Valerie, ignoring Will's answer as DragonMan caughed a few times before replying with his normal voice."Don't worry, just a little cold I've been getting over. I'll be there. I'm done being late for things like this." Replied DragonMan as Valerie remained quiet for a second."Alright. Just get here on time, please. See you soon.""Bye." Replied DragonMan as he hung up."What the hell was that!? Your taking calls in the middle of fighting crime!? What kind of superhero are you!?" Yelled the thug in anger, as DragonMan's glare turned the man's anger into fear as he looked at DragonMan's slit orange eyes."The kind you should be thanking. I have better things to do than take care of trash, the police will do the rest." Stated DragonMan in a huff as he dropped the man to the ground."Hey you! Freeze!" DragonMan looked over his shoulder to see several cops pointing guns at him."Didn't you hear us!? Put your hands in the air and freeze!" Yelled the police as DragonMan extended his wings and took off into the air before the cops even knew what was going on."Damn! He got away again!" Growled one of the cops as he lowered his gun."Took down a gang of bank robbers single handedly without a sweat and we still treat him like the bad guy. NYCPD at it's finest..." Groaned one of the cops who remained silent through the whole thing as he walked past his fellow boys in blue and walked over to all the thugs who were injured and scattered all over the ground.Knight Tower- Manhattan, New York City"Hello there ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ben Adams, thank you for having me here today. I am a representative of Homeland Security and I have come here today to talk to you about a new human enhancement substance designed to increase a human's physical performance to new heights. Something that will change the nature of warfare and even human nature itself." Said the representative as he stood in front of Knight.Corps board of directors with Will Knight sitting on the other end of the long table. The representative also had a slideshow projected on a projector screen behind him that currently showed the data of the invention he was talking about."The Millennium Project or just Millennium as we call it is a colony of nanites that work differently from any other performance enhancing substance. Each nanite is programed for a specific function and are designed to help the body in any way they can. They can rewrite the genetic code of an organism and adapt them to survive in almost any environment and against any possible threat. From collected data, we discovered that Millennium once introduced into a new organism will restructure the organism's skin, tissue, and bones to become more metallic in nature. With durability in theory making the organisms body fifty to a hundred times more durable than the hull of a tank. Along with enhancing the organisms overall strength to extreme levels. Other research has resulted in discovering the organism will change it's very form to survive in the roughest of environments and can even produce it's own source of energy to not only keep functioning, but also use it defensively. Much like an electric eel. Only here the organism can produce a type of goldish powerful concussive energy instead. I haven't even mentioned the incredibly high cell replication, the enhanced intellect, or even the ability to absorb the DNA of other organisms when it comes into physical contact with them. Millennium can change the world as we know it.""That's very interesting, Mr. Adams. Although, if I might ask, why did you bring this new invention to us?" Asked one of the board members."Despite Homeland Security hiring the smartest and brightest scientists this nation has to offer, we were never quite able to crack the code of Millennium. Right now, it's still in phase one and the most we've tested the substance on is ameba and other micro-organisms. The potential is extremely promising, although it has proven to be quite unstable and unpredictable. As I said before, with the benefits of this invention, it could turn soldiers into unstoppable superhumans, be given to law enforcement to deal with dangerous criminals, and even be used as a medicine around the world to cure diseases and fatal injuries. We can even possibly prevent famines by using Millennium to enhance the cells of vegetation and make them survive and grow through any environment. We at Homeland Security believe that the best and brightest of Knight.Corp can find the missing like to Millennium and make it perfect. We hope that you would consider working with Homeland Security to build a better future. And of course, Knight.Corp will get a massive cut of the profits if the projects proves to be successful. Thank you for your consideration." As Adams finished up, the board members silently glanced at one another, silently communicating whether they should take the offer or leave it. "With how the world is changing today, the next wave of weapons, medicine, etc are all going to be biological. And whether we like it or not, other companies are going to go down that same path. I believe, this is the big break that Knight.Corp needs. Especially with how our stocks have been looking ever since the 'ThunderBird' incident we had a week ago." Stated one woman."Look, I agree that it does seem promising and we are looking for a way to get the companies stocks to return to normal, but... Is it really the ethical decision to make here? Knight.Corp designs weapons and even produces pharmaceutical products, of course... But messing with biology on such a level that not even the scientists at Homeland security can figure out? No. It seems like a bad idea to me." Stated an older gentleman."Well, ethical or not it's the new wave of the future. Just think of the potential this product can show if fully completed and understood? We won't just get our stocks back, but they'll fly through the roof! It's worth the risk." Said a younger gentleman."I don't know about this, it still seems bad to me." Said another gentleman as almost everyone at the table started to argue. But before their argument could go any further, they were silenced as Will cleared his throat, instantly silencing everyone at the table, as everyone turned to look at Will."I admit, it does seem like a good offer. Putting out a new super product out there that can save lives and make life better for everyone. But, it sounds too good to be true. And one thing I've learned throughout my life is that, if it's too good to be true, it usually is. Besides, we still don't know that much about these nanites, we don't know what effect they can have on an organism or even a human being. What about being exposed for long periods of time? The lasting after effects? Side effects? And much more. I believe we would be making a grave mistake if we invest in this product. Perhaps after a few more years of Homeland security ironing out the remaining problems, it could be researched. But for now, G-1 is not a good idea." Stated Will as many of the board members exchanged looks with one another. Most of them seemingly to silently agree with Will, either due to their original judgement or Will's speech to change their decisions.Several hours later, the meeting ended as everyone started to leave the meeting room. As the last members exited the room, Will and Mr. Adams exited the room as the two continued to talk."I appreciate the offer, Mr. Adams, but I'm still very unsure about G-1. At least for now, Knight.Corp will not be working on it." Stated Will as Mr. Adams replied with an understanding nod."Of course, Mr. Knight. I understand where your coming from. But Millennium can still change the world as we know it. If you ever change your mind, just give me a call." Replied Adams as Will nodded and Adams turned around and walked away."Wow, you actually made it. Good to know I didn't get a second coffee for nothing." Said a familiar female voice as Will turned around to see Valerie walking up to him with two coffees in her hands."Oh? And what if I didn't make it?" Asked Will with a smirk as he took the coffee from his assistant and took a sip."Then you can dig out whatever leftover coffee you can find in the trash." Replied Valerie as she took a sip of her own cup."Glad to see your as caring as ever." Stated Will as the two began to slowly walk down the halls as many other people walked past them and stood by talking to other people."So, how did the meeting go?" Asked Valerie."Homeland Security asked us to take a look at a nanite serum they made. It's supposed to rewrite and enhanced the genetics of an organism. Although, it's results are still too unpredictable. We turned them down. Last thing I want to start doing is start playing with something nobody, not even the scientists as Homeland Security could fully understand.""I don't blame you. Last thing I wanna do is help create monsters. Plus, after everything that happened with Voss, it's probably a good idea for the company to stay on the safe side for a while." Replied Valerie as she took another sip of her coffee."Yeah, luckily everything's been going smoothly with recently. And damage control has been going pretty well. And my name has been completely cleared. I'm just hoping for a break eventually, at least at work." Stated Will."Not meaning to rain on your parade, Will. But have you seen what's been going on out there lately? Rises in gang violence, crazy supervillians, and that DragonMan character of course... Normality is out the window as far as I'm concerned. But, at least we have someone willing to fight for the people." Replied Valerie."That's right, I heard DragonMan saved you. Are you a fan of him?" Asked Will with a smirk on his face as Valerie replied with a small chuckle."Come on, Will. Do I look like the kind of woman who would be a fangirl? The guy may be a bit... Different, but his actions define him. I may not be a 'fan' of him, but the guys got my vote. The world can always use more heroes if you ask me." Smiled Valerie as the two approached a trash can and tossed their empty coffee cups in the can."Well, alright. My views of him previously were honestly pretty low at first. But after saving my reputation, the company, the city, and you, I think I've started to take a liking to him myself." Stated Will as he shot a smirk back to his assistant."You still on for the Café tonight? Or are you gonna be busy again?" Asked Valerie as she crossed her arms."There are somethings I need to deal with. But don't fret, I'll be-..." Will stopped before he could finish his sentence as he stared off straight ahead with a look of utter shock and disbelief on his face."Uhh, Will? Are you alright?... Will?" Asked Valerie in a worried tone, only to get no response as Will continued to simply stare straight ahead.There twenty feet away from Will and Valerie was a man standing by the water dispenser as he drank out of a small Styrofoam cup. The man was Asian, around 5'9, he had longer combed back hair, black button up shirt, pants, and shoes, along with a dark blue open jacket. He looked extremely out of place in an office environment like this and would've turned some heads of everyone around him weren't so busy. Even so, the man acted like he belonged as he took another sip of his water."Kanaye?..." Asked Will under his voice as Valerie looked back to see the same man standing there. She looked on in confusion."Who is that? Is he a worker? If he is, why is he dressed like that? If he isn't... Who let him in?" Asked Valerie, but Will remained unresponsive as he slowly started to walk closer to 'Kanaye' to confront his old friend.But before he could get close enough and speak, out of nowhere, a man carrying a thick folder of paper work came out of nowhere and handed his folder to Will."Mister Knight, I need these papers filled out by you right now." Said the man urgently as Will was taken aback for a moment, before speaking."Alright, I just need to do one thing fir-""But sir, I need these papers done as soon as possible!" Replied the man."Well, I-" But before Will could reply, a woman ran up to him and started to speak."Mister Knight, the technology department needs you now!""Just hold on for one-" Will was cut off yet again."But what about those papers?!" Yelled the man as Will tried to look over his shoulder and make sure not to loose sight of Kanaye as he crumpled up his cup and tossed it into the trash."Sir! Some of the stockholders have come here to talk to you about-!""Mister Knight! Your needed at-""Mister Knight!""Mister Knight!"Out of nowhere, the small group of employees that desperately needed Will's help crowded him, as he lost sight of Kanaye despite his best efforts.As Will tried to slip past the group of workers, out of nowhere, Valerie dashed in and started talking to all the employees and taking the papers and folders that they were holding in their hands."If you need any help from Will, talk to me and I can take care of everything!" Stated Valerie as Will looked at her in surprise. He was always impressed with how organized and calm under pressure Valerie could be sometimes. As Valerie talked to the needy employees, she glanced at Will and gave him a quick wink before talking to the workers.Will smiled as he slipped out of the small crowd that formed in the middle of the hallway as Will made his way over to the water dispenser, only to see that nobody was there. As he looked around for any trace of Kanaye, he saw something sitting on top of the water dispenser.As he grabbed it, he found out that it was a business card reading 'The Golden Temple' followed by a street address and a phone number.Will raised an eyebrow in confusion as he flipped the card around to see that there was writing on it that said 'Come at 5. Tell no one'. Will was extremely confused by the card as he stared down at it."What are you planning, Kanaye?..." Asked Will under his breath.The Golden Temple- Chinatown, Manhattan, New York City"Kanaye Miyazaki? I haven't seen him in two decades. Are you sure it was him?" Asked Elise over the phone as Will walked through the more crime ridden and poverty stricken streets of Chinatown."I'd know that face anywhere." Replied Will as he walked passed worn down buildings that were covered in graffiti."I remember, you two were friends when you were kids. You two played around while your father talked business with his father, Haakon Miyazaki.""Last time I heard of him was when he was sent to Kobe to live with extended family after his father was arrested. It was only years later when I was fifteen I found out WHY his father was arrested..." Stated Will as he trailed off."He was the leader of the New York City branch of the Yakuza. Money laundering, extortion, battery and assault, dog fighting, drug trafficking, arms dealing, murder, and much more... He was seen as a hero however, especially in Chinatown... They saw him as a wealthy and kind businessman who gave to charities and helped the poor. They saw him as a man who used his resources and connections to lower crime rates and bring an economic prosperity to Chinatown and most of New York City. Although nobody saw the demon he really was. He didn't stop crime, he controlled it and practically turned it invisible to the public and the police. At least the police that weren't bought off by him yet." Said Elise."Kanaye was torn up about it... I remember he had a pretty bad temper when we grew up, but when he heard what happened, I have never seen him more angry in his life when he heard the news of his fathers arrest. He always had a bit of a bad streak to him, but he only did small things. Fun things. But now, I just hope that didn't evolve into something dangerous..." Replied Will in a worried tone."Just, be careful, Will. You haven't seen him in such a long time, and now he came out of the blue, sneaked into Knight Tower, and told you to go to a shady bar to meet with him. It smells like trouble to me.""I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself. If trouble pops up, I'll handle it." Replied Will as he heard Elise sigh over the phone."... When your father started doing business with Haakon, I was worried. Back than nobody knew he was a Yakuza boss, and he still gave off bad vibes. I was worried that your father was starting to go down a dark path and was going to deal in more 'illegal' ventures... But after Haakon was finally arrested, everyone knew what he was and who he was. That's when your father told me, your mother, and a few others the truth in secret, he agreed to work with the FBI as a mole to get close with Miyazaki and collect as much incriminating evidence as possible. You found out years later after I believed you were old enough to handle it. But at least that kingpin was were he belonged, in prison." Stated Elise."I hope that isn't why he called me here." Said Will as he finally started to approach the Golden Temple."Me as well, good luck." Replied Elise as the call ended and Will stopped walking and stood in front of the building. It was a Japanese bar with it's architecture designed to resemble a golden Japanese temple with an oriental dragon wrapped around the front sign that read 'The Golden Temple'.But just like all the other buildings around the area, it was very run down and in disrepair. It seemed like it was once in great shape with people coming in and out, but now it looks completely run down and abandoned.Will walked into the bar and looked around. Only to see that the interior was no better, there were several shady looking men hanging around several of the booths while others played on the pool table. While the bar keep stood behind the counter and cleaned glasses. The entire place looked filthy, as he looked around Will also believed that he saw a few roaches run across the floor.Several of the shady men looked at Will as he walked in along with the bartender. With all of them making Will feel very unwelcome and that he shouldn't have walked in. But Will remained quiet as he walked up to the bar itself and took a seat at the bar counter.Will looked around and did his best to ignore the glaring eyes that continued to stare at him. As Will continued to sit there, the bartender walked up to him and glared down at him. Giving him that same unwelcoming look like the other patrons in the bar."Aren't you a little high class to be hanging in a place like this?" Asked the bartender in an unfriendly voice."I don't see a sign that said I wasn't allowed in." Replied Will as the bartender narrowed his eyes."What do you want?" Asked the bartender in a more peeved and annoyed voice."Just a glass of water.""Are you serious? You come into a bar and you want a glass of water?""Can I have the glass of water or not?" Asked Will, becoming more impatient as the bartender quietly cursed under his voice before giving Will a glass of water.Will sat there quietly as he took a sip from his slightly dirty glass. He quickly wiped away the stains before he started looking around for any sign of Kanaye, only to see nothing.Will pulled down his sleeve to look at his watch that read '5:10'. Will pulled up his sleeve and continued to wait for his old friend. But just as Will was thinking about leaving, he heard a voice that broke him out of his trance."Hey there, pal... Now, what would a high collar business man like you be doing here?" Will spun around on his seat and looked on to see that the four other shady patrons in the bar were approaching him. Each one looked like a stereotypical wannabe thug with the clothes and tattoos to match."Looks to me like he's asking for trouble, there's a lot of dangerous gangsters around these parts. Some who are looking for a good lick. So, maybe we can help each other out." Said another."Wallet, watch, and anything else worth somethin'. Or else we'll have to get rough with you." Stated another as he holds a pool stick over his shoulder.Will looked over to see that the bartender was looking away the entire time and pretending nothing was happening."If you ever take a piece of advice from another person in your worthless lives, take this... Walk. Away." Warned Will as he stared down the four thugs and stood up from his chair.The thugs looked at Will with shock and fury, absolutely livid that some businessman would dare talk to them that way."What did you just say, pretty boy!?" Yelled the lead thug as Will didn't even bother to give him a response."Bust his skull open!" Yelled the lead thug as they all started to converge on Will. Will put up his arms and got ready for a fight. Only for everyone to stop in their tracks the second a new voice caught everyone's attention."Having a party? Looks like fun. Mind if I join?" Everyone stopped and looked over to see Kanaye himself walking up to Will and the thugs with a smile on his face and his hands behind his back. "Who is this moron?" Asked one of the thugs."I don't know who you are, pal, but unless you want to leave this bar with all your teeth still in your mouth, you'll turn around and walk away." Growled the lead thug."I guess I really HAVE been away for twenty years if my own people don't even recognize me. The son of the 'Big Claw', the Prince of the Yakuza, the Incarnation of the Divine Dragon? None? Really? What a shame..." Stated Kanaye with an annoyed look."We don't care who you are! If you don't get outta here, the only thing your gonna be is DEAD!" Yelled one of the thugs before another held up his hand to stop him from speaking."Wait! Wait! I remember, this is Haakon Miyazaki's son. He used to be one of the most powerful men in New York City. Before the old man was arrested and locked up... What do you think your doing here? Your nothing! Your father was nothing and your nothing! I can see it now 'Forgotten Yakuza boss' son found beaten to death in a bar'. You'll die a failure just like your daddy. Now get outta here, or the last thing people will remember you for is your face in the obituaries." Said one of the thugs as Kanaye walked closer and stared at the thugs. Despite his smile, everyone could see the fury radiating off of him."It seems you roaches have forgotten the meaning of respect. So, I'll give you your last chance to walk out of here unharmed. Get on your hands and knees, and BEG for me to let you go, then I MIGHT consider it. You hear me, vermin?" Asked Kanaye."KILL HIM!" Yelled the lead thug as one of the thugs charged at Kanaye with a baseball bat. The thug swung his bat, only for Kanaye to dodge it as Kanaye grabs the thugs arm and breaks it.Two of the other thugs charged at Will as Will caught the man's punch and returned a vicious right hook of his own. The second thug pulled out a knife as he swung it at Will. Only for Will to dodge his swings, before grabbing his hand and breaking his wrist. Forcing him to drop the knife before Will grabbed the thug by the back of his head and slamming his face into the bar counter. As Will then grabbed the man and tossed him into one of the nearby booths.The thug swung his bat at Kanaye only for Kanaye to dodge the bat swing once more. Only for Kanaye to viciously punch the thug in the throat. The thugs eyes bulged as he dropped the bat, stumbled back, and began to caugh up blood."Know your place, animal." Said Kanaye as he swung at the man once more before grabbing him and smashing him through a nearby table."You bastard! I'll kill you! I'll #$@&*@ KILL YOU!" Yelled the lead thug as he tried swinging at Kanaye again, only for Kanaye to easily dodge Kanaye's punched."If you vermin won't listen, I'll just have to put you down!" Growled Kanaye as he headbutted the lead thug and broke his nose before the thug fell to the ground.Will squared off with the last thug, only for the thug to pull out a gun and aim it at Will. But as the two had a bit of a stand off, the thug looked over to see Kanaye pinning his leader to the ground as he was brutally beating him.The man turned his gun to shoot at Kanaye, only for Will to dash in and push the gun in another direction as the gun shot the wall.Bam!Will didn't stall for a second as he kneed the man in the stomach and lifted him over his head, tossing him into a nearby mirror on the wall. Shattering it.As the three were taken care of, Will looked over to see that Kanaye was starting to dig his thumbs into the lead thugs eye as the lead thug screamed. It seemed like Kanaye could pop the man's eyes out at any second."Kanaye! That's eno-" But before Will could stop his old friend, both heard the pump of a shotgun as they both stopped and looked over to see the bartender held a shotgun and aimed it at Will and Kanaye."That's enough! You two punks are harassing my patrons and ruining my bar! Get out or I'll shoot the both of you!" Yelled the bartender as a moment of silence passed between all three. Before Kanaye silently and calmly stood up and slowly walked over to the gun wielding bartender."These degenerates tried to kill me and my friend. You looked away when they threatened to kill us, and your saying we are the bad guys here? Look old man, you obviously are very confused, so I'll make this simple. Put the gun down, serve me and my friend, and you'll get out of this just fine." Stated Kanaye as he walked closer with a calm tone in his voice."Get back or I swear to God I'll shoot you!" Warned the bartender as he started pressing his finger on the trigger. Kanaye however, remained unafraid."So many people forgot the meaning of the word 'respect'. I remember when this bar was great, the jewel centerpiece in my fathers crown. With his help, this bar was the biggest and most successful bar in all of New York City. But now, it's nothing but a rats nest. So, if you have any remaining brain cells, I say you should drop the gun and serve me and my friend some drinks." Stated Kanaye as he got closer and closer. To the point where he stood right in front of the bartender, with the only thing separating the two with the barrel of the shotgun being only a few inches away from Kanaye's chest."Easy, Kanaye..." Warned Will in a calming voice as Kanaye simply ignored his old friend."So, if you really have the stones for it, go ahead. Pull the trigger. But I assure you, pulling that trigger will be the worst mistake of your life. Oh, and I can assure that the same fate awaits everyone you know and love. So, go ahead... Pull. The. Trigger..." Said Kanaye with a smile on his face. The bartender was visibly shaking and sweating as he continued to aim the gun at Kanaye's chest.Another intense moment of silence passed as the bartender started to slowly pull down on the trigger. Only for Kanaye to suddenly grab the barrel of the gun and take it from the bartender.Kanaye held the double barrel shotgun in his hands as he looked down at it. Before smiling and looking back up at the bartender who backed away with absolute fear in his eyes. Kanaye rose the gun and aimed it at the bartender."Kanaye! That's enough! You don't need to hurt him!" Yelled Will as Kanaye didn't even look back at his old friend, and continued to aim the gun at the bartender.But as it seemed like Kanaye was about to paint the walls red, he lowered the gun. He popped the gun open as he pulled out two of the shells and put them in his pocket, before placing the empty gun on the bar counter."Now, if you don't mind. I'd like a glass of Genshu sake, and something for my friend here. Oh, and don't try to pull any more stupid moves or you'll regret it.""... Y-Yes, Sir." Uttered the bartender fearfully as he turned around and started pulling down a bottle of Genshu Sake from the top shelf."I'm sorry our little meeting didn't come off to a good start. But, at least now we can still have a drink and catch up." Said Kanaye with a smile as Will crossed his arms."You went too far Kanaye, you could've killed someone." Said Will as he gestured to the thugs who were in severe pain rolling around on the floor, along with the led thug who held his hands over his damaged eyes as blood continued to flow."Will, you can't have any sympathy for vermin like this. What? Do you think one of them will cure cancer or solve the energy crisis? They are worthless. Besides, they might be hurt but they're still alive. After all, I know what I'm doing." Said Kanaye with a smirk as Will raised an eyebrow."Yeah, and you got red on you." Commented Will as Kanaye pulled out a rag and started wiping up the blood on his hands and face."So... What was it again? About twenty years? It feels like a million." Said Kanaye as he walked over to the bar counter and took a seat, as Will shortly followed along and sat next to him."Hehe, yeah. Although I didn't really imagine we'd meet up again like this." Stated Will as the bartender placed a glass of sake in front of Kanaye. But as the bartender was about to put the bottle away, Kanaye spoke up."Leave the bottle." The scared man obeyed as he placed the bottle in front of Kanaye."Say, Will, what do you want?" Asked Kanaye as he turned to Will."I don't drink." Said Will as Kanaye took a shot of his Sake."Yet I hear your still chewing on those death sticks of yours." Replied Kanaye."I guess we all have our different poisons." Replied Will as Kanaye nodded in agreement."You got that right." Said Kanaye as he took another shot. "... Do you remember the Golden Temple? I mean, before it became... THIS. Remember what it used to be?""Yeah, it used to be the best bar in all of Chinatown, in all of Manhattan, and even all of New York City. My memories of this place are a bit choppy, but I remember how great it was. Like how in the front, there was this massive fish tank and the décor around the bar was fantastic. Now, it's... In tatters." Stated Will."This place was my fathers main hangout, this is where he would regularly do business. And the main reason this bar did so well in the first place was because of my father. Until the FBI caught him and dragged him to prison and I was sent to Japan to live with extended family." Stated Kanaye in a grim tone as he took another shot of the Sake. "I'm sorry, Kanaye." Uttered Will."Don't be, I didn't invite you here to feel sorry for me. Besides, enough about me. What about you? Watashi to asonda toki, anata wa ikutsu ka no nihongo no furēzu o manabimashita. Mada sukoshi oboete imasu ka?"'When you played with me, you learned some Japanese phrases. Do you still remember a little?'"Shirimasen. Watashi no nihongo wa anata ni dono yō ni kikoemasu ka?" Asked Will with a smirk.'I don't know. How does my Japanese sound to you?'"I see you've taken time to learn a new language." Stated Kanaye."I also know Spanish, German, French, and a few more. I had a very long business retreat that took me around the world." Replied Will."Yeah, your not the only one. I lived in Kobe for a while, looking for whatever business that suits my fancy. Nothing stuck. I even went to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and a few others to try to find what kind of business I fit in. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't living in a box the whole time. I was doing well with the successful businesses I ran. But, something just kept bothering me... Like I had some kind of, 'destiny' if you will. My fathers work was left undone, and instead of handing that work to me to complete it, it was handed over to that lazy, slovenly, pig, Eamon..." Will simply remained quiet as Kanaye took another sip of his drink."Eamon is my uncle, and unlike my father, he never worked a day in his life... All he did was leech off of my fathers success like a parasite. And all he did was sit on his fat ass and did nothing. The consequences of nepotism... And when my father was taken away, Eamon took control. After that, the business went into a nose dive, it became a laughing stock and a shell of what it once was... He barely has any control of his own organization, he spends his money on drugs and alcohol... And turning this town my father held above all else, into a dump."Crack!Will was caught off guard by the sound of breaking glass. As he looked over, he saw that Kanaye's shot glass was shattered with Kanaye's hand bleeding with several shards of glass stuck in his hand. But with the look on Kanaye's face, he was too focused on something else at the moment to notice, or he simply didn't care. A moment passed before Will spoke up."Do you want me to take you to a hospital, Kanaye?" Asked Will as Kanaye snapped out of his trance and looked back at Will with a small smile."Sorry, Will. Didn't mean to spook you like that. It's just a few cut's, I'll be fine." Said Kanaye as he looked back over at the bartender and snapped his fingers."Give me a few clean rags and some pure alcohol, now." Demanded Kanaye as the bartender didn't hesitate for a moment. Quickly giving Kanaye several clean rags and a bottle of pure alcohol. Luckily most if not all of the glass shards were large enough for Kanaye to pull out with his fingers, as he did the bartender gave Kanaye a new shot glass.The two remained silent for several moments as Kanaye continued to fish shards of glass out of his hand and rub alcohol on the wounds."Kanaye, why did you ask me to talk with you?" Asked Will bluntly as another moment of silence passed between the two."... Have you ever heard of 'Otoshimae'?" Asked Kanaye, completely ignoring Will's question as he continued."It is an ancient Japanese tradition dating back to the Samurai. Whenever a Samurai would fail, he would cut off his pinky finger to make atonement. It is believed that without a pinky finger, as Samurai would be unable to hold his sword properly. This tradition was later passed down to the Yakuza who do the same thing. Whenever you fail your boss, you must cut off your pinky finger to make atonement and pledge your loyalty. But, if you continue to fail, you must cut off more and more of your fingers..." Will simply sat and watched, unhappy with the direction Kanaye is going."... Do you remember the title my father had when he ruled this place. he was nicknamed 'Ōkina tsume', or just 'Big Claw'. At first it was nothing but an insult, a cruel nickname created by my fathers co-workers back in the day. Before he was in power, he had a boss of his own. The first time he failed an important mission, his pinky was cut off in front of him. He later failed another mission, and was forced to give up his pointer finger. Soon, his hand looked like one big claw, like the talons of a hawk or the claw of a crab." Said Kanaye as he held up his bleeding hand covered in rags and held his pointer and middle finger together and held his ring finger and pinky finger together, as he looked at Will. He mimicked the same claw-like hand he described. "He was seen as nothing but a failure. But, he then took that failure and made it his strength. He would move up the ranks and prove himself. Until he would, 'deal' with the boss himself. As he became the new boss. On that day, the name 'Big Claw' would strike fear and terror into anyone who would dare get in his way. He had power and control, not only did his title based on his mutilated hand, but also the reach of power he had over the city. The true power of the Big Claw.""Why are you telling me this?" Asked Will as Kanaye turned to look at him with a blank kind of expression on his face. The same one a psychopath would have when he's about to murder someone."When I traveled around the world, I made a lot of different friends. Friends who are in positions of power. I have a friend in the FBI who tells me whatever I want to know. He had access to my fathers arrest file." Said Kanaye as he took another sip of his Sake."And he told me EVERYTHING... For years, we believed the organization had a mole in it. Someone who was feeding the feds info about his business activities. A lot of suspects were 'dealt' with, but nothing came of it. Even after my father was arrested, we still didn't know who the mole was. Until now, apparently, your father and my father weren't as good of friends as we originally thought..." Said Kanaye as he poured himself another glass of sake and Will's eyes widened in surprise. That is until Will's look changed into a more neutral one as he looked down at the bar counter with his hands together."Kanaye, I had no idea what my father did. I only found out later after him and my mother died that... He did that. I'm sorry for what happened to you." Said Will as Kanaye drank his Sake."At least your apologetic about it." Said Kanaye as he took another sip of his Sake."... Is that why you asked me to meet you here? To kill me?" Asked Will as Kanaye suddenly started chuckling."Hehehehe... I won't lie, I've thought about it. But I don't believe that 'sins of the father' crap. You had nothing to do with what happened. To kill you would be pointless. And your father is already dead. Besides, I'm not going to let my emotions take control over me. Anger. Greed. That messes with the brain, it makes everything fuzzy, it can make you rash and stupid. But for me, I want to keep my mind clear. And with that, I can achieve my goals." Stated Kanaye as Will gave him a confused look."What goals?" Asked Will as Kanaye sighed before looking over at Will."I didn't invite you here to kill you Will, your my friend. Plus, a valuable ally. There's going to be a shift of control in this city. This city is completely crime ridden, but I can stop it. I can assert control and control the crime. Make sure nobody else has to die, and make sure that everyone knows their place. Just imagine if you help fund some of my projects I have planned, we'll be able to wipe the scum off of the face of the city, and return the city to it's golden days." Stated Kanaye with a smile on his face."Your saying your going to become a crime lord and take over the city? Is this a threat?" Asked Will."Not unless you see it that way." Said Kanaye as the two exchanged looks once more, before Kanaye stood up from his chair."Look, I know how much you hate crime, Will. And I have a solution to end it, for good. I'll give you a while to think it over. If you ever change your mind just call me. You know where to find me." Said Kanaye as he started to walk off, and step over the knocked out and injured bodies of the thugs from before."See you later, Will." Said Kanaye as he finally left the bar.After Kanaye finally left, Will sat there for another moment, before his phone starting to vibrate."What's going on?" Asked Will as he answered the phone."There's a robbery going on at Midtown South! You need to get there now!" Stated Elise urgently as Will hung up the phone and dashed out of the disheveled bar.
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:bulletyellow: Zenchav Promo by DracoPlato
Zenchav by DracoPlato
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fiction / Fantasy / Drama / Action
Description: The son of a devil is raised by his father's slave in the early1900s for his eventual future as a pawn in his father's plan to make the people of the Earth suffer for their own betterment.

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Psychteria by CalimonGraal
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Description: Cali Nightstone is a bitter, lonely girl, hiding from a haunting past. After finding an estranged lizard man her life begins to change. Her past begins to resurface and she must face an incoming catastrophe that threatens the populace of her planet.

:bulletyellow: Kalwa Thumbnail by GreenRaptor15
Kalwa by Peter Ahola (writer and artist) and Ryan Greene (writer)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Science Fiction, Action
Description: You ever wanted to time travel? Go back to a more exciting time, see things the way they were before you were born? Through a strange phone she discovered on the beach, Kalwa has found a way. But the consequences for using time as your personal playground are more than she might expect...

:bulletyellow: Fallacy - Ch. 2 by Damatris
Fallacy by Damatris
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Norse Mythology
Description: When young earl gets kidnapped things get messy as the task given to him in exchange for freedom goes horribly wrong.

:bulletyellow: Darklings - Issue 5 cover by RavynSoul
Darklings by RavynSoul & Leiko
Rating: Mature
Genre: Horror/Supernatural/Action
Description: Darklings follows a group of supernatural beings and humans that protect the rest of humanity from the supernatural world.

:bulletyellow: DA ID: If Death Had a Cat by IfDeathhadaCat
If Death had a Cat by IfDeathhadaCat
Rating: Teen
Genre: Slice of Life / drama / fantasy
Description: Ever wondered what it' d be like if Death had a cat? Well wonder no more! Follow the stories of Death and his pet, companion, and servant Tom.

:bulletyellow: My Little Doll by RaspberryTickle
Be My Doll by RaspberryTickle
Rating: Mature
Genre: Horror, Psychological, Drama
Description: Doll-like Satomi has caught the attention of a psychopathic doll-maker who longs to make her part of his "collection".

:bulletyellow: Love Metal Chapter 1 Book Cover by HeartandVoice
Love Metal by HeartandVoice
Rating: Teen
Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
Description: Is blackmail the best way to start a relationship? When Karin Stone accidentally discovers a shocking secret about her favorite metal singer (and crush) Dante Fero, will she keep to herself? Or will she use this information to her advantage?

:bulletyellow: Concerning Rosamond Grey Page 1 by Hestia-Edwards
Concerning Rosamond Grey by Thexenops
Rating: Teen
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Description: In the late 19th century, little Rosamond Grey snuck into the woods one night, and was found unconsciousness the next day. For years afterwards she suffers from seizures from an unknown ailment. Dr. Glass is loosing hope for her cure, until a strange foreigner hints of a different cause…

Anarchy Dreamers by dodger-d  (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen+
Genre: Fantasy/High School Life/Mystery/Romance
Description: A group of friends wake up from a terrible nightmare, gifted with strange abilities and memories of a different world...

:bulletyellow: 'Oh, Brother!' Chapter 2 - Pg 2-3 by jijikero
Oh, Brother! by Jiji Kero
Rating: Mature
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen-Ai, Yaoi
Description: After 8 long years, Eiko will be reunited with his half brother, Umi- little does Eiko know that Umi plans to seduce him on the very 1st night!

:bulletyellow: Cover version 2 by AlienShores
Alien Shores by Kathy Catlin
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Long-form drama
Description: Having a personal crisis, Max impulsively joins a band. However his insecurity may cost him his friends, his band, and possibly his life.

:bulletyellow: An Elegant Evening by Ellen-Natalie
Furry Experience by Ellen Natalie
Rating: Teen
Genre: Slice of Life
Description: Three roommates attending college in Utah Valley. Between their different backgrounds, beliefs, and friends, there's sure to be lots of comedy and drama
before anyone earns a diploma.

:bulletyellow: Warm Welcome: Pg.09 by JM-Henry
The Lostland by J.M. Henry  (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Sci-fi, Supernatural
Description: The adventures of four travelers unknowingly wrapped up in a chain of events, all leading to one man's plot to turn the world on it's head.

:bulletyellow: Bi-Morphon Cover by FrozenBox
Bi-Morphon by Frank Esparza
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Sci-Fi
Description: Two small robots roam in space attempting to defend worlds from destruction using local life forms, but continue to fail. Earth is next.

:bulletyellow: Somebody to Love by TrinitySilph
Amaravati by Meg Rowe
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Description:  A cursed prince, a questing princess, a corrupted mage, and enough secrets to last a lifetime. The truth lies in history long forgotten.

:bulletyellow: Brothers by AbnormallyNice
White Space by Joh Viljoen
DA Group
Rating: Teen to Young Adult
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Description: Tired of living under the Alphantos Protocol, twin brothers, Joel and Aiden, embark on a journey to escape from it.  The only leads they have are the legends on a place where Runners are free to live as the please. 'Free City', the Runner's paradise.

:bulletyellow: It's Stargazer! by OneWingArt
Stargazer the Magical Cat by OneWingArt
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Description: Meet Stargazer, a purple cat with magical powers who is determined to help other creatures in need. Light-hearted, colorful and cute.

:bulletyellow: Cretaceous Survivor -main cover- by SpeedAction
Cretaceous Survivor by Ángel Povedano  (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen+
Genre: Action, Adventure
Description: 65 millions of years ago, a meteor fell down on earth and annihilated every dinosaur, but one, How will this velociraptor manage to survive the extinction?

Bremen by darkeye36
Rating: Teen
Genre: TBA
Description: The story of a young man gifted with vast preternatural abilities as a result of his unique heritage, who is drawn into a life of adventure, intrigue, and danger when he gains the unwanted attention of sinister forces with grand designs for the world and a vested interest in reining in powerful beings such as himself...

:bulletyellow: Asternight chapter 1 - Collision by Asternight-comic
Asternight by tery-chan
Rating: Teen
Genre: Supernatural/Psychological/Tragic/Humor/Thriller
Description: One bad decision puts a young girl on a path of revenge and survival. She learns about another world that was hiding in the shadows this whole time and gains a family she never had. But what is actually happening? And is everything she knew even real?

:bulletyellow: Redemption, 0.1 - Cover by Bobo-Kitty
Redemption by Bobo-Kitty
Rating: Teen
Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror
Description: Sometimes people make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes bring about the end of the world. Maya Fujikawa is, unfortunately, in the latter, but she's determined to make up for, well, nearly wiping out the human race...and unleashing hordes of monsters... This won't be easy.

:bulletyellow: The Next Reaper | Chapter 2. Page 21 by DeusJet
The Next Reaper by Jet Sword (writer and artist) and Jimmy Olsson (writer)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Horror/Adventure
Description: In a distant future, the world is a dark and gruesome place...
What happens when a God runs away and the Devil closes its doors? What happens, when Death is too old to go on with his work, and Life itself has gone mad? What happens... When the seven deadly sins break free and take hold of our world...?

Legend Riders: Legacy of Leneira by YamiLegendRider
Legend Riders: Rise of Cassandra by Kassandra-21
Rating: Mature 17+
Genre: Action/Supernatural
Description: Legend Riders consists of two parts. Legacy of Leneira follows 6 Chosen Ones and reveals the history of the ancient land, Leneira, while Rise of Cassandra digs into depths of Hell to set free a new world. But what does Leneira have to do with this?

:bulletyellow: Emu Sher Et by EmuSherEt
Emu Sher Et by Dalia and Wissam
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Action / Mythological Fantasy / Superhero / Comedy
Description: A down-on-his-luck detective is at his wit’s end trying to solve a missing children’s case before it’s too late, when he gets the call that’ll change his life...

Mercy is Just My Name by Jon Gerung (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Spaghetti-Western / Steampunk / Supernatural
Description: “Mercy is Just My Name” is a classic revenge-fueled spaghetti western with a steampunk, supernatural twist. A Free phone-friendly version or smaller screens of “Mercy is Just My Name” is now available on Taptastic. Rated for teens.

Team X by Eweeka
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fantasy / Sci-fi / Action
Description: A group of friends - Team X receives a special task. They need to recover from the hands of Haroc magical artifact - Megail - disc divided into five parts. When all the parts are connected can open a portal to all the world that only exists. To achieve their goal they will have on the way to overcome many unexpected obstacles.

:bulletyellow: The Penn-Workers: Chapter 1 by Tennessee11741
The Penn-Workers by Whiteley Foster (Alternate Link: Here)
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fiction / Sci-fi / Action
Description: The Penn-Workers follows two pampered siblings who want more than anything to become inventors, and the rough road they travel to achieve a dream that may already be beyond their grasp.

:bulletyellow: Mythica: Page 1 by Carrie-Kube
Mythica by Yaoi Huntress Earth (author), Paty Kizshia (artist, pages 1-15), and Kat Powell (artist, ongoing)
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Description: Our words and stories define the spirits and in return they give us their power. And the immortal called, Seth, must make sure they play nice.

:bulletyellow: HOTWAB #1 Front Page by shaneoid77
Heroes of the World and Beyond by Shaneoid
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Superhero
Description: Heroes are in! If you're popular enough, you could make merch sales from your capers! Prymus city is home to Earth's mighti... available heroes, but they'd find more amazing things which lie beyond!

:bulletyellow: Whetstone Chapter 1 Cover by WhiteSpireStudios
Whetstone by Nicholas Ricci (writer) and Jessica Surline (artist)
Rating: Teen to Mature
Genre: Sci-fi, Action
Description: It’s the year 2052. Amidst a society in freefall, a heroine emerges. With guidance by a secretive assassin, a plan for vengeance is born...

Timber Trackway by Kloudeda
Rating: Mature
Genre: Sci-fi, Dark Comedy, Action
Description: Nearly two thousand years after the near extinction of all life in the galaxy a clingy screw up and a detached runaway are caught up in a conspiracy involving a mysterious group in control of the last vestiges of the old world.

Smoke, Fur And Stone by LJ-Phillips
Rating: 18+
Genre: Bara, Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Description: * Hick werewolves * Gay gargoyles * Meet them all at the Coven. Skoll's bad day starts with his ex's murder but it only gets worse from there.

:bulletyellow: Spirit Legends - Issue 1 Cover by Drewmaru
Spirit Legends by Andrew DeCrescenzo
Rating: Teen
Genre: Action
Description: The humdrum life of cowardly high school student, Andrew, is quickly thrown into chaos when fate chooses him as successor to one of the mystical talismans from a long forgotten era of history. When new challenges arise that threaten the peace and stability of the world, Andrew must foster abilities he never knew he had in order to save his new friends and loved ones and discover the true meaning of courage.

:bulletyellow: Petra's Apartment Cover by Krazy-dog
Petra's Apartment by Krazy-dog
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life, Comedy
Description: A story of a dragoness who wants to rent out a special apartment but could not find anyone willing to accept. That is until she meets a peculiar person, Thus beginning an new chapter in her life with various surprises in store!
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